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Red Google is Google+

He probably has an inferiorty complex because no one likes google+ and he is totally insecure and sometimes, when he’s alone with Oliver he suddenly starts to cry because he just can’t hold it back anymore and Oliver is the only one who knows about his insecurities and Oliver just wraps his arms around him and comforts him and tells him that he’s loved and that he is perfect just the way he is.

Miyawaki Sakura Google + June 1, 2017

Good evening!

Today was the interview of KTS Kagoshima in Fukuoka😊!It has been a long time since the last time, so I was happy〜😮✨ I was said that I am an adult😂✨ Recently, everyone who I meet says the same thing! 笑(lol)

KTS will be broadcasted on 16th of June!
Please check it😊✨

Right now, I’m watching yesterday’s DMM!

Before the stage started, we decided with everyone😊
It’s the result announcement, but before it is the stage so, let’s have fun! Let’s make it the best stage!😊
That’s why, I think that it was a good stage, where everyone enjoyed✨

It was Aoi-chan’s seitansai as well😎💕

I love the Saishu Bell stageー😊💕

Good night。
Sakura sake!