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Miyawaki Sakura Google + May 27, 2017

Good evening!

Today was a shooting for BLT!
I’ll tell the day it goes out as soon as I learn it😊

Well then!
Everyone, did you see Negaigoto no Mochigusare’s MV yet?

It was put on display pretty long ago, but I watched it again, was deeply moved and was in the verge of tears。

I have a lot of memories with everyone from the Kagamiyama Primary School..。It was only 2 days, but in that short time, we talked a lot, and played a lot… At the end they even gave us letters… I was really happy, and was able to go back to my childhood😊

The most impressive part was, of course the students, but also the teachers seemed to understand that they were going to go on seperate ways, and they seemed to feel lonely。
Learning that the teachers are the ones who truly understand the real feeling of seperating, it made me feel even more heartbroken.

Kagamiyama Primary School was abolished on March, so now, I think that everyone’s in different primary schools, having different friends, doing their best in a new environment… That makes me think that I also should do my best !

Yesterday’s Music Station, I would be glad if you saw it。

I too, have the most memories of my school years from the time I was in primary school… So I would be really happy if visiting that school would be the best of memories for everyone.

The people who haven’t watched, or watched before, I would be happy if you take a look at it once more! 

Also! Tomorrow is, Tofu Pro Wrestling!
Has it already started?🤔
Please check it😊

Good night。
Sakura sake!

In late February I learnt about the +Crip Video Productions film #astrokeofen...
In late February I learnt about the +Crip Video Productions film #astrokeofendurance. In the last week there were two casting calls [or publicity effort... - Adelaide Dupont - Google+

Crip Video Productions is getting some much needed publicity via google plus thanks to a fan of ours! Special thanks to Adelaide Dupont! He also created the awesome new hashtag #astrokeofendurance in honor of our newest film production! We are still casting for the roles of “Professor 2″ and some physically disabled student characters so please contact ASAP if you or anyone you know may be interested! We start shooting in June 2017 so time is running out and we really need the help! Please,please,please share this information! Crip Video Productions can also be found on google plus. We regularly post updates to our google plus here 

Tsutsui Riko - April 24, 2015, 23:47


Today I was in a Theater no Megami stage for the first time!

It was so much fun!!!

Yesterday you know, when I was the only one left practicing, Sae and Ere [Sakamoto Erena] came to practice with me.

And today Sae told me “Do your best!” and gave me a melon pan, and Umemoto-san sent me a drink and a message!! I was so happy!!!

During the stage, when I became impatient or nervous, I drank the drink from Umemoto-san and looked at her message!! It was like a good-luck charm (*^^*)

A while ago I ate Sae’s melon pan, and it was the first time I ate one so delicious. I was very happy  ♥

And today I performed together with Sakaguchi-san and Komada-san!! I practiced a lot with Komada-san! Sakaguchi-san kept playing and singing “double Riko!”, it was fun!

I hope I perform it again ♡

Good work today! Do your best tomorrow too!

Good night!


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Hey guys, this took 5-6 hours long & I worked really hard.
Please credit me if you share it, thank you.

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almost to 4k on G+! :3333 Yas~
I also post tons more fandom schist, so why not.

*Credit for the art goes to Yunoh.*

Miyawaki Sakura Google + 19.5.17 

*Regarding the Voting for the Campaign Pledge in Twitter

Good evening!

It’s an early update, but I thought it was the best to explain about the choices for my Sousenkyo Campaign Pledge, so today I updated in this time!  

First of all, in the SHOWROOM yesterday, I told for the first time that I would commence a voting for my Sousenkyo Campaign! The biggest meaning for the campaign is repaying my gratitude for the fans. What could I, on my own, do for everyone who voted for my sake, I earnestly thought about it.

Once again, I felt like Sousenkyo isn’t something I can do with my own strength, but is something I can do with everyone’s support, by doing our best together. Here too, I will once again ask for everyone’s help, but I want to choose my promise for the Sousenkyo by a voting in Twitter! 

Here are the choices for the promise.

① I will drive on my own! Nationwide Gratitude Visit
I want carry myself to everyone’s beloved hometown, and to directly express my feelings of gratitude.(I currently don’t have a driving license, so it will start by obtaining one)
② Saku Saku Kamen’s Nationwide Gratitude Visit
I want to visit everyone’s beloved hometown, and deliver smiles to even one more person.
③ 393939!39 Hour TV!
39 Hours Nonstop SHOWROOM!
39 hours where I will produce, plan and organize everything on my own.
Occasionaly, I may have 1 hour naps, but it will still go on!

Truthfully, all of them are pretty difficult!笑 (lol)
I choosed them on my own, but it seems pretty hard… that’s what I thought *wry smile* 

However! It means I am serious to that extent.

Every one of the votes the fans give are very important. Because it’s not impossible, I want everyone to be glad that they voted for me, even just a little, that’s why I decided on setting a campaign pledge.-

I chose the campaign pledge to be something I will work hard on my own. I had commented on wanting it to be a solo concert, really sorry it didn’t come true


I started the voting on Twitter, so everyone, I’m looking forward to your cooperation😊💕
Please spread it around😭

Sakura sake!

For the voting, click here!

Opinion: Since most of us here are foreign fans, and there’s no way Sakura’s going to drive or fly to our countries, I think that the 39 Hour SHOWROOM would be the best. It’s also the option currently leading. So if as the foreign fans we vote for it, I think it would be better 😊

Miyawaki Sakura Google + 2.5.17

Good evening!

Today was my seitansai!

Everyone who came, everyone who watched it from the lobby, everyone who watched the DMM、people who didn’t watch it but plan to watch it later, Thank you very much。

I thought once more that Seitansai’s were such amazing events。

If I wasn’t an idol, I wouldn’t have the chance to get my birthday celebrated by such a big number of people, so I really think it’s a miracle… I’m filled with emotions。

I thought about talking about many different things。
But when I saw people who come all the time, people who come to my handshake events or events since before, I felt so happy and blessed that all the things I’ve been thinking flew out of my mind。笑(lol)

But, I wanted to tell my feelings properly。

Once again, Aoi chan, thank you for the wonderful letter.  I cried a lot…笑 (lol)
With Aoi, we’ve been close since long ago, and we were always at the same units, weren’t we! That didn’t change even now! That’s why, when we’re together, I feel a sense of safety, and our moods match. Lately, we’ve been talking about serious stuff too, and I feel like we’ve both become adults.😊 Aoi is so cool as a captain, and I find that amazing。Since before, you had a sense of a captain, but lately, you’ve been so dependable that I can’t help admiring you😭 Thank you for always。

I realized it again when I read Aoi-chan’s letter, but lately, my life has been full with events that reming me that I’m not alone.あおいの手紙を読んでも感じましThanks to senpais, I learned what to do when there are failures and hard times. Because everyone from my generation were next to me, I felt like I didn’t want to lose, I thought that we should do our best together. Because I had kouhai, I thought that it was wrong to think only about myself, and I had  to support my kouhai。

Because it’s HKT, I’ve been able to enjoy fully from my heart, and I think it’s the best group。
The me now is here because of everyone, so I’m nothing but thankful。

I’m glad I was able to welcome my 19th age as a HKT member。

I’m glad that I met the members and the fans。

That’s right, it has been a seitansai that made me feel all those things。

I tend to be negative。笑 And I don’t have confidence, but、、

Fans are my pride, and my confidence. I’d be happy if you continued to support me from now on. Yoroshiku onegaishimasu (Please treat me well) 😊

That’s right!
The members that were in the stage performance wrote about me in SNS, and I’m really happy😭✨I don’t know what they think until these kind of times, and I like seitansai’s in that way too!Thank you a lot for always!I love you!

Shige-chan, thanks for being the host!
Thanks to Shige-chan, I’ve been able to do my best, and will go on doing my best from now on!From now too, for a long time! Let’s get on well😊✨

Good night。
Sakura Sake!