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Okay I disagree with you on the Game Grumps discourse, but here's the real question; how do you feel about Dream Daddy

I don’t know why, in a game explicitly about dating and fucking men, they’d include this asshole, the least fuckable man in video game history.

Motherfucker’s favorite movie is Old Yeller, he can quote it from memory, he won’t let his kids watch Ed Edd n Eddy, this guy’s idea of a first date is to volunteer at the church open raffle and drop you off at home by 8, motherfucker gets you a $10 gift card for Applebees as a first anniversary present, some guys are carved out of marble, this guy? carved out of provolone cheese. this asshole has strong opinions on the latest Serena Williams tennis controversy and her “attitude problems”, the first time you finally fuck he keeps playing Bryan Adams songs on his sex playlist, “hey great job with the sex, let’s go wash our hands”, this dude has been divorced three times and met his current wife at the Three Days Grace concert “Son can you help me set up the parental controls on Netflix?” motherfucker spent money on Google Glass, he only ever gets pizza from Safeway because it’s “healthier”, “’Hey’ is for horses, son, in this house we say ‘excuse me’”, asshole discusses Big Bang Theory lore with his depressed wife, “haha if it won’t scan that means it’s free right?”, dude has a different polo shirt for every occasion and holiday, this motherfucker goes to the store for cereal and decides to go wild and buys the organic coco puffs knock off, this dude collects Great Clips coupons, motherfucker tastes like zero-sugar applesauce, this guy’s guilty pleasure is his secret Entertainment Weekly subscription,  “I can’t be racist, I’ve watched The Cosby Show”, this dude goes on facebook and shares Mitt Romney memes and tells his kids about it, motherfucker uses youtube’s restricted mode, this guy’s pride and joy is his collected edition of Richie Rich comics and he thinks modern-day Garfield his hilarious, he calls anime “japanimation”, grabs his family and hops in the SUV to drive three hours to go see Grandpa’s choir performance, “don’t give that man any money, he’ll just spend it on weed”, dumbass falls for an updogg joke and posts a How I Met Your Mother gif as a reaction, motherfucker uses his sprinklers during a water ban because be damned if his topiary stallions are gonna go to shit on his watch, dude says rap music doesn’t make sense while filing his Beatles albums alphabetically

 I’ve never played Dream Daddy


“Sight, a brilliant and disturbing short sci-fi film by Eran May-raz and Daniel Lazo, imagines a world in which Google Glass-inspired apps are everywhere.

This is their graduation project from Bezaleal academy of arts.“

From Youtube channel TheCGBros: A Sci-Fi Short Film : “Sight” - by Sight Systems

Black Mirror vibe indeed

Very good…

tag yourself as movements in classical music
  • Medieval: often ignored, shy, secretly gay, likes to stay in the same place all the time, dreams of being a monk
  • Renaissance: loves to dance, likes fancy things (but not too fancy), nobody else could pick them out in a crowd but everyone is friendly to them
  • Baroque: very particular about everything, draws immensely detailed doodles, gets super side-tracked on pointless tangents, everyone's distracted dad friend
  • Classical: very neat bedroom, makes bad puns constantly, has a 9-5 job, everyone's helpful but slightly exasperated mom friend
  • Romantic: can never make up their mind about anything, gets shivers when they go to art museums, cries a lot (and you'll know about it), sad bisexual (TM)
  • Impressionist: super gay, loves music that isn't in their native language, cries easily, just wants to have a good time
  • Early Modernist: just like Romantic but also does drugs and is afraid of but also super interested in sex
  • Serialist: angry at everything, "you don't understand my torment", probably a communist
  • Neoclassical: wants to be just like classical but has never gone to sleep before 1AM, keeps a very neat bedroom except for a single massive pile of clothes in the closet they refuse to acknowledge, occasionally steals Renaissance's hoodies
  • Total Serialist: 500% angrier than serialist and proud of it, has never had fun, has probably killed someone
  • Academic Avant-Garde: has never done the same thing twice, trusts nobody else, has an on-again-off-again relationship with total serialism
  • Minimalism: loves technology, still wears Google Glass and the Apple Watch, meditates for fun, trying to learn Hindi (and horribly failing), often incomprehensible to everyone else but is actually super friendly
  • Polystylism: originator of the term "pastel grunge", wears immensely clashing outfits, steals everyone's looks, memes

so fandom’s reaction to hux as a whole annoys me but i just want to throw this out there: hux is an eighties yuppie. he snorts stims. he never sleeps. he gets precious about his uniform, and wants it to be made of the most expensive fabrics. he’d vote thatcher. he works himself to the bone and he expects everyone else to do the same. he’s a cokehead. he wears red braces. he schedules meetings for four in the morning to get everyone else off balance. he goes for powerplay, and stands too close when he’s talking to you and his breath reeks of caf. his emails are ninety per cent buzzwords. he hates miners. he believes unions are a sign of moral degeneracy. greed is good. the whole universe is his, or it will be. 

a cute of mine headcanon that I love is that pepper wears glasses when she’s at home and tony Loves them he’s thinks she looks adorable in them when she’s curled up on the couch in sweats engrossed in a book or when she’s working from home walking around in her high heels and skirts all professional looking reading contracts with the glasses on the tip of her cute nose it’s kinda really hot. and tony made her special glasses so she can have a HUD and jarvis with her when she’s working just like him and he was so excited when he showed her he was like now you can make phone calls with it and make whatever information you need appear on the HUD and it’s all secure and private i made it so it fits you head exactly so it never pinches or starts hurting when you wear it for too long and you can adjust it for seeing near or far and it can zoom in on things and I put in night vision because you never know and also i made you like 5 designs because I wasn’t sure which one you’d like best.. pepper wears them every day now

Hold up

So wait. If someone who wears glasses was hallucinating due to mental illness and took the glasses off, would the hallucination be blurry or vivid?