Predictions of the Future by a Non-Expert: Google Self-Driving Cars

Prediction: Google will continue perfecting its self-driving car technology, even after major auto manufacturers are already selling their own self-driving cars. 

Prediction: Cars with Google’s self-driving technology will never be available for the general public to purchase. 

Prediction: By 2050, the majority of Americans will use cars with Google’s self-driving technology for their daily transportation. 

Prediction: Google will never make a direct profit from its self-driving technology, yet indirectly it will be one of their most profitable ventures ever. 

To keep this post short, I’ve put the inspiration for these predictions below. (But I think you’ll find it’s worth the click…) 

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Note to any freelance writers/bloggers out there:  The second anyone from a major website encourages you to write for free so you can “work on your craft and get better!” run the fuck away.   Seriously: Run like the teens in those Friday the 13th films ran away from Jason Voorhees.

Um, you produce a piece on the internet. It gets a lot of hits. Maybe hundreds of thousands of hits. It gets ad money. Thus, the site makes money.

So why should’t you, the writer, be compensated?

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Google Engineer’s Home Project Is A Futuristic Device With Real Life Applications

Showing a proactive nature, Google engineer Max Braun has taken it upon himself to create a hi-tech futuristic device that also serves as a sleek and sophisticated mirror in his bathroom. Thinking ahead of his time and the existing products available in the market, Braun has devised a mirror which also serves as an interface for customised and relevant information, like weather updates and news notifications.

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