My #MCM goes to @JensenAckles
This is just one of the reasons why I love this guy. He is so goofy and doesnt care to make a fool out of himself for his fans. In this clip he is demonstrating Dean hunting while wearing a hula hoop filled with salt so that he is constantly in a rung if salt for protection. Sorry for the screams! #jensenackles #deanwinchester #supernatural #hulahoopsaltcircle #dancing #goofingoff #crushworthy #phxcon

In Each Other’s Shoes

So I wanted to touch on some ‘fan art’ a while back- between my interest in practicing art more and expressing my interests.  Though I will likely continue to not produce very much fan art (I actually deleted and threw out popular ‘fan art’ images because I was bugged by their popularity over my original art I spent far much time and effort on), I may do a spree of fan art for a change.