Alright here are all of my Tyrantrum crossbreeds, these were really fun to do. I was going to do a regular pure breed too for comparisons sake but I literally don’t have the willpower to draw another dinosaur right now…

Sorry the text is a bit small/light, click full view to read the details and stuff.

And to anyone wondering: yes this was just an excuse to draw a bunch of goofy T Rexes.

Here are my Tyranitar crossbreeds for anyone that is interested.


A collection of all the request sketches done in last night’s spur of the moment, late night pokemon stream!  The requested pokemon were Goodra, Ninetails, Entei, Frosslass, and Flaaffy. And then for the last sketch I switched gears and took a Zelda request for Midna. We had a good time talking about nostalgic things and telling puns. (Puns are a required thing in all of my streams of course.) And surprisingly quite a few people stuck it out all the way to the end despite it being a week night. So thanks to everyone who came! And hopefully we’ll be able to do another of these again before too terribly long!