Sleepy Drawings

summary: Dan is drowning is textbooks, and he can’t help it that he falls asleep in the library. Phil, an art major, can’t help it that he draws the sleeping boy, and neither of them can help the relationship that blooms.

word count: 5.1k idek i thought this would be a lot shorter oops im not sorry

tw: i think none, unless you count voyeurism as one

genre: fluff and a lot of friggin smut

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Nonbinary people are amazing!

Your gender and identity is in no way “too confusing” or elaborate. You have the right to be you, and you don’t have to let anyone make you feel bad for that. Gender can be hard and beautiful and complicated and an ongoing journey. You might need a dozen labels just to describe it to yourself, and that’s okay! You might only need one, and that’s okay!

You have the right to be the awesome person we all know you are. Embrace your gender. Ignore those who try to beat you down for it. Don’t give them that power over you.

It’s an odd feeling when a guy is hitting on you and already shows possessiveness and jealousy when you engage in a conversation with another male in the room

Like, this is the most basic beginning level of depth that you could possibly know a girl on… what makes you think that she’ll want to get closer to you when you act like that!!!


Wow! I have never had a full askbox before! Thank you all for submitting so many! 

Unfortunately, with so many asks, I have been a bit overwhelmed, so until I can get the number down to less than 10, the askbox will be temporarily closed. I appreciate all the questions and will be doing my best to give them each the attention they deserve.

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So what was their plan if an ordinary pizza deliverer showed up? Let him in on the bank robbing scheme?

  • Me on a date: So, what do you think of Captain America?
  • Them: I dunno, he was kind of lame. Iron Man is way cooler.
  • Me, shoving breadsticks into my purse: sorry but i have to-
  • Coulson, punching through wall: WHAT DID YOU JUST SAY