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what about moral swap AU Hancock as more of a Vic type? Like he takes over Goodneighbor just to run it as viciously as the last guy. (your art is so cute btw! I'm gonna be in your archives for awhile)

oooo yeah thats a good one! good theme with moral swap hancock is the whole for me and only me attitude (and thanks! hope you enjoy your stay ahaha uwu)

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[If you’re in the Goodneighbor area and you need hormones, Yves’ husband is a man who has connections.  Who his connections are with is something that as far as he’s concerned, you don’t need to worry about, but he can make it happen.  Vladimir owns a swathe of land out in the boondocks full of mutant trees that are tapped for natural rubber, which is processed and sold to a very small number of undisclosed buyers, some of which have the capabilities for aforementioned hormone production. 

Vlad spent a great deal of time traveling back and forth between Goodneighbor and the trees until relatively recently, taking a less active role to enjoy his first year of marriage and then to take care of Yves in the delicate few months after he became a ghoul.  He still works but it’s mostly done out of Goodneighbor these days.]

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what you think the rest of moral swap would be like? like a cowardly Hancock that doesn't wanna help people? and a raider Preston? SIGN ME UP

i feel like it might be for hancock hed be more of a diamond city mayor material kind of guy where he sits comfy on his throne with his power and ignores the people. might still be part of goodneighbor, but he wouldnt be helpful to anyone at all, except himself id imagine.

and a raider preston sounds about right. makes me think of gage, even tho i dont know much about him

Created this mug design for @oregonchai-blog of Hancock ^^!

@george-nordington is suggesting I create a redbubble or teepublic or something and make this available on merch (mugs and shirts?) but Ive never done anything like that before. Please let me know if you guys would be interested and I’ll look into it!


OKAY I DID IT AND ITS NOW ON REDBUBBLE ^^’’ My first ever product ever *u*!

My half of the trade with @privateengine !
The girls having a double date with two who don’t get along so well… 

Mara: “Come on, honey. It’s just a double date.”
Mia: “Yeah, Danse. Can’t we have one night without you two stink-eyeing one another?”