When NPC’s tell me“Goodneighbor is a rough, lawless, depraved neighborhood full of addicts and mercenaries.”  it just reminds me of the Skyrim guards that warned me “Stay out of Riften, you will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy.” because quite honestly I found both places rather pleasant and the people very likeable.    

I’ve never been one to hide the fact that I had a huge crush on the actual-historical-figure-John-Hancock as a kid, but Fallout 4 is making it SO MUCH WORSE by naming a devilishly handsome ghoul after him

(and not to be that kind of nerd, but in-game Hancock is actually wearing the real John Hancock’s extant 18th century suit that is, surprise surprise, on display at the Old State House Museum in Boston)

Ghouls of GoodNeighbor.

from left to right. Bobbi-no-nose, Daisy, Kent, Tec and Ham. And of course Hancock doing his best ‘come at me bro’ pose. I love them all! Been working on this on and off for awhile. Yeah I know Vault Tec dude is probably in sanctuary hills in most peoples games, but I wanted to include him.

I might upload a version with just Hancock later, cus I like how I drew his coat and kinda wanna show it in full. c8