Best advice I ever got...from How I Met Your Mother

When you break up with someone or cut off ties with them, write yourself a letter. Write yourself a letter stating why you broke up with them, and why you should not get back together with them. Read it when you are missing them so badly you consider running to their house and professing your love for them. Read it and then do something to get your mind off that person. It helps, I promise ;)

(A special thank you to Ted Mosby for that. Gosh, I love that man)

if you find you are surrounded by toxic people… 

  • CUT. 
  • THEM. 
  • OUT.
Does This Mean I’m Gay?

So, I’m more than aware that trying to figure out what your sexuality is can be a little confusing. There are certain thins that make you think you’re straight and there are certain things that make you think you’re gay. I’ve heard plenty of stories of people going to other people (gay and straight) to ask for advice to help determine their sexual orientation. I’ve also seen those stupid quizzes online titled “Are you (bisexual, gay, lesbian,  pansexual)?” In reality, the only person who can determine what your sexual orientation is, is YOU. No one else can say “This makes you this or that.” At first, it is very confusing to determine what you identify as. I get that. Here’s a little advice. Don’t label your sexuality. Just don’t do it yet. Explore your interests and take time to really think about what you want in a partner. Labeling it or trying to label it while you’re still unsure will just add unnecessary pressure to you. There shouldn’t be any pressure at all. Once you’re completely sure of what you want in a partner, then go ahead and label it. A good friend gave me this same advice when I was still confused about my sexuality and it helped me tremendously. So, a quick thanks to my friend Tanna for the great advice. (Love you girl!) So, just to recap. Don’t rely on anyone or anything else except for yourself to determine what or who you are. Don’t label it until you’re 100% ready to do so.

Hope you have a peter-PANtastic day my Loves! xoxo

be bold and honest about your dreams and intentions

if you’re unhappy, find the courage to make a change :))

Friendly Life Reminder
  • People leave
  • Life goes on
  • It is what it is
  • Don’t over think
  • Everything is temporary
  • Let it go

It can be scary, but sometimes you just need a change.