So much work his week, I am kind of lagging behind. Pics are copied from the memory card as we speak, but I am not sure I have the time to go through them all today. One photo, printed on canvas (a Cardinal), and a painting done after a photo (a Blue Jay) are being auctioned off tomorrow to benefit a bird rehab though. This is exciting and I am happy that the photos can do some good work to help birds :)

Pet’s World Tarot

We love pet’s and therefore we’d like to produce a pet-themed tarot deck ,but we’d need help. Your help

This project would need a lot of artist. Artists for the 78 cards, the back of the cards, the frame of the major arcana, the box design and booklet with description and meaning.

The price for a deck would consist of material cost (printer and delivery) + fix minimum amount of money for good cause + shipping charges.

Good cause? 

Yeah, we want to support animal shelters and animal welfare organisations with this project. Depending on the amount of collected money there would be more or less organisations which would benefit from this project.

But first we’d like to ask if a pet-themed tarot would go down well.

What would you guys say? If you are interested in this then please let us know.

And please reblog this so that this project can come true! 

SanLuis - Mis Ilusiones. ft. Voz Veis y Apache. Video Oficial


Please can I have a moment?

This is a new commercial for Valentine’s Day in Brazil (which is celebrated in June) that the cosmetics and perfumery company “O Boticário” made. It is the FIRST time that a commercial with gay couples airs on TV.

The problem is Brazil is still a very homophobic country and the video is gaining massive number of dislikes. So I would like to ask for the help of tumblr to increase the number of likes. Please if you can help, it would mean a lot for Brazil.