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I was tagged by @jjilljj for this tag (lock screen + home screen + last song + recent selfie); thank you for showing me your beautiful face, Jill~ 😘
(Jimin is my all time favorite wallpaper, 2! 3! is one of my 15 favorite songs from the WINGS album, and yes Jill, the SNOW app really is amazing, making someone like me look half presentable)

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Dad: Weren’t you going to play?

Me: No I have to finish homework first.

Dad: ……..

Me: …………………

Dad: *gleefully runs over to the Nintendo Switch*

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Tal: Father. I heard you dislike Liyos because he can deal with horses. Explain. Now. *angry look*

“Princess, you must understand that horses are demons. If you get along with demons, that’s not usually a good thing. I mean, just look at him.”

“This is the face of evil.”

character aesthetic: elle greenaway

“The men I hunt down are cowards. For the most part, they target the weakest members of society, women and children. There’s nothing I’d rather do more than put the bastards away.”

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If I ever meet Kim Taehyung, I think I would either cry or smile like an idiot and make a fool of myself in front of him! I just love and admire him so much, I can't even!! 😭❤️

i would hug him and never let go

like when i got high touch with got7, Yugyeom was the first one and i was at him but the line got backed up and so i stood there for a good minute (and if you have ever seen a high touch you see each member for literally .5 seconds) but any way i just held his hand and stared into his eyes and i didn’t know what to say….

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Summary of 4x07

-Bellamy is sad ( LET HIM BE HAPPY)
- Clarke still needs a Nap
- Octavia learns to have a heart????
- Kabby phone sex
- y'all acid rain BURNS
-Memori is up to no good AGAIN
- Roan is looking fine AS HELL
- did you see Harpers sads 🙁
- Kane is Dad of the Year™
-also where was my sweet summer child Luna


Hi! I was tagged by my little @debgall (thank you so much :3)

So First : My blocked screen (with my boyfriend ♡ )

Second : My unblocked screen (Two of my best friends who accept to be on this blog x) thanks to them)

Third : The last song i listen to, Halsey is an artist that i discover a few weeks ago and now its my favorite artist of the moment, i cant stop to listen to gasoline, drive and control *^*

Fourth : … Good defloration its the first time you see my face, hope you enjoy lol :’)

All people who want to do it, please dont feel shy :3
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Why is Sam Winchester so amazing also why are you

Why is Sam amazing?  In Marie’s words because he’s sweet, brave, and selfless and “there’s nothing he can’t do”.  He has the ability to persevere through the bad and the terrible.  Through all of life’s difficulties and obstacles, to literally hell and back, Sam taught all of us to never doubt one’s own abilities, that people can be good, even when everything is against them.  People can choose to be good.  Sam showed that life can throw the worst at people and break them, but people can still be kind and have hope and faith and no matter the horrors they’ve seen, they can still see and believe in the good in people.   

Thank you anon for the lovely message :-)

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i really enjoyed your mutsuki/touka fixation on haise/kaneki meta and the importance of that confrontation, in your opinion how do you think that will go? as a more private conflict like the gourmet arc or public like the anteiku raid? since mutsuki is one of the few (if not the only) that knows about :re, tbh i would prefer it to be more private bc :re barely had screen time and kaneki still needs to realize the harm/danger his passive manipulation has on others

Passive manipulation is a good way to put it I’m glad you see my point anon. Kaneki has like this terrible habit of nurturing this total emotional dependence on people who have never been shown kindness in their life, and then cutting them off with no warning or explanation as to his reasons. In most cases his primary reason for abandoning them is because he doesn’t want to be abandoned (funny how that works). 

He’s like the Don Juan of personal emotionally intimate relationships. As for how the confrontation might go I literally have no idea. People are saying that the Anteiku raid parallel arc is next but I can’t see that happening just yet. Technically the lab arc has been spread out through what should have been the Aogiri raid parallel arc, and the lab raid arc parallels. 

My best estimation on what we’re setting up for is Touka to be kidnpaped, possibly by Bujin, and possibly with Mutsuki and Aura’s cooperations. 

If only because I can’t see Mutsuki and Aura’s current “thing” to be a long running plan in the manga because Aura doesn’t matter as a character, and Mutsuki has to hit rock bottom and bottom out at some point unless Ishida really does intend to kill him off. If Touka were to get kidnapped, it’d be before her and Kaneki have the chance to talk, so for once it would be somebody disappearing randomly on Kaneki instead of the other way around. 

I literally have no idea though, so besides a hunch don’t take my word too strongly in this case. 

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as someone who is asexual and sex-repulsed due to trauma, seeing your ace Winter headcanon was really nice and felt very important, thank you <3

omg thank you for sending this message! im so glad you liked to see it and hope you have a good day 💖

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You're going to have so much fun at the concert! I went to the Denver show and it was so awesome. I'm already pumped for the next time he tours here, whenever that may be! So surreal to see the band I heard for my first time way back when they released AFYCSO in the flesh, even if it's only Brendon now. What made it so surreal is that the Pepsi Center is right across from Elitches and it was on my way up to Elitches back in 7th grade with my bestie that I first heard PATD. Such a cool feeling.

But I mean, you obviously know you’re going to have a blast considering how many times you’ve got to see him live and the fact you MET HIM. Ahhhh jelly. D:

awww thank u im glad you had a good time, im so excited to see them again!! theyre so good