Good luck with school ^^

Just so yall know who aren’t following me on twitter or patreon, my tablet kicked the bucket pretty badly last week. I’m in the process of getting hold of another one, but that’s the reason why you haven’t seen any art lately. I should have one by the end of this week and be able to finish my submission for the Okuyasu zine as well as kick things back up on Patreon. 

On top of that, finals week is approaching, which is why I’ve been slow on posting in general. Once school is over this semester I should be able to get out stuff more quickly again. 

Thanks for understanding, love you all!  

for every high school student studying for ap tests:

going to have a productive day ☁️📝 ❣ tomorrow I am having a math exam and on tuesday a chemistry exam. i couldnt really start because I had a family celebration yesterday and didnt get to study 🙈😫💕 it’s okay though. let’s ace it. POSITIVE MIND IS ON and I am telling myself again and again: “Make the best out of each situation.”


小泉花陽 #843 → “今は何の時代?”


Even if your side misses the spike, even if your side can’t block, as long as the ball doesn’t hit the court… in volleyball, that means you haven’t lost. And the one best suited to do that… is the libero.

Happy birthday, Jun! ❀ @buokuto