Good luck with school ^^

//It’s time for me to head out for my vacation!!!!

 I’ve put a bunch of stuff for queue and I’ll try to keep adding stuff to queue. I’m sorry if I haven’t responded to our thread… I didn’t get time and I pretty much passed out last night so I didn’t write anymore. However I have them all so they will eventually be written :)

Take care of yourselves everyone! Good luck at school for anyone starting or in it already! Good luck if you’re working! Or good luck if you don’t fir either too :)


I know it’s still August but with classes starting back up next week it feels as if it’s Fall already! This recipe combines fresh and delicious summer veggies like zucchini and spinach with the creamy taste of wintery squash. It only took me about an hour to make, from cutting board to plate, and the fiance said it tasted like eating a gourmet meal (she’s biased, but still!). 

Enjoy some veggieful goodness from the recipe below and for those of you just starting back to school, good luck! 

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Further hiatus

Yo, sorry for the unexplained hiatus. My motivation ran away from me. I came to say that I go back to college today and that I’ll be busy starting today (because my schedule is currently a mess and the add/drop day is today). When my motivation comes back, I’ll most likely come back too. That’s all for now. Hope y'all have a nice school year for those of you in school and for those of you not in school, good luck in the world! Peace out.

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안녕! I type not really well english sorry. I'm a tiny ram fr Incheon. Hugs and good luck wishs in everything from school to simplely life at home. All you are wonderful people in the world!

you are such a sweet person!! thank u for your well wishes and i wish all the same to you :’) have a day as beautiful as you are!! thank you for visiting our blog 💘

the ultimate school masterlist thing

i made a giant list of tips and advice for school/studying bc school starts tomorrow, for me, and i am very unprepared!

studying tips:

• take notes in class and rewrite them once you get home (especially if they’re super messy and illegible).

• color code things!! honestly, this makes life so much easier. whether you’re highlighting or using different cored pens or w/e, it helps a lot. you will not regret this.

• set achievement goals, not time limits. i am a huge procrastinator and i used to set time limits to keep myself on track but tbh, it only causes more procrastination. so instead of saying, “hey! i’ll work for an hour and take a break and work some more!!!!” (bc i get nothing done and stare at my homework instead of doing it), i just set goals like, “ah, okay. i’m going to finish four pages of my english homework, and then i’ll take a 15 minute break and then finish the rest!!” it’s a lot more efficient.

• it helps me when i write down the time i start a page of homework at the top, and the time i finish at the bottom. idk why, tbh, it just keeps me on track.

• don’t forget to take breaks!! you’ll end up getting a massive mental cramp if you try to do too much at once and it’s not fun, nor is it healthy. take at least a five-ten minute break. during those breaks make sure you drink water and walk around for a bit. stimulating your body helps stimulate your brain. you’ll be able to focus more.

• set alarms. i always get distracted. setting alarms to remind you to focus helps.

• make sure you log ALL of your homework. last year, and the year before that, tbh, i mainly relied on merely remembering what homework i had and when it was due. this was one of my biggest mistakes; please never do this. keep a small notebook and write down your agenda for the day + current/upcoming homework or project assignments.

• for the love of god, please do your homework. i got straight As on every math test i took last year and ended up with a B because i didn’t do a majority of my homework.

• make study guides!!! this may seem tedious, but you’ll be grateful. take advantage of the times your teachers give you study guides and answer the shit out of them. study guides are your best friends.

• if you’re having trouble, ask someone!! you can even email your teacher! trust me, they want you to succeed and are more than willing to help if you ask (even the senile, 2 million year old french teacher who won’t shut up about her grandchildren).

• study buddies are the way to go! i took history over the summer to free up an extra period, and man, that was not fun. me and a friend who were taking the same class scheduled study dates. we took turns reading and gathering information so it wasn’t as terrible as it would have been alone (i love history, but i have the hardest time focusing.

• reading out loud helps a lot too. if i read in my head i usually get distracted and start zoning out. i’m less likely to do that if i read out loud.

• flashcards!!!!!!!!

school tips:

• always ask questions. kind of a cliché-back-to-school-advice thing to say, but i often am too scared to ask anything in class but it helps so much when you know what you’re doing. if you have anxiety issues and just can’t bring yourself to do it, ask after class, during lunch, or during passing period. you’ll be super glad once you understand and things finally make sense.

• always carry your glasses/glasses’ case with you, especially if you have contacts. likewise, always carry your contacts case and solution with you. contacts can cause irritation sometimes and you’ll be glad you’re prepared.

• always carry menstrual hygiene products. you never know when your period could become irregular. or you could end up saving someone else.

• always carry extra hair ties.

• take makeup remover/tissues with you. i cry a lot and usually end up regretting wearing makeup but it’s w/e bc i need to look cute, lmao. but even if you don’t cry easily, it’s still nice to have when you get sweaty and gross.

• carry chap stick with you as well. my lips get chapped a lot and i usually end up biting the dead skin off and making my lips bleed. not fun.

• download more music. here’s how to download it from tumblr (shhh…): – right click the audio
– click “inspect element”
– click “network”
– play audio
– find “media” and right click
– click “open link in new tab”
– right click on the media player
– select “save as”
– insert desired file name and save
if you have an iphone and don’t have a mac, it will download to your computer files and windows library. to transfer to itunes do this:
– open itunes, hit the “alt” key.
– go to “file” and select “add folder.”
– select the “downloads” folder.
– that’s it. enjoy.

• don’t forget your headphones and sketchbook.

• don’t forget your car-house keys.

• set an alarm and force yourself to get up.

• try your best to sleep regularly.

• don’t rely on coffee/caffeine to keep you awake. this is highly unhealthy and unfortunately a very popular trend. don’t do this. your body will start to depend on it and when you can’t get any, you’ll have withdraws and it sucks (it also thins out your blood and causes your period to be super runny).

self-care/hygiene tips:

• shower every day. you don’t have to wash your hair every day if you don’t want to (bc some ppl don’t bc it’s supposed to keep your hair healthy?? mine’s super oily so i have to wash it tho). it will helps keep your skin clear and make you feel a lot better, tbh (+ you won’t smell like onions). your skin produces a lot of oils, especially during teenage years; this will help you a lot, and it’s very refreshing.

• brush your teeth once in the morning and once at night.

• wash your face when you get home, especially on hot days (not extremely necessary, but very helpful (for me, espec bc oily skin)).

• don’t sleep in the same clothes your going to wear to school the next day. as stated before, your skin creates oils and bacteria that you probably won’t even feel most of the time. this will cause pimples and acne on your skin, especially your back.

• carry deodorant with you!! sometimes i get in such a hurry before school that i forget to put it on (i usually have some in my locker though).

• make sure you bring your PE clothes/shoes!

• don’t forget necessities for extra-curricular activities!!

• drink lots of water!! take a bottle of water to class. you’ll get bored and end up periodically drinking from it. it will keep you hydrated.

• make sure you poop everyday (not kidding).

• please eat right!! you’ll feel so much better about everything!

• if you’re new, or you have trouble making friends, spend your lunch time in the library! there are usually friendly people there and you can read instead of feeling lonely. or if you have an elective such as band, drama, or art, they usually keep their doors open during lunch, so feel free to hang out there as well!! you can make friends with your classmates that way, or even the teacher, tbh. or you can always play your instrument, reread/memorize your scripts, or sketch!

• if your friends constantly make you feel bad, neglect you, or outright bully you, please leave them. they are not worth your time. you have to put your health over their butt-head feelings.

• if you have anxiety, depression, etc. issues, please reach out !! your school admin. (and your friends ofc) are there to help you and want you to be happy! high school goes by so fast and i want you to have the best experience you possibly can.

• join extra-curricular activities!! you’ll meet new friends and have a lot of fun!

• don’t be afraid. it’ll all be okay. have a great year!!

BTW, sorry the formatting on this sucks, i’m on mobile. //:
The Signs At School (part 3: dodgeball)

“Good luck Cancer, you’re going to need it.” Sagittarius laughs. Cancer frowns.
“Why so you say that?” Cancer huffs.
“Because you suck, and I don’t.” Sagittarius says with a grin. Cancer gapes at Sagittarius.
“Go to hell you little s***” she hisses, slapping Sagittarius angrily.
Sagittarius looks at cancer. “Feisty..” He mumbles, “that’s hot.”

Cancer walksup to Gemini and Aquarius. Aquarius puts her arms around Pisces, who sniffs sadly.

“If we win you have to give the drawing back!” Gemini hisses.

Leo laughs. “I won’t loose. My team is actually good!”

“YOU LITTLE B****!” Gemini screams.

“A b**** who is good at dodgeball” Leo says with a smirk.

“Are we gonna play it not?” Scorpio calls from across the gym.

“Let’s do this.” Aquarius hisses.


“Let’s do this!” Aries yells, throwing a ball across the line.

“Let’s crush them!” Taurus screams.

Leo picks up a ball and chucks it at Libra, who catches it.

“Target everyone but Pisces!” Leo says, loud enough that only his team can hear.

“GO TO HELL YOU B****” Aquarius screams throwing a ball at Virgo, who dodges gracefully.

“Capricorn, let’s get that b****.” Virgo hisses.

Capricorn grins. “you’re going down you s***head.”

Virgo throws the ball at Aquarius, Aquarius dodges,

“HA! You misse- OUCH!” Aquarius shouts as Capricorns ball slams into her stomach.

“F***” Aquarius screams. Virgo grins

“KARMA B****”

Gemini scowls “YOU DID NOT JUST CALL AQUA A B****”

“HELL YEAH I DID!” Virgo shouts.

“YOU F***** PIECE OF S***!” Gemini screams, throwing the ball, straight at her face. Virgo falls back as the ball hits her with full force.

“NEVER CALL AQUA A B****, B****!” Gemini shouts. Virgo smirks, flipping him off in the process.

“Oh no you don’t!” Libra says, throwing the ball at her finger.


“Hush! That nail was faker than you!” Cancer hisses. Capricorn gasps.

“YOU LITTLE!” She screams throwing the ball at Cancer. Cancer ducks, causing the ball to fly into Taurus.

“no! Taurus I’m sorry!” cancer apologizes, Taurus laughs.

“It’s fin- WATCH OUT!” Taurus yells, as a ball flies into Cancers side.

“NO!” Cancer screams.

“It’s okay, we were boss!” Taurus says, Cancer huffs angrily.

“We didn’t do anything.”

“Oh yeah.”

Aries smirks. “So we got two b**** and the other guy.”

Pisces scowls, but remains quiet.

“go to hell.” Libra hisses, throwing two balls in rapid succession. The balls slam in to Sagittarius and Capricorn.

“I was tired anyways.” Capricorn yawns.

“Aries, Scorpio..” Leo says.


“Let’s get Gemini and Libra.”

“Gotcha.” Aries throws the ball at Gemini, who tries to duck, but is too slow, so the ball slams into his nose.

“CRAP!” Gemini shouts.

“HA!” Aries yells.

“Pisces, Libra, you got this!” Gemini says,

“Thanks Gem!” Libra says, but before he can turn, Scorpio’s ball hits him in the stomach.

“Dang.” Libra groans.

“One b**** left.” Leo laughs.

“Yeah, we got all those other b***** out.” Aries snickers

Pisces frowns.

“You can call me b****.” She says quietly. She looks up, her face full of anger.

“BUT NEVER CALL MY FRIENDS B*****.” Pisces screams. She throws her ball, it flies into Aries’ crotch.

“MOTHERF*****” Aries yells, as he collapses to the floor. Pisces picks up another ball and chucks it at Scorpio. Scorpio tries to catch it, but it slams into her chest.

Scorpio groans, grabs Aries’ hand, and drags him off the court.

“You little.” Leo hisses.

“Die Motherf*****.” Pisces hisses, throwing two balls simultaneously at Leo. Leo screams and tries to duck, but both hit him. He falls to the ground.

“Now give me my drawing.” Pisces hisses, waking up to Leo.

“No.” He laughs. Pisces smirks. “Really?”

“That’s my drawing.” Leo says with a smirk.

Pisces smiles evilly. “Give me my drawing.”


Pisces shrugs, and kicks Leo in the crotch.

“HOLY F*** YOU CAN HAVE YOUR DRAWING!” Leo howls, clutching his junk.

“YEAH PISCES!” Libra yells.

Pisces leans down to Leo’s ear.

“karma b****.” She whispers


So I couldn’t bold the signs I’m sorry, my laptop broke so I did this all on mobile. If you know how to bold on mobile please tell me!

Back to school/college Masterpost

We know that the back to school “season” is coming so Gwen and i decided to do a masterpost with all the things that we think, are important and that they might help you with this experience (if it’s your first year). Personally i want to wish you guys the best, good luck with your tests and everything involved with school, you’re going to do great :)

Essentials: clic here. This includes all the clothes that you need for school like jeans, tops, shoes, etc.

Essentials #2:

School/College outfits: clic here to get inspo for outfits you can wear everyday.

Dorm Room: Packing for my dorm was one of the hardest things for me when it came to going away to college! Here’s a set of the most important things I think you need in your room! 

In addition to the basic stuff, like bedding and desk organization, these are the things I realised over time I needed! Mugs and cups are really important - you’ll be drinking lots of tea and coffee and hot chocolate, and it’s good to have spare cups when other people are over! When it comes to things like utensils, I usually borrow them from the dining hall. I love having an electric kettle as well to warm up water for tea or hot chocolate, if your school allows you to have one (just dont warm anything other than water up in it! my roommates warmed milk up in mine once and ruined it). I’ve also found that the lighting in dorms is generally awful, so I buy a ton of christmas lights and string them up around the perimeter of my room! it’s much more calming that way! also, it’s good to have spare pillows and a throw blanket, you might be cold at your desk or maybe your friends will want to sit on them when they come over! it’s always good to have spares. and a whiteboard is really good for organization, writing down test dates, birthdays, etc. and - it’s very likely your room will not have a mirror when you get there! 

Study Tips: for me these are the more important tips from this list, you can see all of them right here.

  • Use a planner so you can have all your important dates there. You can use a notebook or your cellphone.
  • If you get distracted by wanting to do something when you should be focusing, write it down. It gives you a checklist of things to do later.
  • To avoid study stress, take breaks and avoid studying for more than two hours a day.
  • Have snacks and a drink during study sessions. Preferably water.
  • Prioritise your classes. Especially if you have loads.
  • Keep your to do list and schedule all in one place, whether that’s a book, app or phone.
  • Study when you can. Don’t study if you’re too exhausted to do so.
  • Attend as many classes as possible and don’t skip.
  • Don’t panic when you don’t know all the answers in a test, do you really need 100%?
  • Break your studying into smaller bits and spread it out over time to avoid headaches, burnout and all the problems that come with it.

I’ve also found that I love this chrome extension called momentum! i think it’s one of the best ways to make a to do list, and it comes with a really pretty picture every day! i use it and would totally recommend it. 

Good luck on this school year, we wish you the best :) xx

shoutout to everyone starting at a new school this year

good luck if you’re entering middle school, or high school, or just transfering schools. and especially good luck to anyone going into college. you’ll have fun and it’s all going to be ok