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Alternate anime titles:

Assassination Classroom: Day Of The Tentacle (Alternate: That girl was a guy all along?!)


Super Lovers: What if my brother consents tho?

Love Stage: How to come to terms that you’re gay. (Alternate: THAT GIRL WAS A GUY ALL ALONG?!)

Noragami: Wow what a useless god


Ouran High School Host Club: THAT GUY WAS A GIRL ALL ALONG?! (Ft. Gay twins and a shota)

anonymous asked:

Have any advice for accessorizing outfit designs? I feel like i either go too elaborate or too dull and cant seem to find that middle ground

I’m not a huge expert on this and am guilty of oversaturating my characters with unnecessary stuff, but when I actually try to design properly I usually go with first making the silhouette, then adding finer details (like jewelry or filigree or other deets) in places where I want to lead the eyes- like, let’s say the facial or neck area!

I usually make sure the other parts aren’t as detailed as the part I want to emphasize~

e.g. for this illustration (again thank you @aomaoe for lending your spicy boi) I poured My Soul into detailing and using more contrasts/darker shadows on the hair, faces, floral hairclip, lace glove and coat because that’s where I want you to look (if you look again everything else was intentionally left chunky and two-toned).

the ribbons and general flow of the composition lead towards the subjects as well, while the red blooms make sure to nail your eyes towards that part once you’ve locked on!

this one was intentionally made to be a clusterfuck of stuff for that UTAU Aesthetic ™ but I tried to keep the general silhouette and main color blocks intact, so your eyes have places to settle on once it gets sick of all the other details~

same general rule for this one despite the saturation of patterns- mostly black and simpler patterns on the bottom, more light colors and details on top (an exception would probably be  @magebomb‘s Tyr, whose tie leads the eyes towards the pattern on his skirt, and it better did because I Poured My Tears Into That Pattern)

  • Fred seeing you at platform 9 ¾ and following you into a compartment
  • you two talking the entire ride about your holidays and what is yet to come
  • being exhausted after your first day of school and finding George waiting for you in the common room
  • spending the evening with him and your friends, and him kissing you goodnight when you leave for your dormitory!!!
  • Fred wanting to sneak out on his first day of school and convincing you to do so
  • having a great time breathing in the autumn air on the weekends and genuinely enjoying a bit of free time with Fred 
  • meeting George in the hallways and him always having something to tell you
  • cozy evenings with George in the common room after an exhausting day of school!!!!!
  • Fred coming back from Quidditch practice on a rather cold and rainy autumn’s day and having a minor cold, so you take care of him 
  • George taking you to Hogsmeade and you two strolling around for ages
  • Fred suggesting you should look for a quiet place in the castle, whereupon the two of you almost get caught 

Days of Productivity: 1

Hey everyone!
It’s a start of the new quarter for me, so I thought it would be best to start over with my days of productivity. I’m taking 4 classes right now: Biochem, Organic Chemistry, Organic Chemistry Lab, and Economics. The other day I went with my boyfriend to go to this cafe place, since we’ve decided to start studying every Sunday together. Good luck to everyone that has started school already 😭