Good luck with school ^^

Seungjun Twitter Update 160928

[승준] 팅커벨 잘자요!!! 내일 출근 힘내구 일하는거 힘들텐데 힘내구 시험 잘보구! 시험공부 힘내구 시험 잘보구!!! 학교 잘갔다오구 알바 힘내구 잘자구 힘내요 알라뷰

[Seungjun] Goodnight Tinkerbell!!! Tomorrow have strength going to work, if work is hard just hang in there and take your test well! Good luck studying for the test, take it well!!! Go to school and come back safely, have strength at your part time job, goodnight and do your best. I love you

I haven’t been going to the hearing voices group for very long but it’s already such a good community. Today two people have texted me wishing me good luck at the first day of school tomorrow and another person texting me making sure I had enough food

The weird affect of being a psych survivor young person with no biological fam means that people often look out for me in ways I’m extremely grateful for

for every high school student studying for ap tests:

going to have a productive day ☁️📝 ❣ tomorrow I am having a math exam and on tuesday a chemistry exam. i couldnt really start because I had a family celebration yesterday and didnt get to study 🙈😫💕 it’s okay though. let’s ace it. POSITIVE MIND IS ON and I am telling myself again and again: “Make the best out of each situation.”