Good luck Homie

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I got a 0% on a quiz in history because I was gone and I was gonna make it up but then study hall was canceled so I couldn't make it up when I asked and the teacher is really rude and is just a jerk so I never asked him to make it up again. I'm waiting to see how big of a dent that puts in my grade when he actually puts it in the grade book as a 0 instead of a blank.

oh my god thats awful that happened to a girl in my english class earlier in the year im not sure what her grade is now but i dont think its too bad our tests counted as 75% of our grade at the time so


prettyboyshyflizzy had to show u bc i think its the funniest shit ever. So, first i tweet out that someone should text me and yada yada and he dms me asking for my number and i give it to him bc yaknow im feelin generous.. But then he starts getting cocky like, i bet i can guess ur nationality and im just sittin here KNOWING DAMN WELL AINT NO ONE GONNA GUESS DOMINICAN AND PERSIAN so im like yea okay whatever good luck homie and this happens and i think its mad he tried playing it off and acting cool and when i made it seem like he was right hE GOT COCKY and then got tight idk idk maybe i typed this out for no reason and im just ⛽️⛽️ it up but i wanted to share-