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send ‘❤’ for my muse’s reaction to a New Years Eve kiss. | Accepting

‘Mike must be smashed.’ Is the first thing Mort can think when the other kisses him. Yeah, Mort himself was buzzed, but he had made a point of holding back how much he drank for New years. But if Mike was getting this daring with him, he must have been drinking a lot. Maybe.

Mort smiles against the others lips, then just laughs. “H-happy new year, Mike.”

every time i see this i think of wilbur and i wanted u to know.. ((i love ur ocs btw but i like wilbur and gecko and yarrow best))

hsadhahbsd SAJHDHJASD YEP. these r words that would come out of her. her character, right here

and im glad u like them!! those 2 r currently my favs ;c;