Little Cop-Rick Things Our World Needs

His strict adherence to protocol, in holding himself to the highest standards of law enforcement professionalism, even when no one is looking. In an environment where Ricks can get away with literally anything, he holds himself accountable even in gun practice, wearing his protective glasses.

His empathy and sympathy, that renders him hesitant and unwilling to act in violence against even those who are threatening him, if it is unneccesary or in anyway in just. Consider his pause when he is given a handicapped target to shoot, even a virtual one from an enemy species.

His immediacy in apologizing for any unintentional or reflex discrimination which merely crosses his minds (“oh, sorry, I was expecting… ”), even when his actions have not manifested in clear prejudice. His self-policing and correction unlike the inherent or learned behaviour of the discriminatory culture of the citadel.

He remembers and respects his sensitivity training, which although he claims to have been a weakness after his stabbing, is still shown in his unwillingness to simply kill his Morty partner at the club. He dislikes the unnecessary incessant violence and amoral apathy of the dichotomy, and disapproves of it being Morty-incited or Rick-incited.

He wears his safety belt. Safe Cop Rick is a Good Cop Rick.

He knows a Rick’s personality, the capacity for irresponsibility and selfish pursuits, yet holds himself as an individual Rick to a higher standard. When they storm the house, he doesn’t blame the Mortys, he blames the Rick (“is that what I think it is?”) Because he’s the grandfather, he’s the supposedly more intelligent, and he sure as hell should know better.

He admits responsibility, and in a world which shirks the backlash of violence, no matter how culpable and justified it is, he struggles with what Evil Morty comes to describe as “order”.

Because “order” doesn’t neccesitate justice and peace, it simply acts the systemic organization of a society through authority and culture. Rather, tyrannical chaos, discrimination and cruel dictatorship is strictly enforced and becomes this new illusion of “order”. Cop-Rick can’t accept this easily. Hopefully, he fights back.

As a society, we need to fight back.


Brooklyn Nine-Nine: Welcome to Season 5

Peralta is going to the pokey! Rosa is going up the river! It’s slammer time! However you want to say it (and we apologize for that last one), two good cops from Brooklyn Nine-Nine are going to prison at the beginning of season 5. After being framed for a bank robbery, Dets. Jake Peralta (Andy Samberg) and Rosa Diaz (Stephanie Beatriz) will have to fend for themselves behind bars. Rosa is having a slightly easier time adjusting to her new life than Jake is, but then again, her cellmate isn’t a cannibal. Time to eat up these first-look photos from season 5 of Fox’s underrated cop comedy.

“It’s Jake at his most vulnerable and having to live off of his wits,” says executive producer Dan Goor

Charles (Joe Lo Truglio) and Amy (Melissa Fumero) visit Jake in jail. Jake’s buddy is “determined to make sure that his friend’s innocence is known to the rest of the world,” Lo Truglio told EW. “So he’s doing everything he can, he’s tailing Hawkins [Gina Gershon] and he’s trying to take advantage of her making a mistake.”

Um, what’s up with Charles’ hair, which recently turned white when he was stressed out about Jake’s trial? There’s a "wonderful cold open to show his depression, which rivals and — dare I say — surpasses him breaking up with Vivian in the Matrix leather coat cold open,” Lo Truglio told EW.

The squad will consider taking an ethical shortcut to help exonerate Jake and Rosa.

Meet Jake’s new cellmate, Caleb, who is played by Tim Meadows. “Caleb is a cannibal who doesn’t feel like that defines him,” says Goor. “He would rather be defined by his passion, which is woodworking.” Yes, Jake becomes friends with Caleb, partly because he doesn’t know about Caleb’s crime at first. And then…  "we see him discover what his cellmate is actuallyin for,“ says Samberg. We should point out that Caleb is more interested in making friends with Jake than making him into a meal. "They kind of look out for each other,” says Samberg.

Meanwhile, Rosa is doing time in the women’s prison. According to Goor, she “quite enjoys solitary.”

Captain Holt (Andre Braugher) and Terry (Terry Crews), seen here visiting Rosa in prison, are “trying desperately to make her life as good as they can,” says Goor.

Jake will also match wits with a criminal mastermind named Romero (Lou Diamond Phillips). “Jake actually goes looking for protection and Romero is a protector,” says Samberg.

[about Lou Diamond Phillip’s character]“Jake has to figure out how to get in his good graces,“ says Samberg


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