Over at our studio GOLPEAVISA we did an illustration project for Clase Premier Magazine that consisted on a portrait of Chef René Redzepi. We proposed building his face out of different dishes and kitchen elements. It was a lot harder than we thought but it was a lot of fun. Here’s a little video of the process:

Clase Premier August 2012 Cover from Clase Premier on Vimeo.

‘Pit Stop’ - Logo and Menu Design

Last year the people at Exotic Rides opened a new restaurant, overlooking their race track. They decided to keep it in a ‘Casual Dining – Sports Lounge’ mode, halfway between being a gourmet restaurant and a fast-food bar for the regular racing crowd waiting for their turn at the wheel. Because of the ‘racing’ concept, it was christened ‘Pit Stop’.

We tried to reflect that duality in the logo and menu designs we did, with some influence from 50′s Diners but keeping it real simple and avoiding the look of a ‘theme’ restaurant.


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