Constructs, Part One. 

Note that it is, in fact, immune to its own Stunning Burst. And that its mace does bludgeoning damage (not thunder).

“The Adamantine Golem is a treasured tool of war. It requires extreme expertise to create and maintain, and only the wealthiest of individuals can even hope to get the parts used to create one.

This golem is widely considered to be worth the effort to produce. It is a formidable enemy on the battlefield, so much so that it could lay siege to and level a town on its lonesome. Some say that an adamantine golem could easily do away with an adult dragon, and they might be correct.”

Golem King Boyfriend

A commission for @miss-fantasy-dreamer that I have really taken a shine to. I may have to write more for this if ya’ll like it.

   For years your kingdom has been at war with the Golem. For as long as you’ve been alive and even before then, it’s always been war. Not that your father is gone you’ve taken the crown. You’ve also decided that enough is enough. You’re tired of war. You’re tired of all your kingdom’s funds going to something you find repugnant. You’ve begun the process of peace talks with the Golem king. You’ve corresponded through letters and dignitaries from both sides for a little over a month now. Now, you’re going to his kingdom in a show of your trust. You’ve agreed to stay with him in his palace for a month. Until then there will be no fighting, no war. If your kingdom attacks in anyway you’ve agreed to his conditions. Same for him.

   You arrived at his palace last night. You refused wine and food and went immediately to bed. In the morning though you agree to a private breakfast with him. He comes to your room and you glare at him.

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