After a few days, Basil is finished and ready to be packaged for the holidays for my Aunt! Basil was a lot of fun to do along with being the first hive mind Golem to be made (Yes Hivemind golems get tinier drones that is either a a smaller golem or stuffed toys like the ones in her apron.) I hope to do more Hivemind golems soon as that was fun to do.


I wanted to share my completed Asura and Golem cosplay with you guys!  I’d thought about cosplaying my asura character for ages, but have the small problem that I’m not two feet tall…so of course I had to build a 9-foot golem for scale!

I’m wearing medium CoE Inquest armor with a Ley Line Longbow and the golem is based on the asura racial skill Summon Power Suit.  It’s all EVA foam over a PVC pipe base, hand-painted with acrylics and wired up so that all of the gems glow.  I built platforms into the legs so I can climb up into it, although it’s going to take a little more engineering before I can do any walking around or fighting in the suit :)

Character: Asura and Golem
Series: Guild Wars 2
Cosplayer: Enayla
(constructed, cosplayed, and photographed by me)


“Have you ever heard of The Golem?” - BBC Sherlock ‘The Great Game’ - Production stills -

Click here for higher res; pic 2: (1365x2048)

The Great Game Production stills: (Sherlock in Belarus) (Sherlock, John, Donovan & Lestrade at the crime scene) (Benedict on the Thames pt1) (Benedict on the Thames pt2) (Sherlock on his chair in 221B) (Sherlock in the Purple shirt of Sex) (Under the Arches-Great Game) (Poolside with Moriarty)