Season 2 GF is More Gay than I Thought

Grunkle Stan and Goldie tie the knot


Mabel potentially pairing Robbie with dudes.

And Honorable Mention for the gayness that got caught in “The Love God” storyboards.


Goldi is a short and surprising first person adventure which puts you in the shoes of Goldilocks as she rifles through the Three Bears house.

As well as eating their porridge and sleeping in their beds, you can mess around with a wide range of other objects - such as playing their PS4, getting drunk on their wine and posting jokes on baby bears social media accounts.  You have time to mess with two items before the bears get back and you have to hide.  At which point Daddy Bear will inevitably find you and ask you a question regarding what has just happened and you’ll start the process over again.

Each time you enter the house your actions and answers to Daddy Bears questions will have a real impact on how the scene plays out, and to find the real ending you need to play through multiple times.  It takes five or six runs through the Three Bears house to discover what’s really going on in Goldi, and we’d highly recommend checking it out as there’s a very novel twist in it’s tail.

Play Goldi, Free

If you find yourself confused by all the Secret Convergences that are going on in the comics, do yourself a favor and read “The Life And Times Of Scrooge McDuck” by Don Rosa. One of the best comics ever. An artist’s edition is coming soon from IDW.

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