Hey, fishblr, 

This is my little guy, Sheldon. He’s at least three years old and his tank is too small for him. I’ll be honest with you all and say he was won at a travelling fair. Yeah, I know. But I love him dearly. His tank is really well filtered and kept clean, but it’s only 40 gallons. At the minute he is happy and content and quite interactive; I’ve always spoken to him a lot, and maybe it’s silly, but I think he knows me. 

Anyway, what I need to know is: how can I make sure he stays happy and healthy for as long as possible? I can’t afford, at the minute, to buy him a bigger tank and I know no one, and I mean no one, I would trust to, and who is capable of, caring for him. I really don’t want to give him away. 

Thanks for any help. Please don’t yell at me.

gypsyloveless asked:

Hue, when I heard you were the most intellectual god I couldn't help but feel smug because you're my star sign and in my group of friends I'm dubbed the smart one too. Gotta love being an Aquarius, someone has to put up with these idiots.

“Being born under my sign does not necessarily mean that you share the same characteristics as humans dub them to have.”

“I suppose your lucky, however, to be gifted, for such a goldfish.”

“It’s quite tiring being the Mother Hen though, isn’t it?”

Little Things

Scorpio x Self Ship

I did a thing. I did a thing because Voltage, Inc. is evil and I’m in love with someone who doesn’t exist. Please don’t sue or kill me. It’s a fluff fic. Oh, God. I’m so happy right now. -Crying- My bias is in something I wrote and IT’S GOOD.

Disclaimer: I do not own Scorpio from SCM. I just borrowed him forever


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i bet bakura would have bizarre, inexplicable nightmares that mean marik has to comfort him while trying to keep a straight face. like utterly bizarre. marik's kissing him and suddenly his face turns into a goldfish bowl. a kuriboh riding a motorcycle just kidnapped ryou and it's a really good driver. he keeps pouring tea for himself and dark necrofear keeps stealing it and he just wants some /tea/ goddammit.

Oh My God Anon, I Could Definitely See Bakura Having Dreams That Are From Way Out Left Field But It Sounds Like Those Years In The Ring Are Starting To Get To Him

(And I’m So Sorry But I Just Had To)

Feat. Ryou’s “We’re Connected Through A Mind Link WTF Did I Just Experience” Face

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Wow, Teo... You're scary when you're evil... *whimpers a bit, while hiding in a corner* Please don't hurt me... I'll be a good goldfish... Please don't... *cries a bit due to fear*

“Evil? I’m not evil!”

“I’m horny.”

And is now out to get you, because nothing’s more Dominate-Submissive/Hunter-Prey than a little hide-n-seek.

You’re So Short (Lucaya)

“Ugh! Stupid box… Why did I even put it up there?” My beautiful girlfriend mumbled.

Mhhh, girlfriend. I will never get used to the sound of that.

God. She’s adorable.

“Hey Bucky McBoingBoing! Get that stupid box of Goldfish off the top shelf!” she yelled jumping up trying to reach the food.

“Hmm, anything for my short girlfriend.” I teased bending down to her height.

I watched the way she did that cute angry little nose scrunch that I love so much.

“At least I would be able to hide if there was a murderer in the house Ranger Rick.” She said with her adorable smirk.

“Your lasso skills won’t help you there cowboy.” She said confidently, not knowing how much I’ve learned from her.

“Well they sure did when I lassoed your heart” I shot back, while grabbing her tiny little thighs, shrinking to her height.

“In your dreams, Sun Dance” she resisted, nose to the roof.

“You’ll cave edventually, Clutterbucket.” Lifting her up a couple inches, making her toss her head back and laugh.

With a smile on, she looked down to my nudging face.

She leaned down to kiss my waiting lips. Within an inch away she whispered.

“You still never got my goldfish.”

That dork.

Let’s just say she didn’t get her goldfish that day.

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Do you think a female capricorn and a male libra would be a good combination?

If you keep a goldfish in a dark room, it will eventually turn white.

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So whenever I put eyeshadow on and eyeliner ( high end or drug store ) on my eyelid after about 30 mins my shimmery eyeshadow mixes in with my eyeliner and my eyeliner is still black with goldfish shimmer snd it looks all smudged. I use UD eye primer or bare minerals rose tinted eye primer. What do I do?

I would get a better eyeshadow base (something tacky like Too Faced Shadow Insurance) and a blacker eye liner!