[CNETZ] Jing Boran loses his marbles trying to explain to Jackson what a Beluga whale is

Jackson: What is Beluga (Bai Jing)?

Boran: Beluga whale is a Beluga Whale

Jackson: Why is it so big

Boran: Because it’s a whale

Jackson: Some kind of shark?

Boran: Do you know what a ‘鲸鱼’ (whale) is?

Jackson: Isn’t '鲸鱼’ the small kind (goldfish)?

Boran: 白鲸 is a type of whale

Jackson: Isn’t it some kind of dolphin?

[+4,531] It’s just a matter of difference in Cantonese and Mandarin, those of you who are acting like fools shouldn’t be so negative about it  

[+3,546] Those saying he’s playing a fool are pretty black-hearted 

[+3,384] GaGa (Jackson) grew up in Hong Kong and left at an early age to train in Korea, his Mandarin is not the best but he’s trying to learn, if you think he was trying to look like a fool, realize that lots of people in Hong Kong have trouble understanding Mandarin. My English isn’t very good, I would also look dumbfounded in the same scenario  

[+2,252] RanRan is really cute, GaGa is also cute 

[+2,124] I give full marks to Jing Boran’s expressions 

[+1,813] Those saying he’s playing a fool need to go see a doctor 

[+1,809] Jackson grew up speaking Cantonese, and went to an international school but he’s only been using Mandarin for the last two years, so there are certain things he doesn’t understand, that is understandable, but of the artists from Hong Kong, he is considered hardworking 

[+1,504] I also didn’t know this is a Beluga whale  

[+1,420] This is how it’s set up, if you spoke to him in English or Cantonese then he would understand, just watch variety with a light heart 

[+1,338]  Those who don’t understand like to pass judgement…. it’s hard to change the way their brains are wired. It’s as if you don’t understand English and are told something in English, would you understand that? Go ahead and find an English-speaking kid in a foreign country. Just because someone is different from you doesn’t mean you should be looking down at them 

[+1,193] I think I will starting watching this program just to see the interactions between these two clowns  

[+1,224] Jing Boran’s psychologically confused 

[+835] Wang +2 (GaGa) is truly confused by him 

[+801] Jing Boran is distressed


Finally some pizza flavored Goldfish crackers appeared at my grocery store. Way up there on the top shelf. Very appropriate.

There’s also new flavor: Kick it up a Nacho. All the Flavor Blasted ‘fish have too much flavor. Ick. They also leave a residue on my fingers which in turn gets on the TV remote control. It’s as bad Cheetos and cheese popcorn.

Nacho sure I will be trying that flavor.



20代の頃、「a piece of heaven」の写真集を見て蜷川実花さんの写真が好きになり、「17 9′97」「Pink Rose Sweet」「Acid Bloom」「Liquid Dream」「floating yesterday」と新作が出てはお金を貯めて買い、個展に行き、彼女のような鮮やかで可愛い写真が撮りたくて、女の子のポートレートや果物・ケーキ等を撮っていた。

彼女の花や物を撮った作品の世界観が好きだったので、「Liquid Dream」以降は奇抜で鮮やかなセットを組んだ芸能人の写真の作品が増えていき、次第に離れていった。










So does this mean that FItzsimmons are living together and sharing a bed and making each other breakfast and kissing each other goodnight? 

Do you think they have house rules? Do you think their house is full of random little inventions? Is Fitz constantly fighting against Jemma leaving experiments in the kitchen? Is Jemma constantly telling Fitz that, no, the dining room table is not a work bench?

Do they do Netflix marathons together? Do they wait to watch their new shows/documentaries together? Are the walls of their room postered with their new ideas and research? 

Do they go out stargazing? Do they have a special stargazing blanket? Do they have a goldfish? Is there a strict “no experimenting on our goldfish Jemma” rule? 

Are we going to get scene of them being domestic together? ARE WE GOING TO GET A SCENE OF THEM WAKING UP BESIDE EACH OTHER??????

Tamagotchi M!X Station: the 411

Ever since the first Tamagotchi relaunch in Japan, the Tamagotchi Plus (known as Tamagotchi Connection in the US) Bandai has created a Deka Tamagotchi to compliment it. These devices are much larger than Tamagotchi’s and are usually only available to interact with at certain locations in Japan, such as stores, restaurants and events. Bandai ditched the Deka when they released the Tamagotchi 4U back in 2014 in favor of NFC touch spots.

To accompany the newest Tamagotchi, Bandai Japan has released a new M!X station that helps users get the full Tamagotchi experience. There are two modes in the Tamagotchi M!X Station, school and seasonal events. At school you can play mini games (with up to four people), these games include cooking, room cleaning, and quizzes all year round. There are some seasonal games too, swimming relay and goldfish dipping are only available to play from July 16 to mid September. You can also earn exclusive items depending on your results in each game, and these items are transferred to your M!X using the IR technology.

The M!X station also features a flea market where you can buy and sell items, and a School Swap feature that allows you to download limited school items.

In the seasonal mode of the M!X station you can marry an M!X station exclusive Tamagotchi character, enter a seasonal Tamagotchi contest, and download seasonal games, wallpapers, accessories and foods to your M!X.

The Tamagotchi M!X stations will be in major toy stores and electrical appliance stores throughout Japan. There an an official list on locations that will have a M!X station available to interact with on If you run into a M!X station be sure to post a picture, or even a video!

anonymous asked:

Can I have a ship? I'm 5"1, brown golden hair, and green eyes. I'm super sarcastic, and I love dogs. I love to write, and I love acting. I also love to play different instruments. I'm female and straight. Thank you! :)

(okay so im going to do an x men and avengers ship since you didn’t specify)

SO I ship you with:

Peter Maximoff

Originally posted by heavyflovv

So you met when he stole something of yours. And you totally called him out, even if he kept denying it.

You both spend days in bed listening to music, and I could picture you trying to teach him how to play an instrument, but he has the attention span of a goldfish. But, he is literally the cutest when he frustrated, even if it doesn’t happen often.  

Peter also loves to talk, like he doesn’t shut up, but he loves hearing you talk ever more. Especially when you get excited, holy fuck its adorable!

Peter tries to act like he doesn’t like you as much as he does, he acts flirty, but you see its just a front. He a totally dork, and he loves to tell you about his life as an x men and all the cool things he does. He occasionally may lie about what he does, and you quick to call him out on his bullshit. But he loves it!

You love to make fun of his hair, calling him a grandpa and he is quick to call you shorty. You both act like you annoy eachother, but you both couldn’t imagine what your lives would be if you didn’t have the other.

And I ALSO Ship you with:

Peter Parker

(lol getting all the peters)

Originally posted by friendlyneighborhoodpeterparker

You met at a school, you were reading and Peter thought that you looked perfect, and happened to snap a quick picture of you. Which you saw, he’s not a sneaky as he thinks.  

Peter loves to help you with you acting, his often very dramatic, which can be helpful. Or a totally distraction. And since he's pretty smart he finds interesting ways to help you remember things.  

Peter also constantly takes pictures of you, he loves your eyes, but can you blame him? You often find yourself writing about Peter, and when you show him he gets all flustered and awkward, he's such a dork.

You and Aunt May both will sass Peter if he gets out a line. Peter also tries to be flirty, but most times its failed attempts or you get lost in his big beautiful eyes. He often likes to help you with your work, but you just zone out when he starts talking, he’s to cute for his own good.

You both spend nights talking about your futures together, and you both agree the more dogs the better! Peter also being the bean pole he is, loves your height, even if he puts things on higher shelves just because he can.

Hope you like these!!

Want one? avengers or x men ships?

i haven’t even watched high speed (fingers crossed for a subbed version to show up soon) yet and i’m getting emotional about sousuke and makoto as kids. and thinking about how things would have been if sousuke and makoto were friends growing up. 

maybe with makoto around, sousuke would have smiled more, felt less lonely, been more careful with himself. makoto’s cute little antics, his tendency to get scared easily of things that he doesn’t understand, and his capacity to stay strong for the sake of the people he cares about even when he is frightened, would have been so helpful for sousuke. 

imagine when makoto’s goldfish died, that sousuke and haru both stood by him, one hand on each shoulder. sousuke felt like he would cry just because makoto was crying. it would have made him softer, it would have made it easier for sousuke to grieve, to let out his feelings instead of bottling them up and turning them into angry outbursts at himself and haru.

maybe with makoto around, with his ability to smile even when he was hurting inside, to find happiness in little things (like playing with kittens and eating a slice of chocolate cake) would have made sousuke a little more relaxed, would have made his false sense of abandonment dissipate.

maybe with makoto sitting next to him- writing down silly letters to rin with badly drawn pictures of haru, nagisa, and himself in them- sousuke would have felt it was okay to do the same. that he would have been able to let out his frustrations, and communicate his real feelings to his best friend, instead of feeling unworthy and overworking his growing body. 

sousuke would have laughed more, wept more, loved himself more, with makoto around. maybe makoto would have brought out sousuke’s protective side, and he would have been able to show how much he cared for others more openly. maybe he wouldn’t have seen his emotions as weakening him, but would have drawn strength from them. 

maybe they would have grown up, side by side, and maybe sousuke would have confessed to makoto and maybe they would have been more than friends when they grew older. maybe it would have helped sousuke to hear from makoto that sometimes it’s okay not to live out your childhood dreams. that it’s okay to pursue new ones, with new people. and that it’s just as important to appreciate new horizons as it is to cherish the memories of your past.

maybe life would have been a little easier, a little sweeter, and more full of promise. just maybe. 

Ah! Joey might put fancy goldfish in his 225. Please do. It’ll look way better than the trophies. You won’t have to repaint the whole thing either.

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We bought goldfish and I remembered our conversation! I'd give you some, but sadly I can't :(

That is okay! I still have most of two sacks left, on account of Costco selling them in 3-packs. There is no need to worry about my goldfish access levels