All that’s left is to add a little bit of magic by adding some texture and lighting!  But first I’ll sleep on it and see how it looks in the morning. *laughs*

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban not only is my favorite book in the series, it’s also my favorite book ever. I have so much love for this book. All of the what could’ve beens make my heart hurt. What’s your favorite book?

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Golden Snitch by Now

Fancy a game of Quidditch?😜✌🏻️
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Grab ye brooms and let’s play some Quidditch!

On a scale from Harry Potter to Oliver Wood how bad are you when rooting for a team that you support? I’m definitely the latter. I’m have tickets for four of the Olympics football matches and I can’t wait! It’s going to be epic.

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Welcome to G O L D E N S N I T C H’s and M A L L F O Y S’ very first tumblr awards! These awards will be given to those bloggers who possess the qualities that we find fitting for each category. Please read each name of the category to see if you are eligible. To those who reblog, we wish you good luck! And a Merry Christmas!


  • Must be following Dakota and Jordan (we’ll be checking!)
  • Reblog only once
  • Likes will not be counted for
  • You must be a fandom blog to enter
  • Must reach 50 notes otherwise this didn’t happen
  • You have until December 28th to reblog
  • The winners will be announced on December 31st


  • The Dasher Award -  Best Sidebar
  • The Dancer Award - Best Theme
  • The Prancer Award - Best url
  • The Vixen Award - Best icon
  • The Comet Award - Best edits/graphics
  • The Cupid Award - Best posts
  • The Donder Award - Best personality
  • The Blitzen Award - Best multi-fandom
  • The Rudolph Award - Best overall
  • The Ron Weasley Award - Jordan’s Pick
  • The Sansa Stark Award - Dakota’s Pick


  • A follow back from us (if we aren’t already)
  • Promo’s for the best overall whenever they want for an entire month
  • Winners get weekly promo’s whenever they want
  • A link in our sidebar for the best overall and our personal choices
  • Endless love and adoration and friendship (✿ ♥‿♥)