Oscar De La Hoya and Abner Mares give out turkeys in east LA 

Amir Khan: Manny Pacquiao ignores me

Amir Khan: Manny Pacquiao ignores me

Khan vs Pacquiao meme

Ex-British champion Amir Khan admitted that the camp of Manny Pacquiao does not mind them even though they have offered a fight many times challenging Pacman to face him in the ring.

Khan is still expecting that he and friend and ex-stablemate will have a fight at the right time, especially now that Golden Boy Productions and Bob Arum of Top Rank have already reconciled.


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Always Smiles

A smile spreads sunshine through a dark world; a smile can turn an evil person benevolent.  Without a smile, I am a musician without an instrument, a doctor without a patient, an artist without a brush.   Grounded on the beach towel watching the moonlight reflect back off the sea’s tide, I drift away to comprehend the company I keep.  One deep breath inhaled and exhaled once I’m finished with it and I smile, I always smile.

The difference between a pessimist and and optimist is a smile.  Life may not always be a fairy tale, but there are still parts that are and it’s important to embrace those moments, not to let them slide by because of how all the others are.  Dance in the rain once and a while, notice the old couple holding hands outside the bed and breakfast, and remember to stay alive.  Remember that if you love something, make it known to them, whether that be the weather or the person standing next to you, spread love and joy and the pure energy and vibes of goodness.  

Peace & Love
Andrew James Kinsey


Abner Mares says he will knock out Joseph Agbeko in the 6th round 

Hero or Legend

Sometimes I feel like the gift of a God I don’t believe in, like a hero or legend.  Golden Boy will have to do for now, but I’m feeling more like A Man You Factored these days.  Working can get stressful for many people and I’ve been dealing with that recently, not to bring anyone into my personal woes, but I feel like it’s something that other people face as well.  Sometimes I feel like a lost boy searching in absolute abstract, in a forest of pure opaque.

Symmetry puts me at ease, but this world revolves around chaos.  It doesn’t feel right that rich get richer or that we can let this inequality reach the level it has.  I don’t understand why we live in a world that doesn’t recognize marijuana as recreationaly legal around the globe.  If we’re measuring wealth in the strength of our hearts, than I’d be filthy rich, but that’s not how this works.  It makes me vain to think of myself in such a matter.

Peace & Love
Andrew James Kinsey

A Man You Factored

I am merely all of the pieces of everyone that has influenced me, I am not me, I am a collection of others that have constructed me, the sum of what I have taken.  Though, I’ve noticed that not many people give back once they have taken, I choose to be different.  I choose to give back as much as I can to those that have helped to manufacture me into the person I’ve become.

Each day of my life is a new series of scenes being filmed as my life goes on as if nothing of the sorts was ever happening, but I know this to be untrue.  I am the star of the Andrew James Kinsey life series.  Just as we all are the stars of our own lives, but it’s important to remember that without the crew putting it all together, the show is bland, the show is stagnant and rough to get through on a daily basis.  

This is why we love, this is why we unconditionally love everything around us because without love in the world, we’d all be putrid hate-conjuring monsters. Thankfully, we survive at the top of the food chain to bring peace for all those under us, or at least I try to.  After all, I’m a man you factored.

Peace & Love
Andrew James Kinsey