Golden Axe


“Wilderness” from the Commodore 64 version of Golden Axe.


Here’s the original line work for the Mega Man #52 variant cover I did.  I got a little overzealous drawing all the video game characters, and in the end had to remove Gore Magala, because he’d be almost completely covered up by the logo.  Sorry buddy, maybe you’ll make the cut next time!


I’ve already got one from my old town, so I’m gonna give this one away, they’re not super hard to get, but whatever. I’m sure someone wants one.

Just like, reblog, follow, message me or whatever. I just gotta be able to see who wants it. I’ll pick someone randomly in a week or so if I get a ton of requests.

Anybody in ACNL Community wanna help me chop down trees in my new town? It would be super helpful!!

Turns out I left my golden axe in my previous file and reset it without realizing it was there. If someone wants to come over and help chop down all the trees so I can plan my town layout that would be super helpful. I’m gonna have two game files going in this town putting down patterns for villager placement, I just need an axe. If you happen to have two golden axes bring both so the process is faster. I promise I’ll give it back!! It’s gonna take about an hour or two to get it all done but you don’t have to stay that long. We’re just chopping trees in the lower half of the town (river separates it) where I will be planning houses. Message me and we can exchange FCs and get started!!!!