Golden Age

“Why won’t you listen, Jack? Why won’t you see what’s happening here?”

This could also be a meme. “God, McCree ordered HOW many hats?”

My personal headcanon is that Gabriel was the one constantly trying to tell Jack that something within Overwatch and Blackwatch was going very, very wrong. However, Gabe and Jack were pitted against each other by Talon’s sleeper agents within the UN, manipulated even. Jack believed (or rather, was manipulated into believing) Gabe to be paranoid, Gabe believed Jack to be ignorant and indifferent towards him.

They didn’t blow up the HQ in Switzerland while fighting. Talon blew it up to kill them because they finally, finally had started talking to each other.

Fun fact: I can’t draw beards for the life of me.

Music in Hogwarts
  • I really hope that the muggleborns/halfbloods terrified the living daylights out of the purebloods by randomly singing songs,
  • *silence in the classroom*
  • person: *screams* FREEZE
  • muggleborns/halfbloods: *ferociously clapping and scare the live daylights out of purebloods*
  • or
  • muggleborn/halfblood: i knew you were trouble when you walked in... *shouts and all the others join in* NOW IM LYING ON THE COLD HARD GROUND.
  • purebloods are sat there having a bloody heart attack and accidently tip ink and stuff all over their work or dropping books.
Potterhead problem

The number one potterhead problem I’ve really found recently is looking at uncaptioned fan art and thinking James and lily or Harry and Ginny