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Maiko Barbie Doll, Gold Label. She’s in perfect condition and includes her shoes, umbrella, stand, original box, and certificate of authenticity. She’s valued (out of box) at $350-400 but I’m starting the price at $325.

Please send an ask if you’d like to make an offer. I am willing to haggle. I am very short on funds so I am in a rather desperate need of some money. If you know anyone who’d be interested, feel free to spread the word. Thank you. <3

Too Much of a Good Thing

Where: Gluttony Room
When: Midevening after rooms have been opened
Who: Open

Still wandering the mansion in search of her companions, Maria entered another room in search of the small pig that was rumored to be inside. She’d always loved animals and tended to find herself sitting with the host’s pets rather than truly mingling at most parties. Provided, of course, the host had pets. She’d half expected Lucifer to be the white Bengal tiger in a solid gold collar type, but a piglet was also appropriate for him in many ways. Maenad was a true hit and seemed to be enjoying the attention. 

Maria was so distracted by the adorable animal that she hadn’t noticed a naked server approach until he was uncomfortably close and offering a tray of potion bottles. Her cheeks turned as red as the bottom of her dress and she plucked one of the closer bottles up just to get him to move on – it was a berry color with gold flecks labeled Harvest. For a moment, Maria considered just tucking the thing into her purse but the naked man seemed to be waiting expectantly. Offering an awkward smile she pulled the cork and thought, Here goes nothing… 

She tipped the liquid down her throat and at first it tasted just as she expected – like a blended berry smoothie. After the briefest of moments the flavor changed – coffee, fresh baked sourdough bread, the sharp scent of new ink, the minty aftertaste of Zoe’s toothpaste lingering on her lips, flowers that were now extinct… She took a half step back, eyes wide as she studied the little bottle. “Woah…” 

momecat replied to your photoset “Oh, oh! Hard to have fun when the light inside “Jimmy” is missing. …”

please indulge me in your speculations regarding this!

Which speculations?  Destiel?  I mean… Destiel’s been dead space for a while now, but season 11 has been focusing on repairing their relationship outside of narrative mirrors restrictions.  Dean’s been worried about Cas, wanting him to focus on healing.  “Time heals all wounds.”  There’s been more touching between them than I can remember. This whole scene, that couples with this scene “B” plot structural wise.  They are both in the abstract, but the burnt out “M” in the sign “Jimmy’s” is specifically linking what happens in the bar to the absence of light in Jimmy, in other words, Cas, who wears Jimmy Novak’s DNA and is absent from the scene.  This is the first time in a long while that they link Cas specifically to Dean’s “romantic longing B plot”.  

Let me talk about the golden butterfly.

There have been nods from two episodes now towards Dean’s transformation (this season) as well, and one has already been linked to Cas.  

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