John is a man of focus, commitment and sheer will. I once saw him kill three men in a bar, with a pencil. With a fucking pencil. Suddenly one day he asked to leave, it’s over a woman of course. So I made a deal with him. I gave him an impossible task. A job no one could have pulled off. The bodies he buried that day lay the foundation of what we are now. And then my son, a few days after his wife died, you steal his car and kill his fucking dog.

Crystal Orbs & Gold Necklace on Flickr.

Orbs of Gem Quality Rock Crystal Brazilian Quartz with a Hand Forged Cosmic Spiral clasp. Each crystal ball is pierced with 18 gauge half round gold filled wire and attached to links of 19 gauge flat curb gold filled chain. The result is a substantial, flexible, shiny and oOo so one of a kind bracelet by looksgoodonya :) I made this 22" so it easily coils three times around your wrist. Bonus


etsyfindoftheday 2 | 4.28.15

a s t r e e openwork one-of-a-kind porcelain pendant by byloumi

hand-sculpted porcelain is dotted with delicate gold, silver, or rosy copper accents and can be hung on a gold-filled or sterling silver chain for your perfect neutral color combination. made in france … ooh la la.