Gold Plated Brass


etsyfindoftheday 1 | 10.19.17

theme thursday: jewelry + hair accessory pairings

monstera leaf styles by shoprarebird

shining brass monstera leaves are the perfect tropical cutouts to kick off my pairings-themed day on EFOTD! shoprarebird’s gold-plated charms look super pretty as dangly earrings AND in a modern hairpin-wrap style.

upholstered furniture

pairing: pansy parkinson x harry potter

setting: modern, non-magical, reality/film star au; based on this

word count: 4,654 words

(7:22 am) Did you see the casting news yet? For Boy Who Lived?

(8:15 am) fuck off its sunday

(8:16 am) Ronald.

(8:17 am) unless they chose to go with an actual fucking cgi flamingo i dont give a shit right now and it can wait until tomorrow

(8:19 am) It really can’t. Harry’s going to fire you when he finds out.

(8:19 am) ??????? get ur blasphemous ass back to church no he’s not

(8:20 am) Yes, he is. It was YOUR idea to scrap the chemistry test.

(8:23 am) omg what is ur DAMAGE chemistry tests r dumb af harry hates them

(8:24 am) And sometimes you have to act as his AGENT, not his best friend, and advise him to do the things he hates, Ronald. Like chemistry tests.

(8:25 am) thx for the fortune cookie fun fact i’ll pass it on to harry’s latest oscar nom ok

(8:29 am) Check Variety. They reported on the casting this morning. There was a “leak” at the studio. Naturally.

(8:32 am) harrys gonna fucking fire me ur right

BREAKING: Hurricane Hollywood star tapped for female lead in Paramount’s Boy Who Lived

October 11, 2016. Los Angeles.

Well, it’s official.

Seemingly permanent tabloid staple Pansy Parkinson (Hurricane Hollywood; The Hottie and the Nottie), better known for her outrageous late-night party antics than she is for her acting prowess, has been cast as Harry Potter’s (Under the Stairs) on-screen love interest for the futuristic dystopian thriller, Boy Who Lived, slated for release by Paramount sometime in Summer 2018. While Parkinson has been persistently vocal about her desire to make the transition from her Cristal throne in Vegas to the slightly more respectable silver screen, this will be her first role in a major motion picture.

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Oh right, I’d forgotten I’d bought this. I was hoping it would be in the mail last month, but given that ship dates apparently slipped to December only a couple of days after I put in my preorder, I’m not going to complain.

That aside, this is a lovely compact collector’s edition of Undertale. The story booklet (which comes with the standard physical releases too!) is lovely, the PC DVD comes with Steamworks-less Windows/Mac/Linux versions, and the music box … well, there can be some unpleasant harmonics to the notes depending on whether it’s open/closed and how it’s being held, and I almost wish it were hand-crank rather than wind-up. But it’s a very pretty item, and it still strikes the right notes, more or less. It’s also apparently 14k gold-plated brass, which may account for what a nice weighty thing it is.

My favourite item really is the included soundtrack, which is an awful lot nicer than the non-CE soundtrack (which I also own)—lovely proper hard plastic Blu-ray-esque case, adorable cover art, a couple of extra tracks over the non-CE OST (mostly to reflect the patch that came with the PlayStation release), and some simple piano arrangements with the liner notes!

Overall, I’m very happy with this edition of the game—Fangamer have done a stellar job. The price seems about right (given that that locket probably drives about half of it), and packaging is sturdier overall in comparison to the non-CE OST, which is greatly appreciated. The locket and the storybook bring to mind the interactive fiction feelies of old, which is why this box now takes pride of place on my shelf right next to the Apple II folio release of Planetfall.


Featured Etsy Store: Moonlight Memoria

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