Gold Plated Brass


Featured Etsy Store: Moonlight Memoria

For the more elegant moonies who want to show their love for Sailor Moon with delicate and ornate hand-crafted jewellery. The store is owned by MoonlightMemoria of Hamilton, Canada and each wonderful Sailor Moon inspired item is made from gold-plated brass or silver and gorgeous swarovski crystals. If you’re dressing up for a formal party then the pendants make a fabulous addition to almost any outfit without looking out of place.~(=^‥^)ノ☆ As always, the store has exceptional reviews and ratings and many admirers too!

If you would like to buy your own Moonie jewellery, the link to the store is below:


(Mimi O Sumaseba)

Unprecedented level of economic well being & our fast paced lifestyle cause us to, at times, neglect needs which are never vocalised by commercial messages.Whilst we boldly strut the world in the finest and flashiest mongrammed accessories, our true desires are hidden in the innermost caves of our longing hearts.The collection, named after an animated film 耳をすませば (If you listen closely), is a range of shoulder bags (and clutches) ornated with gilded braille studs to shout out some of our human longings - to love , to hug and to hope.

To complement the bags, 72 Smalldive also created a line of 18 K gold plated enamelled bracelets with the same concepts. This marks the label’s return into designing jewellery accessories again.