Naruto’s tiredness and the role of the Hokage

I’m still seeing people calling Naruto out for his behaviour, but listen - it’s late in the day - Boruto’s finished school and dinner’s on the table and Naruto comes in and says he “finally finished another all-nighter.” Yes that means he wasn’t there the previous night (which is bad), but it means he’s probably been working constantly since 8 or 9 THE DAY BEFORE…meaning he’s likely been working close to 32 hours straight….I’m surprised Shikamaru didn’t have to carry Naruto’s comatose ass home.

I’ve thought this before, but with the expansion of the village they really should review what’s in the Hokage’s remit;

Hashirama - not enough background, but he was a mentor to Hiruzen while he was the Hokage

Tobirama - was only Hokage for a short time but as we could see he was still going on missions with his team while Hokage

Hiruzen - had plenty time to directly train the Sannin of all teams while he was Hokage and spent a lot of time observing students in the Academy

Tsunade - inherited a shit-ton of paperwork that I suspect Hiruzen didn’t ever bother keeping in order…Even at the end of the war four or five years later she’s still got a ton of paperwork there. In saying that, for a couple of years at least she still had time to train Sakura.

Kakashi - again it’s paperwork paperwork paperwork and the village expands into a city during his tenure, More people and infrastructure = more paperwork

So by the time Naruto becomes Hokage, the role has changed. Naruto is now more of a city mayor than a ninja leader - he probably spends little if any time engaging with the academy students and probably only does ninja stuff if it’s related to the Shinobi union or the Gokage, or if he needs to assign Shinobi to sensitive missions.

It would make far more sense, with Konoha apparently now having a majority civilian population, for the Hokage role to be split - have the Hokage do ninja stuff and still be the village head, but have someone else as a parallel figure for non-shinobi matters. Like hand that shit over to Shikamaru - get him to approve railway stations and housing and commercial planning, or bring in a civilian or an ex-Shinobi to do it. Let the Hokage do Hokage stuff.

No wonder Kakashi retired at such a young age.

Karin: A Paradox of a person

So many people try to describe Karin as good or bad, pure or selfish, lustful of loving, caring or selfish, smart or needy, and all the while i just can’t help but feel that so many people can’t see how NONE of the things above are true,

Because they are ALL correct. 

Karin is a paradox, she is a series of contrasting traits and skills and they are what make her so wonderful. You can’t just look at the positive part of her character, because there is too much darkness and badness to ignore. But if you only look at her undesirable traits then you miss the point of her character. She is so incredibly complicated and multi-layered, I feel that too many people ignore what they don’t wish to see, and as a result lose sight of who she actually is. 

Unlike other females, who are viewed from different sides. ( a.k.a. “she’s selfless and cute”, “no, she’s ugly and self-centered”) Karin was meant to be viewed from both, but simultaneously. Even just looking at her you can see the contrast in her design. From the professional uniform she mixes with the sexy short and stockings. To the strait, long, and combed side of her hair compared to the fluffy, messy, and short other side of hair: Karin was designed to be a paradox.

Her aloof attitude

To her passion

Unlike other characters who were meant to be viewed one way, but due to iffy writing can be viewed many ways, Karin was MEANT to be this complicated. 

She is straight-foreword about her feeling

And she is secretive

She is lust driven

and in pure, selfless love

She is weak enough to be defeated with a single kick

And strong enough to destroy an invincible monster even the Gokage and their armies couldn’t touch

She enters a scene with anger and harsh vengence

Yet melts when an apology is given

She can look like a man

And the ultimate bombshell

She can be uncaring 

And sympathetic

And cruel 

And put other above herself


I made this before chapter 710 came out and now it’s even more true.

Sarada Gaiden

I think we just gotta wait until SP finishes Sarada Gaiden episodes to evaluate entire Sarada Gaiden arc anime. For any omitted scenes or added scenes, maybe SP put some scenes in different order to make anime story smoother? I read a tweet by Sarada Gaiden’s screen writer answering why SP omitted gokage meeting from ep 21, and he said “please wait for future episodes”.

Since gokage meeting relates directly to the Boruto the movie story (the future timeline to current Boruto TVA), maybe SP will later put that scene as a connection to future TVA episodes?

Also, probably SP is more focusing on SasuSaku’s role as parents in Sarada Gaiden and that’s why SasuSaku shows less interaction with each other but shows emotional side toward Sarada.

Hospital scene and hugging Sarada after passing Sasuke: Sakura’s motherhood, worrying about her child
Sasuke touches the katana mark on pillar and thinks about Sarada’s tears: Sasuke’s dilemma as father role and Shinobi role

Gaara Imagine

@imagine-imagining-imagines (the ask disappeared but I remember your request–)

(Thanks! I love Gaara so Gaara it is. This turned out longer than I thought it’d be.)


 While he’s in a much better place than he was in childhood, the scars never fully faded. There were still nights when loneliness and incompleteness clung inside his chest. This especially brought on has many of his friends have gotten married and started families. He longed to find someone he could spend his time with, maybe even marry and have a family. However, he didn’t actively search for it, preferring to let it happen when it’s time.

Gaara didn’t expect to have his heart call to a civilian who lived in another village. It was during a Gokage meeting at the Hidden Leaf when they caught his eye. They were flower shop owner and was setting up the outside display as he passed by the small shop. Surrounded by colorful flowers, they looked simply stunning. He couldn’t place the feeling in his chest, nor the reason why he went the next day, he just knew it was warm.

They were inside helping a customer pick out a bouquet for a date, kindly suggesting carnations and red roses as they meant love. After making the sell, they smiled at him and asked what they were looking for.

“I…” Gaara stumbled, still not knowing why he went back to this flower shop. “Do all the flowers have meanings?”

“They do. From love to lose to to anger to friendship to jealousy to longing.“ They pointed out each off the flowers as they said a meaning, passionate about the subject.

Gaara watched in awe, amazed at how much they knew. They were dozens of flowers, some of which changed meaning depending on the color. "Did you learn this from a book?”

“Yeah,” They went behind the desk and pulled out a large blue book with different flowers on the cover. “This book.”

“Do you have a copy on sale?” Gaara would be lying if he said he didn’t grow curious about flowers after hearing them talk with such love.

They tilt their head and hummed. “No… But you borrow my copy if you’d like. I wouldn’t mind.”

Gaara shook his head. “I couldn’t, it’s your book.”

“I insist. I have that book memorized.” They smiled and placed the book in a bag.

Gaara opened his mouth to reply, stopping only when he realized that he was late for the meeting with the other kages. “May I pick it up later? I’m late for something.”

“Anytime before 7.” They watched him as he rushed to wherever he needed to be, hoping he’ll be back for the book. They’ve never lent their flower book to anyone, yet something compelled them to offer the book.

Gaara was late for the meeting, not by much, but it was unusual for the Kazekage to be late by even one minute. The others questioned him and he gave a trivial excuse of not realizing the time. They seemed to accept it, the meeting starting with words from Naruto.

It was 7:30 when Gaara left the Gokage meeting. He slipped from his brother’s watch when Temari called them over. He raced to the shop, hoping they were still there. He couldn’t explain the need he had to get there, it was just there.

When he got there, a white bag sat behind a display of sunflowers. Gaara felt his heart drop at not seeing them, but he had the bag, which had a note clipped on it.

‘Had to close the shop. Hope you enjoy the book! Feel free to keep it as long as you need. Hope you enjoy it.’

Gaara wouldn’t be able to actually open the book until he was back at Suna. In his room, with no one to disturb him, he pulled the book. As he did, purple lilacs fell out onto his lap. Puzzled, he opened the book and searched for the flower’s meaning.

'Purple lilacs signify the first emotions of love.’

Gaara felt his heart sputter and his have grew hot. First emotions of love? He considered it, the warm feeling back as he thought of them. He looked through the book again, wanting to reply.

A few days later, a bouquet of ambrosia flowers waited on their door step. They gasped; ambrosia flowers stand reciprocated feelings. They took the flowers inside and immediately put them in a vase with water.

Butterflies flew around their stomach, becoming more intense as they read the note attached.

'I apologize for being late to receive the book, but I must thank you for leaving it for me and for the lovely flowers you left. In Suna, flowers are hard to grow and maintain, yet your flowers are thriving here. I hope you like the ambrosia flowers like I enjoyed the lilacs.’

They laid back in their chair, warm all over. They were an adult, yet here they are feeling like school kid who just got a crush. They replied soon after, starting a long chain of letters and flowers until they could meet again a few months later.

They met again and started to date, them having to move their flower shop to Suna as Gaara was the Kazekage and couldn’t travel as often. Their relationship grew like wild flowers, regardless of any condition. He worried about enemies using them to get him, especially since they weren’t a ninja, and told guards to watch them.

Time went on and after a night out to celebrate three years together, presented them with a bouquet of bellflowers. The flowers stood for unwavering love. On one of the stem, there was a ring. Since they’ve been together, the lonely feeling that clung to him disappeared, replaced by love. They made him truly happy and he wanted to start a life with them.

They smiled and their eyes watered at the sight of ring. They pulled him into a tight embrace, whispering that yes, yes they wanted to marry him.

Hearing those words made something click inside him. He felt complete with them and now they would be binded together. Gaara wouldn’t feel this joy until the day they married and a few months later when they presented him with a daisy, one of the meanings being new born baby.

-Admin Riley

The difference between Boruto and Sarada and their relationships with their parents

So I’ve had some angry comments today about the above topic, so let’s see shall we.

Boruto lives in a lovely home with his mother, father and sister. Hinata is always there, always cooking meals and keeping the house tidy. She talks to her children, answering their questions and has a good relationship with both of them. Naruto, while often absent is still in the children’s lives on a day to day basis. He drops his duties opening a building as soon as he sees Boruto and apologises for his absences. Himawari understands this. Boruto chooses not to. He goes out of his way to act up and upset his parents (I mean did he show one iota of regret over smashing a train into his father’s rock image?). Not to mention a few years later cheating in front of not only the Gokage, but the entire village, and then blaming his decision to cheat on his father when he knew fine well what he was doing was wrong. He even wishes his father dead at one point. It takes Hinata getting injured and Naruto nearly dying for Boruto to finally grow up. Also the Uzumaki family’s problems are easily explained by one thing - Naruto’s job - a job that Boruto decides to refuse to understand.

Now we cross over to the Uchiha household. Sarada initially lives in a lovely house with both parents, but Sasuke leaves when she’s too young to remember. She spends most of the rest of her childhood in that house, but her mother isn’t a stay at home mother - Sakura still works, and as a doctor. Sarada also goes through a health scare that damages her eyesight. So she grows up with her mother and some stories about her father - an Uchiha famed for his visual prowess…but Sarada doesn’t remember him and knows her eyesight’s appalling when compared to the typical Uchiha….and when she asks her mother simple and valid questions about her father, Sakura is evasive to say the least and gets upset to the point of accidentally destroying the family home - Sarada knows she’s hit a nerve. There’s also the ‘family photos’ which are fake, including images of her father alongside woman wearing glasses. And also no record of Sarada’s birth in Konoha. Why wouldn’t Sarada think there was something wrong, or that her mother was hiding something from her? When she finally does meet her father he doesn’t even recognise her! She had far more valid reasons for being genuinely upset than Boruto does. Despite all the things that happen, by the time she’s graduated, Sarada has matured and shows a clear understanding of both her parents’ feelings. She also shows empathy towards Boruto, looking upset rather than angry when he’s caught cheating. Also, just about everyone at the academy knows Boruto has issues with his father. Sarada however doesn’t mention Sasuke…she keeps her problems mostly to herself, only sharing them with Chocho.


   People are so quick to insult and belittle these characters, so can we stop for a moment and appreciate them?

These people were given the worst possible conditions in life, and yet they still managed to survive. Not only did their life survive, but so did their SELF-RESPECT.

Karin went form being a shy little girl to a cunning, ruthless, and confident women who was unafraid to actively pursue her love and goals. Even after being given a high position in Orochimaru’s order she never became power hungry.

Suigetsu was kidnapped and his family killed, forced to endure experimentation, and constantly placed death matches. He never became depressed and kept his sense of humor even after being humiliated for years. Yet after Sasuke freed him, he quickly was able to grow attached to Taka, and even wanted to rule the world with them

Juugo killed everyone he was near, and hated himself for it. For YEARS he tried to find a way to save the people around him, and never once gave up. He choose to live isolated in a cave, to prevent himself hurting lives even as small as FOREST ANIMALS. He find happiness in bringing others happiness, and is the most selfless character in Naruto.

Sasuke knew their pasts, who they were before they were Taka, and yet he never held it against or had any disdain for them. He understood that the actions they took were caused by the circumstances they had no control over. He respected them as much as he was capable at that time in his character development, and risked his life and his revenge to defend them. 

Can we all stop and appreciate that this group of orphan misfits; self trained without the protection of the Great Nation; or the support of a blood family; managed became of group capable of completely destroying a Monster the Gokage and all their armies couldn’t even harm? A group that loved each other selflessly and only wanted to be together? Because, despite not being bound by blood, they are still just a family of kids that the world rejected for not fitting in. 

Csn we appreciate them?
Because i do.

I Want To Point Something Out

You know that Gokage Meeting flashback where Sasusaku fans are saying Sakura is pregnant with Sarada and Narusaku fans are saying Sakura is pregnant with Bolt? Well,they’re both wrong.Sakura’s not pregnant at all

1.In the final scene of The Last,you can clearly see that there is 6 Hokage Stone Faces in the background

2.Bolt is either 4 or 5 in The Last,so he was born before Naruto became Hokage,so that means Sarada would also be 4 or 5

3.Due to where the word bubble is,it gives the illusion that Sakura is pregnant but if you take out the word bubble,the illusion is gone and Sakura no longer appears pregnant.

4.This is Sakura’s waist area.If she was pregnant,it would be expanded…and not just expanded because she’s wearing a dress 

5.Naruto was 20 when Hinata was pregnant and Bolt was born,meaning Sasuke and Sakura would have also been 20 when Sakura was pregnant and had Sarada,and does Naruto look 20 to anyone in that flashback

Now some of you are gonna say,”What if Bolt was born after Naruto became Hokage?” or “It takes time to carve in a Hoakge Face.”
Bolt was born when Naruto was 20 and Kakashi had only been Hokage for,like,3 years.I know Kakashi quit but i don’t think he quit that fast.He promised Obito he’d be the 6th Hokage and he probably thought 20 was too young to be Hokage plus Naruto just started a family and Kakashi didn’t want that to be taken from Naruto because Naruto would be stuck in an office all day

But if there is some chance Naruto became Hokage while Hinata was pregnant with Bolt,it wouldn’t take 7 or 8 years to carve in his Hokage Stone Face,because Bolt is 7 or 8,which would make Sarada 7 or 8,in Chapter 700 when we see Naruto’s Hokage Stone Face

So no,Sasusaku fans,Sakura is not pregnant with Sarada in the flashback and no,Narusaku fans,Sakura is not pregnant with Bolt


Kage (影, Literally meaning: Shadow) is a title reserved for the leader of one of the Five Great Shinobi Countries’ hidden villages. They are collectively known as the Five Kage (五影, Gokage, Literally meaning: Five Shadows). A Kage oversees the activities of their village, from sending ninja on missions to making the hard decisions regarding the safety of their people. A village’s Kage is generally acknowledged as its most powerful ninja.

The Last Novelization: Chapter 1 Part 3

Finally got through this… With everything going on for me lately, I haven’t really been in the frame of mind to focus on translating for the past few days. Thanks to everyone who waited patiently.

This is also the section that contains the previously translated scene with Hinata and Hanabi… still not happy about that being reposted without crediting me. (Mentioning this because I don’t want anyone who saw the rip-off to mistakenly think it was the original post and that I’m the one stealing it or anything. This was my original post and someone else took my work and reposted it.) And with that obligatory disclaimer over…

Previous sections:

Prologue Chapter 1 Part 1 Chapter 1 Part 2

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In Defense of Karin! ^_^

Hey, guys! =) It’s time for another post! =) Yep, it’s gonna be a post defending Karin from all the haters! ^_^

But before we start:

WARNING: This post contains Pro-Karin and Pro-SasuKarin things so if you hate those things than leave please! Thank you! =)

Now if you all have seen and followed all of my previous posts, you all would know that i’m a HUGE Karin fan. It truly disgusts me to know end with how much Karin is hated and bashed by this fandom.

There are also several “arguments” against Karin that give me this expression:

Let’s begin, shall we?

“Sasuke doesn’t care about Karin!”

Oh, really?

This argument makes me facepalm because as we can see in this page, Karin was about to die from being hit with the black flames from Sasuke’s Amatarasu during the fight with Killer Bee and Sasuke looked horrified at the thought of losing Karin and if she didn’t care about her like all of the antis claim then why not let her be killed from the Amatarasu?

“Karin’s Just a Tool for Sasuke!”

Sure….because Sasuke would just demand for a “tool” to join him, right?

And as I stated above, if Karin was a tool that Sasuke didn’t give a shit about then why not just let her die in the fight with Killerbee? And also, remember, it was after Sasuke had learned the truth about Itachi from Tobi/Obito so he could’ve left her to die then.

And if Karin was a tool, then why would he apologize after seeing her again after betraying her?

Once again, he could’ve simply ignored her when she went on a rampage beating on Suigetsu when he tried to leave, XD.

“Karin’s just a fangirl!”

Really? Because a fangirl is a girl that worships that path that one walks on without ever criticizing him and Karin is FAR from a fangirl. On the contrary, she’s just a TSUNDERE.

Like always, I always present proof when giving a valid argument.

As we can see in the manga panels that I’ve linked above (Credit goes to Kanae! XD), various girls in the manga have all fawned and drooled over Sasuke without ever criticizing him, in fear how of how he may retaliate while Karin has actually called Sasuke out, addressed his faults and has critized him, various times in the manga.

And before anyone says, “She called him a shithead! She doesn’t care about him!”

The thing is that she’s a TSUNDERE, meaning that she’s harsh and assertive to Sasuke but at the same time, shows a lot of affection towards him.

And also, Karin actually has a LEGIT reason to love Sasuke:

Karin fell in love with Sasuke because he saved her from nearly being mawled by a bear. Which is WAY BETTER than just “loving” Sasuke for being hot and cool like the other girls’ in the series reason.

Which brings me to my next point:

“Karin’s just a rapist that wants to rape Sasuke!”

Hahaha! Seriously?

Because the manga speaks otherwise:

For example:

After the fight with Deidara, when Sasuke blew himself up, Karin couldn’t sense Sasuke’s chakra and was worried that he may have been blown up.

After Sasuke’s torso was blown off in the fight against KillerBee and Jugo saved his life, Karin was relieved that Sasuke was alright before telling him to get up. (Lol)

After Taka invaded the Gokage Summit, when Sasuke was hit by Onoki’s Jinton Genkai Hakuri No Jutsu and Sasuke was seemingly caught and destroyed by the technique, Karin was driven to the point of tears, thinking he was dead.

Heck, even after Karin was betrayed by Sasuke in the Five Kage Summit Arc, she thought about Sasuke overexerting himself in the fight against Team Seven.

And Lastly:

After Sasuke was stabbed in the heart by a revived Madara Uchiha, Karin, Suigetsu, Jugo and Orochimaru all leaped over to where Sasuke was only to find him saved by a reformed Kabuto Yakushi. Karin is at first wary and not happy to see what Kabuto’s doing to Sasuke but after feeling Sasuke’s chakra returning, she’s driven to the point of tears.

As a little bonus:

When Naruto and Sasuke are revived after meeting the soul of Hagoromo in their bodies, if you look closely, you can see Karin crying tears of joy ^_^

So, yeah, this notion of “Karin’s a rapist that just wants Sasuke’s penis!” is BS Lol.

Also, before anyone brings it up:

I know they’re gonna bring up the page where Karin states:

“I’m gonna ravage Sasuke like crazy!”


if we go by the original raw Kanji:

What Karin really says is:

“When Jugo and Suigetsu fall asleep, I’m gonna attack Sasuke in his sleep!”

So while naughty, there’s a considerable difference between the harmless, humorous line that was originally said in Japanese in comparison to the controversial way that it was presented and translated in English.

My advice to all you Karin haters is to:

Make your arguments believable, okay? XD

Okay, so that wraps this post up, guys! =)

It was a super long post! XD And basically this post was for people like me who love the unappreciated and underrated characters in the Naruto series such as Karin, Suigetsu, Jugo, Shikamaru, Sai, Ino, Rock Lee DEFINTELY! XD, Shino, Kiba, Ino and etc.

Til next time, guys! =) See ya, my loyal friends! ;)

Well-Sensei, out! ^_^

Sarada, Konoha and the Uchiha

Okay, there was a moment in episode 19 of Boruto that brought up a large number of issues with regards to the Uchiha and the aftermath of the massacre.

So Sarada knows nothing about her father or her heritage. She doesn’t even appear to know about the Sharingan until this episode. She’s able to find out something about the Uchiha though by going to the library where she finds a book about the clan, complete with family trees, and diagrams of sharingans and mangekyou sharingans (no mention of the Rinnegan it seems). The book also mentions Sarada herself, but not by name, so this means that this book was written either during Kakashi’s reign or earlier in Naruto’s reign, and it is a step in the right direction.

When Sasuke was a kid growing up surrounded by the Uchiha he knew about the Sharingan. Everyone knew about the Sharingan…but the Mangekyou was not common knowledge, and even when Sasuke asked his father about it he didn’t get a straight answer. Now years later there’s a concrete book of information about the clan that anyone can find and read up on.

Now for the troublesome part – the glossing over of the Uchiha massacre. The omission of the massacre from the written history of the clan can be explained in a number of ways.

1.       The information is under lock and key to protect Konoha’s reputation.

2.       The information is under lock and key per Itachi’s request.

3.       The information is under lock and key per Sasuke’s instruction.

4.       The information is under lock and key as a plot convenience so that Sarada can find out all about it years down the line (which could link back to number 3.)

So the first one is the worst one and the one I hope isn’t true. Kakashi asked Naruto to keep what they’d learnt from Tobi a secret, but that was because at that time it couldn’t be verified and the world was in an extremely precarious political situation and on the brink of war. The truth wasn’t verified until Naruto ran into Itachi’s edo tensei and got it directly from the horse’s mouth. There’s also what happened during the war when Naruto’s thoughts connected with everyone on the battlefield - Naruto includes Itachi on the list of people he’s lost and has regrets over. We don’t know precisely what the shinobi took from that, but since the ‘hated’ Itachi was included on a list alongside Hiruzen, Asuma, Jiraiya etc it must have made people wonder if there was more to the Uchiha story. He also reveals his feelings about Sasuke and about how he wanted to reach out and help him and befriend him (which may have helped public opinion towards Sasuke after the war). And then there’s the semi-canon Sasuke Shinden in which Chino, after talking about the darkness in Konoha (namely Root) states “Your Clan was used up and absorbed by Konoha’s Roots as nourishment,” before asking him why he’d go so far for Konoha. By this interaction, it seems that the truth of the Uchiha has become public knowledge in that people know the clan’s demise was orchestrated by Konoha.

So if we can surmise it’s public knowledge, why isn’t it written down? It could be per Itachi’s request – he didn’t want the Uchiha name tarnished, and he didn’t want to be called a hero for protecting the village. He wanted Sasuke to be the hero who avenged the clan. So perhaps the Hokages have honoured that request.

More likely however is a request from Sasuke, and this could be for a number of reasons. Firstly, it could be that he wants to to uphold Itachi’s request. Secondly it could be to defend Sakura or Sarada from any recriminations (after all the Uchiha were planning to overthrow the government…). Or – and I think this is by far the most likely explanation – he knows that Sarada is going to have a lot of questions and that he won’t be around to answer them when she first starts asking them. The last thing I think he or Sakura would want would be for her to find out that her uncle murdered her entire family under orders from the village, or to find out that this led to her father becoming an international criminal in his teens. Sasuke and Sakura probably want to sit down and tell her the whole story when they feel she’s mature enough to handle it.

So I reckon this is what’s happened, and why it’s not in recorded history yet. Unfortunately we know this approach to things doesn’t tend to work out in the Naruto world (like Naruto not knowing he was a Jinchuriki or that he was the son of the fourth Hokage, or the fact that it was the lies surrounding the Uchiha massacre that led to Sasuke agreeing to attack the Gokage summit and deciding to crush Konoha). So this action, while well-intentioned, may turn out to be misguided. And I’d bet if Sarada ever mentioned her yearning for knowledge about her father or her clan while she’s within earshot of Mitsuki, he’ll have no problem filling her in on all the gory details.

As for why files about Sasuke are off-limits at the library, well…He’s doing sensitive work for the village and is a close personal friend of the Hokage, and he has a family. It makes sense that his file is restricted, and if the library put in a request for Sarada to gain access it’ll probably only result in Naruto being informed, Naruto speaking to Sakura and then Sakura speaking to Sarada. I’d be willing to bet that other files (like Sai’s as a former Anbu and Root member, Yamato’s as an Anbu and former Root member, and Shikamaru’s as the Hokage’s advisor and shinobi union liaison) as similarly restricted.

As for Sarada’s lack of knowledge with regards to the Sharingan…I can probably put that down to Sakura hoping that Sasuke will come back and explain it to her, but it’s kind of too important for that, so she really should have already explained it for practical reasons at least. It’s also conceivable that since Sarada has problems with her eyes and already feels distant from Sasuke that Sakura didn’t want to further alienate Sarada from him. I can imagine that since Sarada has such bad eyesight that finding out her father is famed for having the most powerful eyes in the world might hurt a little.

 Now that I think about it, Sakura is closer to the gokage than she is to most of the k11. In terms of her general skills as a ninja she is in that tier, she is a kage level healer. Her strength, summoning, tanking abilities and evasive skills also push her offensive capabilities beyond that of any jonnin. In terms of healing she is a kage level ninja and even in terms of combat power she is probably kage level as well.

Sakura Haruno would fit in with Terumi Mei, Gaara and Tsunade better than she would with Ino, Hinata, Tenten, Shikamaru, Choji and Shino. 

Going through the realnewera tag, I wanted to contribute a little because genderfluid Naruto is something that is becoming increasingly important to me. I’m leaving romantic pairings out of this but definitely team 7 close friends. I hope I did an okay job with it. 


When Naruto wakes up that morning, something feels a little off. It’s not a new feeling, but for once he takes some time to think about it. He enters his bathroom, looks into the mirror, and tilts his head in thought. Then he lifts his hands, one bandaged even when he sleeps because he’s a tiny bit self-conscious, and with a quiet poof there is now a female Naruto staring back at him. He’s in his pajamas, but he doesn’t need to get undressed to know that somehow, it feels better now.

So he leaves it like that. She leaves it like that.

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