MonsterVerse timeline! 

1915 - Albert Einstein’s relativity theory ultimately leads to the creation of the atomic bomb, thus a new dawn of The Atomic Age has begun. This act of human evolution sparks the beginning of a new Age of Monsters. 

1943 -  The USS Lawton was attacked by an unidentified creature. William “Bill” Randa was the only survivor to tell the tale. 

1945 - The bombing of Hiroshima awakens the ancient superspecies Godzilla beneath the Earth, along with another ancient monster known as Shinomura. 

• 1946 - 33rd President Harry Truman founded Monarch. 

• 1946-1954 - A series of multiple sightings have occurred across the Pacific Ocean. Godzilla’s existence was not yet proven until 1954.

• 1952 - The Great Smog of London. The Great Smog of London. Baffling meteorologists and defying atmospheric physicists, this unexplained phenomenon saw London’s streets overwhelmed by huge clouds of air-polluting smoke. Monarch theorizes that the beating wings of a giant creature could have created an anticyclone that unleashed airborne pollutants across the city.

• 1954 - Shortly after Godzilla’s discovery, the US military took action and attempted to terminate the monster. The event was later covered up as a “nuclear testing.”

It is unknown at this time if Godzilla had been eliminated or is still alive. 

• 1959 - A secret Monarch base had been found in Siberia. 

• 1973 - An expedition to Skull Island led by Bill Randa encountered Kong and the Skullcrawlers as well as the native Iwi people and other MUTOs that inhabit the island. Houston Brooks and the rest of the survivors learned that mankind does not belong there. 

• 1991 - Monarch installed an outpost on Isla de Mona in Puerto Rico, laying the groundwork for later construction of a “full containment facility” around the inactive volcano there. 

• 1995 - A second, off-the-books expedition to Skull Island led by Aaron Brooks became stranded on the island after their aircraft was attacked by Psychovultures. They were then taken in by the indigenous Iwi tribe, who taught them about the origins of Kong.

It is discovered that Kong has grown larger in size since the 1973 expedition.

• 1999 - The Janjira nuclear power plant underwent a meltdown after the male MUTO breached its reactor. The city was evacuated soon after, and a Monarch facility set up around the MUTO’s chrysalis, which it had constructed around the reactor.

• 2005 - A band of mercenaries attempted to breach the walls of a MUTO digging site. One of the mercs have been arrested and sent to a Pakistani prison under the charges of trespassing a restricted government area.

• 2009 - Mythographic studies of Chinese temples leads Monarch to the high-altitude jungles of the Yunnan Province. Dr. Emma Russell and her team discovered a temple housing a giant cocoon with a “quickening heartbeat.”

• 2012 - Houston Brooks received a coded message from his son containing information about Kong.

• 2014 - The “Battle of San Francisco”, fought between Godzilla and two MUTOs, revealed the existence of giant superspecies to the world. As a result, Monarch went public.

• 2016 - An extraordinary superspecies is discovered beneath the Antarctic ice. Monarch, led by Vivienne Graham, built a containment and research facility in Antarctica around the dormant creature. Her classified field notes contain a mysterious footnote: “The Devil has three heads.”