I love the blue streaks and that now her hair is in one big braid and lots of little braids and all the beads and gemstones and S T U F F just IN THERE. Also Ashley said Pike has super long hair so I’m just gonna run with that to Timbuktu because long hair is LIFE.

I’m not super sold on her lil brooch design though so plz just Don’t Mind That I’ll probably change it later. 

nobody ever talks about the greek goddess hekate and that’s so sad because like…she was the goddess of darkness and witchcraft and at the same time the goddess of motherhood and protection and you can’t tell me that isn’t badass

anonymous asked:

is ymir dead? i mean really????

Yes, as in dead dead. Eaten by Galliard. Dead without many regrets aside from being unable to marry Historia, got her last wishes done and we were even censored from the chewing.

Not that it was particularly surprising for me since chapter 89 practically sealed her fate.

Ymir, my favorite character of all times along with Pearl from SU. How to feel after she is killed off, unceremoniously, off screen, sad, alone, and going completely against everything her character stood for. It is safe to say that I don’t really feel anything besides sadness, anger, and emptiness that such a great character with so much potential doesn’t even get a proper closure. That she doesn’t even get to see Historia one final time. That after years of waiting to find out about her fate, we only get one single mention of what happened to her. One single panel showing her final moments. That after Isayama saying that Ymir was his favorite character, it shows that he’s just a bad writer overall.