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Drunk Peter talking to his so whispering its a secret when asked where he got the alcohol

slkdfjl he and ned and mj are at a party and he and ned drink a little while mj is off doing something else and mj comes back and she’s like?? and he’s a little drunker than ned and he’s like “SHHHHHH MJ” so mj asks if he’s drunk and this is peter parker here, aka “i was just on the ceiling but no i’m not spider-man that’s SILLY,” so obviously he’s like “what????????? drunk????? i didn’t even realize,,, alcohol existed,, they have alcohol at this party??” and mj’s like “oh my god you two are ridiculous, who has the alcohol?” bc peter needs to do the opposite of drink anymore that night and peter puts a finger up to her lips and whispers that. meanwhile ned is giggling a lot and mj glares at him like “stop encouraging him”

The final boss fight against Ares in God of War follows two sections that challenged the player in terms of the abilities they acquired over the course of the full game- but this section calls on something new. With his chains gone, Kratos must make use of a brand new weapon, with a very different feel in comparison to his old blades. As such, this final section of the game is testing the player’s ability to learn through combat, a major theme of the game thus far.

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What is an astral pregnancy?

My experience with astral pregnancy is that I am carrying children born of energy and magic that will be born into Faerie.  I am not pregnant in this mortal realm, I don’t have an ultrasound or any vitamins to take, I can still drink alcohol (thank the Gods), but there are two pinpricks of faerie energy inside me that I can interact with and that others can feel.  These are my children, my son and daughter, my twins, the King’s children, a faerie prince and princess.  

Just as one can go astral travelling and visit places far and near, can move between and beyond the realms and into the multitudes of planes, so too can one interact with spirits and gods and entities in very much an intimate way.  Sometimes from those unions come astral children.  Each pregnancy is different because there is different energy at work.  My children need a year and a day to grow because a year and a day is magical to faeries.  I also know another who had an astral child in a matter of weeks.  There are no mortal laws or rules about what happens in the magical spaces that we walk.  Anything is possible.  

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I'll bite the bullet and ask for ten facts about 2thbch

god ok here we go

  • he has a lot of dorky ass interests. he’s super into detective novels and tv shows-and a bunch of his cats are named after old fictional detectives. it’s a good naming system, he swears. 
  • he’s really into astronomy and mapping constellations. it’s his main downtime on the rare occasions he’s not frustrated
  • he has a secret lil stargazing place by the sea, he’s probably only ever shown his moirail the place
  • carrying on from dork ass hobbies, he does a lot of writing. both novels and occasional play scripts. it’s a shame he doesn’t get on with keenos, or they’d be a great theatre team.
  • he honest to god only has like two genuine friends. two friends, two and a half kismesis, and an ex moirail he desperately wants back. he’s not very good at the whole relationships thing
  • he actually agreed to get his teeth fixed once, but chickened out and hid in the ocean right before the procedure. so close. 
  • he enjoys swordfights for the hell of it, but doesn’t really use the skills anywhere else. he doesn’t like using it in actual fights, since he associates it too much with his ancestor, who he refuses to associate himself with. 
  • in the future, he gets a job as a mercenary for the fleet. 
  • he’d desperately love to get himself a matesprit, but he’s pretty much incapable of holding a healthy flushed relationship. he’d always consider himself above his partner and develops more,,,infatuations than actual love. it’d be a real bad time. 
  • he has the Fluffiest hair but he hates it. if anyone touched it other than his moirail he’d take their damn hand off
important s3 klance things

-lance supporting keith as a leader yet still calling him out when he behaves irrationally
-keith loves teasing lance but truly believes in him as a paladin and I just
-all of episode six
-the fucking shoulder touches
-the fucking soft smiles
-keith’s heart eyeing lance real hard wtf man,,,, plz tell me this ain’t just me,,,
-lance keeping keith calm and level-headed made me see god with my own two eyes
-lance being the ONLY PERSON to comfort keith
-normally everyone looks to the person next to them because they don’t want to comfort the angsty emo boy but lance! never! looked! away! from! keith!
-first one to comfort and talk to keith
-lance went to keith with his insecurities. NOT Hunk or Pidge or even Coran but KEITH!!
-lance is becoming more comfortable with keith and is starting to trust him and vice versa
-“hey man” was used twice
-calling each other buddy is klance culture
-“leave the math to pidge”
-not necessarily klance but lance isn’t flirting with allura anymore and keith never really smiled even after having shiro back until lance talked to him
-that probably doesn’t mean shit but I like to reach lmao