“its just that if you have sextuplets you cant have one with a vag” have you looked up any info on sextuplets at all

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If it make you feel better Adam probably WILL have the barns as a home eventually.

I agree 150%! Honestly it just bothers me that some people insist the ONLY way pynch would work is if Ronan moved to the city to be with Adam and treat Adam living with Ronan at the Barns as, like, the Worst Possible Disrespect to Adam’s character when he actually pretty explicitly says in canon that he’d be okay with it, whereas Ronan living outside the Barns is literally compared to ripping out his soul.

Oh god kill me. I have this one customer who wanted a class today and I know she’s lonely but oh my god I have to spend two hours with a woman who has no concept of TMI and wants to talk about her mother’s incontinence and my eczema and oh my god help.


thanks god for this two

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When, after years of asking myself, I realised that Christianity was not for me I tried to force Wicca onto myself. I thought it was the thing, my pagan redemption, my fresh start. It looked cool, I loved reading about it, I wanted to combine it with witchcraft. So I forced it onto myself and I forced the belief in the two gods onto myself and I didn’t feel fulfilled nor happy. I just felt wrong. I felt kind of empty. 

Then one day I realised what was wrong. I just “escaped” from one almighty god and now I jumped into another religion. I realised gods were not for me, that I was not on this planet to worship them. And it broke my heart a little, because I felt lost again. When you’ve got a deity over you things feel strangely secure. Maybe you don’t know exactly what you’re doing and where you’re going, but you’ve got them. Someone to worship and talk to. And I was alone maybe for the first time in my life.

It took me a while to piece together a reality I was satisfied with. I’d read a lot of articles, but rarely liked everything they said. I took bits and pieces that sounded logical and rational to me and I put them together and to my huge surprise they made a picture that actually made sense. The sensation of being lost was slowly disappearing. And then I found out the word pantheist existed.

I was never meant to worship gods. I was meant to walk with them and let them teach me their ways. And that’s what I’m doing. It was so important for me to find my own way and I couldn’t be happier with it. I must say I don’t know many like me and it feels lonely from time to time, but then I remember - what does it matter? I am the fucking Universe, I am my own deity to worship and this is all about my own path. I create it and it creates me. Unity.


Cute Ten and Rose moments

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okay but in that one moment when Roan is charging at Lexa from behind she doesn’t fuckin care she KNOWS he’s coming at her but she takes the chance to stare at Clarke a little longer because she CAME she fuckin came to see her and Lexa thinks that on the off chance she loses she can take the extra second to just look at the girl she loves