Chapter 90 In a Nutshell
  • Qi Fang: Come on. Relax.
  • Glasses-kun: Don't smile. Don't.
  • Glasses-kun: Your face itself makes me angry. Leave.

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Hi, I've been wondering if you've ever written or considered writing a poem about a trans man meeting Jesus for the first time. I haven't been following you for a very long time, so I'm not sure if you've already done it. Love your poems by the way. Great work! :)

when he touches you for the first time,
you will be soft as the inside of a heart
& you will be burning, not in the way of fire
but in the way of dusk, your body so heavy
your soul reaches for the sky–

you expect him to arrive in a specter
of pink marble & gold paint, but his lips
are chapped, his brown hands humanly
blistered. he says, my dear son,
& just like that the words tumble
peach-ripe off your tongue:

my fears are so sharp god i worry
they’ve become fangs & i don’t know
how to breathe in the mornings & god
what if they hurt me & oh what
will be done with my soul my soul my–

he cups your face in his palms. his skin
is blood-hot & he smells of rosemary.
my wondrous man, i can feel each
vibration of the electrons in your atoms
right now. when i built this immense
universe from helium & nitrogen i was
holding the shape of your true name

in my mouth. i am your buckler; i am
your wingbones, & you are a kingdom
of kindness. what need have you of fear,
when there is love for you here
more abundant than all the stars.
this blossoming of yours is mine too.


Hangout doodles to celebrate my freedom! EyyeeE! Now I can draw Sans all day every day. *tap dances* 

Thank you for joining the stream!! It was super fun /u\ oh god

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Every time you draw Flubber his fangs get longer. Is he a vampire?

gOD i just made a compilation of Flubber’s teeth since January to recent to see how much his teeth changed overtime (it doubles as a progression in which he lost his smile lmao)

partly because i’m inconsistent, and partly because i didn’t decide Flubber was part Blaster until a few months ago. i’m tryin to be consistent with them now though


i cup the sunlight in my palms & it burns to the touch. pain has never felt so sweet & savory like chocolate dripping down my fangs like fresh grass & vines & bloodstains. god & his angels & lucifer don’t know what to do as i swallow the knives they made for my own destruction & cackle with how they sting. CHAOS & BEAUTY & DEATH are words i learned from this garden & i don’t intend on parting with any of them.
—  i am EVE and this is my wretched PARADISE | jocelyn

“How did I end up with the little one too, Poppy?”

Fang is Happy and Myrtle’s God Father. He normally gets called Uncle Fang. Happy get trained under Fang since Fang saved his life. (Which really means Fang turned Happy into a vampire).

@scarredlove and myself haven’t discussed Myrtle and Fang’s relationship yet but I can see Myrtle having to prove themselves before Fang trains them. Myrtle is a badass though so no worries there. They just choose to not to fight but WILL if they need too.

Fang and Happy  -  @scarredlove

Vampire with a heart (vampire au!)

“So…you think any of these taps are working?” Jesse asked looking at the old bar and trying to resist the urge to find another way to drink. “I’ve got a MIGHTY thirst…” He growled rubbing his forehead and licking his fangs a bit.

God he should have grabbed a blood bag before the mission.

I have a lot of thoughts about a Sciles Cinderella AU so this is for the sake of filling the tag with more actual Sciles stuff feel free to talk to me about it. 

Scott is Cinderella obvs and the “Fairy Godmother” is actually an Alpha Werewolf. He gets his night at the ball, but he also gets claws and fangs. The God(father) meant for him to kill his abusers with them, but instead he fights the power and chooses to love instead

Stiles is the Crown Prince, and his father, the King, is dying. Their kingdom is threatened on many sides by supernatural forces, and Stiles is human

He needs an ally, a mate who can bring him some sort of assistance against this scourge, but he fell in love with a boy at the ball that he hasn’t seen sinceAll he has to remember the boy by is a golden glove, finely woven silk, with something very peculiar - tear marks in each of the fingertips

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