Pieces of Cher [¼]

Imagine if tomorrow this all went. What would I do? Sometimes it can get really difficult, because sometimes I feel like I’m in this bubble. The saddest part is that I don’t actually want this bubble to pop. ‘Cause the minute that that bubble pops, is when it’s all over. So, from that moment I opened my eyes, I realized that I’m never ever going to take any of this for granted. 

So I met Sarah J Maas yesterday.

Guys. Guys. Guys. She was actually amazing; she was funny and insightful when she talked, and when she was signing books she took the time to talk to everyone individually. She was so sweet and lovely and it was such an honor to meet her.

My personal highlight: My friend asked what kind of chocolate each character would be. Her answers:

  • Celaena is some weird salty/spicy dark chocolate that is weirdly delicious
  • Chaol is milk chocolate (sweet with a little dark side)
  • Dorian is straight up white chocolate
  • Nehemia is a really classy artisan chocolate that you eat and a tear runs down your cheek because you know you will never eat anything so delicious ever again
  • The King is shitty Hershey’s chocolate that leaves a bad taste in your mouth
  • Adeion would be skittles (he’s a special snowflake

Also, someone asked her about Chaol and his behavior in this book, and, given how much whining I have seen on tumblr about his being OOC in Queen of Shadows, I thought I would share what she said about Chaol (they asked us not to record video, so I can only give you what I remember, but I think this covers the gist of it): 

What happened at the end of Heir of Fire broke Chaol. It was his very worst nightmare come to life. And when something like that happens, you don’t come out of it the same person you were when you went in. Sometimes you lash out at the people who love you and the people you love. You say mean things, do mean things. You aren’t always thinking clearly. It happens, and then what you have to figure out is how to come back from it.

She said it in better words, but I hope that gives some explanation to some of the people who were upset.

I also got to ask her some questions about her writing process and that was really cool to hear about. And now I have a signed copy of Queen of Shadows to read and cry over.

‎2011 was my year in motion…. In January moved to Chicago and promptly braved Snowpocolypse. I got lost in a new city, found a new home, became friends with bugs and journeyed on a Starship. In 12 months I’ve held 5 jobs, 2 puppies, and 1 baby. I road-tripped and Auto-Tuned in the midwest on the Digi-Tour. Tuned-out Rick Perry and tuned-in to Radiolab. Flew in Hogwarts Castle, drank Butterbeer and got tattooed. Saw a rainbow, tasted chicago, & sang in the House Of Blues. Lived on a bus, toured the US & Canada, and rode horses…all with a group of insanely talented and wonderful people whom I love dearly. And although I’ve experienced a few rather painful losses this year, the friendships (and adventures) I’ve gained will forever fill all voids.
Marianne Faithfull when asked about her past promiscuity
  • Interviewer:You talk about your conniving incredible promiscuity.
  • Marianne:Well, I must say I find that extraordinary and I'm amazed. That was casual sex, my dear and it was great fun. Why is it promiscuity?
  • Interviewer:Oh, um incredible volume of casual sex.
  • Marianne:Just about the same as a man. It's only a woman who's called promiscuous.

“ I’ll find you. I promise. If I have to endure 200 years of purgatory… 200 years without you, then that is my punishment that I have earned for my crimes, for I have lied, killed, stolen, betrayed and broken trust.  But when I stand before God, I’ll have one thing to say to weigh against all the rest. Lord, you gave me a rare woman. And God, I loved her well.”