God forbid i be annoyed

  • Family: Why are you in a bad mood?
  • Family: *acts like jerks for no reason*
  • Family: *gangs up on me*
  • Family: *lectures me for being upset because I should be happy at all times*
  • Family: I think you just have a bad attitude

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player [lack of] support: an epic told in receipts

hello friends, man do i hate that i am actually typing this post BUT the people have spoken and also im fuckin annoyed

backstory: the choices app crashed last week and none of us could play the chapters or even open the app. once this was reported, PB compensated affected players with diamonds and keys (175 and 25, respectively)

ok so with that established, me (a bich with a crashing app) found out this was happening via tumblr and i was like oh hey! that’s so chill of PB to do since the glitch was annoying af especially when ur ~tumblr brand~ is built around being able to use this dum app

oh sweet, naive sarah of two days ago……. u really thought!!!!!

so, like everyone else, i sent in my report on the app. and i got this in reply (sorry i don’t have screens of my original message because i didn’t realize i would have to do a CALLOUT POST and they’re deleted now which i’ll get to later):

im skeptical because like…. how am i supposed to report ur app is crashing… on the app… while it’s crashing

um ok cool so i now know this, but the fact of the matter is not being addressed which is that others were able to report via the app after the fact, so i bring it back around to the point (i dont have the screen of the sent message but this is what i sent):

notice my ass had to send TWO (2) MESSAGES!!!!! and then lo and behold, when i open the app to check for a response next, i am only greeted with this:


bro!!! cy pls dude do u not know that i keep tabs on this shit!!!! wow

anyway so proof that it’s a LIE that they were only compensating players who reported during the crash and before the update (which was released on october 17):

note that all the time stamps are october 23 & 24, just like my conversation. the only difference is apparently i got the one player specialist who 1) doesn’t sign off with a friendly greeting and 2) did not operate consistently with prior policy

in conclusion: this was super fucking annoying, god forbid i ever have to contact player support again and get stuck with cy who i guess has it out for me??? and also the only True Homie is naomi our #1 girl who deserves a promotion (preferably above cy)

guess what yall the swifties are after me. i let them in on a secret that their lord and savior is a gross and annoying white feminist devil. god forbid i make a post about it. anyway im quaking in my boots while these white feminists try to talk their way around years of taylor swifts white nonsense. 

anonymous asked:

I don't wanna seem annoying or god forbid creepy but would it be ok if I just made a post with some doodles to tag you in because I think you gave me the inspiration to create a cuphead oc I got very attached to (andthesubmissionwhichiwasalreadyworriedwouldseemweirdbecauseyoudontknowmeisentisprobablyburiedandgone) I just kinda wanted to show my appreciation, you're pretty freaking cool

Sure! Every time someone tags me in something, I see it!

You’ll probably see me in your notes!

anonymous asked:

I am CONCERNED cause what if the clip of jealous motorbike tj from season 3 promo was actuallt mad, or annoyed, or god forbid homophobic tj I’m so scared I-

You guys aren’t giving TJs character enough credit!! There’s absolutely no way the angst will be from homophobia or TJ lashing out at Cyrus because either one of them are gay. He’d never act that way toward Cyrus, so I think it is jealousy or just anger at blondie for being a dick to cyrus maybe?

I think about what that scene means on the daily but don’t worry too much anon ❤️

anonymous asked:

there are so many "antagonists" in shows and i have never seen anyone get the same type of reception jasper has. do you have thoughts on why people are so bothered by her specifically? its so weird that it's this huge a deal. people have always liked even just straightforward villains, but liking jasper is for some reason unacceptable to some people ??

I honestly think this is due to the Steven Universe fandom itself. We have a lot of….aggressively…correct…people here. (I don’t even know how to say it, tbh.) The kind of people who take social justice and drive it to such absurd extremes that it becomes something ugly and hateful. The kind of people who think that liking a villain is akin to endorsing a real-life abuser or murderer or rapist or whatever the fuck else they like to label characters they dislike as.

These are the same kind of people who claim you’re a bad person if you don’t ship FinnRey. Because only their opinion matters. Because they believe that their opinion is the morally correct one and, therefore, believing anything else is wrong and unethical.

And for every single one of them who genuinely believes they’re doing the right thing, there’s another one who is simply using morality as a shield in order to insult characters/ships they don’t like (and the people who do not agree with them).

That said, I have no doubt that Jasper would be a much much less hated character if she looked like Pearl or Lapis or even Peridot. Because as much as people will deny it, butch-looking women (women who look rough and robust and not like society’s typical beauty ideal) always get judged more harshly.

Hell, there are people in the Overwatch fandom who claim we’re not allowed to like Zarya because she hates Omnics (who have been posing a serious danger to her village ever since she was born) and is therefore an evil racist who doesn’t deserve love. Like, fuck, be more transparent, will you?

it’s soooo fucked up how queen queen has people cheering her on wanting her to find her fucking happy ending  AFTER SHE DESTROYED SO MANY PEOPLE’S. she tried to kill snowing, she tried to kill emma, she was just terrible to them but they still cheer her on and want her to be happy. and then you have hook who has NO ONE. outside of emma who does he have? is there someone out there wanting him to get his happy ending? huh? no. he may have done some horrible things in the past but nothing compared to the shit regina has done. but no according to this fucked up fandom he’s the worst of them all. yeah, yeah stfu.