Therefore He who supplies the Spirit to you and works miracles among you, does He do it by the works of the law, or by the hearing of faith?…

Galatians 3:5

Imagine that you are at a healing service. An alcoholic walks into the church reeking of alcohol. He sits behind the pianist, a nice elderly lady who has been serving in the church for 50 years. Both of them are suffering from rheumatoid arthritis. The healing power of God is present. In an instant, the alcoholic, who has never been in church before, gets healed. The pianist does not.

Most people, on hearing stories like this, would get upset and confused. They might ask, “Shouldn’t God heal this nice, old lady who has been serving Him faithfully all these years, and not that debauched drunkard?” You see, many people still believe that God heals only the deserving.

But that is not how God works. God looks at faith, not works. His power is made manifest in those who trust His goodness instead of their good behavior. So if we go back to the above example, God wants to heal both the alcoholic and the nice elderly pianist. All they need to do is to receive by grace, or unmerited favor, through faith.

You see, we cannot earn the blessings of God. We receive them by believing God’s love and grace toward us. If we receive the greatest blessing—salvation—by simply believing that Jesus did it all for us and not by working for it, what makes us think that the other lesser blessings can be obtained by our works?

So if my daughter Jessica falls sick, I don’t go to the Father and say, “Father, heal my daughter because I am Pastor Joseph Prince and I preach healing to the people.” No, I go to Him by the blood of Jesus and say, “Father, I thank You that 2,000 years ago, Jesus bore Jessica’s sickness in His body. On that basis alone and by Your grace, I pronounce her healed in Jesus’ name.”

When you simply believe that you receive your blessings based on Jesus’ finished work and by His grace alone, you will receive your blessings!

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You might be waiting on the Lord for a certain career in a certain industry, but that doesn’t mean you can’t volunteer or intern in that field today.
You might be waiting to meet your future husband, but that doesn’t mean you can’t experience life with strong community and friendships right now.
You might be waiting to move out of your hometown or state to explore different parts of the world, but it doesn’t take a plane ticket or a passport to go see something new, or meet someone different and be a place to them.
Waiting on the Lord is not like waiting on a guy to text back. It’s not like waiting for the job interviewer to call you back for a second interview. It’s not like waiting for your grad school acceptance letters or scholarship recipient announcements.
Waiting on the Lord is learning to trust Him and His process knowing that no matter what happens, His Will will be done, and you will be right where you need to be.
So knowing this, it’s time to make the most of your life. It’s time to get excited about this very day. Even if you don’t have the finances you desire to have. Even if you don’t have the free time you had last year. Even if there’s a lot on your plate and you only have one day off a week: as you’re waiting on the Lord, there is no reason to be stagnant. There is no reason to put off Kingdom building. There is no reason to not make time for the other people God has placed in our lives. Yes, the schedule might be busy this week, and yes, you might be exhausted from work and school, but remember this:
“making the most of every opportunity, because the days are evil…” - Ephesians 5:16
We do not know how much time we have on this earth so let’s not wait for things to happen before we start making the most of the lives God has given us. Every single day He has given us hear matters. So let’s show Him that we are grateful and make the most of it!
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Pastor Tye Tribbett “I’m Over It”

We decided to began posting sermons for a few reasons:
1. One sermon a week just is not enough for some of us.
2. Some of us may not have had the opportunity to attend church this weekend.
3. An easy way to share faith.
4. It may be just what you need right now.


I picture God like a parent standing outside of the room of a stubborn teen who is upset that they can’t get their way. So God stands there and waits patiently. Reminding their child that they love them, and want what is best for them. It’s hard for that teen to trust them. They think they know what’s right for them, when in reality, their path leads them to all different kinds of heartache. We are the stubborn teen sometimes. We keep God out, and try to do things our way. When we don’t get our way, things go south, and eventually we reach a point when we realize He had our best interest in mind all along. We realize He was right, and instead of trusting Him we pushed Him away. Don’t be the stubborn teen. Be the child who listens to their Heavenly Father because they trust He knows what’s best for us. Save yourself the heartache.

Jesus, você é o único que me faz feliz. É em seus braços que eu descanso e renovo as minhas forças. Tu estás sempre comigo e Tua alegria sempre vem me contagiar. Teu amor me cobre e me faz transbordar de mais amor por Ti. É na Tua Graça o meu lugar e o meu refúgio. É na Tua casa que eu quero estar, sempre e sempre.
—  F L O R I U