God's beauty

September Bubbles #1-The Pumpkin is Out

The pumpkin is out.

A bright spot of orange to greet any one who happened to enter the house.
It sat to the right of the plain door, sometimes with a matching orange friend on the opposite side to create an Autumnal, symmetric beauty to the welcoming entrance.
Its color was warm and pulsing, much like the flood of pouring, September radiance that shone from behind the glowing silhouette of the tree arms.

For reasons unclear and of the past, the girl had always disliked such oranges, but was strangely becoming accustomed to its common visits in nature.
It was almost unavoidable.
There it dwelled, in the shadows of the tallest trees, sprinkled with the fallen leaves like charms, which have still managed to keep their color after they’ve detached.
It was in blades of the stalk from where our harvest sprouted.
It was the mark of the sunset, detailing all life around us in such pure luminosity.
It was in the cheeks of the content, of the ones who felt life in the most real way imaginable.
To find all of those minute details that cast such wonder and freshness into her soul…it gave her a spirit. This new spirit made the world seem better. If not, then for just that moment in time, all troubles had shriveled and been raked away into dry heaps of forgotten thoughts.
All of this, from a color she labeled as boring?
By itself, maybe it was.
But put it in the place it came from, put it where it’s roots lie, and then it will be clear that it is buzzing from every corner of life ready to interpret the wonders we can’t explain.
And that is when she knows…

it is Autumn.
All because, the pumpkin is out. 

pretty pretty nature.