God's beauty

He that is spiritually enlightened truly apprehends and sees it, or has a sense of it. He does not merely rationally believe that God is glorious, but he has a sense of the gloriousness of God in his heart. There is not only a rational belief that God is holy, and that holiness is a good thing, but there is a sense of the loveliness of God’s holiness. There is not only a speculatively judging that God is gracious, but a sense how amiable God is on account of the beauty of this divine attribute.
—  Jonathan Edwards
my happy place.

i look up to the clear, blue sky and notice the towering trees above my head. the wind blows through the leaves so gracefully, as if the forest was dancing. as i sit in my hammock, thoughts come to my mind like the rushing river in front of me. my wet feet sit facing the sun and soon become dry from the warmth. i get up and run through the bushes as the branches reach out and touch my legs and leave their mark. as i run i look up again at the towering trees and watch the sun peak through at me as it quickly flashes through the leaves. no matter how far i ran, the sun remained. the light never left me and neither did the sound of the rushing, full river. it guided me as i took paths that were uncertain. i was never lost, but rather on an adventure.


“The Realm of Twilight" 


I ran into some insanely awesome lighting today. I felt a nice silence in it, which is always a beautiful feeling. My favorite part of the day has always been twilight. Playing Twilight Princess only made my love for it skyrocket. I just feel like it represents my mind, my consciousness, my perception. It’s beautiful and colorful, but it’s abstracted and at times quite eerie. Figures have been simplified into large shadows dancing in a fiery sky. There’s a warmth to it. A feeling of loneliness. A feeling of dreaming lucidly. There’s such a beautiful radiance from it that you just won’t find in the day. I edited the photos with a lot of cross-process effect because it gives it such a mystical feel to it. I love how the prism I used was simplified to such an abstract and simple form. 

Mystery. Beauty. Scientific. Clockwork. Haunting. Warm. 

Enjoy these photos with this awesome music to know what I feel when I myself dive into the Realm of Twilight:

The lighter side to Twilight (x)
The darker side to Twilight (x)

God Bless :) 9/365