Goblin Market

What I Read at University — “Goblin Market”

“We must not look at goblin men,
We must not buy their fruits:
Who knows upon what soil they fed
Their hungry thirsty roots?”

—Christina Rossetti

Photo 4 of the “Goblin Market” kitchen in Weaver’s Cottage.

My painting of Animal Goblins beneath trees arching over the door into the livingroom. The little Flower Fairy on the right side of the wall is by the American children’s book illustrator Lauren Mills. The Rude Goblin lurking in the corner (lifting his middle finger behind the blue glass candlesticks) is by Toby Froud, who was seven years old when he painted it.

literature meme // nine poems (1/9): goblin market" by christina rosetti

White and golden Lizzie stood,
Like a lily in a flood,—
Like a rock of blue-vein’d stone
Lash’d by tides obstreperously,—
Like a beacon left alone
In a hoary roaring sea,
Sending up a golden fire,—
Like a fruit-crown’d orange-tree
White with blossoms honey-sweet
Sore beset by wasp and bee,—
Like a royal virgin town
Topp’d with gilded dome and spire
Close beleaguer’d by a fleet
Mad to tug her standard down.