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You wrung your hands over each other as you paced just outside of the Gryffindor dormitory. Ginny was going to meet you soon and you were entirely nervous. You rubbed the back of your head in anxiety.

“You’re awfully jittery,” the painting commented.
“Oh, shove off,” you uncharacteristically replied. You sighed. “I’m sorry. I’m just nervous.”
The lady arched a brow before muttering, “Really? I couldn’t tell.”

You stopped before taking in a deep breath. You swallowed before facing the door. You had impeccable timing as Ginny just exited the dorm. Her face lit up at seeing you.

“Hello Y/N,” she greeted.
“Hey Gin,” you replied happily, “You ready?”
She nodded. “Yeah.”

The two of you made small conversation as you walked. You couldn’t help but feel your nerves increasing astronomically. Ginny was starting to pick up on it as well.

“You alright?” she asked.
You nodded. “Y-Yeah, um, it’s just that-I, uh, I have a question for, for you.”
“Okay,” she replied patiently.
“W-Well, the Yule Ball is-is this year. And Hogwarts is hosting, and I know you’ve probably been asked by now, and I know you see me as a friend, but I, uh, was hoping you’d maybe go with me?”

You had looked away by this point. Ginny, on the other hand, couldn’t stop smiling. Gently, she intertwined her fingers with yours. You gaze snapped back to hers. She beamed.

“Sounds fun.”

You and Ginny chuckled as you saw Harry and Ron bummed over by the tables. The Pavarti sisters had walked away in irritation and annoyance. You leaned in a bit to Ginny.

“It’s about time those two left,” you commented.
Ginny nodded. “They’ve been distracted the whole night.”
You turned your head. “Looks like Neville’s having a good time, eh?”
She glanced over to see him dancing with Luna. “Yeah. He deserves it.”

You nodded in agreement. Neville was so kind and a capable wizard. Most, however, didn’t really seem to give him a second glance. Luna wasn’t most, after all. You turned back to see Ginny extremely close to your face. You blushed crimson. She raised a challenging brow.

“You alright?”
Hastily, you nodded. “Never better.”

The red head grinned. Forgetting the last remaining people around you, you focused solely on Ginny. Gently, you brushed a piece of her face behind her ear before holding her chin. Pulling you by your waist, she pulled you two even closer together. Before you knew it, your eyes were closed and your lips danced with hers. Your heart swelled at finally getting to kiss your first and best friend.

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The Lost Characterization of Sirius Black

In the past, I’ve said that Sirius, though highly imperfect, was the closest thing Harry had to a parent. Sirius broke out of Azkaban to protect Harry, and he would have gone straight back if he thought it would keep Harry safe.

Unfortunately, the films muddle this dynamic somewhat.

Much of the small amount of time we do spend with Sirius in the films is spent establishing Sirius’s arc and personal tragedy. Certainly this part of the story is worth telling, but we lose the smaller moments in which Sirius is simply doing what he can to help his godson. 

In the GF film, neither the letter Harry sent Sirius about his scar nor Sirius living off rats in a cave on the outskirts of Hogsmeade is mentioned. There’s no mention of the scene in which Sirius spends the afternoon telling the trio about Crouch Jr., Karkaroff, and other Death Eaters. There’s no mention of the long conversation in which Harry pours out his heart to Sirius, telling him about the fight with Ron, Rita Skeeter, no one believing he hadn’t entered himself into the tournament, and the “Potter Stinks” debacle. There’s no mention of the “near daily” letters from Sirius in the months before the third task. There’s no mention of Sirius comforting Harry after Voldemort’s return.

Sirius’s role in GF is basically distilled to one conversation in which he imparts a few cryptic warnings about Karkaroff and Crouch, tells Harry to “keep his friends close” and then vanishes from the fire.

We see Sirius a little more in the OP film, but once again, Sirius’s bonding with Harry takes a backseat to the development of Sirius’s own arc. Film!Sirius brings up Harry’s resemblance to James not once but three times, despite his limited amount of screen time. 

The best example of this phenomenon is the battle at Department of Mysteries. In the film version of the Department of Mysteries battle, Harry shoots off an Expelliarmus and Sirius shouts “Nice one, James!” This is a reference to Sirius’s own tragic arc as well as a callback to the Snape’s Worst Memory scene. 

But in the book version of the battle at the Department of Mysteries, there’s no hint that Sirius sees Harry as James or even as an equal partner. In fact, Sirius speaks to Harry three times during the Department of Mysteries battle. Far from congratulating Harry on a well-placed spell, all three of Sirius’s lines are variations of “get your friends and get the hell out.” 

Ultimately, the repeated focus on James cheapens Sirius’s genuine love for Harry and ultimately undermines Sirius’s last act as Harry’s godfather.

I understand why the films condensed Sirius as they did. And certainly there are characters who fared worse. It’s no coincidence that Ron - another character who provides Harry with a great deal of emotional support - had his role similarly butchered. Simply put, watching Harry being comforted or enjoying small moments of happiness does not move the plot along. 

Unfortunately, the nips and tucks to Sirius’s character remove a great deal of what makes the relationship so important. 

If I were to look at the film version of Harry’s godfather, I would see someone who sent Harry a broomstick, barely spoke to him for a year, spent the following year moping around a house, and saw Harry as a replacement for his dead best friend. But Sirius Black was so much more than that, and deserves more than that.