All of the official How to Train Your Dragon 2 character posters have been released!

Who’s excited for June 13?

I’ve always loved the implied backstory for this moment. For this to happen, Gobber had to have studied Toothless’s ruined tail mechanism, found Hiccup’s notes in the workshop, figured out how to recreate it, worked with toothless to make sure it fit, then modified it and forged Hiccup’s new leg to work with it. All so Hiccup would be able to immediately get back onto Toothless when he regained consciousness and not dwell on the lost limb. ‘Cause Gobber knows what it’s like to lose limbs and how important it is to keep looking forward toward what’s possible.

Gobber is freakin’ awesome.


Yeaaaaaaah!!!!!!! Celebration everybody!!! I finished my serie of Dragon Rider \\o0o///

Thanks for the help to choose the quotes. ^^ <3

(I know, Skullcrusher don’t save Eret, is Stormfly, but I like this quotes because is the start of Eret the Dragon Rider ^^)


To ease a bit of the pain from that last post, I drew this! 

For the longest time I had this adorable idea that Hiccup would turn to Gobber for tips on serenading Astrid.

I love that the Movies and TV show hint at Gobber’s hidden passion for music(though he may not be the best at it). I can see him jumping at the opportunity to teach Hiccup a thing or two like the second-daddy he is.

Hiccup is not a really good singer, but Astrid finds it sweet and endearing anyway.

Toothless, on the other hand, thinks differently…..