I know that most people who follow me are fans of Erik but I want to take this opportunity to highlight my good friend Robin. I am so incredibly impressed by Robin who struggled for years to get where he is today.

Sweden is a small country and it is impressive that in such a young age dare to move to a new country and bet everything on what you love to do and succeed! 

I hope Robin gets more confidence in the Senators next year and that we’ll see him in the cage for many years to come! 

Release the Lehner

Ending the day on a good note ❤️

A lot of you know I was having a really awful day and was super miserable but I was able to snap myself out of it around class time (5:30), but better late than never right? BUT my day ended on such a high note, because my amazing team led by the amazing (and sometimes swearing lol) erikkarlsson65 WON and took 9/10 points on THE ROAD…..BUT WAIT, GUESS WHO’S GOING TO THE GAME SUNDAY WITH HER WHOLE FAMILY AND GETTING BOBBLEHEADS OF ERIK!? That’s right!! MEEEEEEE. I have such loving parents. They basically said that I’ve been powering through such bad situations and coming out stronger and that we need a family outing and we all love watching the sens, so TAH-DAH! I just bought the tickets!