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Hey long time Tumblr Stalker here and I had a question burning deep inside me like the fire of a thousand suns. I recently did a marathon of every season of Power Rangers and the only one I could not finish was Operation Overdrive. I like what I've seen of Boukenger from YouTube videos and it feels like a completely different tone. I know you don't do MMPR but I'm still new to Sentai and this show almost never pops up in my fandom research. Can you give me strengths/weaknesses?

GoGo Sentai Boukenger is actually a really good Super Sentai series.  It aired in 2006 and was the 30th series, which meant they decided to use it to celebrate the 30th Anniversary of the franchise.

I am not familiar with the Power Rangers version beyond what I have seen on The History of Power Rangers videos by Linkara. However, I can say the original version is vastly different and involves a special group of hand-picked adventurers who search the world for dangerous, ancient artifacts known as Precious (insert Gollum impersonation here).  One of the strengths of the series is its globe-trotting nature and its great cast of characters.

The team leader is Satoru Akashi who used to be a famous treasure hunter before a tragedy made him retire before being recruited by The Search Guard Successor (S.G.S.) Foundation to be Bouken Red.

Sakura Nishihori is a former member of the JSDF and specializes in undersea exploration. I consider her to be the second in command as she is the only person on the team to not call Satoru ‘Chief’. She is a very serious, no nonsense young woman and serves as Bouken Pink.

Souta Mogami is the team’s information specialist, computer expert and tech specialist.  He is a former intelligence officer and is often referred to as a ‘spy’. He holds the position of Bouken Blue.

The team bad boy and Bouken Red’s rival is Masami Inou. He was actually more of a tomb robber in his previous profession but left his career after his abusive former partners were killed.  He is out for revenge and to show he’s just as good or better than Satoru.  He is Bouken Black.

Rounding out the original five members of the team is Natsuki Mamiya.  She is a mysterious, cheerful and slightly naive young woman with no memory of her past. She is attached to Masumi, who rescued her from a collapsed temple back in his treasure hunting days.  Her real origin is a huge secret in the series and a major plot point.

Opposing our heroes are the collection of groups know as Negative Syndicates. They have different motivations and often come into conflict with each other over the Precious but they can occasionally work together the oppose their common enemy, the Boukengers.

The Negative Syndicates include:

The Goodom Civilization lead by High Priest Gaja

The Jyaryu Clan lead by Creator King Ryuoon

The Ninja Clan Dark Shadow composed of Gekko of Illusions, Yaiba of Darkness and Shizuka of the Wind.

These are the initial three groups, there is another but that’s a bit of a spoiler that I don’t want to get into here.  Even though this series has three (or four) main villain groups it balances them nicely and you’re never really sure which one is going to show up to be the adversary in any given episode.  They get a nice balance of screen time and I feel this was the show that best handled having more than one villain group to deal with.  

As for weaknesses of the show, the main one may be the over reliance on the mecha combat scenes (if that bothers you).  I prefer the martial arts fights and though the ones we get are nice, I would prefer more of them and less giant robot action.  Blasphemy I know. I do like the mecha designs though, so that helps.

You may also get frustrated waiting for some plot lines to get resolved.  Each hero has a personal connection to one of the Negative Syndicates and their individual stories get broken up by the nature of the show and the multiple villain groups so you may be waiting a while for resolution.

Other than those two issues, I can’t think of anything really wrong with the 30th Super Sentai series.  It’s a really good one and I highly recommend it! Oh, and it does have some hilarious episodes as well!

I want to thank you for following my blog, even just as a stalker and thanks for asking me this!  I always appreciate questions, especially from new askers!  Hope this tells you more about the show and encourages you to seek it out!