cooldownnow  asked:

Hi, I took your advice to watch Dairanger and it is really good, episodes 3 and 4 really messed me up emotionally in the best way. I couldn't really get into Liveman though and was wondering if you knew which sentai did multiple villain groups well?

I am so glad you are enjoying Gosei Sentai Dairanger, it really is an amazing season!

As for which season did multiple villains groups well, that would be 2006′s GoGo Sentai Boukenger.

The basic setup was that the heroes worked for an organization seeking powerful artifacts of antiquity called “Precious” that could cause horrible problems in the wrong hands.  Every week they were after a new treasure but they always had competition in the form of multiple groups also seeking the Precious.  You could never be sure which group would be their rival each week and sometimes, the various evil organization would come into conflict with each other or make temporary alliances.

These organizations were called Negative Syndicates and were:

The Goadam Civilization lead by High Priest Gaja

The Jyaryu clan of dragon/reptile men lead by Creator King Ryuoun:

The Ninja group Dark Shadow 

The Questers- demonic remnants brought back by Gaja who don’t really appreciate their resurrection.

These four groups trade off being the antagonists and have very different themes.  For example, Gaja is a mystic threat, The Jyaryu Clan is a strong physical threat, Dark Shadow are sneaky and less overtly evil and more of just a rival group and the Questers are just cruel and vile.  It makes for a nice change of pace from episode to episode and helps the show stand out.