From the outside looking in, I too would admit that Pullman, the home of Washington State University, does not look like it has much to offer. It is cold, really cold, and is located in the middle of nowhere. However, once you step foot onto the University and get a feel for the mutual, unbreakable love everyone has for their school, you will understand why once a Coug, always a Coug! The spirit here is incredible, the fan base unbelievable. No matter what time of day it is, if you walk down the street and yell out “Go Cougs!” you are bound to start a chant. Everyone goes to the games, no matter what the weather or the predicted outcome. It gives you a sense of community and belonging, being a Cougar. It is our undying passion and love for one another and our school that has our alumini coming back here over and over again, in their pimped out crimson and gray RV’s, closing down roads and setting up camp with their Cougar flags proudly waving. We make the hashtag “#GoCougs” trend nationally, cause bars to go dry when we follow our football team to other venues, and gather together as a family to let Megan Coghlan know she sucks! What else could you possibly want? I love you WSU, go Cougs!!