Requested: James imagine where he finds the reader crying in the hotel somewhere and comforts her

You sat in your hotel room, leaning against one of the walls, hugging your knees to your chest and burying your head in your knees. You just found out that your boyfriend of 2 years had been cheating on you. The two of you had arrived together at the Cortez together. You wanted to go out on the strip to look around and shop but he said that you should go ahead, he didn’t feel well.

When you got back to your room after a fun day of shopping, you found your boyfriend in the bed with another woman. Everything exploded in your face. You thought you were going to marry this guy, but you found out the hard way that now it would never happen. You told him and his mistress to leave the hotel. You also told him to take all of his stuff out of the apartment you shared so you wouldn’t have to see him when you returned tomorrow.

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Here’s my card ~ Joker x Reader

Part 10

The crazy truth

After giving the Joker a chance he instantly grabbed a hold of your hand and pulled you to your room. You panicked again when you looked around.

“What are you doing?” You asked after he pushed you towards your wardrobe.

“Wear something less distracting. We’re going out.”

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This is no good. You did a really bad job. This is not a good job. This is not good pizza. This is terrible. You did it wrong. You are not good at this. You need to quit. Don’t ever do this again. Go to your room and go to bed. 

Thanks for the submission, Magnus

I’m gonna offer a piece of advice that I would never listen to but I finally did and I’m really happy i did: if you are feeling lonely and crazy sad and you could easily lay in bed for a week, never leaving your house- please force yourself out. go hang out with your friend(s). drive to mcdonalds and read the same book you would have read in bed, in a little booth with a hot fudge sundae. call up a friend and sit on the beach with them. push yourself out of your comfort zone because if you don’t you may be perpetually stuck in that hell of a rut. things can get better, but not if you refuse to change your surroundings. even if this means just going with your mom while she goes grocery shopping or sitting outside on your porch instead of in your room. adjust your lifestyle and your mood will adjust. make a better life, even if it starts with grumbling and awkward hangouts. you can do it, and it will be so worth it.

Olicity: Go Back To Bed

Anonymous said: Little bit angsty, but I know you like that stuff. Prompt: Felicity is away on a business trip leaving Oliver to look after the kids. Something triggers Oliver to have a panic attack and little Ava calms him down from it like the awesome little kid she is… Please?


No. No, sweetheart, go back to bed. Go back to sleep, please.

“Daddy, are you sick?”

I’m not sick. I’m not safe. Please, go back to bed. Go back to your room and close the door.

“I’ll help, Daddy. I remember, Mommy taught me.”

No. Don’t come near me. Your mother will never forgive me if I hurt you. I will never forgive myself. You are the most precious, sweet little girl and I cannot risk hurting you.

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[One Last Time] pt 2

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characters:TAEHYUNG X Y/N

Genre: ANGST, smut…

description: ”Just for tonight, pretend.”

part 1 



Your two weeks with Taehyung at the hotel were almost over, he had taken you to the sea everyday, out to eat and some days just to rest at the hotel room. But even through all that he had always managed to sneak away to go call her..you knew but you ignored it. You wanted to pretend this was like before, pretend he still loved you, that there was no other woman.

“Do you want to go out today or stay here?” Taehyung asked you from the bed, once again on his phone, as you were coming out the shower,with a towel wrapped around your figure. You had showered, getting rid of the saltwater, since you and Taehyung had went to the sea early in the morning. You wanted Taehyung to look at you, you wanted his touch, but that belonged to her. You walked over to the bed, he still hadn’t looked at you, you placed your knees over each side of his waist. The olive skinned man finally looked at you,his brown eyes stared in shock seeing you straddling him,”Y/n what ar-” he had begun to question but you had placed a kiss on his soft lips, thinking about when was the last time you had kissed him. His large hands then grabbed your bare shoulders and softly shoved you off him,”Y/n are you crazy?” He got up from the bed exiting the room. You couldn’t help but crying wrapping your arms around your towel wrapped body, he had rejected you.

Taehyung walked with his hands in his blue jean pocket. He couldn’t help but think about your hurt look you had when he had pushed you off. He didn’t know why he didn’t, maybe it was at the thought he had actually missed the warmth of your lips. The feeling he got when felt your body straddling him, he kicked his foot in the sand, no he couldn’t have feelings for you, for fucks sakes how fucked up is he. He was cheating and now he wanted you, he shook his head, “fuck, what have I done.” Was the only thing he muttered before he ran off to the hotel looking for you.

You were in your sleeping ware looking for something to see on the tv, taking another shot, you had drank a few shots after Taehyung left hoping it to help your broken heart, but in reality it just brought you into more sadness. Throwing your head back feeling the burn alcohol run down your neck you felt tears forming in your eyes, were you that disgusting that he didn’t even want to touch you anymore. How could you pretend that he wanted you when in reality he couldn’t stand you any longer. As you poured yourself another shot the olive skinned man that was the reason for your drinking walked into the room. His eyes were surprised to see you drinking, his brown orbs soften as he approached you, placing his body next you, he took the shot out your hand and drank it instead.

You looked at the man you loved,confused,what was he is doing there? Wasn’t he disgusted by you? Taehyung saw the confusion in your eyes and did what you had done earlier, he kissed your lips. It was a soft kiss that still caused you to feel the butterflies in your stomach. As the kiss continued he laid you onto the bed, placing your hands around his neck. Even if it was temporary you wanted to feel loved by Taehyung, as he finally let your lips go he placed onto your neck, his large hands roamed your body. You moaned as he found your weak spot, Taehyung found your breast with his left hand and started to squeeze slightly, making you arch into his hand.

“Taehyung.” Was the only thing come out your mouth as he kept teasing you, he let go of your breast and proceeded to take off your top,seeing you without a bra, smirking at you, “Were you waiting all along ?” He took off his black shirt allowing you to see his tan leaned body. And went back to marking you on your chest. You repeated his name over and over , like he was a god, over your shorts,his right hand was rubbing your covered core. “Already so wet for me.” Taehyung stated as he smiled placing kisses down to your lower stomach “Taehyung please.” You begged, you didn’t want Taehyung to tease you any longer, you didn’t want this to feel like it was lust only, you wanted to pretend he was making love to you. “What is that you want y/n?” Taehyung pulled your shorts and panties off you,”do you want my tongue?” You shook your head,”no. Pretend to make love to me.kiss me like I’m her.” You placed your slender hands on his side of his face pulling him up to you,”Just for tonight pretend to love me and I’ll be out of your life tomorrow morning.” Taehyung looked at you in shock, you had known all along. His eyes, that were once covered with lust were filled with hurt at you had just told him. Kissing him softly you began to undo his pants,”Just for tonight, pretend.” And that’s what Taehyung did, he pushed into you, like you were her, but your moans were different, how your legs tighten around his waist were different.

He couldn’t pretend you were her, because he wasn’t thinking about making love to her, no, he was making love to you. But you wouldn’t know that. As he thrusted you felt closer and closer, the knots on your lower stomach began to form. “God,Y/n i’m close.”Taehyung moaned as his rhythm grew sloppy, you came moaning his name, and soon after he came into you. Panting he pulled out of you, you headed to the bathroom to clean yourself up.


 The morning after that night, Taehyung woke up to an empty bedside. He was going to call you, but had remembered what you had told him ‘Just for tonight pretend to love me and I’ll be out of your life tomorrow morning.’ and you kept that deal. He grabbed his luggage and noticed yours was missing, so you really had left him. He went down the lobby to checkout only to be meant with a surprise. “I’m sorry sir but the room has already been paid for.”the clerk informed him, Taehyung couldn’t believe you had paid the room. 

The drive back was lonely and quiet with only his phone ringing, but he didn’t want to talk to her, his thought kept going to you. Had you gone back to the apartment? What will happen next with you two? Did he want to fix things between you?

After a long drive he finally arrived to the shared apartment, he was greeted with a dark and empty apartment. Taehyung placed his bags down calling out your name he walked into the bedroom, looking around he noticed all your things were gone. Taehyung had gone to grab his phone to call you, as he walked out the bedroom and into the kitchen to place down his car keys, he saw a sealed letter that had his name written.

Taehyung opened it and read:

“Dear Taehyung,

  You probably returned home back from the two weeks we spent together, and I just wanted to say thank you. Thank you for taking those two weeks for me, even if you had plans to spend them with her.Thank you for attempting to keep it hidden,thank you for allowing me to pretend none of this existed and I’m sorry.  For not being enough. For not keeping you happy. For allowing you to go to her.For losing your love. I’m sorry Taehyung, I’m sorry for loving you more than you loved me.I’m sorry for keeping you back out of pity, for being selfish, for making you keep your true love hidden away. It’s funny really, we have so many memories in this apartment, the first time we moved in, the first time you made love to me, to the first time I introduced you to her. The first time I found out my sickness, the first time I cried knowing where you had spent the night. This apartment also held a lot of pained memories, from the times you wouldn’t come home, to the times you would  sleep on the couch rather than lying with me.Taehyung, I’m sorry for making you suffer while I pretended you loved me. While I pretended this disease wasn’t killing me, while I pretended that we would work out. Taehyung, I might not know what happened in the two weeks we were together but I know they have made me the happiest person alive. I’ll be gone out of your life after this, I’ll be admitted to god knows where to receive chemotherapy,it’s funny really the thing that brought me more pain than finding out i was diagnosed with breast cancer was you. I know you didn’t intend to, but Taehyung knowing you didn’t love me had broken me down to where this news didn’t hurt me. This is goodbye Taehyung, this is the last time I’ll say it. So for one last time, let me pretend. I love you Kim Taehyung, thank you for loving me the few moments you did.For one last time, Taehyung, thank you for the happy moments you gave me. I’ll hold those dearly in my heart. And for one last time, pretend to love me.



Taehyung was standing, alone, letting the words you had written sink in, He had caused you more pain than you were already enduring. He fell to his knees, is this how you felt? Broken and alone, he had failed you but you still had loved him. How could he be so cruel, you didn’t deserve this,even with you hiding away this disease how could he not realize it. Had he neglected you that much? Taehyung began to sob, “I’m sorry,y/n. God I’m so sorry.”

But his apologizes would never be heard by you as you had left him. Now Taehyung would never know if you would succeed in chemotherapy or lay in your deathbed

The end.

EXO Reaction to You and a Friend Fangirling Over Them

Even if I was dating one of these boys, I feel like I would still fangirl over the boys and all their work LOL <3

I do not own these gifs

-Admin Kat

Baekhyun: “I mean, have you seen the music video? They looked so good.” You exclaimed as you talked about EXO’s newest video. You thought that Baekhyun was still at practice, so he stood by your door quietly as he eavesdropped. He couldn’t help himself and he ran into the room, flopping onto the bed. “Oh please, keep going on about me.” He said as he started to kick his feet back behind him.

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Chanyeol: When he heard you talking to his friend, he didn’t want to ruin the moment. He heard your friend fangirling about the new tone of music in the newest CD. You started going on and on about how Chanyeol took part in the music and how proud you were at how it came out. He broke out in giggles from the other side of the door when he heard you. He completely melted for you.

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Chen: You were on the phone with your best friend, excited to discuss the new interview that just aired. The boys were talking about their new promotions. You thought that he was still out with the rest of the boys, but Jongdae was excited to see you early. He didn’t even hide the fact that he was listening as he came into the room. He placed his hands on your face and gave you a playful look. “I love you, jagi.” Feeling happy as ever from the sweet words you used to describe how he looked on TV.

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D.O.: He couldn’t help but listen to you as you were waving on and on about the new song the boys released. He stayed outside the door, listening and smiling brightly as he heard everything you and your friend were saying. Before you finished talking, he walked back out of the apartment and came back in, announcing himself to hide the fact that he was listening. But he did giggling the moment he saw you.

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Kai: “Oh, so you think I look ‘so cute in glasses’?” He asked teasingly as you came out of your room. Your friend was over and you were coming out to grab the two of you some sodas. Jongin was waiting for you in the kitchen. He was wearing the glasses he had worn in the picture you were going crazy about. He did the flowerboy pose, making it even more clear that he was listening to you and your friend.

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Lay: The moment he heard you mention his name, he got curious. He didn’t realize he was listening to you, but he was as you screamed with your friend about the dance videos his staff released on his Weibo. He didn’t really understand why you were fangirling over him so hard when you got to see him every day. But despite his confusion, he still danced around in excitement when he heard your words.

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Sehun: You were walking into the apartment as you talked on the phone. You didn’t think Sehun was going to be home already as you told your friend how sexy he looked in his airport fashion. You were discussing how good his pants fit him when you saw him in the living room staring up at you with his know-it-all expression. “Keep going.” He whispered as he gestured with his hand for you to keep talking.

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Suho: He felt like a proud parent when he heard you talking all about how good the boys did on M!Countdown. He didn’t care if you were talking about him or about the group as a whole. He just loved hearing you and your friend saying that they did the best and showed up all the other groups. He looked at you from across the table, smiling at you like a goof. “Aw jagi, I’m happy you liked it so much.” He said sweetly.

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Xiumin: Your friend came running into the apartment, screaming for you so he could tell you about how excited she was for EXO’s upcoming concert. She didn’t even notice that Xiumin was in the next room as she started to ramble about how badly she needed to get a ticket. You screamed along with her about your own excitement. “Ah, Minseok is going to look so good on stage!” Your friend said excitedly. That was when she saw Minseok standing in the doorway. “No, don’t look at me. I’m shy.” He teased the two of you.

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Husband Material-Xiumin

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What would Kim Minseok be like as a husband?

  • Flirty. Always checking you out, every day for the rest of his life. 
  • Watching you get dressed after you shower with bedroom eyes meant only for you. 
  • Knowing that damn that’s mine, every time he sees you. 
  • Sneaking into the back of a movie theater to make out and maybe a little more like a bunch of teenagers. 
  • Waking up sore, but smelling your favorite coffee brewing in the kitchen and getting breakfast in bed. 
  • Kisses to your temple during movie marathons.
  • Butt pinches.
  • Giggling and setting up stuffed animals to look like they’re doing it when you go shopping together.
  • Going shopping together.
  • Coming home to your favorite takeout when he gets out of practice early.
  • Kissing you goodnight.
  • Kissing you good morning.
  • Doing it in the closet of the practice room.
  • Always being young and having fun.
Closed Off - Theo Raeken

AN// I’m Theo trash I’m sorry! 

“Hey Tracy.” You smiled softly and sat down next to her on the floor in Theo’s room. She looked up, nodding, going back to her book. You got up, figuring she wanted to be left alone and went to go lay on Theo’s bed. Sighing, you reached to grab your phone out of your pocket.  You scrolled through your timeline for a little bit, when Corey came in. 

“Hey, Cor.” You said, happy to see a friendlier face.

“Hey, Y/N/N.” He said with a smile. You pat the spot next to you on the bed but he looked over and pulled the desk chair over to the bed.

“Why?” You said with a laugh. 

“Uh, Theo told us if he ever caught one of us touching anything other than a chair or floor in his room he’d kill us, again. And he specifically said the bed was off limits.” He ended with a grossed out face. 

You laughed, still a little confused.

“He’s just being ridiculous. Come sit. Tracy, you wanna sit? It’s much more comfortable than the floor. It’s really not as big of a deal as he makes it into.” 

She looked up, obviously annoyed that you interrupted her reading for a second time.

“Have you guys had sex on there?” She questioned flatly. 

You didn’t say anything but looked down, blushing. 

“Yeah, the floor is more than comfortable.”

You sighed and looked at Corey, he looked grossed out and went to sit in the chair. You never knew how to take things with Tracy, but Corey always made you laugh. You smiled lightly at the still traumatized look on his face. Theo finally walked in, looking pissed.

You didn’t say anything, watching as he threw his bag towards the desk, almost hitting Corey. He flinched and let out a breath, rolling his eyes at Theo’s temper. 

“What?” Theo snapped.

“Hey,” you intervened, “You almost hit him, chill.” 

He rolled his eyes at you and threw himself on the bed. 

“What’s your problem?” 

You knew you were going to start an argument in front of Tracy and Corey but you didn’t care. He ignored you and you walked out, slamming his door. Walking out is better than arguing I guess.

You sat at his kitchen table and ran your fingers through your hair. You heard a big crash from upstairs and Corey came running down the stairs and out the door, not looking back once. Tracy came stomping down a few seconds later and walked towards you.

“Get your boyfriend, he’s an ass.” She snapped, walking out without another word. 

After a few seconds, you got up and climbed the stairs to his room. He laid there with a pillow covering his face. Once he realized you were there, standing in the door frame, he grabbed the pillow, groaning loudly. He threw the pillow next to him and looked up at the ceiling. You walked to the end of his bed, and climbed up, crawling up his body until you got to his waist, straddling him. You grabbed his face, kissing him softly. 

“You wanna talk?” 

He shook his head, looking annoyed that you were on top of him. You sighed, climbing off of him and laying down on your side of the bed. Now you were annoyed with him, and he knew it. 

“Babe,” he groaned, rolling over to spoon you. 

“You never want to talk. Obviously it’s important to you if you’re acting this pissed about it.”

“I’m sorry.” he said softly, pushing his face into your back. 

“Do you not trust me or something? I mean, I know you think you’re ‘protecting’ me or whatever but you never talk. Or maybe I’m just another pawn in your little game.” You rambled on, thinking out loud.

“What the hell are you talking about?” He said sitting up.

“Nothing, I’m just gonna go for a walk.” You said running out. 

You got past his truck in the driveway before he caught up, grabbing you arm roughly.

“You’re not running away from this. You wanna talk? Let’s talk.” He said, pulling you back inside, holding your wrist painfully tight. 

“Ow, Theo, let go, you’re hurting me.”

He dropped your wrist, and pinned you against the front door. He punched the wall, and dropped his head. 

“I’m sorry,” he whispered. He grabbed your wrist and kissed it lightly. 

“It’s okay.” you whispered back, sighing. 

“Seriously though, what do you think you are to me?”

“I don’t know… you call me your girlfriend but sometimes I don’t feel like it. You kiss me in public and surprise me with presents at school but you never want to talk about anything. It’s always small talk. Sometimes I feel like you’re only in this relationship for show… and sex.”

He stood there, taking it all in. 

“I think I’m in love with you.” He mumbled.


“That’s why I didn’t want to talk. That’s why I’ve been so mad. I’m in love with you.”

“Oh,” you let out a shaky breath. 



Part 2? Part 2


Imagine having a miscarriage

“Sodapop!” You cried, the hysteria in your voice quickly awakened your sleeping boyfriend. “There’s so much blood” 

“Oh God… Y/N…” His eyes widened as he took in your shaking frame, at the blood that had been pooling in between your legs as you slept. 

“We’re going to lose the baby, Soda… What’re we going to do.” Sobs wracked through your body as Sodapop got up from the bed, running, screaming out Darry’s name. 

You tried to get up from the bed… but you slumped straight down to the floor, a loud thud echoing through the house as you cried in pain.

The world passed around you in a blur… things were happening to fast for you to process, you had felt arms around you, picking you up…. and then you were in a hospital being wheeled into a room. 

“She’s losing too much blood!” The doctor yelled. “Bring the midwife in, now! She’s going to have to deliver this baby…” 

And then you were gone, the darkness was swallowing you whole. You felt like you were sinking, drowning,,, 

When you came to, Sodapop was at your side, his hand was holding yours tightly, tears were in his eyes as he looked down at you. 

“You’re awake” He said, forcing a smile. “Thank God.” 

“Is she okay” You asked forcefully, swallowing the lump of tears you could feel coming on. You already knew the answer, you couldn’t feel her kicking. You knew she wasn’t inside of you anymore. “How’s the baby”

“She didn’t make it, Y/N… I’m so sorry.” He wrapped his arms around you as you both sobbed together, holding onto each other for dear life. 

anonymous asked:

What would iKON do if they were in a argument with his girlfriend and she suddenly say "fuck it" and start to kiss them roughly?

Would be taken aback, would completely give in, whispering “I love you, I’m so sorry” into your neck while lifting you up and carrying you into the bed room: Donghyuk, Yunghyeong, Chanwoo

Would try to keep the fight going in short breaths between kissing you “But wait… I just… we need to sort this… babe… please… but….” but would eventually give into just being with you in the moment (but would set aside the fight for later): Jinhwan, Bobby

Go with it, leading to aggressive, angry sex. Not even makeup sex, just pure fucking-listen-to-me-and-until-you-do-I’m-going-to-fuck-the-shit-out-of-you-cause-I-love-you-but-you’re-pissing-me-the-hell-off: Junhoe, BI


Clarke let out a heavy sigh as she walked into Lexa her room. “Please Lexa. I really really need your help this time.” She said without even asking her to listen. She hadn’t even knocked on her door but she was so done at this time. She got her phone out and showed it to Lexa. “Here. Read. All of it. I don’t know what to do, because telling him I’m not into him doesn’t work. He keeps going on about how he will steal my heart and how we are going to be a couple.” She sat down on Lexa her bed and waited for her to read the conversation. “He even knows where I work! I don’t want him to visit me in the weekends too. Annoying me at school is already too much.”

Dating Junhoe Part 4

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When you’re on your Period

- He will not be that clueless when it comes to girls and their periods because he has a sister

  • He likes to eavesdrops on his sister and her friends when they came over

- If you tell him to go and do errands for you, he will sass at you saying he can’t get out because there will be people spotting him

  • Because you’re high on hormones, you would sass at him back saying that he should just fuck off and go if he didnt want to go for you
  • He would act shocked and do it exaggeratedly but he kisses your head and then tells you he’ll be back 

- He’ll come back to your room bringing pads and ice cream

  • “For the great queen, i have pads; the longest one there is and cookie dough ice creaammm …” He half shouted and bowing while throwing the groceries to your bed.
  • You glared at his sarcasm as he climbs next to you saying 

  • “You’re so hot when you’re as sassy as me, babe” while winking then laughing, his hands propping his body looking at you

- At nights like this you don’t like to speak and talk that much with Junhoe, you just sassed him back with your reactions and knowing so he would be the talkative one and tries to make you laugh the whole night

  • “Okay, how about this. I will give you 3 wishes for every time you’re on your period, i will do everything for you. No questions asked and i will not refuse, But please you have to talk to me!! Don’t ignore me!!!” he whined while shaking your arms and rocking his best puppy dog eyes at you.

- You use your wishes for simple stuff that you love about Junhoe.

You requested him to sing your favourite song, “One Call Away” and he happily obliged sounding so much better than the original singer in your opinion. 

- He would sometimes watch youtube videos with you about beauty gurus and he would sometimes try and braid your hairs following the tutorials but would fail and get your hair in tangled up knots. 

  • Seeing him try and be cute would always put you in a better mood 

- You would secretly film him when he’s doing aegyo to be saved at your phone so that you can watch them later.

  • He would yell at you saying why you did that bcs he’s the most awkward human being in the planet

Dean Winchester Smut - Cumming Home

Prompt- Dean is late home from a hunt. He promised you he would be home tonight. You’re pissed, then he puts you in your place. Dom! Dean :)

A/N- I hit a follower goal!! Celebratory smut :) Enjoy my stupid pun also, a lot will be out tomorrow and this weekend 

    Tonight. Dean said he would be home tonight. But where wasn’t he? Home. He wasn’t here. He was gone . Pacing around the house, you had been calling him , always going to voicemail. “Fuck you, Dean.” You let out a heavy sigh, your chest falling. Walking to your shared room in the bunker, you started to strip on your way there. Going to the dresser, you threw on a tight v-neck and lacy underwear. Laying on the bed, you wrapped your legs around the blanket. 


   Heavy footsteps were down stairs. Echoing in the silence, your instincts came through. You sat up, grabbing the Walther P .22 you kept by your bed. Holding up the small pistol, you crept out of your room. Your body was alert now, as were your nipples to the cold air. The floor was cold against your feet, the foot steps getting louder. 

    You turned the corner, only to meet with 2 sets of familiar eyes. “Fuckin’ really?” You sighed, lowering your gun. “Y/N?” Dean looked at you through gritted teeth. Watching his and Sam’s eyes, you realized they were at your chest. “It’s cold in here.” You spoke, putting your gun to your side. Dean glared at you and Sam, stomping to the kitchen. “Damn” you grunted, shaking your head at your boyfriend . 

    “Here.” Sam spoke, handing you his shirt. Reluctantly, you put it on. Looking at him, you smiled and hugged him, walking into the kitchen. Dean’s eyes you, shaking his head . You glared, watching the fire in his eyes grow. “Dean-” you tried to just talk about whatever was wrong, but instead were interrupted. “Y/N. Room. Now.” You were shocked, but you loved this Dean. Dominant, needing, wanting, taking. Walking to the room, you threw Sam’s shirt into his room before stepping into yours. 

    Moments later, Dean walked in, his eyes glazed with lust. “You’re not off to a good start, sweetheart.” Dean said, gripping your hips tight enough to leave bruises. “Dean.” you said, your hands trailing up his chest to wrap around his neck. Dipping his head down, he began to harshly suck on your neck and collar bones. “I have wanted you all day, and when I come home, you’re just a tease, half naked in front of Sam…” Dean grunted, shaking his head in your neck. Your whole body was on fire because of his touch. Burning into your skin, marking you with purple bruises. 

  “Please, touch me Dean” you moaned, trying to pull him impossibly closer to you. “Be patient baby girl, I’m taking my time.” he spoke into your ear, kissing under it before kissing to your lips. When Dean’s soft lips connected to yours, you were on fire. Your skin burned and froze at the same time. Grinding your body into him, you felt the tent that was growing in his jeans. “This is what you do to me, baby.” Dean snaked his arms around your waist, pushing your hips into his hard cock while grabbing your ass. Moaning, you suck on his jaw and kissed his lips hungrily. 

     Teasing the waist line of your underwear, Dean pushes them down. Just as you step out of the lacy puddle, Dean’s hands are squeezing the inside of your thigh. Your wetness grows, Dean’s hands driving you crazy. Playing with the hem of his shirt, pulling it over his head, Dean cups your pussy in his hand. “Shit baby, you’re soaking” Dean smirks at you as he runs his middle finer through your slit, never entering you. 

   Running your hands over his toned body, you reach his pants. Undoing his belt and pushing your hand to cup his member. The more you held him, the more he stroked your folds teasingly. “Dean.” you warned, rubbing him. “Y/N” he said, lifting and eyebrow and pushing on small circle on your clit. Immediately moaning, you let your head fall back. “I want you.” your voice was raspy, and Dean was entertained. “Take me.” He said, moving his hand. 

   Dropping to your knees, you pulled down his pants and boxers, pumping him a few times before running your thumb over his sensitive tip. Kissing the tip, you licked him base to tip, wrapping your lips around a small amount of him. “Fuck” Dean moaned, wrapping his hand tightly in your hair. You let him take control, fucking your mouth. Immediately, Dean’s wide girth hit the back of your throat. Holding back your gag, you let him continue to use you. Pressing your tongue up to taste him, Dean’s head flew back as he shot hot cum down your throat. Standing up, you were about to put your clothes back on when Dean grabbed your wrist.

   “It’s not over yet, gorgeous. I haven’t cum deep inside your tight pussy, I’m not satisfied.” You almost came at the thought, but Dean made sure to please you too. As his member was hardening, you were basking in the touch Dean was giving you. Dean’s thick fingers were pumping into you slowly, as he whispered into your ear. “Enjoy your pussy while you have it, because I’m about to tear you apart.” Dean’s touch was gone, but he was now moving you to the bed.

   Laying down, you watched Dean climb on top of you. Holding his throbbing dick, Dean set the head in your folds, teasing your slit and clit. Rubbing circles into your clit with his tip, your back arched. Lining himself up, Dean put one of your legs over his shoulder, looking for the deepest angle. Slamming into you then pulling almost all the way out, Dean kept his word, he was pounding you. Your walls were tight around Dean’s thick length, giving him pleasure, euphoria to run through his veins. Pushing on your clit with his hand, rubbing fast circles, Dean drove you to climax. Your walls clenched around him, your back arching as you drug your nails down his back. “Fuck fuck fuck’ Dean moaned as his thrusts seized and you felt him send a splurge of hot cum inside you, coating your walls and running down your leg. “Fuck” you moaned when he pulled out. “What would happen if I was completely naked?” You smirked, but Dean stayed stern, his hand on your clit again. “Let’s test it.” 

Exo’s Reaction to you scaring them


*You were laying down on your bed while Xiumin was in the living room with the boys. As he gets up to go to the bathroom you decide to scare him. You tell the boys you’re going to scare him and hide behind the couch. Xiumin gets out of the bathroom and notices something behind the couch. He points at it and the boys quietly said it was you. He sits down and you jump out. He didn’t get scared but pretended to since you’re always trying to scare him and it doesn’t work.*


*You guys were going to a costume party so you guys decide to go buy some new costumes. As you walk around you find a really scary mask so you put it on and hide somewhere before Luhan came back. While he was in the end of an aisle you jump out on the other end. He jumps at the noise you just made and looks back to see what it was. As you start running towards him he screams and runs away.*


*He was standing by himself waiting for to come out store. As you walk out you see him looking at something in another store. This was your chance to scare him since you barely get to see him because he’s so busy. You walk towards him and stand behind him.*

Y/N: *yelling in his ear* “Boo!”

*He jumps in shock and then turns around and gives you a dirty look. Then he just walks away while you’re there laughing your ass off.*


*You two get home from the gym and go in to take a shower first. Right after you get out he goes in and starts taking a shower. As a joke you take the clothes he was going to put on and put it on top of the bed and you stand right next to the door to scare him. He comes out of the shower and notices his clothes are gone so he calls you to get them but you don’t respond. As he comes out you scare him and he just jumps and freezes in place as his towel falls of. All you can do at this point is just fall on the floor laughing uncontrollably.*


*He invited you to go with him and the boys to Seoul Music Awards but you didn’t confirm that you were going so you told him to save you a sit. It was mid way through the awards and you finally arrive. You spot Lay and start to walk to him. When you get close you decide to scare him. As one of the awards was given he stands up and start clapping. So at that moment you scare him by blowing on his neck. He jumps up scared because he didn’t know who it was but then he sees you and laughs.*


*He was getting ready for the concert. You told he’s stylist to tell him to get his outfit while she went to take care of an emergency so you could have a chance to scare him. You hide behind all the clothes in the small closet. When he comes and starts searching for his outfit you grab his hand and he jumps in shock. You come out of the closet laughing and see him with one hand on his face and the other on his chest.*

Baekhyun: “Aish! Don’t scare me like that.” 


*Today you guys stayed home since you haven't seen each other in a while and wanted to spend some time alone at home. He was sitting on the couch watching TV while you were in the kitchen getting some snacks. He didn't notice when you came back so you slowly walk behind him so you can scare him. But he noticed your shadow and when you tried to scare him he just looks back at you and just laughs as the fact that you tired to scare him but it didn't work.*


*He was having dinner by himself since you weren't home from work yet. You arrive and he doesn't hear you come in so you decide to scare him. You bend down and go under the table and grab his feet. He immediately jumps up and moves back. As you hear him coughing from shock on the food he was eating you start laughing while laying down under the table.*

Chanyeol: “Why would you scare me like that? It’s not funny Y/n.”


*He wanted to cook you dinner tonight so you let him. You lay patiently on your bed while Kyungsoo cooks. You start to get bored so you decide to go help him. As you walk in the kitchen he doesn’t notice you because on how focused he is in cooking. So you scare him by grabbing his waist. He jumps surprised and turns to you.*

Kyungsoo: “I swear if you ever do that again, you’re dead.”


*You two were hanging out with the boys watching a scary movie. Tao kept coming in and out the room because he didn’t want to watch some parts of the movie. So you and the boys plan to scare him. They gave you a mask they had so you put it on and stand on the wall next to the hallway. As you see Tao coming out of the room you jump out and chase him. He screams and goes back in the room and slams the door behind him before you can come in. He waited a little to see if you would leave but you didn’t. He opens the door to check and you jump at him again and he just falls to the floor screaming and with his eyes closed. After this you two went back to where the boys were at, you were laughing while Tao just looked down at the floor with wet eyes.*


*He has been in the dance studio all day so you decide to bring him some food. You text him to tell him that your were outside but he didn’t reply back. So you just go inside and go in the dance studio. The music was playing loud but there was no one there so you figured out he was in the bathroom. So you wait for him right next to the door. As he opens the door you jump out and scare him. He jumps in shock and his first reaction was to kick. He didn’t hit you but as you were laughing he kicks your butt and you fall on the floor laughing.*


*You two were laying down on the bed cuddling. You suddenly get hungry and tell Sehun to get you some snacks. As he goes get the snacks you decide to scare him. So you wait for him on the last step of the stairs. As you see his shadow you jump out and scare him.*

Sehun: *gif shows his reaction.*

Prank Gone Wrong

Originally posted by usedpimpa

Pairing: Castiel x Reader

Word Count: 270

“YOU DID WHAT?!” You nearly choked on your lunch, eyes widening as you ran towards your room with guilty-looking Castiel following you from behind. You were breathless when you got there, but you were hyperventilating when you laid your eyes on your dearest resting place. Your room was pink. And not just any pink, but hot pink. The best part is that not only the walls, your bed sheets and a couple of your stuff were also covered in the goddamn hot pink paint.

    “I’m really sorry, I had mistaken your room with Dean’s. It was supposed to go there.” The blue-eyed angel tried to explain the situation, not really sure what he should do to calm you down.

    “The paint’s supposed to go where?”

    “Dean’s room…”

    And you groaned. You knew Castiel wouldn’t have done something like this on his own and the only person –or angel in this case, you know who would plan to do something like this was that one damn trickster, Gabriel. 

    “When I get my hands on him, I’ll make sure he regrets this very moment.” You cussed under your breath, making the poor angel fidget even more.


    “Not a word, Cas!” You hollered, stomping your way back to the kitchen to continue your meal in desperation, passing through the Winchester boys on the way.

    “Cas, what did you do– Holy hell, that’s one pink room.” Dean was trying his best to hold in his laughs, but his brother on the other hand had realized the small pout on the angel’s face. 

    “You should, uh… repaint?” Sam suggested awkwardly, as Dean’s cackles echoed across the bunker.

Day 5. Was so exhausted after a long day of work, so close to just going to bed since I have yet another early day tomorrow. I locked myself in the room, put on headphones, lay out sketch pad and charcoal and started blasting music. Then the magic happened :) my hands started dancing to the beats and I felt so alive. It’s true, it’s never work when it’s your passion! I fell in love with art over and over again…

Try to discover your passion today and never let it go once you’ve found it!


Imagine: Meeting Bellamy on the Ark (Part Two)

You were curled up on the guard’s bed when the door opened, the guard and Bellamy entering. You sat up sleepily, rubbing your eyes and taking the hand Bellamy offered to you to help you get off the bed.

 The guard cast a look between the two of you before speaking. “Alright, you-” he pointed at you. “You’re going to follow me to the Drop Ship. You-” He was addressing Bellamy now. “-are going to do what you need to do and meet us down there, got it?”

You shifted from side to side, biting your lip nervously. “Are you sure it’s okay for him to go alone? I mean, what if he gets caught?” you said, following the out of the room.

The guard glared at you but sighed. “Fine, you go with him. If both of you aren’t at the ship in half an hour, you’re getting left here, understand?”

You and Bellamy nodded and Bellamy grabbed your wrist, tugging you down the hall. You became aware of the gun tucked into the holster at Bellamy’s hip and tripped along behind him, occasionally glancing down at it to make sure it hadn’t moved.

He stopped outside a pair of double doors and craned his neck to see around the corner. “Alright, you stay here. I’ll make this quick.” He pulled the gun out and looked at it nervously. “Yeah, I’ll make it quick.”

“Bellamy, I can help,” you said, putting your hand on his. “I can distract him or something, make it easier so he’s not looking at you.”

“What? No, I don’t want you to. I barely know you and I don’t want you getting into more trouble because of me, okay? Just wait here, don’t move, and keep a look out.” He patted your shoulder gently and turned into the room, the doors closing behind him with a loud thud.

You stood nervously, rocking back and forth on your feet, and wished you had your cloth so you could make it seem like you were supposed to be there. After a few minutes, you gave up waiting and crept into the room slowly, trying to be quiet. You were rounding a corner when you heard a gun shot and a clattering sound. “Bellamy?” you asked in a whisper, noticing the dark haired boy leaning over a very limp body. “Oh my God…”

“I told you to wait out there!” he hissed at you, grabbing your hand and turning you away from the body. He heaved a sigh and crouched, wrapping an arm around your legs and hauling you over his shoulder as he ran out the doors. “You’re too slow.”

“Thanks, asshole! You left the gun!” you exclaimed, kicking and trying to push yourself away from him.

“It won’t matter once we’re down there,” he answered, setting you down only to sweep you back up into a bridal style carry as he ran down the stairs leading to the Drop Ship area. 

When you got there you saw a swarm of kids around your age being carried onto a ship, all of them either passed out or too tired to be fully aware. You saw the guard and rolled out of Bellamy’s arm, running at him. “He did it, I saw.”

The guard nodded and grabbed both your t-shirt and Bellamy’s jacket. He shoved clothes into Bellamy’s chest. “Change, right now.”

Bellamy gave you a surprised look and started to strip, his shirt going first. The muscles in his arms flexed and moved as he continued undressing to his boxers and you forced yourself to look away, busying yourself with the other kids. When you looked back he was changed and the guard was leading you towards the Drop Ship, holding out a hand with two pills in it.

“What’re those?” you asked curiously, accepting the jacket that Bellamy had been wearing. Apparently he noticed you shivering from the cold.

“If you want them, they’ll make the ride easier. You’ll be out of it for a bit, but drinking water should help.” The guard held out the pills. “Want them?”

Bellamy turned away, looking at you briefly. You took them, tucking them into the pocket of the jacket and thanking him quietly. He ran you over what you were to do and you nodded, stepping closer to Bellamy as you were shoved forward by the crowd of drowsy criminals.

“Do you know anyone who’s in prison?” Bellamy asked in a low voice, eyes shifting around the crowd as he searched for someone. His sister, most likely.

You shook your head. “My father was in prison but…they floated him.”

“No mother?”

You looked down and kicked the floor as you lowered yourself into the ship. “Not one that cared.”

Bellamy dropped down next to you and put a hand gently on your shoulder, leaning. “Sit near the wall, up there, I’ll join you in a few minutes.”

You craned your neck to look at him. “Why do you want to stay with me? Why did you give me your jacket? We barely know each other, Bellamy.”

He smirked a bit and rolled his head to the side. “Because you remind me of someone.”