Exo Reactions To You Getting Clingy & Calling Them Pet Names In Front Of The Other Members Because You’re Tired

I really had other requests to do first but this was so cute 

Also, I have never felt more creative in my life than I was while I was coming up with all of these pet names omg someone give me an award. No, but really, I’m so uncomfortable with pet names. You better all love this. xo

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Baekhyun: *you come out into the living room where everyone is & he’s standing in the middle of the room telling a story*

You: *you go over to him & hug him, he hugs you back with one arm* “Bunny Boocan, I’m tired. Can we go to bed?” *you nestle your head against his arm*

Baekhyun: *gets all squishy & cuddles you, not phased by the other members laughing* “Sure, Jagi.”

Chanyeol: *he’s sitting at the dining room table, talking to a few of the members about songs*

You: *walks over & starts playing with his hair* “Chanyoyobear. I’m going to bed.”

Chanyeol: *enjoying the heavy petting session, also not bothered by the other members snickering* “I’ll be in there in a minute.”

Chen: *he’s watching Kai & Lay practice in the rehearsal room of the house*

You: *peaks your head in & gives him a pouty, tired face* “Jongy-Dongy, are you coming to bed?”

Lay: “Jongy-Dongy?” 

You: “If you ever have sex with him, you’ll understand.”

Chen: “Jagi… please.” 

D.O.: *he’s in the kitchen with a couple of the members, trying to cook but they’re all getting in his way*

You: *shuffles over to him & wraps your arms around him from behind.* “What are you making, my sweet little Soonshine?”


D.O.: *so done with life, he just stands there*

Kai: *he’s messing around in the studio with Chanyeol, Lay & Baekhyun*

You: *sits on his lap & starts kissing his neck* “Spicy baby Kimchi, it’s late.”

Baekhyun: *snorts*

Kai: *gives you a cute version of Soo’s death glare &shakes his head*

Kris: *he’s surrounded by members, just having random conversations with everyone*

You: *scoots your tired feet along & attaches yourself to his arm* “Wuffles, my gentle giant. It’s time for sleep.” 

Kris: *stands there, avoiding eye contact with everyone* “I asked you not to call me that in front of everyone.”

Lay: *he’s writing songs with Chanyeol in the office*

You: *Goes over & sits down at his feet, playing with his pant legs* “Yixy Stix, are you almost done?”

Lay: *ignores everyone laughing & does aegyo to you* “Almost, my sweets.”

Luhan: *he’s in the hallway, standing in the doorway of a bedroom & talking to a group of members inside*

You: *yells down the hallway* “Luggle-bug, come to bed.”

Luhan: *a hoard of laughter comes from the room, he looks down the hall at you in disbelief* 

Sehun: *he’s watching a movie with some of the others*

You: *sits next to him on the couch & starts playing with his fingers* “When it’s over, can we head to sleep, Hunnie-Pop?”

Sehun: *enjoying the attention* “Duh.”

Suho: *he’s working late on stuff in Kyungsoo’s room, sitting on the bed*

You: *stands behind him & puts your chin on his head* “Suho, my strong Appa, it’s getting late.” 

Kyungsoo: *snorts* “Appa?”

Suho: * he stands & kisses you* “Off to bed we go…” *shuffles you out, whispering* I told you not to call me Appa in front of them. Now they’re going to make fun of me even more…”

Tao: *everyone is in the living room talking & hanging out*

You: *sits on his lap so that you’re facing him* “Tao-shi, come to bed with me.” 

Tao: “Give me ten minutes.” *kisses your nose*

You: *whines a little* “Tao baobi, I’m so tired.” *puts your head on his shoulder & kisses his neck*

Tao: *tries to act cool in front of everyone but is really falling for your cuteness*

Xiumin: *sees you come in while he’s having dance rehearsal & winks*

You: *waddles over to him & starts stroking his stomach* “Minnie Mouse, are you almost done?”

Xiumin: *takes a second to let the giggling from the other members die down, then looks at you with a meaningful eyebrow raise* “Yes, Jagiya. A few more minutes.” *he smacks your ass hard as you walk away & you know there’s going to be very little sleeping happening because you’ve embarrassed him & that’s rare so you owe him* /sex, jsyk/

gang member Louis

Words: 14634

Smut or Fluff 

Summary: You meet Louis a local gang leader.

A/N: I hope you like it, sorry it took me forever.

You were in your room studying, ready for your finals they were coming up fast, you were going to spend your Saturday night studying for Mondays Math final. When your best friend came running in threw the door.\

“Y/N! Guess what?” she asked jumping on your bed with you, you sighed 

“What?” you asked curiously 

“Harry asked me to go to his party tonight” she was excited to say the least her 

With Harry he was a nice kid when he wanted to be but he was in a gang around town called the night wolfs and Harry were long time flirty but no one made a move until today 

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Welcome to first edition of Devery Dacus’s Salty Suite! Although the venue is small, up to 20 people can visit, play video games and/or hang out with each other!

Do you have someone to go head-to-head with? Then come to the upstairs 1v1 station and quench your competitive thirst! 

Prefer to play with 4 players? Well we got you covered right below the 1v1 station!

What if you just want to watch some TV? Or do you want to play huge party games with up to 8 people? Either way, the massive display here is ready for party fun! 

We are working on getting refreshments available to guests. 

The venue owner’s computer. Sorry, you can’t use it without permission! You absolutely cannot use his bed, though. You can, however, use the complementary wifi!

There isn’t much going outside, but if you need some room to breathe, take a walk, or ride your mount around the large plot, you can!

Wanna help get this going? I will host an experimental RP Tuesday, June 2nd  Wednesday, June 3rd from 9 PM-12 AM! Just visit the plot of Devery Dacus and have fun! Anyone who feels interested enough can shoot me an ask and request to become a staff member of the venue!

DISCLAIMER: There may be unique events hosted on the day of a major fighting game tournament stream, hosted by channels such as VGBootCamp, iplaywinner, and TeamSp00ky. 

This is no good. You did a really bad job. This is not a good job. This is not good pizza. This is terrible. You did it wrong. You are not good at this. You need to quit. Don’t ever do this again. Go to your room and go to bed. 

Thanks for the submission, Magnus


requested by its-pineapple-me

He couldn’t not go in and check on you. He slowly slipped into your room, “You even make crying look good.” He joked weakly.

You shot up, wiping your tears, “P-Pietro…” You said, voice thick.

Pietro walked over to your bed and sat on the edge, looking at you, “I don’t know why you’re so upset but I want you to know that you’re not alone. You never were alone and you’re never going to be.”

Go back to the night where you miss me. Say it again. Tell me how crazy it makes you feel. Open your mouth. Read your poems out loud. I want to hear them, build a tower with the words. Don’t worry, love. I still wonder, too, what it could have been. Where my body would be if I still had your arms as home. Go ahead. Tell me nothing has changed. Lie to me. Tell me the room where you kept me is still there. Draw a shadow of my smile in the moonlight on the wall. Mark my space. Wrap me in the bed sheets. I am tied to all the parts of your skin I’ve touched. I want to touch you again. Baby, it’s been so long. Memory like a bullet wound to my heart, the blood all over my chest. There is hope in my diary. Hope like a love poem scribbled all through the pages. Every night. The girl still grips your ghost like a sweater. The girl grabs your memory by the horns. She kisses it, bites its neck, sleeps with it underneath her pillow. Every night, she makes a wish and throws it to the sky. If you could hear it, it would sound like, I miss you.  It would sound like, I miss you, very much.
—  Poem for Ryan, Karese Burrows
Books and Nightmares

Pairing: Pietro x Reader

Warnings: none I don’t think, correct me if I’m wrong though

Notes: I really can’t get enough of Pietro so I hope you lot don’t mind another pietro x reader story. Hopefully this one works out ok - pietro has nightmares and you hear him as you’re reading and comfort him.

Oh and send me requests if you ever want a different pairing, I’d love some ❤️


It was late at night and you were in your bed trying to go to sleep but it just didn’t happen, so you lifted your covers, slipped on your converse, grabbed your favorite book and made your way out of your room and towards the kitchen, you tried to go as quietly as you could as everyone else was sleeping in the tower. 

You entered the kitchen and flicked on the lights. You moved towards the counter to make some tea, grabbing your favorite cup and grabbing the milk out of the fridge. 

You made your tea and made yourself comfortable on the sofa with your book and a soft blanket that always lies over the top of the sofa. 

You had been reading for at least two hours, having had made another 3 cups of tea. You were just about getting to the cliffhanger of the story when you heard loud shouting and groaning from down the corridor, you hesitantly put your book down on the coffee table and lifted the blanket.

You cautiously made your way down the corridor nearing the groaning and shouting, you realised it was coming from Pietro’s room and that he was having a bad dream.

Becoming very worried of all the noises coming from the room, knowing that Wanda was not in the Tower tonight - she was on a mission, and that she couldn’t come and help Pietro when he has his nightmares.

You walked through the door shutting it behind you, you noticed a lot of shifting and grunting in the corner of the room where the boys bed is. He was rolling from side to side, mumbling. His forehead was covered in sweat and his tshirt was completely soaked. You slowly lifted the sheets off of him and stroked his hair out of his face saying his name to wake him up. 

“Hey, buddy wake up. It’s just a dream.” you said quietly but loud enough for him to hear and shoot up in his bed and scramble to the corner of his bed, utterly terrified. 

“W-what are you doing here?” he asked tensing his body slightly.

“I heard you having a nightmare so I came to make sure you were ok” you said quietly looking down at the floor your cheeks flushing slightly at the sight of his bare chest.

He relaxed and softened his look. “Sorry if I woke you” he said ashamed.

“No you shouldn’t be, I wasn’t sleeping anyway. Are you sure you’re ok?” you asked concerned.

“Y-yes I’m fine, just an unpleasent dream that’s all” he said while looking away to the side and dropping his head down in exhaustion. 

“Do you want to come join me in the kitchen? I’ll make you some tea and I’ll keep you company” you smiled at him, hoping he would agree. You secretly loved his company. Everyone thought he was egotistic and proud on the outside. But you knew he’s just a soft teddy on the inside who needs a hug every now and again.

“Ok, yeah sure. It might make me feel better” he said getting off the bed. 

He grabbed a shirt on his way out and put it on his upper body. 

You both walked to the kitchen, you immediately went and made him some herbal tea to calm his nerves. Once it was done you walked over to him and handed him the warm cup. You sat down next to him. 

“Read to me?” he asked motioning at your book, with a wide warm smile on his face. 

You looked at your book and frowned. “Fine, I guess I could” you sighed. You picked up your book and moved closer to him on the wide sofa. He lifted his arm motioning for you to come beside him. You moved closer, heat rising to your cheeks. 

You started reading your book, after a while you felt Pietro quietly drift into a peaceful slumber, you smiled slightly to yourself. You lifted the blanket over him and continued reading to yourself for a couple more minutes. 

Eventually you became really tired and fell asleep with your book still in your hand. You placed your head on his chest, the rising and falling of his chest lulling you to sleep, the hand with the book in it falling to your side. 

Fortunately you hadn’t realized that Pietro was in fact awake all this time, and when you fell asleep on top of him he lifted his eyelids to watch you for a minute before squeezing you more tightly to him, making him feel safe before he himself fell asleep. 

Extended Ending: 

Natasha and Bruce walked into the kitchen in the morning to make their breakfast only to find you and Pietro fast asleep on the sofa, the both of them smiled to themselves before calling the rest of the Avengers to come have a look at the scene. 

“Finally, oh my god, how long does it take for the pair of them to realise they drool over each other constantly” Tony groaned before going and making himself some coffee. 

waking up on a saturday after a really tough week of classes to the smell of burnt food so you go in the kitchen to investigate and see roomate!luke and roomate!calum making breakfast in their pajamas and they turn around and luke says “no, close your eyes and go back to bed it’s supposed to be a surprise!!” and calum pushes you back into your room and twenty minutes later you’re greeted by the two boys with a tray of bacon and eggs and orange juice. also a flower in a beer bottle vase and a card that says “we love you :)”


You blinked as you came through the bleary fog of sleep; sitting, as you did, up on your elbows and glancing around the brightly lit room. The florescent lights were blinding, and you shielded your eyes with your forearm as your vision became clearer.

A white room. A hospital room. You lay in a bed–the kind that go up and down with the push of a button, and someone had dressed you in a sheer paper gown that tied in the back. 

You caught a small movement with the corner of your eye and you turned your head, only to see a man, a stranger, staring intently at you. He was dressed in dark clothes, a deep navy coat over a hunter green collared shirt and a black tshirt. His face was surprised, but solemn; like he hadn’t expected you to wake up. 

You stared at each other for a second before you asked him who he was and his face, like he hadn’t expected your question, changed; confused. 

“You mean don’t remember?”


parents logic.

Don’t have sex.
That makes you a slut.
You can’t have friends that are boys.
Don’t you know all boys are out to get you?
There’s not a single good guy left out there in the entire world.
We’re just trying to protect you.
You should have a boyfriend.
But you need to be independent.
You’re a girl, you need help with that.
But you also need to start to growing up and do things yourself.
You aren’t prepared for the real world?
That’s your fault, not ours.
But we’re still going to shield you from everything that could possibly hurt you.
You can’t stay out too late,
but you can’t stay in your room all day.
You want to go to a party?! Are you crazy?
You want to stay in bed all day?! Are you crazy?
I’m going to judge someone else for a mistake they made.
But I’m going to be a hypocrite.
You need to be your own person.
But you also need to conform a little to fit in.
You need to be confident in yourself and feel beautiful.
But don’t show too much skin, or you’ll be labeled as a slut.
We want you to be honest.
But if you are, you’re going to be punished for it.
We trust you,
But we don’t really trust you.

anonymous asked:

How do you move on from loving someone like they're your world, when you have no friends or family to help you get back up again

Go to bed at a reasonable hour. Eat junk food, but not too much junk food, and make sure you still eat plenty of veggies and fruit and meat. Bathe every or every other day, and straighten your room once a week. Go for walks without any electronics to just unplug and think about the world. Go out of your way to help someone else who may be in need. Brush your teeth twice a day. Exercise when you have time, even if that just means mowing your lawn or helping a friend move out or something.

Bottom line, taking care of yourself and loving yourself is the best medicine. Other people can lend support and advice, but at the end of the day you and you alone are the truest reflection of who you are as an individual in this world. Put all that love you feel like you can’t give to anyone else into yourself. Treat yourself and others like the end all be all. Be healthy and kind, and know that your self worth can never be defined by anyone other than you.

Period- Nash imagine

Request: Can you do an imagine where you’re on your period and Nash comes over and cuddles with you?

“Mmmf” you groaned laying on your front as you clutched your stomach.

You were currently on your period, curled up on your bed, groaning in pain. Chocolate wrappers scattered your room and some hot chocolate was placed on your bedside table.

Your phone beeped, signaling that you had a new message. You turned on your phone to see that it was your boyfriend Nash, it brought a smile to your face.

“Hey princess” the text read

Hey Nash x

Want to go out to the movies with me?

Sorry, I can’t :(

Why not?? :(

Period troubles, super sorry.

I’ll be right over! 

It’s okay, you don’t have to do that, go out with Cam

Nope, I’m gonna take care of my girl

You smiled, grateful that you had such an amazing boyfriend. You placed your phone on the bedside table and went back to groaning.

10 minutes later, Nash arrived, your mom let him in before she went off to work. You turned, just in time to see him enter your bedroom.

“Hey baby girl” he said in a hushed voice, then held up the two bags he had in his hand.

“Hey Nash, you know you don’t have to do this?” you asked him, sitting up in bed.

“I know I don’t have to but I want to.” he mumbled before walking over and swiftly kissing your lips.

You smiled before he dumped the contents in the bag onto the bed. The bags were filled with all sorts of chocolate, candy and some DVDs.

“I love you” you mumbled to him, tears forming in your eyes. Stupid period emotions, you thought to yourself.

“Hey what’s wrong?” he cooed, cupping your face in his hands.

“I-I y-you’re such a good boyfriend” you took a gulp of air before continuing “and my emotions are all over the place”.

He chuckled and shook his head a bit before he put on your favorite movie. He then slipped into the bed beside you.

“Can you come closer?” you mumbled to him.

“Of course” he said, shuffling close to you. “I just wasn’t sure what you wanted cause you know” he said referring to your crazy emotions.

You just giggled, snuggling up to his chest as his arms wrapped around you protectively.

“You know, I think I like this better than going out” he spoke out quietly before lightly kissing the top of your head.

“Why?” you asked, confused.

“Because I get to see my cute little girlfriend, in her sweats that are too big with my shirt on, which is also big. You look so cute right now, with your messy hair too. I don’t think it could get any better than this”

You simply blushed and were at a loss for words. You thought you looked like shit but Nash thought it was cute.

“I love you so so much” you whispered, feeling like you were about to cry from his sweet words.

“Oh no, don’t cry again” he said slightly teasing and chuckling. You hit him in the chest, giggling.

“Okay now I regret saying I love you”

“Oh no you don’t”

“Oh yes I do”

“If you weren’t on your period I would have smacked you with a pillow but you love me, we both know it”

You nodded your head, “I love you so much Nash”

“I love you too baby girl, now would you like me to rub the parts where it hurts?” he asked.

“Yes please” you mumbled pointing to where your cramp pains were coming from.

And so that’s what he did, he rubbed your lower stomach, fed you a bunch of food, took care of you, watched movies with you and snuggled with you till you finally fell asleep.

Love Notes and Presents Part 2 (Ashton)

Part One

You woke up the next morning with just a mild hangover, nothing a nice breakfast and a big glass of water couldn’t fix. You lay still in bed blinking away the fuzziness of the room until your surroundings became clear. You had a good night last night and you wished it were the kind of thing that happened more often. Taking in a breath you began to go about your morning routine. Today was a Sunday and unfortunately that meant you had to go to work. As you were feeling good today you put on one of your favourite outfits and made sure you looked perfect before you descended the stairs in your hall and out the building. When you got to the door of your local coffee shop you emitted a content sigh safe in the knowledge that you actually really enjoyed your work and could look forward to it instead of dreading it. You hurried into the staff room to get your things sorted and preceded to jump over the counter and head to the till. It had been a quite morning but now as the sun reached further into the sky the population within the café began to escalate and you were pleased to hear the sound of so many people inside the small shop. The shop wasn’t to far from campus and a good few of the students frequented it. You didn’t know many of them other than just from passing by but today you were definitely aware of the faces that walked in. Luke Hemmings, maths major, Michael Clifford, music major and Calum Hood, physics major. You knew them to be Ashton’s friends and as you remembered the note from the night before you couldn’t help but wonder if he’d be showing face too. The boys didn’t really notice you; they just placed their orders and sat in the corner of the café, each retrieving a phone from the pockets of their skinny jeans and staring blankly at it. You brought them their coffees and again they paid you no mind. Part of you knew that because Ashton wasn’t with them then there was no need to pay them any attention but another part of you knew that because they were here and there was a possibility (however remote) that Ashton has sent you a teddy bear in the post that they were worth keeping tabs on, getting to know even. You kept one eye on them the rest of your shift. You were only working a little longer and you were trying to build up the courage to say something to them, anything to them. When your shift came to an end you gathered your things and decided it was now or never, you turned to your co-worker sam and ushered them a good bye before collecting your things from the staff room. When you returned, ready to befriend the group of tall Australians you found the café practically empty. Sighing to yourself, you began to walk back home.

You had walked through the local park on your way home just to make it feel like you had done something else with your day today than work. You could smell the flower beds that lined the pathway and you inhaled in order to capture the scent. Before long you heard your name being called, it was a voice you recognised to be that of Arthur Cartwright. You threw your head over your shoulder following the direction of his voice. He approached you quickly, half panting upon arrival. Smiling at him as you noticed the redness that had sneaked into his cheeks, obviously accompanying his fatigued breaths, you politely greeted him.

“Hey Arthur, how are you?”

“I’m good thank you, Y/N. Listen I saw you passing and I was wondering if you had this weeks assignment for law? I’ve misplaced mine and I’m beginning to panic that if I don’t find a copy soon I wont have enough time to finish it!” His sentence had begun calm and had quickly escalated to a fast panic. You knew he got like this and frankly it was unusual for him to have misplaced his assignment. He was a bit of a goody-two-shoes. Never missed a class, never forgot to complete an assignment and he’s never fallen asleep during a boring lecture.

“Yes! I have a copy of the assignment, if you like I can give it to you now, my flat is just round the corner?” You offer.

His body almost collapsed in relief as he accepted your offer and the two of you walked to back to your flat in a bit of awkward silence. Arthur was a nice guy but he was a tad weird and quiet. You knew the only reason he wasn’t entirely picked on was because despite his weird qualities he was a very handsome and entirely likable. He was kind and considerate and honestly you liked him. You’d been keeping an eye on him since you started walking, he was one of the other names mentioned last night and you were looking for anything that might give him away. You decided to try and force a reaction from him.

“So Arthur, I don’t think I know much about you.” You spoke.

“Um, yeah I guess not.” He replied.

“So what’s your favourite animal? Mine is the bear.” You were looking straight at him now, hardly paying attention to where you were going, attempting to see if there was any reaction to the mention of the bear. It was a crude way to go about it but you didn’t see any other way.

“Oh, I like porcupines, you know they look like they can really handle themselves.” No reaction what so ever. He was now walking eyes glazed over at the thought of the porcupine.

“Yea but so can pretty much all bears! Except maybe the teddy bear” You pushed but still no kind of reaction from Arthur. You gave up as you reached the door to your flat, pushing it open your nostrils burned with the smell of fresh paint but as your eyes scanned the hallway you couldn’t locate the source of the smell. Everything seemed exactly the same. Shrugging it off you clambered up the stairs to your floor. As you became level with the ground you began to see the tops of something very unusual. Reaching the landing your jaw dropped as you took in the exterior walls of your flat. They had been transformed from the mundane shades of blue to a vibrant and captivating mural. The mural ran only from one side of your flat to the other. No other flat in the building had been touched. You took in the vivid colours of the mural, it’s reds redder than any red you’d seen so far and it’s greens the most stunning shades. It was gorgeous. You soon recognised the mural to be your home town, you had moved away from it to attend university and although you didn’t think you missed it seeing it painted against your flat brought you a whole new perspective. You stood and appreciated the mural for a little longer until you were returned from you dream by a cough. You turned remembering what you were doing before you came home to this and apologised to Arthur before entering the flat itself. As you pushed the door open you realised there was another note stuck in the mail slot, you retrieved it as you allowed Arthur entrance to your home. You opened it quickly, Arthur straining to see whilst still keeping a respectable distance.


 You’re a long way from home. I thought maybe you would miss it. Hopefully one day I can feel like home to you.

 Love A.

 Once Arthur had left taking the assignment with him you returned to the landing to admire your mural. You weren’t sure how much trouble you were going to get into with the buildings owner for this but if you were honest with yourself you didn’t care. This was the single most romantic gesture anyone had ever made for you yet you still had nothing but an initial to place to it. At least you could eliminate Arthur; he looked just as surprised as you did when he came up the stairs. When you were satisfied you’d admired it enough you slunk back into your apartment to call your best friend.

“You’ll never guess what I came home to today?”

“No way! You got another present! Someone definitely likes you Y/N!”

You told her the entire story and even sent her a picture of the mural before falling silent to hear her response. She only said one sentence but that one sentence made your heart beat erratically.

“D’you know Ashton’s a fine art major?”

Part Three

Marco Reus Imagine for Anonymous and Anonymous

“You know, you’re really not supposed to be walking on that leg.” You had woken up this morning to an empty bed. The expected sight of your boyfriend sleeping next to you had not been there. Being that it was Saturday, you didn’t have to go into work today, so you had planned on just lazing around at home. Marco, who was injured at the moment, with a sprained ankle, was also supposed to be at home, in fact, he was supposed to be resting. 

Instead, when you heard movement coming from outside your room, you got up and decided to go investigate the noise. When you walked into the kitchen you saw Marco hobbling about trying to cook something. “I got tired of just laying in bed, I wanted t get up and actually do something.” You sighed. As his girlfriend, you understood his feeling, but, as a physiotherapist, you knew you couldn’t let him keep using his bad ankle. In the end, the physiotherapist side of you won.

“Go and take a seat, I’ll make you breakfast.” Marco opened his mouth in order to protest, however, you quickly gave him a look which shut him up. You walked over to the fridge and pulled out the carton of eggs, deciding on making him a simply omelette. You turned back around and while getting out the other ingredients finally decided to continue a conversation with Marco, who had been watching you patiently. 

“You know, you’re not supposed to put pressure on the injury. It could make it get worse and that is the last thing that you want.” You knew that Marco wanted to recover as quickly as possible. He hated that his injury was preventing him from playing. “I know, jeez, you know, I’m starting to think that getting a physiotherapist to be my girlfriend was a bad idea. You tend to nag a lot.” You knew that Marco was joking, so you decided to play along.

“Yeah, well, having a footballer as a boyfriend ain’t exactly a walk in the park. You are probably the most difficult patient that I’ve had.” Marco scoffed. “I’m the best patient you could ever ask for.” You snorted. “Yeah, right.” By the time the two of you had finished your little banter, you had finished making the omelette. Placing the eggs in front of him, you took a seat across from him at the kitchen counter. “After you finish eating, let me take a look at your ankle. I’ll probably have to re-bandage it.” Marco simply nodded in response to your statement.

Once Marco had finished his breakfast, you grabbed his plate and placed it inside the sink. When you walked back, Marco was still seated at the tool by the kitchen counter. You headed out the kitchen, not before telling him that you were going to go get the first aid box. Once you returned you saw Marco about to get out of his seat. You stopped him before he could. “Where are you going?” He looked up at you, with a surprised look in his face. He obviously hadn’t expected to get caught. “I was going to go get water." 

"I’ll get it.” You walked to the fridge and pulled out a water bottle for him. handing it to him, you grabbed the first aid box and sat down on the ground so that it would be easier for you to take a look at his ankle. You gently took his injured ankle and, doing your best not to move the ankle too much, you unwrapped it. The ankle, in itself, was still swollen and there was slight bruising around it. Quickly getting to work, you wrapped the ice bag in a cloth and placed it on the ankle. The icing of the injury was supposed to help with the swelling.

You iced the injury for about twenty minutes before you finally put it away. The icing should never be done for longer than that amount of time in order to avoid getting a frost bite. After you had iced the injury, you wrapped a bandage around the ankle once more. After you had finished wrapping it, you stood back up so you were face to face with Marco. “There, all done, now you can’t walk on in too much and you have to keep it elevated for the rest of the day.”

“Thank you so much Doctor.” You shook your head at your boyfriend. “You are such a dork” He smiled but didn’t deny your statement, don’t think that there was anyway to deny it. Instead he accepted it. “Yes, I am a dork, but you love this dork.” You leaned in and pecked his lips. “That I do." 

You wrapped one of Marco’s arms around your neck and made him place the weight of his body on yours as you helped him to the bedroom. Once there, you helped him get into bed and placed a pillow under his injured leg. You were just about to leave to go and take a shower when Marco pulled you back. He pulled you as close to him as he could, your stomach was at the same level as his face. "You know, I like having you take care of me, it’s like having my own personal nurse.”

He placed a kiss on your stomach. You, being ticklish, slightly squealed and moved away from him. “I’m not a nurse, I’m a physiotherapist, there’s a huge difference.” Marco laughed. “I know but still, the point is, I like you taking care of me.” You leaned down and pulled him into a kiss, both your hands cupping his cheeks. It took Marco about half a second to respond and begin kissing you back. When you pulled away, you were out of breathe. “I like taking care of you.”

- I hope you like it Anons :D

Imagine Just Going with Niall

Requested. Based off of this song [x]

You sat at home, laying on your bed. You had an internship, work, school… It was all too much. It was suffocating. The things that got you through the day are your friends and your boyfriend, Niall. He was wild for you, and you couldn’t believe it, even in your wildest dreams… But you were equally as wild for him.

Niall walks into your room panting, “Y/N, let’s go.”

Your eyes widen, “W-what?”

“Let’s get out of this town, drive out of the city, get away from all of the crowds, everything. It’s suffocating, not even heaven can help us now.” He breathes out, his bright blue eyes on yours.

You chew on your lip. How long would you be wild for him, honestly? Nothing lasts forever… What’s the worst that could happen? You’re young, decisions like this are to be made! You look to Niall. He is so tall and handsome as fuck. He’s your bad boy and he does it so well.

“Okay, fine. But tell me, after all of this. After the ending of you and I-”

“But I don’t-” He tries to interrupt.

“After the ending of you and I, all of this. You’ll remember me, remember this dress, the sunset. My red lipstick at the end of the day and the flush I have. Promise me… You’ll see me again, even if it’s your wildest dreams.” Your eyes were hard on his.

He nods, chewing his top lip.

“Then, let’s go. No one has to know what we do.”

His mouth was fervent on yours, hands in your hair. His clothes were in your room, his voice familiar, but you knew better, nothing last forever. But everything seemed to be getting good now… He was still tall, handsome as hell and did bad so well…

You could tell from this kiss, it was to be your last. With tears in your eyes you pull away, your eyes on his.

The memories flood your mind, tangled up with him all night, the adventures, the nights of love making…. “Some day, when this is all over, and you leave me, I bet these memories will follow you.” You murmur.

Niall frowns, “But-”

“Just remember, you’ll remember me. You promised, even in your wildest dreams.” You whisper and get on your tip toes to kiss him again.

anonymous asked:

Can you do Jamie Benn (like after he came home from a fight w/ Seguin and needs some lovin' - and/or to blow off some steam)?


JAMIE WOULD HAVE HAD A TERRIBLE ARGUMENT WITH TYLER AND HED COME HOME FURIOUS HED SLAM THE DOOR AND IGNORE YOU AS HE WALKED BY YOU AND YOUR DAUGHTER IN LIVING ROOM causing her to say “what’s wrong with daddy” and so you’d pick her up and tell her it was time for bed and that her dad was just upset over losing a game

once she fell asleep you’d go into your bedroom where Jamie sat on the bed freshly showered and shaved with his BOXERS ON and you’d go over to him and take his hand and be like “tell me” and he’d tell you how much Tyler got on his nerves in locker room and they kinda had to be broken up physically in the locker room which caused Tyler to talk smack even more AND JAMIE WOULD HAVE ANGER IN HIS EYES BUT HIS FACE WOULD BE SOFT AND HED LOOK OVER AT YOU AND BE LIKE “let me blow off some steam baby” AND OF COURSE YOUD BE LIKE OK



talking to my children before the first day of school
  • Me:ay, y'all come here *makes hand motions from the side of the living room reclining chair*
  • Children:Dad we have to go to school tomorrow, gotta go to bed,
  • Me:I know, I just wanted to tell you, that when you get in there...
  • Me:don't let anyone take your lunch, lunch money, money in general. You got enough pens and pencils? Don't let these folks bother you, but if they put their hands on you, beat their ass.
  • Me:It's okay, I know what your mama said about fighting and whatnot but you beat their ass if they call you any type of racial slur. She might be mad at you but we gonna go out for ice cream, just don't take no shit
  • Me:everyone ain't gonna be your friend outchea, so learn how to stick with your family first or rock solo and be content with that option on a full scale basis.
  • Me:and whatever you do, don't stand up for that fuckass flag, you know how many people will look at a flag as if it has more worth than a black human being? Hell nah. In fact, if anything goes down I got these phones for y'all, just call me and I'll be there I WILL RIDE FOR Y'ALL FOREVER FOR. EVER
  • Children:.... dad it's like 10 PM we really gott-
  • Me:Oh yeah I'm sorry, y'all are so responsible, reminds me o myself when I was y'all age. Did I ever tell y'all about the time I fixed a car engine by myself when I was 11? Good times, I even got to blah blah lahb blah abablah balhahba
  • Children:tru............but bruh
Summer love. [Michael Clifford]

A/N: So I read a post on my personal tumblr and this literally came up to my mind so here we go. - I’m also probably going to write a similar one for the other boys, Val.

Summary: Summer’s come to an end and so did high school. You’re now cleaning your room before you leave for college, most of the time you’ve spent on holiday seems to be disappeared from your mind until you find a polaroid on the floor, under the bed. It’s you, and a purple haired boy.

12 am; it must be the second week of holiday, you’re sitting with some guys you’ve met on the beach the previous day. “Let’s meet tonight on the beach” someone's said before and now, you’re all laughing and giggling as someone plays the guitar all around a bonfire; you look around before you see him, smiling at you as he waves at you, standing up from his seat and walking toward you. “Hey, y/n! I had no idea you were here until I saw you.” he says, sitting down next to you and crossing his legs. As the night goes, the both of you share a really great time, drinking some beer and laughing, talking about nothing in particular. You can’t remember much, due to the beers, but certainly you won’t forget the taste of his lips against yours. 

5pm; the day after the bonfire; still tired from the whole night, you decide to come around with him, walking around the city as you both hold hands, talking about your interests the seem to be the same: music, arts, travelling. “I love making experiences.” you say as he nods, smiling right before he takes a polaroid of you. “I’m sorry, but you’re the greatest experience I’ve ever made by far.” he says shyly, holding the polaroid in his right hand as he waits for the colours to pop up.

3pm; you’re now used to get around to the group of people you’ve met on your holiday, that really look like good people and looking for adventures ones. This time, you’re sitting on a dock of a lake, legs crossed as you old a paper, tracing lines as you try to draw something - trying to make the most of this time. As you can hear some laughs in the distance, followed by some splashes, Michael sits down next to you, leaving a soft kiss on your cheek as he curiously tries to see what’s your trying to draw. “C’mon, let me see.” he says finally getting the paper from you. 
As he tries to draw something, too, you can hear him mumbling a soft “oh, fuck.” before he shows you the now-ruined paper filled by some dark lines, going across the whole paper and covering your drawing. 

12pm; it’s raining. Summer rains are you favourite, so you’re such in a good mood when Michael shows up to you and you happily wave at him before you leave a kiss on his neck - you’re not tall enough to reach his cheek and you can tell he likes the height difference between you two. The afternoon flies, with your big surprise, as you spend it on a bench under a bungalow’s porch, your legs resting on Michael laps as the both of you keep talking about nothing, his hand softly caressing your hair.

4am; you might have drunk too many beers because your minds is clouded, your feet seem to disobey at your orders, but it’s just you getting lost. All you can remember, is that you and Michael shared his bed, that night; surrounded by the silence, he traced soft kisses on your lips, down your neck and, turning to face you, on your forehead. 

2am; the night later; all you can do is just thinking about him, his smile, his hair, his hands, his laugh, simply him. You keep turning over in your bed before you felt the urge to see him again, so you slip out of your sheets, and walking in silence so you don’t wake up your sleepy parents, you sneak out of your window - meeting him half way to his place, spending another night together. 

8pm; summer’s almost over, the sun’s almost set as you lie down on a grassy field, your hair interlacing with the blades. “You look beautiful.” he whispers as he kisses you again; the both of you get disconnected by the other guys that are now sitting in distance, singing along and laughing - but you don’t really care, you’re having the greatest time of your life, with someone’s that now connecting to you more in deepen.

6am; you’ve just started driving to college as the thoughts of Michael and you show up in your mind again, forcing you to stop the car as you shut your eyes, pressing your forehead against the wheel when you hear a familiar voice coming out of the open window. “Excuse me, do you need some help?” it takes you a little to see who’s talking, his hair is not purple anymore, it’s black; but his smile, the one that you’ve been loving for the whole time during your holiday, it hasn’t gone. 


Imagine #90 Meeting in the hotel

You were finally in your hotel room. You traveled on holiday to Greece with your best friends and finally you arrived on your destination. You were in your room with one of your besties and started unpacking all your stuff that you took with yourself for the week.

You were exhausted, but excited at the same time. Finally free of school, it was summer and your favorite people were with you.

“I am so excited!” your bf said as she jumped on the bed.

“I know! I can’t wait to go out!” you said and finished unpacking, “Why don’t we go to the pool?”

Your bf looked at you and smiled then immediately got up and got her bikini on and so did you.

“Seriously (y/n) your new bikini is perfect on you! You are definitely going to get a lot of looks” she winked and made you laugh then both of you walked out in your bathrobe.

When you were walking pass the reception to get to the pool your friend noticed a few guys, “Oh my God look at them! They are all perfect”

You tried to look at them not to obviously and the first one you noticed made eye contact with you so you looked away in panic.

When you were finally in the pool, you laid on the deckchair and enjoyed the sun. You were chatting with your best friend until you got a text from another of your friends, which was still in the hotel room. You went without her and the other friend because they fell asleep. They told you they will be coming down to the pool and join you. When they finally did you all took some pictures and then jumped in the pool since it was getting too hot to be on the sun.

When you went out you remembered you forgot your wallet in your hotel room so you couldn’t buy yourself a cocktail. Just when you walked to get it your friends noticed again those guys from the reception. They were all so good-looking and they were all already choosing which one they like the most.

You laughed at them and made your way to the elevator. When the door opened and you wanted to enter, someone bumped in to you.

“Oh sorry!” he said as he moved his look on you from the phone.

“No worries” you smiled and then remembered him, he was the guy with which you made eye contact.

You smiled and they walked in to the elevator as he walked out and then looked back at you again with a smile. He was in just his shorts, his body was perfect, and since you were in to tattoo’s and he was almost entirely covered in them it was a big positive mark for you.

When you took your wallet and walked to the bar in the pool, you got yourself a cocktail and then walked to your friends. They were still staring at those guys and they told you how they are also looking at them and that they will try to find the courage to go talk with them.

As they were talking about them and still looking at them you moved your look to see them and once again just in the same time the guy from the elevator looked your way too. He smiled and winked, but you just smiled back and looked away joining your friends, but they noticed what just happened.

“What just happened (y/n)?” one of your besties asked as all of them were staring directly at you.

“Nothing?” you laughed and got a sip of your drink.

“He just winked at you and smiled, it can’t be nothing? Go talk to him!”

“What? No! I don’t know him; I just bumped in to him in the elevator”

“Someone needs to get them to come here and since you already made contact with him it’s on you”

“I am not going to talk with him, if you want them then go to them. I am not interested,” you said annoyed, because sometimes they were too implosive.

“Okay don’t need to get mad. I’ll go ask if they want to join us” your best friend said and got up then walked to them.

You and your two other friends were looking at her talking with them and then you noticed her waiving.

“I think they want us to come there,” your friend said.

“You guys go, I’ll stay here for a few more minutes and then go take a nap in the room” you said and got your sunglasses on.

“C’mon come with us, you need to talk with that guy!” your friend said, but you were not really in to talking with guys since you were shy.

“No seriously don’t worry about me. I’ll go sleep for a while so I won’t be tired when we go out tonight,” you said and they finally decided to go without you.

After about ten minutes, you decided to go back in your room and sleep. You looked at your friends and they were still talking and laughing with those guys. You were happy for them because you knew how much they wanted to meet new people on this vacation.


You and your friends were getting ready to go out and party. You were wearing a shirt and a top, perfect for summer time.

“Omg I forgot to tell you!” suddenly your best friend shout from the bathroom where she was putting on make-up.


“The guy you bumped in to. He is a famous footballer from Barcelona”

“Oh really? What’s his name?”

“Neymar, he is a Brazilian. You should try and get him tonight”

“Wait, are they also coming?” you asked confused not knowing they made plans with them.

“Well they said they will go out tonight in the same place as we will so most probably we will meet”

You didn’t know if this was a good thing or bad, because you kind of wanted to party just with your girlfriends.

When you all got in the terrace in your and your bf’s room you all took some shots and got drunk then finally left to go out. You were all so excited and happy that you finally made it on a vacation that you were all planning the entire year.

When you walked in to the club, the music was crazy and the atmosphere was perfect. When you all walked around one of your friends noticed those guys. You told them that you need to go to the toilet and told them you will be back soon.

When you were getting back to them, someone took your hand and when you turned around you recognized Neymar.

“You keep following me, huh?” He asked joking.

“Or is it the other way around?” you smiled and then presented yourself, “(y/n)”

“Neymar” he smiled as he put his arm around your shoulder, “c’mon I’ll buy you a drink”

You walked together to the bar and he ordered you a shot of tequila.

“So, you girls enjoying the vacation?”

“Yes, we just came and it’s amazing. What about you? Probably enjoying the attention of so many girls,” you joked as you looked around showing him that there really were loads girls staring at him.

“Well I won’t be here as long as my friends, because I need to go back in Spain, but we are enjoying yeah. Well let’s say that I’m not interested in any of them”

“Oh really, so you have a girlfriend?” you asked surprised.

“No, no I don’t” he laughed at you assuming that, “I just need attention from a certain girl in which I bumped in to this afternoon” he smiled and you blushed rolling your eyes.

“Such a cheesy answer, you are probably one of those fuckboys huh?” you laughed.

“No (y/n), I’m serious. Come dance with me” he said and took your hand to take you on the dancefloor.

While the two of you were, dancing and having fun he suddenly leaned closer to you and kissed you. The alcohol inside of you was not letting you move away of making a possible mistake, plus his perfection was stronger than your thinking.

After kissing for a while you remembered you told your friends you would be back soon so you and Neymar walked to them to make them sure you were okay.

“Oh God! We were looking for you!” your best friend shout at you worried, but as she noticed Neymar next to you with his arm around your waist, she calmed down.

“I took care of her don’t worry” Neymar said and kissed your cheek making you smile, “We’re leaving now” he said and you looked at him confused, because he made this decision on his own right now.

“We are?”

“Yes” he laughed at your reaction, “We’ll see you tomorrow, and enjoy the night!” Neymar shout and you waved at your friends noticing they were happy for you.

“Don’t wake the entire hotel you guys!” one of Neymar’s friends shout behind you making everyone laugh.

When you finally walked in to the hotel you were still so drunk Neymar kept on laughing at you acting stupidly but cute. When you two got in to the elevator you moved in front of him, pushed him in the wall, and kissed him passionately.

“Someone is inpatient” Neymar smiled stopping the kiss when the elevator opened on his floor.

You two walked out and he took you in his room. This time he was inpatient and started undressing your top, and then walked you on his bed.

When he was just in his boxers and you were in your underwear he got on top of you and kissed you all over your body but then suddenly laid back down surprising you.

“Why did you stop?” you looked as him surprised.

“I’m proving you something”

“And what is that?”

“I’m not a fuckboy and I’m not having sex with you tonight, not when you are this drunk” he winked and then leaned closer to kiss you.

“Hmm… Maybe I was wrong about you” you smiled and then laid closer leaning your head on his bare chest.

“I will prove you, you were and I will make you fall I love with me” he smiled then kissed your head and no longer after that you two both fall asleep.

The next two days you spent most of the time with Neymar and you two started to know each other better until he had to leave already to go back in Barcelona to his team.

“I’ll call you when I’m home,” Neymar said before going on his airport lane. You went with him, because he asked you to come say goodbye.

“Okay” you forced a smile because even if you two knew each other for just 3 days you two got close.

It was time that he had to go on the plain so he hugged you and kissed you on the cheek then walked his way.

“Hey (y/n)!” he suddenly shout so you turned around to him, “when you come back in Spain. I’ll take you on a real date!”

You were so happy and you instantly ran towards him and kissed him not thinking about it twice.

“I can’t wait” you said and he kissed you again then had to leave for real.

Part 11

After helping you clean up the dinner dishes you both decided to get some sleep since tomorrow was when you meet his family. Chris feel asleep pretty fast, but you keep tossing and turning. Looking at your phone for the tenth time to see the time. You decide to get up and go downstairs to the living room to read or watch tv or something.
A couple house later Chris turned over to hug you and noticed you weren’t in bed. Being able to hear the tv downstairs he got up to go find you. Everything was dark beside for the TV. Watching a Sons of Anarchy rerun you look up when Chris called your name.
“Y/N” Chris said. He was only wearing his boxer briefs and even in the light for the TV he was so damn sexy.
“Did I wake you?” You asked turning the TV down.
“I just turned over to hug you and you weren’t there. What’s wrong?” He asked picking you up and placing you on his lap.
“I just can’t sleep.” You said kissing him on the lips.
“Come upstairs and watch tv. We got a big day tomorrow.” Chris said kissing you back and turning the TV off.
“Yeah I know. That’s why I can’t sleep.” You said getting off his lap.
“What! Why?” Chris said pulling you back to him.
“What if your family hates me Chris.”
You said feeling upset
“Crazy girl, they will love you. Just like I do.” He said looking at you.
“And if they don’t?” You said with tears in your eyes.
“Then we will run away to Alaska and live in the wild” he said winking at you.
“You’re so funny.” You said laughing at him.
“Listen they will love you. My mom can’t wait to meet you.” He said getting up and hugging you.
“Okay. I believe you. I love you.” You said hugging him tighter
“I love you more.” He said
“Nope.” You laughed
“What ever helps you sleep at night.” He said as you guys walked to bed.
“I know something that will help me sleep Mr Evans.” You said stopping looking at him.
“What’s that Mrs Evans.” He said as you forgot what you wanted.
“Mrs. Evans?” You questioned
“I like the ring to it.” He said picking you up bridal style and carried you to bed.

Hearing Chris say Mrs. Evans keep playing over and over in your head. Keeping up to make breakfast you find Chris at the table on your lap top.
“Morning beautiful.” He said looking up.
“Morning. What you up to?” You asked opening up the fridge.
“Looking at houses.” He said
“Find anything you like?” You asked taking the eggs out and walking over to Chris.
“I found a couple.” He said moving his chair back for you could sit down.
For the next thirty minutes Chris showed you houses.
“Those are beautiful houses, but I’m not sure I can afford it.” You said not really looking at him.
“You don’t have to afford anything Y/N.” Chris said kissing your head.
“Chris you can’t pay for everything.”
You said getting up from his lap to start breakfast
“Why can’t I.” He said. You could tell his was getting aggravated.
“Because it isn’t right. I’m not with you for you to spend all your money on me.” You said breaking the eggs into a bowl.
“I ask you to move in with me. I don’t need a room mate. I want to live with the girl I’m in love with.” He said getting up and walking away.

The tears started falling as soon as he walked away. Why couldn’t you let it go. Throwing the eggs into the sink you went after Chris. Walking into the bedroom you found him getting dress.
“I’m sorry.” You said as you walked in.
Chris just looked up at you and started putting his shoes on.
“I love you so much and I really want to move in with you and spend the rest of my life with you. I just don’t want you to think I’m taking advantage of everything.” He listened as you spoke and seeing you cry was the most heart breaking thing he has seen.
“Y/N. I’m sorry I got upset.” He said wiping your tears away.
“We will figure everything out so please trust me I want to buy us a house. I love you.” He said leaning down to kiss you.

After you mini make up, make out moment you jumped in the shower. Chris’s mom was flying in this afternoon to spend the weekend with you and Chris. You were making lasagna and Apple pie for dessert. Your just hoping she like your cooking as much as Chris does. As soon as you took the pie out of the oven you heard your front door and Chris yelling.

“Y/N were back.”
Thinking to yourself ready or not it’s time to meet the family.

Sorry so long part 12 will be up soon