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Drabble 5 and 19 with jihoon (woozi) please? thank you ❤️

thank you for your request doll! sorry this was a bit short ♡

Jihoon the Bear 
Jihoon (Woozi-Seventeen) Drabble

#5: “What are you staring at?”
#19: “Just hold me, please.”

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“Jihoon,” you call and poke your head into the room. You had awoken a few minutes ago and had decided to go make some coffee, knowing that once Jihoon finally did wake up, he was going to need it badly.

The lump on the bed didn’t even stir. You shook your head and smiled as you quietly walked over to the bed. Jihoon’s light brown hair wasn’t even visible, the only thing that you could see was his foot poking out from the side of the comforter. “Jihoon,” you say again, pulling the comforter back, revealing a very cute and sleepy boy. 

Jihoon’s hair was messy and his lips were parted slightly. He was sleeping on his stomach as he often did and had only his pajama bottoms on. “Hey, sleeping beauty. Wake up,” you say, poking his cheek, causing him to grumble and scrunch his nose up, but his eyes stay closed.

Rolling your eyes you lean down and put your lips right against his ear and whisper, “I made coffee.” Leaning back you watch and observe as he stays sleeping for a second and then one eye cracks open. 

“You did?” He asks in a gravelly morning voice. 

You laugh. “Indeed I did, it’s right here.” Pulling the mug off of the bedside table you bring it up to your nose and take a whiff. “Ah…smells so good.”

“Give me that,” he says sitting up abruptly and reaching out to you. Laughing, you hand him the cup and then run your fingers through his crazy hair, smoothing it down a bit. 

Jihoon blows on the hot dark liquid before taking a sip with still half closed eyes. It was unbelievable how hard it was to get him to wake up in the morning, especially if he wasn’t ready quite yet. 

Once he drank most of the coffee, he placed the cup back on the table and then slid back down in the sheets. 

“Oh, no no no,” you scold him, seeing his eyes start to close again. “You open your eyes right this second.”

JIhoon whines. “But, why?”

When you don’t respond he opens his eyes and looks at you, seeing that you have your arms crossed and an eyebrow raised. “What are you staring at?” He asks flashing you his dimpled smile.

“You because you’re like a bear not ready to come out of hibernation!” 

Jihoon laughs and then holds open the covers for you. Sticking his lower lip out at you, he gives you his sleepy puppy dog face. “Just hold me, please.”

You shake your head at him, but then give in and climb under the warm covers, snuggling up to his warm body. Heat is radiating off his bare torso and instantly makes you sleepy again. You were only quiet for a few seconds, but Jihoon hadn’t spoken again and you rolled your eyes with a small chuckle, knowing exactly why he hadn’t. 

Tilting your head slightly back, you look up at him. His eyes are closed again and his breathing is deep and full, chest rising and falling in even increments. Jihoon the bear had fallen back into hibernation once again…

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This is no good. You did a really bad job. This is not a good job. This is not good pizza. This is terrible. You did it wrong. You are not good at this. You need to quit. Don’t ever do this again. Go to your room and go to bed. 

Thanks for the submission, Magnus

Bed time.
  • Daddy:"It's bedtime princess."
  • Princess:"I don't wanna go to sleep."
  • Daddy:"You have to babydoll."
  • Princess:"I don't wanna."
  • Daddy:"Okay fine. I'm going to take your stuffie then and we will cuddle until I go to sleep." *gets up and grabs the stuffie and walks to the room*
  • Princess:...
  • Daddy:*Yells from the room* "Goodnight little one!"
  • Princess:*gets up, runs to the room, and jumps on the bed with daddy* "I'm sorry daddy cuddle with meeeee"
  • Daddy:"Okay Princess."
Sundaes and Admissions

Evan flopped onto his bed in the shared dorm room, arm covering his eyes and a loud groan escaping his lips.

“What’s your problem?”

Evan uncovered his eyes and turned his head to look at his roommate and best friend. He was sitting on his own bed, tying his shoes and looking as if he was ready to go out. “Long day,” Evan replied. “Where are you going?”

Jonathan stood up and reached for his leather jacket. “I have a date.”

Evan sat up, his feet hanging from the side of his bed. “A date? With who?” He hadn’t meant to sound so surprised and perhaps it was a tad accusational as well, but this was Jonathan. He was practically a recluse, hardly ever leaving the room, and in the two years Evan had known him, he had never seen him go out with anybody. The most Evan knew was that Jonathan was gay, and had had a long time boyfriend in high school that had broken his heart before he had left for college.

Jonathan leveled him with a glare and Evan flinched. “A guy from my chemistry class. What do you care anyway?”

“What is that supposed to mean?” Evan was taken aback from the comment. Of course Evan cared, he was his best friend.

Jonathan rolled his eyes and turned his back to Evan. “I don’t ever say anything when you go out with every chick that throws herself at you. Is it so hard to imagine that someone would actually ask me out?”

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“One time when I was 8, I woke up around 4am. I saw my mom walking up and down the hallway so I decided go out of my room and see what’s up. She looked at me and went, “hey, why aren’t you asleep?” And then we had a little conversation about how I should go back to bed and stuff. Finally, she goes, “ok, well. I’ll fix you some food after I take a shower. Wait out here.” So she went into the living room bathroom and I sat on the small one person couch next to the bathroom door. I eventually drifted to sleep again to the sound of the shower. 

Next morning, I wake to someone shaking me. It was my mom. She goes, “greenmask, what are you doing out here and not in your room?” I go, “you told me to wait here.” She goes, “no I didn’t. I just woke up.” I was like, “well, I heard you take a shower!” She immediately opened up the bathroom and checked every corner of the house. No sign of entry or anything. I started crying out of fear. 

Honestly, it was probably my mind playing tricks but it really made me question my fucking sanity. I understand if it was a dream and I was in my bed. But I fucking woke up, had a full fledged conversation and found myself in the living room. I’ve never had it happen again. This was like 14 years ago. ”

By: greenmask (What paranormal experience made you question your skepticism?)

Book date

Request: Heyyyy can u please make a Fred imaginie!!!!!!! Thanks!!!!!


“Y/N?” You heard your best friend call out to you from her bed, “Where are you going?” You shush her, worried that she might wake the others. “Can’t sleep. Going to the common room to read something.” You said as you grabbed the latest book that you’ve been reading. 

 "Don’t get caught by the professors" was all she said before falling back to sleep. Looked around, none of the other girls heard us. When I entered the common room, I noticed that the fire place was already lit even though no one was around. 

 Shrugging, I sat on the sofa and started reading. It was quiet, of course, everyone was asleep at this time. Well, that’s what you thought until you felt the weight of the couch shifting to the other corner. 


I was surprised to be greeted by a glass of milk in front of my face. “Cant sleep?” I took the glass and looked at its giver. I couldn’t help but smile at his goofy grin, “Thanks. Yeah, couldn’t sleep. You?” I said between sips of the warm milk. 

Fred nodded, “Was about to head back upstairs when I saw you. So I ran back down to get you another glass.” He spoke as a faint white mustache formed from the milk. I grinned, “What about George?” I gestured to my upper lip, “Almost woke him up, but he looked so tired. I just had to leave him alone- did I get it?” He asked as he licked the top of his lip. 

“You missed a spot” I gestured again, but he just kept missing. I smiled and leaned over to him, my thumb wiping off the milk and gently brushing his lip. “Now its gone.” It must have been my eyes tricking me, but I could have sworn that he was blushing. 

Everyone knew about your crush towards one of the Weasley twins, everyone except the boy himself. Fred was always kind to me, George was too but he always seemed like an older brother. Fred however, made me feel like I’m more than just a sister. But its been years, I never tried anything, fearing that maybe it would ruin our friendship. 

“So, what’s that series about this time?” He gestured to the closed book in my hands. I smiled, “Some Greek mythology fiction” Fred squinted his eyes as he read the cover, “Percy Jackson and the Lightning thief?”

“Yeah, I never saw the movie but I thought that I should read the book first” I saw his mouth turn into a smile, “Want to watch it when you’re done with the book? You know… With me?” I wasn’t sure if it was the glow of the fire, but his cheeks turned red.

“You mean… on a date?” I barely whispered, I placed my bookmark on the book before placing it down. He fiddled with his fingers, looking nervous as ever. “Yeah, a d-date”

I couldn’t stop myself from hugging him, almost straddling him. “I’d love to!” “Really?” his grin made him look like a little boy that was getting a present for his birthday. I couldn’t help but giggle.

He hugged me back before letting go, our cheeks tainted red and smiles on our faces. “You should probably continue reading then” he gestured to the book, I looked at him questionably, “Huh?” 

“So that we can go on that date” 

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Imagine you have a really stressful day, so Castiel comforts you.

This was requested by anon. I hope everybody likes this!!! :)

The bed underneath you was more uncomfortable than comfortable, effectively doing absolutely nothing to remedy any part of your awful day.

You heard a gentle knock on the door, but you ignored it, opting to curl up in a ball on the lumpy bed instead. But the person just outside the room persisted, and knocked again, “Go away!” You shouted.

“Come on, y/n. Just let me in.” You heard Casiel’s voice drift into the room from the outside of the room.

“Go away, Cas.” You said moodily. You crossed your arms and frowned into your pillow, but Castiel remained just outside of the room.

“At least tell me what’s wrong, y/n. Please.”

You sighed, “I just had a really, really stressful day.”

“A stressful day?” Castiel asked, surprised that such a simple thing as a rough day had gotten you in such an upset flurry. There was actually an infuriating remnant of a laugh in his voice when he spoke.

“You know what, Cas? Why don’t you just leave me alone? Huh? Leave me alone?” You barked angrily at him. But still, he remained.

“I didn’t want to do this, y/n. But it looks like I’m gonna have to…” Within only a few moments, Castiel materializes in your room, his arms folded stubbornly across his chest, “Come on.” He smiled.

“No.” You said.

“All I want to do, is make your day less stressful. I just want to help. I have the perfect idea. Let’s go.” He practically begged you to allow him to help you. He was desperate to make your day even just a little bit better. He did not want you to be upset.

“If, hypothetically, I were to let you try to fix my bad day, what would we do?” You asked him, turning over in the knotty bed to face him standing indignantly next to you.

He smiled, “Come with me and find out.”

You thought about it, strongly considering just staying in your uncomfortable bed forever. “Ah, what do I have to lose.” You sighed and rose from your bed.

Castiel took you away from your stress for just a little while. He took you out to a carnival on the outskirts of a small, nearby town. He was unfamiliar with the human machines, peculiar activities, strange food, and odd people roaming about. But the one thing he knew, was that you enjoyed yourself. It reminded you of the simpler times when you were younger, with no worries or concerns, so carefree.

By the end of your long outing with the angel, you felt much more relaxed.

Don't mess with a tiny,
  • Tiny:*just gonna take the ink out of your pens and use them as spears, you know, whatever*
  • Giant:.... What are you doing?...*peering at the ink capsules in their hand*
  • Tiny:Preparing!
  • Giant:.. For what? Are you going to kill a bug or something? *stifling laughter*
  • Tiny:*talks in a relaxed voice* actually... I plan on waiting till you fall asleep, then I'm going to creep into your bed and I'm going to-
  • Giant:-what if I lock you out of my room?
  • Tiny:ever watched the Borrowers? I'll use the fucking walls, you won't even see me coming dude.Rawr.

Imagine having a one night stand with Rafael
Requested by: Anonymous

You were drunk and he was there. You had no idea who this gorgeous man was or why he was still in your hotel room the morning after. But what you did know was the sex you had was amazing. More than amazing, words can’t describe the way he moved. He did things you never knew were possible.

But here you were, laying in bed next to him, watching him sleep when your alarm went off. He jumped up and turned to you, probably forgetting where he was. You realized you had to go meet your brother at his place of work and immediately sprung out of bed.

“Leaving so soon?” His voice was soft and still full of sleep.
“I have to go meet my brother, completely forgot.”
“Oh so you have family here? Is that why you’re only here for the weekend?” He sounded disappointed.
“You have to go,” it’s not that you didn’t want to go for round 2 but you really had to go meet your brother.
“We could pick up where we left off,” he smiled.
“I’m being serious,” you laughed at him, “I’m late which isn’t something you want to be when you’re meeting with your brother for a job interview in an hour.”

You picked out your best outfit from your suitcase and grabbed a towel and walked toward the bathroom.

“Oh, so you might stay then?”
“You know, when don’t have to do that thing.”
“What thing?”
“The whole get to know each other thing, pretend we care.” He laughed and looked down and once again, seemed disappointed. “I’m going to go take a shower and when I come out, you won’t be here. So…goodbye…” Shit you forgot his name.
“Rafael,” he held out his hand and you shook.
“Right. Sorry. Hangovers aren’t the best things in the world. But anyway, I’ll see you around.” You turned on your heel then shut the bathroom door behind you.

Once you were done showering, you went out and saw the room was empty so you could get dressed in privacy.

It was a gorgeous day out so you decided to walk to your brothers place of work. Plus you figured walking is quicker than driving in New York City. It didn’t take you too long but when you went inside, you saw your brother, a blonde woman, a brunette woman and Rafael. Your heart dropped to your stomach as you walked toward your brother.

“Hey, there she is,” Mike kissed you on the cheek as you stood in complete shock as the man you were just with last night had his jaw dropped to the floor. “Amanda, Olivia, Barba, this is my sister.” Rafael choked on his coffee. He wiped his mouth as he once again shook your hand.

“Dodds, you never told me you had a sister,” Amanda also held out her hand and you shook it.
“Yea well, here she is.” Olivia turned and smiled and led you to her office for the interview you weren’t even sure you wanted now. But you went in and were hired on the spot.

Mike gave you a congratulatory hug and said the two of you were going out to celebrate later.

“Mike, I can’t. I have a lot of stuff I need to do.”
“Like what?”
“Like find an apartment here.” You glanced at Rafael who was staring at you.
“Nonsense, you can stay with me.”
“I’m a grown woman, Mike. I’m going to stay by myself.”
“Party pooper. Rain check then?” You nodded your head as you grabbed your things and headed out the door. You were walking down the stairs when you heard Rafael call after you.

“Hey,” he smiled, “congratulations on getting the job.” You felt your face get hot and knew it was turning red.
“Thank you,” you smiled back.
“What do you say we go on an actual date and actually care about each other?”
“Are you asking me to be your girlfriend Mr. Barba?” It’s not that you didn’t want to. You wanted to more than anything. You had no idea that you would see this man again and when you did, you knew there could be potential. But then again, your brother was very protective, you just met the guy, and you worked together. That could be a recipe for disaster and Rafael was the main ingredient. However, you decided to be the head chef.

“Not yet,” he smiled, “so how about that date then?”

“I would love to, pick me up at 6?”

“I thought you were looking for an apartment?”

“I just really didn’t want to hangout with Mike,” you confessed. He laughed and gave you a small kiss on the cheek.

“6 o'clock it is then.”

Imagine going to the carnival in Charming with Happy **REQUESTED**

You had planned several months ahead that you were going to the carnival with Happy. The time was now.

As you were getting dressed Happy stepped into the room and sat on the bed.

“Why do you wanna go to this?”

“Because, I have always wanted to go ever since I've moved here.”

After riding every ride, including Happy in the bathroom, you wanted something to eat so you forced him to walk around with you until you found something worth eating.
You and Happy walked away from getting a funnel cake and he wrapped his arm around your waist.

“Maybe this wasn’t such a bad idea.”

“No it wasn’t.”

“Thank you for dragging me here.”

“No problem, that means ill get have to do it more often.”

“Oh hell no.”

You laughed  and he kissed you with the sunset behind you, making it feel like you two were the only ones that existed.

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( sorry this was so short!)

high as a kite

First imagine on here, so sorry in advance if its not the best.xx

**(y/n prov)**

After a long week of school and testing, the weekend is finally upon you. You make it back to Jason McCanns house, worlds worst criminals, also known as your best friend. He’s been letting you stay over his house while your parents are away on a vacation that they annoyingly didn’t invite you to. 

You been so stressed out about school and finding a job that you just wanted to go to bed for the rest of your life and never wake up. 

“Whats up girl?” Ryan says sitting on the couch. Ryan’s one of Jasons gang members. You just let out a tired sigh. “Long day huh?” He asks. “you have no idea” you kick off your shoes. “Well Jasons upstairs in his room” he turns his attention back towards the tv. 

You sluggishly go up the stairs and stop at Jasons door. You just want to be held and someone to rub your back. Jason always had a way to get your mood up. 

You open his door and instantly your hit with familiar smell that makes you cringe your nose. Weed. You watch Jasons eyes snap up at you. He gets a lazy smile on his face. “Baby girl” He says taking another hit. 

Jason never smokes around you, so its weird seeing this. “I’ll come back when your done” You awkwardly tell him. He frowns “No stay” he pats a sit on his bed next to him.

You hesitate making your way over to him. “Whats wrong? You look stressed?” he asks.You look at Jason. His eyes are blood shot red and his eyelids are hanging low. You’ve only seen Jason high twice, he usually gets high when your at school so when you see him, his high is nearly gone. 

“School and all this testing” You let out a tired sigh. You watch him take another hit. He looks at you for a minute before putting a joint in front of you. “Why don’t you take a hit?” he smirks at you letting all the smoke come out. Instantly your face cringes up. “I don’t smoke Jase” You remind him.

“Dont knock it till you try it baby girl” He exhales. You frown at him. He can obviously tell your very hesitant about taking this. 

“Look I won’t force you to take it” He assured you. “But i highly suggest you try it, you might like it” he beamed. He moved the joint back in front of you. 

You looked at the  joint to him, back to the joint. “I-I guess I’ll try it” You let out a breath. A smile forms on his face. 

You hesitantly grab the blunt and hold it in between your fingers. “So..what do i do?” I ask him. “put it in-between your lips, yeah like that, now inhale and hold it in.” He instructs. 

You did as you were told and held it in. “Okay release” He grins. I exhale and start coughing up a storm. “Oh my god! that burned!” Jason laughs at your reaction. 

“So how do you feel?” He looks at me. You shrug. “Do it a couple more times, you’ll feel something” He said.

After Jason finished that joint, he lit another one. You continued to take hits,going back and forth. The more you did it, the better you got. You coughed less, and held it in longer.

“so how do you feel?” You raise an eyebrow at him “Honestly I feel soo good” you laughed. “See I told yooouuuu” Jason sang. The two of you literally laughed at everything. You laughed when the other person exhaled, you laughed when either of you said anything. You even laughed at eye contact.

You fall back on his bed. “I feel like you’re in outer space” You whisper. “You’re so stoned” Jason chuckles looking down at you. 

Jason lays down next you. You slowly lift up your hand to play with Jasons hair. You start running your fingers through his hair. “Mmmmmm” He moaned. 

Jason moved his hands up to your waist and pulls you into him. You let out a laugh. “You’re so beautiful” Jason mumbles. You were high as a kite but that didn’t stop the butterflies coming into your stomach. 

“You’re the most beautiful girl Ive ever laid eyes on” He continues, his eyes still red and hanging low. His fingers slowly rub my stomach where my shirt has risen up a bit. 

You look in Jasons eyes, his looking back in yours. “You’re mine” He says with a lazy smile. He leans in a kisses the top of your nose, making you laugh. He starts laughing as well. 

You stayed there with Jason, talking and laughing for a little bit until one of you got the munchies. Being with Jason high, you guys got closer then ever before. And the little crush you had on him, wasn’t so little after that.

* sorry its not the greatest. I had an idea in my head and then had some trouble finishing it. There is some fluff in this, just a little. If you have some request, message me! Im sure your ideas will be better than mine! xx


Dawn found Elizabeth sitting on her bed upstairs.

Dawn: “What have you been up to Lizzie?”

Elizabeth: “I told you mummy, I don’t like nicknames, you need to call me Elizabeth. And I was just having a sleep on my bed, it’s tiring learning how to be a princess.”

Dawn: “So I’ve heard. Now, Elizabeth, we are going to have someone staying, and until we can get the other room sorted for her, I’m going to make up this bed here, and she’s going to sleep in your room, ok?”

Elizabeth: “Who is?”

Dawn: “She’s called Clara, but daddy and I will tell you more later, when the boys are home.”

Dawn then made up the chair bed and hoped that Clara would be alright with the arrangement. It was probably going to be a bit of an adjustment for her, a house with three children and another on the way. 

Part 2- I know you really love me

Waking up that next morning with a headache. You finally made it out of bed and walked into the living room. Only to find Juice a sleep on your couch.

“Wake up and go home Juice” you said
“You okay?” He asked you
“I’ll live, but seriously you can go home.”
Juice got up and looked at you.
“Happy will kick my ass if you get hurt.” He told you
“I’m not Happy’s problem anymore.” You said walking with him to the door.
“Take care of yourself.” You told him giving him a hug.
It wasn’t his fault Happy didn’t want you.
“Be careful Y/N.”

A Year Later
You weren’t completely over Happy. You still keep a picture of him on your Sun visor. It always made you feel safe. But you have moved on some. For about a month you didn’t leave your house much. It was always the same sleep all day, drink at night and work just to get by. Then one morning you woke up. It was a beautiful day and you wanted to enjoy it. Every since then you keep yourself busy. You started working a couple nights a week at the bar that you got drunk at. The during the day you worked at the book store. Then between both of the jobs you started taking some classes. So you didn’t have time for romance and that was fine with you.

It had been a long day. You had opened the book store this morning, went to class at one and when it was over at six went straight to the bar. It was a slow night and raining. You had your locals but many people stayed home.
“I’m heading home Sammie.” You said grabbing your bags.
“It’s raining pretty bad be careful.” She said as you walked out.
“I will mom.”
“Call me when you get home or I’ll spank your ass.” She said laughing as you walked out.

She wasn’t kidding when she said it was raining. It was horrible outside. The smart thing would have been to go back inside, but you just really wanted to be home. Getting into your car. You turned on the wipers and pulled out. It was all going fine till the other car pulled out into front of you. From being to sleepy or your reflexes just not being fast enough. You couldn’t stop in time.

As juice was pulling into the lot with the tow truck. Everyone noticed the car that was being pulled behind it.
“Damn. What happen to that car?” Gemma asked walking out to get the papers from Juice
“This is the car from the wreck last week.”
“Did everyone make it.”
“Yeah. The guy was drunk and the other driver made it. They said she would be by later to get her things out of it.”
Gemma looked down at the paper and saw your name.
“Fuck” was all she said when she saw Happy looking at the car.

[You’re very welcome, anon!]

“Aghhh,” you groaned as you clenched your stomach, tossing and turning in bed. This must have woken up your husband because you felt a shifting on the opposite side of the bed.

“What happened ____?” Takumi sleepily asked and sat up to rub the sleep from his eyes.

“I don’t feel too well,” you answered weakly before you let out another pained groan. You heard him let out a sigh.

“I told you not to go swimming in that lake last night,” he began to scold you, “but I’ll go get you some water anyway.” Takumi got out of bed and put on some slippers before leaving your room. As soon as he returned and handed you the cup you chugged it all down. You glanced over at him and noticed the worried expression he wore. He slowly leaned in and placed his forehead against yours, causing you to blush at his sudden closeness.

“Relax, I’m just checking your temperature,” he laughed. “But you’re burning up, ___,” he said and stood back up. “Let me get ready so I can see if Sakura has anything for a cold.”

“Y-You don’t…have to trouble…y-yourself!” you said between coughs.

“Of course I have to,” he declared as he started to get dressed. “It’s a husband’s job to take care of his wife, isn’t it?” he smiled gently and ruffled your hair before heading towards the door. You tried to stop him, but as soon as you were going to call out his name he was already gone.

“I’m not a baby. I can take care of myself,” you pouted and sneezed. “But I guess it’s fine if my husband does this,” you smiled to yourself and wrapped yourself tightly in your sheets.

It wasn’t long before Takumi came back with a bottle of medicine, along with a bucket of water, a towel, and a spoon. He walked over to your bedside and placed the stuff down onto the nightstand.

“Can you sit up, ____?” Takumi asked, and you complied.He reached behind you and fluffed up your pillow.

“Thanks,” you smiled, but you went into another coughing fit.

“You really are bad,” he ‘tsk’d and opened the medicine to pour some of it onto the spoon. “Say ‘ahhh’,” he cooed teasingly as he held the spoon out, causing you to blush. You reluctantly listened and opened your mouth.

“Ahhhh,” you said nervously. He popped the spoon into your mouth and your face scrunched up as soon as the bitter liquid touched your tongue.

“Pft,” Takumi tried to hold it in but he ended up breaking out into laughter.

“H-Hey,” you poked his side for laughing at you.

“S-Sorry, your face just looked really cute,” he explained as his laughter died down.

“Hmph,” you pouted and crossed your arms.

“Now, lay back down so I can put a cold towel on your forehead,” Takumi ordered as he began to soak the towel in the bucket of water. Again, you complied and lied back down. As soon as he was done soaking the towel he placed it gently onto your forehead. The cold sensation immediately helped you feel refreshed.

“Thank you for taking care of me, Takumi,” you smiled up at him sweetly.

“N-No problem,” he blushed and walked to the other side of the bed so he could lay down next to you.

“D-Don’t come too close! You’ll end up getting sick too,” you said worriedly.

“I don’t care, I just want to cuddle with you,” Takumi whined and wrapped his arms around you. “Besides, if I do get sick, you’ll take care of me too, right?” he asked.

“O-Of course!” you grinned and wrapped your arms around him in return. He kissed your cheek and stroked your hair.

“You better hurry up and get better soon, though, or else we’ll both be sick at the same time and we won’t be able to take care of each other,” he laughed.

“Of course~”

Sophie:  “Yeah, we had a blast.  She wasn’t even all that mad when I told her I didn’t want to kiss her anymore.”

Caleb knew he was going to regret this but he couldn’t stop himself from asking.

Caleb:  “And who do you want to kiss now?”

Sophie shrugged:  “Nobody really, you should go to bed dad.”

Caleb:  “I am, go on up to your room.  Your dad and I got you a little something.”

Sophie:  “Really?”

And she was off and running up the stairs while Caleb slowly waddled his way back to the master bedroom to rest his aching feet.

Badass bookworms!

I heard that @books-and-cookies wanted some bad ass bookworms stories! Well mine aren’t very badass, but they are kinda funny!

-I really developed my love for reading in 3rd grade *about 9 years old*, and you know how when you got in trouble, you got sent to your room? (Idk if this happened to anyone else, but the idea behind it is kinda like having a time out: go sit on your bed and think about what you did, etc..) Well I know this seems unlreated, but bear with me: before I loved reading, I hated being sent to my room, nothing to do but anticipate and anticipate more scolding before I could go play…after learning to love reading, however, I loved being sent to my room, because that’s where my books were! I would grab a book as I walked in and spend however much time just happily reading 😂 it took my parents a while to realize this (I believe they eventually caught me stuffing a book under my pillow) and thereafter they had to specify: go to your room and just sit there, NO reading *i was a pretty obedient child when given direct instructions..*

-unrelated but also funny: having moved around a lot, by my freshman year of high school I was incredibly introverted in the sense of being incredibly quiet and shy, spending way more time in the library and with books (and the librarians’ company) than I did with people my own age (it got to the point with some teachers that if I handed in my work they’d just let me go hang in the library; I also had great relations with my teachers, and talked with them more than my classmates)… anyway, I had just moved again right before that school year started, and so for freshman year my dad registered me for school; having been working in another state for my 8th grade year, he didn’t know I had already taken algebra 1, so he signed me up… first day of that class, I tell the teacher I’ve taken it before, he sends me to the office to ask for a transfer. The counselor says well maybe you should give it a few weeks and if you’re still good then we’ll switch you…so back I go…the seating arrangement of the math class had me in the front row, but because I knew what was being taught, and being a total book worm for several years now, I pull out a book and begin reading as Mr math teacher starts his lesson…he gets really irritated as I completely ignore him, engrossed in my book, so he does my least favorite thing: calls on my unprepared butt to answer the problem on the board…..I was nervous because I again was absorbed by my book, but as soon as I glance up, I immediately quipped the answer *correct* then ducked my head and went back to reading…the next day my seat was in the back row and he said as long as I turned in my work I could read all I wanted…it was a great arrangement, though I ended up just staying in algebra for the 2nd time because I didn’t want to go back to the office 😂😜

Anyway, I love reading through this tag!! Anyone else have some fun stories? 😄

One Hundred Ways to Say ‘I Love You’ - Got7 - 4/7

Inspired by this post 

Mark and Jackson - (x)

Junior: A yawn escaped you as the credits to the movie Jackson had forced you and the rest of his members into watching watching rolled onto the screen. “See I told you guys it was a great movie! Did you love it?” He announced from the couch opposite you, looking around expectantly, only to be met with hums from everyone, too tired to reply properly, and a “No.” from the maknea who was sat on the floor. “Well then, since it’s s late and none of you are being nice to me, I’m going to bed.” Jackson declared, jokingly storming out of the room. “Woah, he’s right,” you said checking your watch, “I should get going.” Making your way towards the door to slip on your jacket and shoes, Jinyoung stopped you. “I’ll walk you home.” He  jumped up from his position on the sofa. "Jinyoung it’s almost midnight you stay here and go to bed.” You watched him as he slipped his shoes and jacket on. “Exactly, it’s midnight and I’m not letting you walk these streets alone” He poked your nose and smiled brightly at you. “C'mon, lets get you home and into bed.” He said grabbing you hand and walking out the door. “My apartment is pretty much around the corner, I’ll be perfectly fine.” You whined as he dragged you down the stairs of the apartment block he and the other members were currently staying in. “Why are you still trying to fight it (Y/N)?” He chuckled, “I’m walking you home and that final.” He stated and held the main door open for you. You both stepped out into the cool night and that’s when he went silent. The whole way to yours he remained silent. You could tell something was on his mind because he was getting antsy, he kept running his hand through his hair, biting his lips and tapping the tips of his fingers on his leg. But why now? He’d been fine all evening, but now you two are alone he’s behaving weirdly. Once you finally reached your apartment you decided to confront him about it. “Well, goodnight (Y/N)” He quickly said, beginning to turn around and make his way back home, but be for eh could get away you grabbed his arm. “Not so fast Park Jinyoung. You’ve suddenly started acting weird, somethings up. Spill.” You jokingly demanded, poking him lightly in the chest with you house key. Taking a deep breath he finally spoke. “Can I ask you something?” HE chewed his bottom lip, something he always did when he was nervous, now you were intrigued. You nodded and smiled at him encouragingly. “Can.. Can I kiss you?” He asked hesitantly, scratching the back of his neck and looking at nervously. Your eyes bulged out of your head in shock. Your best friend had just asked to kiss you, you didn’t know what to say. That was the last thing you thought he’d say. “Umm.. Can, can I ask why you want to kiss me?” You asked just as shyly as he did. His cheeks became flushed as he shrugged his shoulders. “I guess it’s ‘cause I like you (Y/N), I was planning on telling you how I felt tonight, that’s why I invited you over. But then obviously the others had to join us and ruin it.” He laughed nervously, looking at his feet, patiently waiting for your reply. “Jinyoung…” You stood there bewildered, not knowing what to say. You’d been best friends for ages, and obviously he meant a lot to you, you could say you had feelings for him, but not proper ones. You never thought about the possibility of a relationship with him until this very moment. He looked up at you through his lashes and began biting his lip, he was obviously tense about how you’re answer. “I like you too Jinyoung. But I don’t know if it’s enough for us to becoming anything more than friends. Not just yet anyway. I’m so sorry.” You gushed out apologetically, shooting him a small, sympathetic smile. He nodded slowly in reply. “Well…” He looked around him for a while, moving his gaze everywhere but onto you, until finally he looked you in the eyes and smiled sweetly. “That’s totally fine. If you aren’t comfortable I’m not going to force you.” You let out the breath you didn’t realise you were holding and smiled brightly at him. “Thank you. You’re really great but the idea of being in a proper relationship now just scares me.” You confessed, desperately trying to make him realise it wasn’t him that was the problem. He nodded again and rubbed your arm. “I’ll still be here when you’re ready.” Placing a small kiss on your forehead he turned away, bidding you goodnight and making his way back home.

Youngjae - Youngjae having the night off had become a rare occurrence since his latest comeback, in the lead up to it he’d spend late nights at the studio practicing and then the nights after were filled with music shows, fan meets and many other forms of promotion. As much a sit annoyed you not seeing him, you were beyond proud of how far he and his fellow members had come. Since it was so rare for you two to spend the night together, when you got the chance Youngjae would go all out. “I made reservations.” He sang as he entered your room and flopped down next to you on your bed. “What for?” You asked. “For tonight! I have nothing on so I’m going to spend tonight with you. I’ve told everyone at work that I’m busy tonight and not to bother me. I also told the other members that if they dare disturb this date there will be hell to pay.” He explained. You laughed at the idea of Youngjae trying to threaten his hyungs and the two maknaes, he wasn’t exactly the scariest person in the world. “So tonight will be just a nice, quiet meal and a lovely restaurant. Just the two of us.” He smiled sweetly. “Sound good?” You pecked him on the lips lightly. “Sounds perfect.” You smiled leaning in for another gentle kiss.
But the idea of a perfect, quiet dinner were shattered pretty much as soon as you sat down at your table. You’d only just ordered your drinks and Youngjae’s phone began blowing up with texts and calls from the other members, all of which he ignored or rejected. You could tell he was becoming more and more annoyed by each call. “Urgh, now Yugyeom’s started calling.” He groaned, as his phone screen lit up with another call. “Youngjae, if JB, Mark AND Jackson have all tried to call you and now even Yugyeom is trying, it must be something important. Answer it, I honestly don’t mind.” He shook his head rejecting Yugyeom’s incoming phone call. “No. What ever it is, it can wait until tomorrow.” He smiled gently at you, turning his phone onto silent and putting in back into his pocket. “I told the other members that tonight is important and I wanted to spend it with just you, no interruption, so the can deal with being ignored until the morning.” He picked up his menu, obviously trying to change the subject and move on. “What if it’s something really important, like something bad’s happened?” you whined, grabbing the menu right back in order to make your boyfriend listen, which just made him to roll his eyes and sigh. “If it was anything awful they’d come and find me, they know where I am. Stop worrying. Listen,” He reached over and put both of your hands in his. “My manage hasn’t called, no one of importance has called, and I’m sure they’d be the first if it was something awful or desperate. I’m pretty sure it’s just my idiot members trying to annoy me. As always.” He laughed lightly, not matter how much they teased him or tried to annoy him the could never effect him, not even in the slightest. “Now, let’s enjoy our date and forget that I have such a hectic schedule and such annoying members for a few hours, yeah?”

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Drabble of the day: 14/04/16

“Daddy! Daddy! We have to go now!”

“Please petal its…” Greg looked up from his pillow and groaned.

“It’s time to get up!”

“Yeah, yeah it is. Get off a minute and let me sit up.” Elizabeth rolled onto the other side of the double bed and sat eagerly.

“You have your bag ready?”

“Yes we have to go!” Elizabeth rolled off her side of the bed and out of the room.

Greg groaned and flopped back into his pillow.

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