Let’s Play A Little Game

Let’s Play A Little Game
Word Count: 4,193
Summary: You and Luke have some silent fun while your parents are asleep in the next room over.
Smut?:        YES            NO

“AreWeOutOfTheWoodsYetAreWeOutOfTheWoodsYetAreWeOutOfTheWoodsYetAreWeOutOfTheWoods!!!!!!” you whisper shout one Saturday night. It’s around 11:30 and you got home about half an hour ago from going to dinner and the movies with your best friends. You had been talking with your parents about your day before they decided to go to bed resulting in your going up to your room and jamming out. You had been texting your boyfriend, Luke, all day, and you were both really set on seeing each other this weekend, but didn’t think either of you had the time. Both of your lives were pretty busy, Luke’s crazier than yours at the moment, and schedules were not aligning at all this weekend. Suddenly, your phone lit up like a christmas tree [AN: i made myself cry oops #TFIOS], and the Fifty Shades of Grey version of “Crazy in Love” started playing; your cheeky boyfriend thought it would be “fucking hot as fuck, babe” if that was his ringtone when he called you. It took a little bit of convincing on his part because, hello, that’s kind of risqué for you, the 17 year old, to have a song clearly about sex as your 19 year old, internationally famous boyfriend’s ringtone. You didn’t really mind what people said about you guys because you and Luke loved each other and were very happy together, but you also didn’t really need Luke to get convicted for a felony since you were technically a minor. Eventually you gave in;  the stupid boy knows your weaknesses—neck kisses, disney movie marathons, and chocolate covered strawberries—too well.
“Baby,” he greeted you sweetly…too sweetly.
“Hi,” you giggled back, questioningly at his tone of voice, knowing that he was plotting something.
“I really wanna see you,”
“I really wanna see you, too, but we’ve been over our schedules for this weekend a thousand times and we just don’t have any common free times…” your pout can practically be heard through the phone.
“What if I told you that there’s a secret, hidden free time?” you knew he was smirking.
“I would tell you that I’d love you forever, but—“ you were interrupted by knocking on your window. You let out a tiny shriek from being startled and your eyes were wide as you whipped your head around to face your window. You immediately let out a sigh of relief when you saw that the scary monster staring into your bedroom was actually just your big bear of a boyfriend. He waggled his eyebrows at you suggestively and smirked at you. His eyes traveled up and down your body as you were walking towards him to let him in before he bit his lip and shook his head slowly. You were slightly confused by his actions until you looked down at what you were wearing.
Once you got up to your room after being out all night in a summery dress and wedges, you decided to take off both, leaving you in your red, lace bra and thong set. You were going to put on your pajamas, but it was hot in your room so you decided to wait until the air kicked on again. Your eyes widened and your cheeks turned red, not that Luke had never seen you in your bra and underwear—or even less, for that matter—but you weren’t necessarily planning on doing that when you guys hung out. You weren’t against it per se, but you were perfectly content cuddling on one of your beds, watching movies or talking, and maybe making out a little bit.
You stood at the window and carefully slid up the heavy glass, being as silent as possible. Once it was up enough for Luke’s tall frame to get through, he crawled in and helped you shut the mesh screen of the window, letting the night’s breeze sweep into your room.
“Baby,” he said it just like how he had when you talked to him moments ago on the phone, but with a big smile.
“Hi,” you giggled back again, chewing on your bottom lip.
“So, I guess you have to love me forever now, right?” he said jokingly, in a hushed tone, pulling you towards him by placing his big hands on your hips.
“I mean, I would’ve anyways, so…” you replied at the same volume and wrapped your arms around his neck. You stood there, next to your window, staring into one another’s eyes. Both of you wanted to absorb all that the moment had to offer. The lingering smell of rain in the air from earlier in the day seeping into your room, the sound of leaves rustling in the trees and the rare car speeding past, the way your eyes sparkled and his hair shone in the moonlight; serene moments like these were often few and far between with both of your crazy schedules, and it was amazing to just be, together. It was always in the back of your mind that Luke would be leaving again soon for tour and you had to make the most of the time you were in the same country before he’d be off, but you had a life, too, and refused to stop doing the things you wanted to do just to spend time with Luke. It was the end of your junior year of high school and you already had a great job, plus your future to think about (hello, college!!!). Luke was the bonus to all you already had been blessed with.
Subconsciously, you started smiling as you had been thinking about how lucky you were and how amazing Luke made you feel, making Luke smile back at you. “C’mere, babe,” he whispered as he leaned in closer to you, resting his forehead on yours. He rubbed his nose against yours only making both of your smiles even bigger.
“Oh, just kiss me, Lucas!” you whisper shouted giggling. He closed the small gap, capturing your lips in a heart melting kiss. He had a way of kissing you that made you feel loved, protected, and lusted after all in one, and it was one of your favorite pastimes. The kiss was slow and sensual, passionate and loving, innocent, but sexy. The beating of your heart picked up speed when he bit your bottom lip, seductively sucking it in-between his soft and enticing lips, eliciting a low moan from you. He pulled away from the kiss slowly, dropping his forehead back down to rest on yours, trailing his right hand up from your hip to your neck. His fingers ghosted across the soft skin of your tummy and over your left breast over your bra cup, pausing there to make little loops on the skin right above the top of your bra. You bit your lip and groaned at his lovely teasing, making Luke chuckle before his hand continued its journey up your neck, his hand securing at the nape of your neck with his thumb rubbing lightly on your cheek. You rested the weight of your head onto his hand and he removed his face from yours to kiss the opposite side of your neck. He started by placing chaste pecks around your well-known sweet spot before lightly biting the skin causing you to inhale a deep breath, moaning Luke’s name on the exhale.
“Yeah, baby?”
“Why do you keep doing this to meeeeeeee?” you whined as your eyes closed and your knees grew weak, prompting Luke to wrap his free arm securely around your waist.
“What am I doing to you, sweetie?” you could feel his smile on your neck which quickly disappeared when his tongue traced a thin stripe up to your ear lobe, pulling it into his mouth to attack, forcefully sucking on it, increasing your breathing rate even more.
“You know I really hate you sometimes, Hemmings,” your hands moved to grip his hair, an anchor as you began to melt even further into his lethal touches. Suddenly, his hips bucked into yours and your jaw dropped, “I’m sure you do, sweetheart…” he almost growled out and snickered. He sounded dark, almost evil, but you knew your innocent whining was turning him on more than he would like to admit, and he was trying to ward it away so he could continue teasing you.
He moved his lanky legs so that his left one was in-between yours. You immediately started rocking your underwear clad core against his thigh, slowly at first but picking up speed as soon as Luke’s lips made their way to the sweet spot on your collar bone. He lightly bit on the spot three times and on the third pulled up your skin with his teeth, then swirled his tongue around it. Next, he kitten licked the abused spot a few times. He pulled away, much to your dismay, to admire your current state. Your breaths were shallow and fast and your eye brows were knit together. You bit down on your bottom lip harshly as you were getting closer to your high from riding Luke’s thigh. Quiet moans and whimpers were constantly leaving your lips, “Lukey,” you muttered under your breath.
“Is my baby girl gonna cum right on my thigh? Huh?” he pecked your nose, always showing you how much he really loved you. You shook your head “yes.”
“Yeah? Are you gonna cum for me in those pretty little panties of yours?”
“Yes, Luke. Oh, god,” you were losing control way faster than you thought you would.
The hand that wasn’t wrapped around your waist to keep you standing moved up to caress your face and hair. He pushed the hair that had fallen into your eyes out of the way and kissed your forehead.
Up until this point, you had been doing the majority of the work in getting yourself off, but Luke decided he wanted to help you out some. He went back to your sweet spot, this time sucking–very roughly–and he bounced his leg once, “OH, God!” you tried to be quiet for the sake of your parents in the next room, but it was getting harder.
“Oh, you like that don’t you?” you felt him smirking against you, “Ugh, you’re so naughty…I love it.”
“Please, Luke,” you whispered as your hands dug themselves even further into his hair.
“Well,” he paused his attack and pecked the spot, “Since you asked so nicely, Princess.” He kissed your lips hard and began bouncing his leg against your core. He had to hold your head up in order to continue kissing you when your neck went limp and your head dipped back.
“Right there, babe. Oh my god, please don’t stop.” you mumbled the words against his lips.
After a few more minutes of torture, you suggested you two continued on your bed. Luke pulled away to look into your eyes, “If we move to the bed, this may escalate a bit pretty quickly, babes…” You let out a small laugh because you felt like Luke always went beyond the call of consent by “warning” you before you guys had sex.
“I’m okay with that,” you gazed into his ocean blue eyes, as well, “But we have to remember that my parents are like 200 feet and a room away…”
“I guess you’ll just have to try to keep those amazing moans of yours inside that pretty mouth, then.” he quipped back and slapped your ass playfully, leaving his hand to rest on your ass.
“Oh, please,” you rebutted, “I can last way longer than you with out moaning!”
“No way,”
“Yes way! Who still lives with her parents? Me! Who has a boyfriend that’s away for long periods of time so she has no one to help her with her needs and no where to go to relieve herself of said needs? Me!” you listed off
“Yeah, okay, and who has to share a very cramped sleeping area on a tourbus with three dudes? Me!”
“Yes, because they would care if they heard you moaning my name while you were jerking off!” you scoffed with a little attitude. Luke paused the argument and just stared at you, cocking his head to the side like a little puppy would. “What?” you sassed.
“When you get yourself off, you moan my name?” his demeanor changed and now he seemed shy, but proud.
“Oh,” you realized what you had said now. You and Luke were very open with each other, but you had never really talked about masturbating to the thought of each other before, or masturbating at all, really, “I mean, yeah…” your cheeks were burning and you looked towards your feet.
“No, no, no, don’t be embarrassed, baby girl!” He hooked his fingers under your chin, forcing you to keep eye contact again, “That’s, like, the hottest thing I’ve ever heard! I mean, I figured that you fingered yourself or rubbed your clit or something like that when I wasn’t around, or maybe even when I was, and I know when I…ya know…,” he made a hand gesture, not helping with your already rosy cheeks and causing you to chuckle, “I think of you, but I don’t know I guess I just didn’t expect you to think of me…”
“Of course I do, who else would I think of? You know you’re my first everything so it’s not like I’m thinking of an ex or something…” you giggled at the ridiculous thought.
“I know, but I don’t know.” It was his turn to look down with rosy cheeks now.
“Well, I do! I’m about to tell you something that I’ve never said out loud before, are you ready?” Luke nodded his head, “Okay, so before I met you, erm, well you know like got with you, I guess…anyways before that I could never get off.” Luke looked flabbergasted, “Like, I rubbed my clit and stuff, I even used a vibrator, and it felt super good, but then after a little while it just kinda stopped feeling good, or I would get tired or distracted or something, and well since we happened, I’ve been able to get myself off, but only when I think about you and that it’s your fingers or tongue or dick or whatever making me feel good…soooo…there’s literally no way that I would be thinking about anyone besides you…” you trailed off slowly regaining eye contact and waiting for his response.
“I’m so in love with you that it worries me, honestly.” Luke replied after a moment of thought, making you giggle before replying, “I’m very, very in love with you, too.” You grabbed his hand and pulled him behind you to your bed. You lied on your back in the center of the bed and Luke climbed on top of you, kissing up your neck while his hands drew patterns right above your panties.
“Sooooooo, I’m gonna make you moan first.” He brought back the conversation from before.
“You literally will not.” You sassed back smacking his shoulder lightly, before reaching down to pull his shirt off.
“Fine, let’s play a little game then, hmm?” Your eyebrows furrowed together in confusion, and he continued his assault on your neck, his work sure to leave a hickey that you’ll have to cover up in the morning.
“What are you talking about?” As skeptical as you sounded, Luke’s “games” were usually something you absolutely adored. His lips moved up your neck to the shell of your ear.
“If I moan first, I have to do anything you want, for as long as you want.” As he whispered, his voice was gravely and his lips brushed against your ear with every word, “If you moan first, you’re completely, 100% mine and have to do whatever I say.” Your breathing was getting heavy again from his words. “Does that sound good, princess?”
“Absolutely, baby.”
“Perfect. Okay, on three, no more noises, got it?”
“Got it, one…” you started.
“Two…” his turn.
“Three.” you said in unison.
You stared at each other for a few seconds, unsure of who was going to take initiative when suddenly, an animalistic shine took over Luke’s eyes making yours grow wide. His jaw clenched and his eyes ran up and down your top half before slamming his hands on either side of your head, startling you, and kissing you with a passion you had never experienced before. His teeth pulled on your bottom lip roughly, making you suppress a moan in order not to lose the challenge in just seconds. He released your bottom lip before licking it. You opened your mouth just wide enough for his tongue to get through, circling your own aggressively. Your hands flew to his hair, pulling roughly on the ends previously lying on his neck, and your raised your legs to wrap around his hips. If you wanted to win this game, which you definitely did, you were going to have to kick it up a notch. You bucked your hips up into his, but didn’t come down. You kept your hips pressed against his sweat–pants—clad ones, slowly circling your hips on his bulge without decreasing the pressure. His dropped his head to your chest, his breaths getting deeper. You could see in his face how hard he was trying not to make some kind of noise. Usually, he’d be growling out your name with ever circle of your hips right now, but this boy was nothing if not stubborn. He started kissing and sucking on your chest, leaving teeth marks in his wake.
You knew you had to step it up if you wanted to win because normally when Luke starting sucking on your chest the way he was now, he’d start moving his kisses down your body until he was right at your core, eating you out like it was the last time he’d ever get the chance. You needed to flip your boy over, but that would take some serious work. You pulled your hips back to the bed taking a few deep breaths before quickly securing your legs around Luke’s hips and bucking your hips, hard, into his and grinding up and down his throbbing dick after the initial contact. You had already almost won, his mouth hung open and stomach muscles contracting. You ran your fingers from the back of his neck to where his hair meets his forehead and back while your lips attached to the sweet spot behind his ear. You repeated the hip thrust again, but this time as your lower half made contact with his, you bit his skin and pulled on his hair. He was so close to breaking down, his arms had given out and his body was flushed against yours. Now was your chance to flip him. You tugged his head off your chest by his hair, seeming like you were going in to kiss his neck, then propped your left leg up so your knee was facing the ceiling causing his legs to twist a bit. You put your left hand on his right shoulder and pushed, smiling both at your success of flipping your super huge boyfriend off of yourself and the incredulous look he was currently giving you. Before he could flip you both over again, you straddled his hips and began grinding, which made you realize he still had his pants on. You lifted your hips high enough to reach between your bodies and pull down his sweat pants, letting him kick them off his ankles. You lowered yourself down again and began to rub back and forth at a moan-worthy pace. His left hand was resting behind his head, and his right was squeezing your left hip. You decided to put on a theatrical performance to help him moan. As your pace increased, you bit your lip and squinted your eyes, tipping your head back. Your hands slid up your body to undo your bra. You threw it to the floor and started playing with your nipples. You squeezed and rolled them between your fingers, before gently flicking them.
He was clenching his jaw, but still not giving in. You leaned forward and grabbed the hand that was on your hip and put it right in front of your mouth. You looked him in the eyes as you took his pointer and middle finger into your mouth. You pornographically swirled your tongue around his fingers before pulling them all the way out of your mouth. You pecked the tips then sucked not going passed his first knuckle, still maintaining eye contact besides when you exaggeratedly tipped your head back, acting like sucking on his fingers was giving you pleasure.
He was biting his lip so hard right now, you thought he’d break skin. Alright. Finale time. You pulled his fingers out of your mouth and leaned all the way down to kiss his lips while starting to grind your hips down into his again. You slipped your hand between your bodies and reached into his boxers to grab his dick. You decided it would be easier to take his underwear off, so you did. As you were pulling out all the stops in the kissing department, you started your hand job. Now most people would’ve gone straight for the blow job, but those people are not as good at hand jobs as you are. You lifted your face away from his and scooted back a tad onto his thighs to get a better angle. Your hands moved furiously up and down his shaft causing him to throw his head back into the pillow. Your right hand stayed in his shaft, while your left moved to fondle his balls. You switched off between tugging them and squeezing them, increasing pressure every few repetitions. Using your right hand, you moved your focus to his tip. Putting the tips of your nails on his tip, you very slowly and very lightly spread your fingers out across the top of his dick, like a firework. This was a trick Luke absolutely went crazy for and was normally kept a birthday/holiday deal, but you really wanted to win this game.
Luke’s abs were so prominent, now, from trying to hold in his moans. You knew he was gonna come soon which meant he would moan, too. You racked your brains for anything else you could do. Suddenly, you figured it out. You’d have to silently dirty talk. You removed your left hand from his balls and slapped his thigh, making him pick his head up quickly, as your nails dug in. You bit you lip and looked him in the eyes, making sure you had his full attention.
“Come for me.” you mouthed the order. He closed his eye and shook his head so you slapped his thigh again, a little harder this time. “Moan for me, Luke. Come on, baby. I know you want to. I know this is so good for you. Do it. Come all over me. Moan my name.” There was a dominating look in your eyes that Luke had never seen before, and he’d never been more turned on in his entire life. He tried to look anywhere but you so he wouldn’t moan. You slapped his thigh for the third time, the hardest yet, and raked your nails down to his knee. He stared you in the eyes now, breathing the hardest he had all night.
“Moan.” You mouthed the singular word.
“Ahhhhrrrrggg oh fucking hell, y/n.” He moaned all his thoughts out at once, mixing every swear he knew with your name as he came undone beneath you.
“That’s my good boy.” You whispered as he came down from his high, “I told you I would win.” You drew patterns on his chest and let him get his breathing under control again.
“How the fuck are you so good at this shit, you are 17 years old.” He looked at you with wide eyes.
“You have no idea how much smut I’ve read, babe. I know every trick in the book.”
“Looks like I’ve got myself a naughty little girl, eh?”
“Oh, honey…just you wait…” you leaned forward to capture his lips in a sweet kiss.
“Alright, well you won, fair and square, so what can I do for you now?” he asked as you both pulled away.
“Well, the thing is, I wanna be able to scream your name while you’re making me come undone…”
“Yeah, baby girl?”
“Yeah, so how about we continue this later?” you asked looking up into his eyes.
“Like, when later?” Shit, no common times…
“Like, I’ll move my plans for tomorrow night that were supposed to be after you have to go into the studio to when you’re in the studio so we can be together tomorrow night?” 
 “Perfect. And remember, baby girl,” He started whispering as his fingers ran up and down your arms, “I’m all yours. I will do anything you want, for as long as you want me to, and I will make you feel so damn good.”

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Here's a poem. I'll try to make it good but if it's not then please don't hate me. It's 5 o'clock in the morning Conversation got boring Said you're going to bed soon So I head up to your bedroom because I will admit I'm really curious about what it looks like you never let me in there and I just wanna see like what do you have to hide in there I am your mother and you will respect that this is my house so I can go where I please and that means your room too, Jared, please unlock the door, now.

god mom i told you I’m EMO an it’s NOT A PHASE!!!!!!

This is no good. You did a really bad job. This is not a good job. This is not good pizza. This is terrible. You did it wrong. You are not good at this. You need to quit. Don’t ever do this again. Go to your room and go to bed. 

Thanks for the submission, Magnus

  • *Sherlock's bedroom, 221B Baker Street*
  • Molly:*rummaging in the chest of drawers, wearing Sherlock's shirt; muttering* Where is it?
  • Sherlock:*in bed, propped on his elbow; watching her* You have your own drawer.
  • Molly:*distracted* You said I could.
  • Sherlock:One drawer isn't enough for all of your possessions.
  • Molly:*rolls her eyes* One drawer is plenty for some spare clothes and underwear. Mostly the underwear.
  • Sherlock:...
  • Sherlock:All. Of your. Possessions.
  • Molly:*confused* You think that's all I own?
  • Sherlock:...
  • Sherlock:*throws himself back; frustrated* Forget it.
  • Molly:*approaches and crawls across the bed until she's hovering over him; grinning* Ask me.
  • Sherlock:*stubborn* No.
  • Molly:*leans down to kiss him*
  • Sherlock:...
  • Sherlock:*mumbles* Do you want to move in with me? I'll give you another drawer.
  • Molly:*giggles* Yeah, okay.
  • Sherlock:*narrows his eyes* What were you looking for?
  • Molly:*dismissive* Oh, never mind. I remembered I'm wearing it under this shirt.
  • Sherlock:You're not wearing-
  • Molly:*smirking*
  • Sherlock:Hmmm *playing with the shirt buttons* I think I'm going to enjoy living with you.

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what gom, nijimura, and izuki( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) would do if their and their crush’s souls switched bodies?

the ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) saga continues

KUROKO: He isn’t sure what’s going on and assumes this is a dream. The inside of your room was interesting, and despite how morally against it he was– he finds himself looking through your stuff. At school later on, when you approached him, he was surprised by his own lack of presence. This whole thing suddenly became so surreal and he’s at a loss for words.

IZUKI: He stayed in your bed for the longest time, debating whether or not to just give up and lay there. In the end, he resists, opting to try to go through a day in your life as normally as possible. It was hard to imagine what you would say in each circumstance. When you two finally ran into each other, he smiles and says, “Lookin’ good, handsome.” And you groan, because that sounds really weird coming from your face!

KISE: After waking up in your body, he poses in your clothes in the mirror, quite satisfied with how cute you/he looked. At school, he sees you in his body, overwhelmed at the fangirls who kept approaching you. Kise comes to the rescue, excusing himself and pulling you out of the crowd to talk to you about this situation. The glares sent his way by the girls really gave him a new perspective.

AOMINE: After seeing his face (which was yours) in the mirror, he doesn’t hesitate to start stripping completely. C’mon, when would he ever get this opportunity again?! When you see him at school, you make a face, knowing exactly what kind of weird shit he tried to do. “You have really poor hygiene, y’know?” You complained immediately, swiping his hand that occasionally strayed to forbidden territory.

MIDORIMA: He wants to scream into the mirror, but he cannot. Midorima does a really bad of job of acting like you, tipping everyone off that something was wrong. “Act more natural.” You told him in the classroom. He stares at his face, wondering if he always looked so mean and grumpy. Frustratingly, you did a perfect job of acting like him. Later on in the day, Midorima almost has a mental meltdown when he needs to use the bathroom.

MURASAKIBARA: He kind of stumbles around in your body like a newborn fawn, unsure how to adjust to being suddenly shorter. He decides it’s too weird to go to school, so he skips and heads to the candy alley. You found him there quickly, predicting exactly what Mura was gonna do. “Stop eating, you’re gonna make me fat!” You whined, but Mura doesn’t listen. “Your body’s too short, ____-chin.” He says, to which you only yelled: “No– you’re too tall!”

AKASHI: As strange as this situation was, it was also an ideal way to find out more about you. Everything from the way your mother spoke to you to the pattern on your pajamas made him smile. This was you, the person he liked. When you confront him later on, he’s as calm as ever. “Your life is interesting, ____.” He says, but sees that you have tears in your eyes. You hugged him, almost in sympathy. “I had no idea how hard your life was, Akashi-kun!”

NIJIMURA: He’s very mature about it and tries to block out perverted thoughts, wanting only to go back to his body as soon as possible. At the very least, when you in Nijimura’s body comes running to him, he could be strong and reliable on your behalf. “We’ll find a way to switch back.” He says, reassuring you. Now, he sees things from your point of view, and it gave him a better idea of what your life was like. That admittedly made him smile.

Bad Blood (assassin!Luke au)

summary: “Are you going to shoot me, princess? Go ahead, I’ll still love you.”

(part 1) / (part 2) / (part 3)

Almost instantly, the door to your room burst open, slamming against your wall. Calum’s voice cut harshly through the deafening silence; “What’s going on in here?”

Luke was staring down at you, his blue eyes hurt. “Unloaded,” he snarled, “Very fucking clever.” His head whirled around, his eyes landing on Calum standing in the doorway.

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EXO react to their child being afraid of the monsters under the bed

Xiumin: (pretend that’s a bed, not a desk) He’d go back to his little girl’s room with her, holding her hand. “Alright. Let’s see what’s under here…” He’d get down on the floor and inspect carefully. “No monsters, baby. You’re safe.”

Luhan: He’d pick up his son, holding him tightly as they go back to his room, setting him back on the bed before sitting next to him. “You’re my big brave boy, right? No monsters can scare us.” He’d sit and sing lullabies until his son fell back asleep.

Kris: He’d hold his daughter on his lap, petting her hair until she stops crying. “Your friend, Mr. Bunny is very scared, too. He isn’t as brave as you, so when you go back to bed, you’ll have to keep him safe like daddy does for you.”

Suho: He’d lean down and whisper to his little boy like he’s saying a secret. “I heard that monsters hate the smell of chamomile. How about we have some sleepy time tea in bed?” He’d read his son a bedtime story while they have tea.

Lay: When his daughter runs in crying he’d hug her and pick her up immediately. Once he gets the gist of why she’s crying, he’d let her lie down in bed with him and his spouse. “For tonight, our little angel is going to sleep in here with us.”

Baekhyun: He’d bring his son back into his room quickly. “I’m going to teach you how to kill all the monsters from now on. Make your fingers into a gun, point it at the monsters and shout ‘Bang!’ He’d laugh seeing his son repeat the actions.

Chen: He’d lie down on his stomach next to his daughter. “The monsters can’t get up here. Don’t you know Apba put a special energy barrier around your bed? That way only nice things can come in.” He’d stay there until she fell asleep again.

Chanyeol: He’d piggyback his son over to his and his spouse’s bed for the night, speaking comfortingly the whole way. “Your uncle Kyungsoo is scarier than any monster, the next time he comes over, he can scare them all away.”

DO: “My brave little girl knows how to take care of herself against any monsters that don’t know to stay away.” He’d have her show him her punches and kicks before bringing her back to bed, looking underneath. “I think they ran away after hearing you.”

Tao: He’d pull his son onto his lap. “Daddy’s scared of monsters and ghosts, too. It’s okay to be scared, but we need to be brave.” He’d lead the way in, loudly stomping. “When I look under there, there better be no monsters, or we’ll have to torch them with a flamethrower!” He’d grin down at his son.

Kai: When his little girl comes out crying, he’d pull her into a protective hug and let her finish crying first. “Why don’t you have Monggu sleep with you tonight? He’ll keep you safe from any monsters.” He’d put her to bed again, this time with a guard dog.

Sehun: “We’ll get rid of them once and for all.” He’d pull out one of Tao’s wushu swords he’d taken, showing off his skills before going back to his son’s room and closing the door, making fighting noises before opening the door again, sword on his shoulder. “You’re all safe now.”

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*walks into the room with AP all dressed and ready to go* AP how is Daddy still asleep on your party day and it’s time to go. *places her on the bed* Wake him up. aphenny

fic: let’s play a game, a forgetting game

we are going to play a game, says mama, kneeling down to that she and sarada are eye level.

mama looks sad, and sarada doesn’t know why. she looks around the room they are standing in. it is her room, but it is not her room at the same time. she feels good, too, doesn’t feel hot and feverish the way she did a little while ago. she had to lie in bed, mama laying a cool washcloth across her head.

where are we, mama?

we are inside your head, sa-chan. we are going to play a game.

sarada likes games, and she is excited; mama always comes up with the best games.

what kind of game?

a tidying-up game.

ewwwwww, why?

because we need to organize your mind, so we need to put a few things away.

sarada doesn’t like that. when she puts things away she can never find them again. 

she says so to mama.

i will help you find them again, says mama. promise.


pinky-promise, says mama, solemnly linking their little fingers.

but how do i put things away? asks sarada, looking around the weird not-room of hers.

i’ll tell you. do you trust me?

of course, mama.

mama looks really sad, and her eyes watery, like she is about to cry.

i want you to think of papa for me.

sarada perks up. papa? is papa gonna play with us too?

he will when he comes back, says mama. but until he does, we need to tidy up your memories of him. 


so that we can keep them safe, so they are nice and clear when he comes back home. is that ok?

sarada nods.

thank you, sa-chan. just think of papa, now…

sarada does. she thinks of smoke and wood and the soft furry blanket he would wrap around her to carry her home, dried flowers from the bouquets he would bring home to mama, the callouses on his hand, the tickle of his hair against her cheek when he kisses her, and mama’s giggles.

good, sa-chan. now make these memories very small, like marbles.

sarada scrunches her eyes closed, concentrating on folding up the memories, making them as small as possible. 

when she opens her eyes again, her hands are full of black pearls, their weight comforting in her cupped hands.

very good sa-chan. now mama is holding a pretty pink box, with painted white cherry blossoms scattered across the lid. 

put them in here.

sarada obeys, carefully spilling the pearls onto the black velvet lining. mama closes the box, locks it with a key. she stands and puts the box on sarada’s bedside table.

be very careful with this box, sa-chan, says mama. don’t open it unless you absolutely have to.

or until papa comes home?

or until papa comes home. agrees mama. suddenly the key is on a necklace, a gold chain long enough that mama can loop it over sarada’s neck without undoing the clasp. keep this for when you want to take them out again.

sarada fiddles with the key, also pink and white with blossoms. aren’t you afraid i will open it anyways, before papa comes home?

mama shakes her head. 

i’m not, sa-chan. 

mama…are you crying?

no, sa-chan. come on, it’s time to wake up. 

but mama–

“mama, where is my papa?”

author’s note: I keep wondering if there is more to Sarada’s inability to remember Sasuke beyond just the fact that she was just very young when he left. Honestly, that is probably all it is. But still speculating…

Don’t imagine your otp in the cliché hotel scenario where there’s one room left but it only has one bed and they end up sleeping together. 

Instead, imagine your otp getting the room with two beds, with both wondering if the other is gonna make a move. So Person A goes to take a shower before going to bed and when they get out they see that Person B is already in bed, covered to the neck and apparently sleeping, so they get kind of sad and go to their own bed. 

In the morning, Person B gets up early before Person A because they have to catch their flight early, and when Person A wakes up they ask Person B, while they are still in the shower, if they can start packing. Person B agrees, so Person A goes to pack and when they get to the things on the nightstand they realize there’s a bottle of lube there because Person B was actually ready and naked underneath the bed sheets, waiting for them to do something the night before, but Person A took so long in the shower that they actually fell asleep.

Cue Person A facepalming to the back of their skulls for the missed opportunity.

anonymous asked:

Could you do Luke with 2 and 3? I love your writing babe :)

I did number 3 :)

“Please, don’t leave,” Luke whined, his voice muffled by the hoodie that was zipped up over half of his face. He reached out pathetically for your hand, whining even louder when you walked past the couch without acknowledging his feeble attempt at grasping for you.

You stopped where he was laying on your way back, crouching down by his face against the pillows he’d dragged from the bed to the living room. “I’m sorry, sick boy.” You pouted at him, pushing the hair that’d fallen across his forehead back under his beanie. “If I don’t go to the shop you’re not going to have medicine and we’re both going to starve.”

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Kylee a guy I was super into has pretty much been leading me on for months and I don't often get really into people. I finally broke down last night and cried all my makeup off and told him it hurt me too much to see him at all. But I miss him so much. :( I just wanted him to like me and I'm really sad. I just need a hug right now and I feel like sending this message to you is like going into my big sister's room and sitting on her bed crying while she tells me about how stupid boys are

hon no holy shit that sentient turd doesn’t deserve your tears. he’ll have trouble in his own relationships if he continues to lead girls on like that??? so it’s sort f poetic justice. but whatever tho fuck that guy. you deserve somebody who sincerely cares for you and won’t toy with your feelings. IF I WAS THERE I’D BRAID YOUR HAIR AND WE’D GO OUT AND GET A MCFLURRY AT LIKE 2AM

You/He Gets Scared - Cake (Pt. 1)

part two

requests & feedback x writing tag x masterlist

request:  Can you write something where you and calum are just friends who have a crush on one another and you’re visiting him on tour/on a trip with the boys and he’s scared about ghosts or something dumb so he sneaks into bed with you or something cute or you could do one with luke where you’re the one scared bc of a scary noise or something so you sneak into bed with him thanks   - Anonymous

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“Good morning, love.” Joe mumbles kissing your cheek. 

“Hey Joe,” You yawn. “What’s the plan for today?” 

“I’m supposed to film a video and go out to some meeting.” He groans. “Lazy day?” He asks casually. 

“Sure thing, babe.” You tap his arm and he lets you go, “I’ll call in for you and reschedule the meeting.” He smiles, watching you walk out of the room. 


“Yea, hun?” 

“I love you.” 

“I love you too! Now go and buy some ice cream, we’ve got none!” He chuckles and gets out of bed, kissing your lips on his way to the bathroom. 

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"Hey!" Duckman started, looking at his hand where the name was written before looking back to the twins. "Mambo! Since today is Fathers day, I've decided to dedicate this day to just us! And Charles cause he's kind attached to you so he has to come."

“Oh, yeah. It is Father’s Day. Gee, I would have made you breakfast in bed, but I don’t really like going in your room without a medical mask.” Mambo replied.

“What do you plan on doing? Going out for a Father’s Day brunch? Picking out a new tie?”

BTS Reaction: Cuddle session with BTS.

I made this pretty long I hope you enjoy. -X

Jin: *He would come home tired from practice, as he enters the house he sees you on the couch cuddling with the pillow as you watch T.V. He puts his backpack down and comes over to the couch to cuddle.*

Y/N: “Jin you’re all sweaty get off me!”

Jin: “Okay fine I’ll go take shower but I’ll be back.” *He’ll go take a shower and come back.*

Suga: *He would wake up on his day off and see that you’re in bed, he would get up and lazily make his way to every room to see if you were in there. He would eventually find you on the couch and plop down next to you. He’d wrap an arm around you and rest his head in the crook of your neck.*

 “Why’d you leave me?”

J-Hope: *He’d be watching T.V. getting bored as the time passes, you haven’t been paying him attention all day because you had to study so he’s craving your attention.* 

“Y/N, come cuddle with me.”

Y/N: “I’m busy baby maybe later.”

J-Hope: “That wasn’t a question Y/N.” *He’d pick you up and drag you to your shared bed to cuddle.*

Rapmon: *He’d be trying to write a rap but would get writer’s block half way through the song. He would get really frustrated and angry at himself for not being able to finish the song. You’d go to check up on him and see he’s not feeling so well, you offer a cuddle session and his face immediately lights up.* 

“My jagi knows exactly how to make me feel better.”

V: *You’re having a bad day, something happened at work and you haven’t been in a good mood since. When you enter the house you see your boyfriend Taehyung being a goofball and have the time of his life, when he finally notices you presence his smile gets even wider. When he sees you’re not smiling back he’d run up to you and give you the biggest hug.* 

“You know what would make you feel better? Cuddling with me.”

Jimin: *He got injured during practice and he’s been on bed rest for a couple of days, he feels unproductive since he’s not able to dance. All he does is watch T.V. and play games, he felt like he had been sent to prison or something. You come home to see that he’s not wearing his usually smile, to make him feel better you get in bed with him and wrap your arms around him.* 

Y/N: “Let’s cuddle babe.”

Jungkook: *He’s been feeling really homesick lately, he hasn’t seen his family in over a year. He called them as often as he could but it wasn’t the same. You’ve been doing everything you can to cheer him up but nothing was working, you finally give up and just spoon him.*

Y/N: “I know you miss them, and I know that there’s nothing I can do to change that. I’m sorry you can’t be with your family right now.”


what about a college AU where person A works night shifts and has morning class and person B works afternoon shifts and has evening classes which makes their sleeping schedules completely different and since they didn’t move in at the same time and somehow none of them has pictures, they have no idea what their roommates actually look like.

Meanwhile they both eat lunch at the same place and they start flirting. Everything escalates until finally they can find some time to schedule a date and when everything goes smoothly and they’re chosing which place to go to get naked and sweaty, they end up in front of their room. “Wait- why are we stopping at my room?” “what do you mean your room?? I live here!”

Bonus if they have a prank war going on because “I may have never met you but you always leave your dirty laundry on my bed so you can be sure I’m gonna get rid of your emergency chocolate stash that I found in the bathroom cabinet!”

Chris Evans Request

Request: Chris Evans imagine where you go on a road trip with him!

“Chris I got the cart,” you called into your hotel room. You and Chris were taking a road trip from Chicago, where Chris had just wrapped up filming on his newest movie, to Boston to spend some of his off time with his family. As you pushed the giant cart in the room you saw Chris standing at the bed finishing his packing.

“Alright babe, thanks. Just a couple more shirts and I’ll be ready to go.”

“You start getting all the bags on the cart; I’ll finish packing,” he kissed you quickly as you walked by to switch him spots. Pretty soon you two had a lobby cart full of bags pulled right along side the black Escalade and were putting all the luggage in the trunk. Being the gentlemen that he is he opened your car door for you and you two began your 15 hour journey to Boston.

“Ready for the long drive,” he asked you as he took your left hand in his right and brought it to his lips. “Ready as I’ll ever be,” you joked with him. The radio’s top 40 blared through the car.

*3 hours in*

You grabbed the aux cord and plugged in your phone; you were done listening to the same 10 songs that were being played over and over again. “Time for the real jams, Christopher,” you warned him playfully. His laugh echoed through the car as you turned on your ‘Throwback’ playlist on Spotify. His laugh only got louder and funnier as the first song played from the playlist- Ice Ice Baby- and you began to rap.

*5 hours in*

“Chriiissssssss,” you whinned. He looked over at you quickly.

“Yes my dear,” he sugarcoated his voice.

“I need food,” you batted your eyes at him. “There’s a Jimmy John’s up on the right that we could stop at.” He moved over in the far right lane that would lead him to the Jimmy John’s exit. You smiled triumphantly and you little victory. “I’m not stopping for food,” he lied to you to try and put a damper on your win, “I just really have to pee.” You gave him a fake frown and he smirked in reply. But, hey, you got your Jimmy John’s.

*11 hours in*

You had fallen asleep 4 hours ago and Chris couldn’t help but take repeated glances at you from the driver’s seat. He didn’t see you wake up right before he turned to look at you again. “Eyes on the road,” you quietly said to him.

“Yes, ma’am,” he said looking back at the road then seconds later turning to you again. “How’d you sleep? You usually don’t fall asleep during car rides”

“I slept surprisingly good. I guess I was more tired than I thought. Sorry I left you without a copilot.”

“Don’t be,” he held your hand in his, “we are almost there anyway. Mom called while you were asleep; she is super excited for us to be back.”

“Momma Lisa is going to wait up until 11 at night for us?! I love her; your mom is the best.”

“Yeah, she is pretty amazing.”

*16 hours in*

All the traffic and the couple bathroom/ food breaks had added up to an hour longer drive. “Are we there yet,” Chris cried from the passenger seat, you guys had traded places not to long after you woke up.

“If you don’t stop whining I will turn this car around,” you couldn’t help but smirk as you pretended to yell at him. You heard him mutter a fake  “Sorry Y/N” between both of your laughs.

10 minutes later you pulled up infront of the Evans home, “Wait here,” Chris told you right before her climbed out of the car. Before you could ask what he was doing he was at your door opening it for you.

“Aw,” you cooed, “you’re the sweetest,” you kissed him quickly. You walked to the trunk and let out a sigh knowing you’d have all these bags to carry in and upstairs. Chris walked over and held a hand on the trunk so you couldn’t open it, “Don’t worry about these. We can get them tomorrow,” before you could protest he had his arms wrapped around your waist and was leading you up to the front door. Before he could even get his key out the door swung open to Lisa.

“Y/N!” She pulled you into a big hug. “How are you doing?” Then she grabbed Chris and held onto him. “There’s my baby,” Chris’ cheeks turned red and he groaned ‘Mommmmm.’ Lisa gave you guys some food as you stood downstairs and talked. “Anyway,” Lisa said after about an hour, “you guys are probably tired from the long drive. Chris, your room is made up for you both,” she gave you both a hug and a kiss on the cheek, “Love you guys, goodnight.” You and Chris dragged yourself up the stairs to his room and collapsed on his bed.

“Goodnight Chris,” you snuggled up into him.

“Goodnight Y/N.”