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WOW (With Hiccup if you are up for more than one RP)

Send “WOW” for your character walking in on mine handcuffed to bed with a note that says have fun

(Always up for more than one!)

Hiccup struggled, trying to find the switch. There had to be a button or something on these cuffs so he could get out. He was going to kill the twins for this. The only set of keys were on the nightstand beside his bed with a note for whoever happened to find him. He was too distracted to notice Astrid walk into the room. “A-Astrid!” His face flushed red faster than he ever had, his ears and neck going just as red as his face. “This is not what it looks like! Actually, I guess it is what it looks like. I mean what else could this look like? But I can explain. Well, not really…” He babbled mindlessly trying to find the right thing to say in this situation but getting no where.

So I live in the attic of an old Victorian house

So of course it’s fucking sweltering up there. I don’t have a fan yet but I’ve been too nervous to open the windows because the screen is ripped and I’ve been hearing squirrels scurrying on the roof all night. “Anna,” says my boyfriend “the squirrels aren’t going to go in your room.”

And I believed him.

So today I decided to leave the window open while I took a shower, and what do I come back to but a squirrel. ON MY FUCKING BED.

Ups and Downs Chapter 3

Chapter 3- The Bellas

“I promise I’ll be fine, you go to work.”

“Are you sure? I don’t mind cancelling this class to stay.”

“No dad, if you cancel your class you know how far behind those students will get. Just go.” Brent sighed from his position in the door jam of Beca’s room at home, even though she has a dorm. He refused to let her stay on her own after just being released this morning, so he brought her home to stay for a few days while she recuperates and tries to do some of her make up work. Beca was currently sitting in bed in pajamas after finally getting a shower, working on a mix. The only thing that could help her stop being on edge after just coming from the hospital, except maybe Chloe.

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This is no good. You did a really bad job. This is not a good job. This is not good pizza. This is terrible. You did it wrong. You are not good at this. You need to quit. Don’t ever do this again. Go to your room and go to bed. 

Thanks for the submission, Magnus



Before you go to bed make sure everything looks nice. It makes it better to wake up to a clean room than a messy one. It makes you feel more ready, makes you less stressed and better prepared for a good day. Wake up early. Unless you go to bed in the middle of the night, there’s no point of sleeping your day away. Wake up, breathe the fresh, cold air you only can find in the mornings, look out, drink a cup of coffee, tea or whatever you like. The morning is the foundation of your day. Make it a good one. 

It tears your soul waking up every morning with stress and in a bad mood. Wake up 10 minutes earlier, so you don’t have to rush through everything. If you want it, mornings can be a beautiful thing - Mornings are a beautiful thing.  

 Imagine your icon and you, living in two sepreate rooms and your icon decides to sleep in your room because your icon is afraid of the dark. While you lay in bed, and they lay on the floor. They say they’re is going to go to the bathroom. As you slowly wait, you start to hear the door creak, and the closet door slowly opening. And loud footsteps echo through-out. Your icon comes back and lays down, as you ask if they had opened the closet door. they reply, “no, I only went to the bathroom. I hadn’t used the closet.”

Back to school/college Masterpost

We know that the back to school “season” is coming so Gwen and i decided to do a masterpost with all the things that we think, are important and that they might help you with this experience (if it’s your first year). Personally i want to wish you guys the best, good luck with your tests and everything involved with school, you’re going to do great :)

Essentials: clic here. This includes all the clothes that you need for school like jeans, tops, shoes, etc.

Essentials #2:

School/College outfits: clic here to get inspo for outfits you can wear everyday.

Dorm Room: Packing for my dorm was one of the hardest things for me when it came to going away to college! Here’s a set of the most important things I think you need in your room! 

In addition to the basic stuff, like bedding and desk organization, these are the things I realised over time I needed! Mugs and cups are really important - you’ll be drinking lots of tea and coffee and hot chocolate, and it’s good to have spare cups when other people are over! When it comes to things like utensils, I usually borrow them from the dining hall. I love having an electric kettle as well to warm up water for tea or hot chocolate, if your school allows you to have one (just dont warm anything other than water up in it! my roommates warmed milk up in mine once and ruined it). I’ve also found that the lighting in dorms is generally awful, so I buy a ton of christmas lights and string them up around the perimeter of my room! it’s much more calming that way! also, it’s good to have spare pillows and a throw blanket, you might be cold at your desk or maybe your friends will want to sit on them when they come over! it’s always good to have spares. and a whiteboard is really good for organization, writing down test dates, birthdays, etc. and - it’s very likely your room will not have a mirror when you get there! 

Study Tips: for me these are the more important tips from this list, you can see all of them right here.

  • Use a planner so you can have all your important dates there. You can use a notebook or your cellphone.
  • If you get distracted by wanting to do something when you should be focusing, write it down. It gives you a checklist of things to do later.
  • To avoid study stress, take breaks and avoid studying for more than two hours a day.
  • Have snacks and a drink during study sessions. Preferably water.
  • Prioritise your classes. Especially if you have loads.
  • Keep your to do list and schedule all in one place, whether that’s a book, app or phone.
  • Study when you can. Don’t study if you’re too exhausted to do so.
  • Attend as many classes as possible and don’t skip.
  • Don’t panic when you don’t know all the answers in a test, do you really need 100%?
  • Break your studying into smaller bits and spread it out over time to avoid headaches, burnout and all the problems that come with it.

I’ve also found that I love this chrome extension called momentum! i think it’s one of the best ways to make a to do list, and it comes with a really pretty picture every day! i use it and would totally recommend it. 

Good luck on this school year, we wish you the best :) xx


Imagine getting into a fight with your longtime boyfriend, Calum, in your shared hotel room while visiting him on tour. As he’s going off in a rage he changes into a white tank and black basketball shorts with sneakers.

“Where are you going now?” You ask in a mixture of frustration and worry, watching him snatch his phone, wallet and room key from the bedside table.

“Work out with Ash,” he mutters with venom in his voice.

Before you even have time to respond he’s leaving the room with a slam of the door causing you to jump. You release a shaky breath you didn’t even realize you were holding as you plop down on the bed clutching a pillow to your chest. Out of no where, tears start rolling. You didn’t cry or sob. You just simply let the tears roll down your face; sniffles and sighs are the only sounds to be heard along with the faint television.

Doubt and sadness filled your mind as you began to question your relationship. You were so in love with Calum, that’s for sure. Strains were definitely evident in your relationship considering you hardly saw him while he was on tour. It frustrated you to realize that during a rare time of being together, here you were arguing with him. You felt a pain in your chest you knew only Calum could heal. He was your rock. The one you always turned to in times of trouble. But what happens when your rock is the one giving you the pain?

After nearly an hour of being trapped in your thoughts in the same position on the white sheets of the hotel bed, you forced yourself to get up and shed your clothes to get ready for bed. You had a feeling Cal wouldn’t be back any time soon. Once you were out of your clothes and only in your bra and underwear, you glanced over to your boyfriend’s messy suitcase instantly finding your favorite black and white plaid button up of his. God, he looked so good in it, your mouth practically watered every time he wore it. He made sure to wear it often just for you. Before you knew it, you were walking over to the open suitcase, grabbing the flannel, and throwing it over your head with every button done except for the top 3. The smell of his wonderfully musky and warm cologne instantly filling your senses providing you with both comfort and pain. With a deep sigh, you made your way back to the bed, climbed in and eventually drifted off to sleep with a heavy heart.


“Yeah, sounds good. Let me shower really quick and change and I’ll meet you in the lobby. We can meet Luke and Mike at that club,” Calum said while opening his hotel door.

“Right mate, I’ll text you when I get down there,” Ashton replies before heading down the hall to his own hotel room to do the same routine.

Calum closes the door soon realizing the only light in the room is coming from the TV. He didn’t bother looking over at your sleeping figure knowing a pang of guilt would consume him if he dared to. He didn’t want to feel. Not tonight. Stress from tour and fighting with you got to be too much. He got most of it out while going all out in the gym with Ash; who instantly knew you guys were fighting by the immense intensity Calum had tonight.

After relaxing his sore muscles with a hot shower, he throws on a towel and saunters to his suitcase to throw on some clothes, still not daring to look at you. He puts on his classic black skinny jeans secured with a belt before realizing his choice of shirt was no where to be found.

“Where is it?” He groans softly to himself while crouched down, completely emptying his suitcase.

He stands before a thought crosses his mind as to where his black and white flannel might be. For the first time since the argument, he turns to his sleeping girlfriend in the hotel bed. He tip toes to you and gently pulls the covers down to your waist, revealing his “lost” shirt draped on your body.

“Fuck..” He whispers to himself. Guilt and sadness fills him as he squats next to you, brushing the loose pieces of hair out of your face. He felt horrible. He knew he said some harsh things. He knew the argument was mainly his fault thanks to the irritability he’s been dealing with partnered with the stress lately. His hand slipped from your hair to your cheek, your lips, down your jaw and trailed along your arm before reaching his destination: your hand. He traced your fingers before you began to stir in your sleep.

You hummed slightly as your eyes slowly began to open, already heavy with sleep. Your eyes met his and your heart began to swell at his beauty before you remembered everything he said. Everything that happened. Your eyes were red and itchy. He could tell you’d been crying. It broke his heart.

“I’m sorry I didn’t mean to wake you,” he said quietly, attempting to study and read your expression.

“S'okay,” you managed.

He smiled softly.

“Baby,” he started, attempting to find his words. “Baby, I.. I’m so sorry. I know I said a lot of things that hurt you. I know you’ve been crying over it and it kills me. I hate fighting with you. I’m so, so sorry.”

“I am too. I know you’ve been stressed lately. I don’t want us to fight, especially since having time together is fairly rare these days..” You began to sit up, but Calum gently stopped you, making you lay back down.

“Shh, I know, my love. I know,” he stroked your cheek with his thumb.

“Where are you going?” You questioned as you realized he was freshly showered and wearing jeans and a belt.

“Well-,” Calum’s phone vibrated in his pocket. He pulled it out with his free hand to reveal a text from Ashton letting him know he was in the lobby. Calum pulled his hand away from your face to respond to Ash, telling him to go ahead without him and that he’ll go out with the boys some other time. He needed you. He put the phone on the bedside table, standing up as he began taking off his belt and jeans leaving him in his boxers. He knelt down in front of you again before looking into your eyes with another soft smile.

“Nowhere baby girl. I’m staying right here with you.”

He kissed your cheek and stood up again, walking to the other side of the bed and climbing in next to you. He wrapped his strong arm around your waist as he pulled your back into his bare chest, peppering sweet kisses on your neck.

“God you look so damn good in my shirt, baby girl.”

You giggled as he nuzzled his face into your neck.

“I love you so fucking much, baby.”

You turned onto your opposite side to face him, staring at his gorgeous, deep brown eyes. You studied them daily. He was so beautiful. Your eyes fell to his lips, so full and soft. You finally connected them to your own, butterflies instantly collecting in your abdomen. Your heart swelled.

“I love you more, Cal.”


(((hiiii. This was my first ever imagine. Sorry for any mistakes. I hope you guys like it. :) )))


I changed it a little bit because I thought it would be easier to include different members, but I included an extra reaction for D.O, I hope that’s okay :)


*He is sitting on your sofa when he hears a knock on the door and you open it letting in your brother Luhan, who locks eyes with Kai*

LH: “What are you doing in my sisters apartment?”

Y/N: “He is my boyfriend Luhan”

K: “Wait, Y/N, when were you going to tell me that he was your brother!”


*He is laying in bed when someone walks into the room and he knows it’s definitely not you buy the heaviness of the footsteps, he turns and it’s Chanyeol*

CY: “Sehun, what the hell are you doing here”

Y/N: “He is my boyfriend ”

SH: “Hang on, what’s going on here?”

Y/N: “Chanyeol is my brother”

SH: “Well damn, I hoped I would die peacefully but nope”


Y/N: “Chanyeol, I want you to meet my brother come over here!”

*He comes over and stares in shock*

Y/N: “Chan, this is Kyungsoo, Kyungsoo this is Cha…”

D.O: “Your dating my sister?!”

CY: “Well apparently so, but please don’t hit me”


*You were about to introduce Suho to your brother who seemed to be running late, but then there was a knock on the door and in walked Baekhyun*

BH: “Wait he is your boyfriend?”

S: “Excuse me, but “he” has a name and is also your hyung”

Y/N: “Wait, you know eachother?”

S: “Very much so.  Well isn’t this situation just wonderful”


*He was sitting in your house and had some nerves because you had said that your brother was a hard person to please, but you didn’t understand until you met him… again*

Y/N: “Baek, this is my brother, Kyungsoo”

BH: “What?, oh I get it your trying to get me back for that prank I pulled last week right?, please tell me that’s it jagi”

D.O: “Nope, that’s definitely not it”


*You had invited D.O to a family meal so he could meet them all for the first time, and it was going well until you introduced him to your brother*

KRIS: “D.O did you ever think to tell me that you were dating my sister”

D.O: “I didn’t know she was your sister!”

*He tries to avoid eye contact with Kris for the rest of the night”


*You have come over to the dorm for the first time to meet all of the boys, and Chen introduces you to them as his girlfriend, but you stop in your tracks as soon as you see Xiumin, as does he*

XM: “Wait, what, this is my sister, you are dating my sister!”

C: “What?, you never even mentioned a sister. Damnit”

*After seeing the looks he gets from Xiumin he starts planning how his death will probably end up*


Y/N: “Tao, this is Lay, he is my brother”


T: “You never told me you had a sister, wow this is awkward”


Y/N: “Wait, have you guys met before?”

L: “Well yeah, you could say that”

KAI: “Well I always said I would never introduce any of my sisters to one of my band members, but I guess if you were to pick one you picked the right one”


*Kris found out a while ago that you were Chen’s sister and even though Chen said he was okay with it, it wouldn’t stop him from giving Kris little wacks sometimes and making out like they were accidents*


*You walked into your apartment followed by your brother Tao, to find Luhan sitting on the sofa waiting for you on his phone as you said you needed to pop to the shops*

TAO: “What are you doing here?”

LH: “Um well this is my girlfriends apartment, what are you doing here?”

TAO: “Y/N, this is your boyfriend?”

LH: “Yes, why what’s it to you?”

TAO: “She is my sister”



*You and Xiumin are walking into a clothes shop when he sees Sehun, and he goes over to him whilst you are occupied with clothes*

XM: “Sehun!”

SH: “Hyung, hello are you here alone?”

XM: “Nope, I’m with my girlfriend”

SH: “Ooh let me see her”

*He brings Sehun over to you, leaving both you and SH with a confused look on your face*

XM: “Oh  wait do you two know eachother”

SH: “Yeah, that’s my sister”

*None of these GIFS are mine, credit to the owners*


Going through hardship is like putting off the lights before you go to bed: the room is pitch black, at first, but as your eyes adjust to the darkness you begin to see things- the furls of a curtain, the outline of the door, a pile of clothes- and the longer you observe the more bright, clear, and true the room becomes, and the more your eyes are at ease with the obscurity; there is always a little light to soften the dark.

Headcanon #6

Whenever Aelin is on her period, Rowan completely flips shit. He goes completely overboard in trying to ensure that Aelin is as comfortable as possible. He makes sure that she has boxes and boxes of chocolates to eat and the most comfortable pillows to lean on. He refuses to let her go out of bed because he’s convinced that she’ll faint from loss of blood. Basically it’s a repeat of Aelin after a near burn-out.

Every single hour he asks Aelin, “Do you need to change your pad? I’ve got all sorts of menstrual products for you to use. Which do you prefer a pad, a tampon, a cup, etc.?” 

One time Aelin got so fed up with his fussing that she threw him out of the room. Later that day when she got out of bed to go to the bathroom, she opened the door only to see Rowan’s body topple on to the ground before her. It turns out he was leaning against her door the entire time because he was so concerned about her. She feels very touched about his concern so after that she allows him to fuss over her and her condition every month, even if she feels like wringing his neck out of pure frustration.

Baby Girl - Luke Hemmings Imagine

You slam the door to your apartment shut and, out of pure frustration, chuck your backpack across the small room so it lands on the couch. You groan and stomp your way to the kitchen, grabbing a juice pouch, and stabbing the straw into it violently. You angrily sip your juice and turn around to see your boyfriend, Luke, looking at you with his eyebrows raised. “What?” You spit your words out at him and roll your eyes before brushing past him and into the bedroom you both share. You sit down on Luke’s side of the bed and continue to suck all the juice out of the stupid pouch. He’s going to come in here and you’re going to kill him. Right on que, Luke walks in and sits down really close to you, bugging the crap out of you. “Will you move over!?” You groan, shoving him with one arm.

“You are on my side of the bed.” Luke calmly points out and you let out a giant sigh and dramatically move to your side of the bed. You toss the empty pouch in the general direction of the trash can, not caring if it actually makes it in or not. You flop back onto the mattress and turn your head to find Luke staring at you with his bright blue eyes. “Can I help you?” You ask, attitude dripping from your voice.

Luke shrugs and bites his lower lip, sucking on his piercing, before talking. “You could tell me what’s wrong.” He suggests, making your nose crumple in disgust. “Or, I could not do that.” You tell him and roll your head back so you’re staring at the ceiling. Luke chuckles which makes your blood boil and he lies down next to you, too close for your comfort right now. “Luke, fucking move over.” You groan and shake your head at how annoying he’s being. Luke moves over, but the wrong direction, and moves closer to you, his leg lying on top of yours. This fucking dickhead.

“Luke!” You groan and shove him away from you, just to have him roll back and cuddle you even more. “Just tell me what’s wrong, baby girl.” He says, kissing your temple and you don’t want to admit it, but it’s kind of helping. You sigh and lift your arms above your head and grab the headboard of the bed as you talk. “College is just getting really fucking frustrating. Each class is more work and more papers and more projects and I can’t fucking handle it! The work I promised myself would be done by yesterday isn’t even started and I got so much more work today!” You groan and turn your head, burying it in Luke’s chest.

Luke wraps his arms around you and you let go of the headboard to grab onto his neck and cuddle him closer. “I know you can do this.” Luke mumbles against the top of your head and you whimper. “You’re so freaking smart, smarter than I could ever be.” You roll your eyes even though he can’t see it because your face is still pressed into the fabric of his shirt, inhaling his scent and just enjoying being close to him. “That’s because you dropped out of high school, you moron.” You point up and lift your head to find a very offended Luke looking down at you.

“That’s just not nice.” Luke tells you and starts pouting like a little kid. You reach up and poke his lower lip until he starts grinning and shaking his head. “So how about we go ahead and grab your backpack, which you threw very far for such a small girl, and work on some of those assignments.” Luke suggests and you shrug your shoulders. “Come onnnnn!” He pokes your side and you giggle before sitting up and ultimately making Luke stop wrapping his arms around you.

“I’m only doing homework if I get cuddles.” You announce and he just grins and nods his head. “I would love to.” You squeal excitedly and grab your backpack from the couch, remembering what Luke said to you. “And I am not small!” You protest as you walk across the living room. You walk into your room in just enough time to see Luke shaking his head and smiling down at his hands. “Whatever you say, baby girl.”


this was kind inspired by lukeoffcial because she seemed like she was having a bad time at college and needed some hemmo to motivate her with cuddles and all the ‘baby girls’ she could ever need

leaving Luke to take care of your little girl because you had to go grocery shopping would end up in him doing anything his little princess says. you would come home and enter the kitchen hearing Luke shouting “oh no, mommy is home, quick, hide” you would frown in confusion going upstairs to check if everything is alright and your little girl would open the door of her room whispering “daddy is there” you would chuckle and whisper “let’s scare him” earning a giggle from the toddler. you entered the room spotting Luke behind the small bed because he is just to big to hide. you tiptoed towards him and jumped on his back shouting “got ya!”, which scared him making him jump and scream. your little girl would sit on the bed and laugh at your silliness. after jumping off Luke’s back you noticed he had makeup all over his face. he tried to take it off quickly which ended in him smudging it making you laugh. “so this is why you hid, hmm?” you asked chuckling. “daddy is a beautiful princess now!” the little toddler would say giggling, making Luke grin stupidly. “will you be my prince now?” he would ask kissing all over your face leaving red lip stick stains. 

requests are open!


‘  Pietro walked towards your bedroom door. He had his mind set on telling you how he felt. He gave himself a little pep talk while walking to your door and just as he was going to knock he heard your muffled crying. He opened the door softly and closed it behind him. The small room was illuminated by the weak light coming from your desk lamp. He walked to your bed and sat next to you. Your head snapped up as the bed dipped down.

  Y/N: Piet, you don’t want to see me like this. You can go.

  Pietro: I’m not going to leave you here. I love you too much for that.

  He engulfed you into a warm hug. You grabbed his shirt as he caressed your hair, lulling you into sleep.          ‘

Forgiven Not Forgotten

(Let’s just establish that I am NOT saying Harry would ever cheat on his girlfriend, but for the sake of this request I’m going to write it. I’m 99.9% sure he’d never dream of cheating in real life :) )

You knew it wasn’t going to work out when Harry started sleeping on his own side of the bed. You weren’t sure why, or when it started, but when you slipped an arm around him and he shifted in his sleep further away mumbling a ‘too hot’, you knew it wouldn’t last. You knew there was something bothering him, and you didn’t know if maybe he told you, you both might have a chance.

You sighed and removed your arm from around him, standing up and going to walk out of the room and head to the guest bedroom to cry, when you heard him sigh behind you. “Babe, where you going?” He mumbled, and you sniffled as you fought to keep your tears in.

“I’m going to sleep in your spare bedroom,” you whispered and he sighed, cursing himself quietly. “You clearly don’t want me in here, Harry. We haven’t had a proper conversation in weeks, have- have I done something?” You whispered, a lone tear rolling down your cheeks.

“No, fuck, you didn’t do anything. I fucked up. I just don’t know how to tell you. I don’t know what to do, I-” you started to get worried, what the hell had he done? Everything was running through your mind, you had no idea what he was about to say, but you sure as hell didn’t imagine what words spilled out of his mouth. You didn’t think those words would ever leave his mouth. “Y/N, I fucked up. I’m going to be a father,” and you definitely weren’t pregnant…

“Y-you cheated on me. You cheated on me, Harry,” you whispered into the dark room, the only light was the small bedside lamp that he had turned on. “You’re having a baby with someone. That isn’t something I can just bounce back from and forgive, Harry,” you whispered before walking out of the room, and running downstairs, grabbing your car keys and driving wherever the road took you. You didn’t care about anything else, just getting away and thinking.

You loved Harry with everything you were. You never, ever thought that he would have kids, that weren’t yours… You had both spoken about it before, the whole kids thing, agreeing that you could both see it happening with each other. So obviously, this had been a huge shock. He had cheated on you, and the fact that it must have been while he was on tour made you want to throw up. You had both gone through a rough patch while he was on tour because you didn’t talk about how you were feeling, and he was convinced that he wasn’t enough for you, that you weren’t happy with him. So you had a bust up, and he proposed a break for the both of you to think about what you really wanted. But you had both agreed not to sleep or get together with anyone else, since you both hadn’t officially broken up.

You didn’t know what to think… Had he known about this before he called the break and that why he called it, or had he had sex with someone while you were both on the break and gotten her pregnant. Who was it? Was she a random girl, or was she a friend. God, if she was a friend…

You pulled up at Sophia’s house, and you realized that you shouldn’t have come here. Liam would probably be here and you didn’t want to involve him since he was so close to Harry. You had nowhere else to go. You parked your car and knocked on the door, hearing shuffling inside, Sophia came to the door looking absolutely perfect, noticing your tear stained cheeks and pyjama clad body. “Babe, are you ok? Come on in,” she said, wrapping an arm around your shoulders.

“Is Liam here?” You asked and she shook her head.

“He’s down in Wolverhampton for a couple nights. Babe, what happened?” She asked, and that’s when you broke down. Screaming at the pain you felt. You couldn’t believe he was going to be a father, he was having a baby. A baby that would call him dad, but they wouldn’t call you mum, and that hurt.

“He- he’s going to be a dad. He got someone pregnant. Fuck- am I stupid that right now all I want is him to hold me and tell me that he still loves me and we’ll work it out?” You said through your sobs. Your whole body hurt.

Sophia pulled you further into her body and gave you a hug. “You’re not stupid. You’re in love with him, babe. And didn’t you have that break? Maybe he didn’t cheat,” she tried to reason.

You sniffled and tried to calm down and stop your tears, feeling like you had cried enough in the hour since you found out to last you a lifetime. “We promised we’d still be monogamous since we hadn’t officially split. I know if it was during that time it would make things easier to deal with, but if it wasn’t, I can’t go back to him Sophia. I couldn’t do that to myself,” you said and she nodded in understandment.

Your phone vibrated in your pyjama pant pocket for the thousandth time since you left and you pulled it out. You seen it was Harry, and decided that you’d need to talk to him, and why not now rather than later? “Hi,” your voice cracked and you heard him sniff and let out a sob on the other end.

“Baby,” he sounded relieved. “Oh my god, you’re ok. Hi, I’m so sorry. Please, come back and talk to me,” he said, pleading with you. You knew that he was crying, and you hated when he cried. He was starting to wheeze on the other end of the phone and you frowned.

“Babe, please calm down. You have your inhaler, yeah? I need you to take a couple pumps. Calm down, ok. I’m leaving Sophia’s right now. I just need you to calm down first,” you tried to stop him from taking a full blown asthma attack, hoping that you would stop his sobbing since he knew you were going hom- back to his house.

“Yeah, I’ve got it in the kitchen drawer. Please come home,” he asked, his wheezing starting to get worse the more he held his breaths and spoke.

“I’m coming home, Harry. I need you to get your inhaler first before I get off the phone and leave! I need to know you’re ok before I hang up!” You asked and you heard shuffling on the other side of the phone, and then a couple of pumps making you sigh, as his breathing cleared up.

“Ok, I’m fine. I’ll see you soon, yeah?” He made sure you were going.

You sighed. “Yeah, I’ll be there in 15 minutes. I’m going to stop and get McDonalds. You want anything?” You asked him and he chuckled lightly.

“A Big Mac, and a strawberry milkshake please,” he said and you nodded.

Thankfully, McDonald’s at 1am was empty, and you were served quickly before making your way to Harry’s house, him opening the door before you had even got out of your car. You grabbed the McDonald’s bag with the two milkshakes in a cup holder, before making your way into the house and settling the food on the  dining table, before pulling out his Big Mac, setting it in front of him, along with his milkshake as you opened your chicken nuggets and began eating.

“You need to tell me what happened, H,” you whispered and he nodded.

“The night we had the big fight and I said we should take a break, I was angry. At myself for calling a break, because I knew you were the most important person in my life. I went out with Nick since he was out in LA at the time, and I got absolutely shit faced. When I woke up, I was naked and I knew I had done something fucked up. It was when she came out of the bathroom with my t-shirt on that I knew. God, I was so fucking stupid,” he said, throwing his Big Mac back into the box and dropping his head into his hands.

“Who was it?” You asked and he looked at you with those eyes that told you who it was. “It was her wasn’t it?” He nodded and you sighed, shaking your head. “I don’t know what to do. If it was someone I didn’t know it might be different, but I met her, Harry. And she’s having your baby, I can’t just forget this. I’m sorry,” you whispered and his whole face fell. Sobs taking over his body. The sadness fell over you, and you realized that this sounded like a goodbye. “Harry. Stop, please,” you begged him and he tried to stop crying but it didn’t work.

“I didn’t want this. I never wanted to hurt you. It’s all of my fucking fault! She knew I was in a relationship, why would she take advantage of my drunken state because I know I wouldn’t have taken her to bed! Fuck I’m so angry. I love you, so much, ok? Remember that? I didn’t want to be a father this young,” he whispered before starting to wheeze as he struggled for air.

“Baby! Where’s your pump? Come on baby, take breathes ok, you need to calm down. I said I can’t just forget it. I didn’t say I was leaving you just please calm down. I need to find your pump, just focus on taking breaths ok?” He nodded before you ran off to the kitchen, knowing that’s where it was last time, seeing it laying on the kitchen island, grabbing it and running back to him. You held it up to his mouth, and waited until he wrapped his mouth around it before pumping a dose of his medication out, repeating that once again as he started to breathe more clearly.

“You’re not leaving?” He whispered, and you sighed.

“I can’t just forget about this. I can’t forget the fact that we said we’d be monogamous and you went behind my back, but technically we weren’t together,” you said and he pulled you into his body. “You need to eat, finish this, I’m going to give Sophia a call, let her know everything’s ok,” he nodded and picked up his burger as you walked away to call your friend.


Harry was out for the count, his head on your stomach as you both lay on his bed. His breathing still a little staggered in parts, but you were glad that he was getting sleep, he needed it. Your fingers combed through his hair, keeping him sedated through to 4am, until you felt relaxed enough to fall asleep yourself.

“No! No! I have a girlfriend! You can’t do this, stop!” Was what woke you up. You opened your eyes, not able to feel Harry’s head on your stomach. But you felt the jerk coming from beside you, and you quickly turned the bedside lamp on, seeing Harry jerking around in his sleep, his face uncomfortable and scared.

“Baby,” you whispered not wanting to give him the fright of his life. “Harry, baby wake up,” he didn’t stir, continuing to move and shout ‘no’. “Harry!” You said louder, placing a hand over his butterfly tattoo and his eyes shot open.

“I- I’m sorry. She was there, I didn’t meant to, I’m so sorry,” he whimpered, voice full of sleep and you sighed.

“Babe, I’ve forgiven you, but I can’t forget. Stop worrying ok. We’re ok, and we came to the conclusion that she definitely took advantage of your drunken state. The fact you weren’t in your hotel when you woke up says something, ok. I trust you, I just don’t want you to be around her like that anymore. Obviously, she’s going to be the mother of your child, but uhm, I don’t want her to be anything more to you,” you said and he nodded.

“I promise. I love you so much. You know you’re going to be just as much of a mum to this baby as she is, don’t you?” You looked to him with a confused face and he nodded. “You’re my girlfriend, one day you’re going to be my wife, and I know genetically you’re not related to this baby, but I want you to be a motherly figure to them. If you feel comfortable of course,” you weren’t sure what to say.

“Just go to sleep, we can talk tomorrow when we’ve both had a good sleep and our minds are clearer. Ok?” He nodded and stroked your cheek, pulling your head down to press a kiss to your lips making you smiled.

“I love you,” he whispered.

“Ok, you big flirt. Get to sleep,” you laughed, pressing a kiss to his forehead. “I love you, too.”

When Louis comes home late
  • Louis:*enters flat, turns on light, flinches when he sees an angry Harry sat in a leather recliner in the middle of the room*
  • Harry:Where were you?
  • Louis:Out with the lads... I told y-
  • Harry:Did you do it?
  • Louis:Do what? What are you tal-
  • Harry:You know what I'm talking about. Did you bang her? Smash her?
  • Louis:Smash who!?
  • Harry:Did you part her red sea, stick in your holy Moses, and let your people go!?
  • Louis:Oh my GOD. I'm going to bed.
  • Harry:Don't you walk away from me!
Sweet Dreams // Michael Clifford

Summary: You watch a scary movie and go to your best friend, Michael, when you can’t sleep.

I should have known better. I knew it was not a good idea to watch a scary movie late at night alone and in the dark, but I did it anyways. Stupid, stupid, stupid. I tried to go to bed after the movie was over, but I just laid there with the covers pulled up to my nose, closing my eyes but then opening them seconds later to look around the room one last time.

Eventually, I couldn’t do it anymore, and I crept out of bed and ran down the hallway to my roommate’s room. I knew he kept his door unlocked, but I knocked anyways to respect his privacy. He didn’t answer after a few seconds, and I was scared as fuck, so I opened the door and peeked in. “Michael?” I asked softly.

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baby girl Clifford feeling neglected because daddy kept playing video games and he wouldn’t give her tea party the time of day so when Michael would go to give her a slice of pizza for dinner he would find her crying on her bed so he would pass her room, setting the pizza on the counter and making real tea before finding one of her tiaras in the living room and putting it on shouting “let’s have your damn tea party already!” And little Clifford would run out of her room, grinning from ear to ear telling daddy how happy she was that he was finally joining her tea party with Mr. Giraffe and Mrs. Piggy, her two biggest stuffed animals.

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