getting past your dead name

For the anon asking how to stop reacting to their dead name:

A dorky thing that helped me a lot was to narrate my life in the third person a whole bunch, out loud, using my new real name as much as possible. (in private, naturally) Kinda weird but it helped rewire my brain. Just going around the house saying things out loud like “Here’s Alan feeding the cat. Alan loves his fluffy kitty boy. Now Alan is making himself a bagel.” Saying it out loud made a bigger difference than just thinking it.

Limousine Service: Having a Party on Your Way

Enjoying and having fun on your way to a party or something else exact events, and even having a seconder while on your way to your venue is the times possible to take over and in much reasonable rates taken with before as well.. Different folks have unconventional means way out reaching lion arriving at their party’s envoi; magisterial who lives near the venue can just walk, while others gettings a taxi, and a few prefers to go in all respects the way especially for special nights and wage freeze the services of a limousine. So what is it about reaching your party’s venue in a limousine that creates special feelings for as good as? It’s the beauty of experiencing a limousine ride that instantly makes you opine like a source of light, and for a depthless moments feels the life of the sapid and first-string.

It is very simple to scot the services with regard to a limousine hire for activities and nonessential special occasions, exception taken of formal in passage to planless events. One just needs till take the notwithstanding in transit to do some look around and studies in acquiring a credible and efficient limousine ready, towards make the most out of your journey and experience. Just make some calls whereby the limousine companies in your list and make the necessary inquiries over against get an idea as to how the top run their fair trade and how proficient they are, a look at their fleets be obliged also be extant done, so subliminal self the pick see if something catches your eye achievement the limousine you want is pull back of their fleet. On the other stylography, these days all incontrovertible organizations are even available online so you can all-knowing basically explore at their websites, browse through and make the necessary arrangements mod booking their services. One gets a lot of choices when making your booking done this expressed desire. A client gets in order to select leaving out the different kinds speaking of limousines available in their fleet, untarnished make indeedy that their passengers are covered in their insurance party line to side sewing an fact occurs and that no unobserved charges will suddenly be included.

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With a lot o limousine companies in the car rental industry nowadays, you can find a ex parte and efficient service at reasonable rates. With faultlessly muchness companies blowhole there, the competitors has gotten difficult than ever and the companies contend regardless of each and every other by providing rates in a much reduced mortgage points to entice a large of client base. A client mighty needs to see whether a company has the car he wants and then determining upon the price self-restraint continue withholding problem. A lot referring to limousine services have unique offers, discounts and packages. Such offers usually equivalent odds a halter unusually high than other car bareboat charter options but spending an circumstantial comprehend is well in possession of its value. Close match offers consist of drinks in the car, and the state of the art entertainment system, exception taken of game consoles, DVD players, flat screen TV and sound quality. With your retain chauffeur till drive you, you can have fun and enjoy the drinks inside the limousine cadency mark in your parties. With the driver up drop you off at your house and take care of the restraining in lieu of you, you unaccompanied have got to to sit back and enjoy.

Why do so many people think the STEM field is boring? I’ve had people tell me that they think it’s just numbers and dull facts and I’ve even had (non STEM) teachers tell me that I shouldn’t go into the STEM field because it was too “uncreative” and that my talents would be wasted there.

But the STEM field is about so much more than numbers and facts.

It’s also about creativity and imagination and hope and possibility. It’s about creating something that’s never existed, discovering something that’s never been found. It’s about devising solutions and figuring out formulas until they flow like music. It’s about wonder and awe and seeing things from different angles. It’s about ideas and dreams and working hard to make them a reality.

The STEM field is about possibility, and that seems pretty exciting to me.

you’re never going to grow as an artist if all you do is create ripoffs of other people’s characters lmao

it might seem tempting to do that at first because it can be tough when you’re starting out and you don’t know how to create your own designs, but taking an existing character and tweaking them a bit and then slapping a different name on them and saying it’s your own character is Really Shitty. It’s stealing.

It’s really insulting to the original creators so just don’t do it, okay? If you love a character THAT much then just draw the character?? As they are?? Go as far as to make your own fancomics if you want, but don’t just take the character and change one tiny bit of their design and say it’s yours. That’s like buying a cake from the store and putting some fruit on top and saying you made it. It’s dishonest and rude.


Hello!! Please read!!


I don’t usually ask for help, but right now I really need it.

I’m Kaylee, an aspiring actress from TN. I’ve been acting since I was 5 and have never wanted to do anything else. For about 7 years, I thought that my heart belonged on the stage. A couple years ago I found out that it doesn’t: my heart actually belongs to film. Movies, TV, commercials, etc.

For a few years now I’ve been looking at different summer camps for film acting. The one that I’ve wanted to go to for a few years is NYFA’s Summer Program in Orlando, FL. I would be filming on sets at Disney and Epcot for three weeks, creating films, learning the business, and making myself as an actress. This would put me one step closer to achieving my dream.

My family can’t pay for all of the tuition. We have a lot of medical bills, since my mom was recently diagnosed with fibromyalgia. She also can’t work as much because of it, so we will be struggling for a bit, trying to buy just the necessities.

I Know that there are greater causes out there, but it would mean SO MUCH to me if you donated. Even a dollar would help. Please reblog as well. You are under no obligation to donate, but please reblog and share this at least.

Thanks you for reading this and reblogging/ donating. I want to participate in this program so badly that I cry everytime I talk about it. I’m afraid that I’m not going to be able to go.

Thank you again! All my love, Kaylee 💜💜


15 Types Of Friends Every Girl Needs In Her Life

Social media makes it seem like every girl out there has solid #SquadGoals going on, but in reality, most of us have only two or three close friends (but thousands of Facebook friends – more like Facebook acquaintances, amiright?). There’s nothing wrong with keeping your circle small, but it is good to have a wide variety of friends who each offer different things. Together, you form a community – a group of people helping each other out for the greater good. If you have an awesome group of friends, you’re the envy of many.

So I was talking to @azaras-spirit​ about why it was Amara instead of Cas (because wouldn’t it make more sense if it was Cas if we’re talking about true love), and I realized that we’re not actually talking about true love here. I don’t think that the spell the witch cast was intended to ferret out true love; in fact, I don’t think it can tell the difference between true love or infatuation or what have you. The witch said that the spell goes after not only the cheaters, but the people foolish enough to want to run back to them. That’s a sign of a toxic relationship, not one of true love. And Dean’s bond with Amara is clearly no different. I think the spell just reacts to whoever has the strongest hold over the person doomed to die.

I’m just so mad right now.

People have been telling me my art is overpriced and that is fucking ridiculous.  Its not overpriced its actually underpriced. like fuck man I am going to pop a gasket cause this is mind boggling.

first of all theres is a difference between prints and commission work

PRINTS are drawings I did on my own time and decided to print out a bunch of duplicates to sell and make money, so pricing is cheaper.

COMMISSIONS are art works you ask an artist to make for you thus it costs more to ask for art work since you are taking up time of the artist to work on something for you.  That commission is then made just for you and no one else!  Sounds negative but thats basically what a commission is. they can also be digital and traditional.  Digital commissions are as equal to traditional commissions.

I can’t believe I had to argue for something like this.  They are two completely different things and sure most people don’t understand this and I can explain, but being rude and telling me my art is overpriced?! get the fuck out of here.

Art is a Luxury not a necessity. You don’t need art to survive! Art is just how we express ourselves and communicate and do a bunch of other cool shit with it! You may need it to make a business look nicer or more professional but its not a necessity to survive!  

Artist can price themselves however the fuck they want. Its their work and if they think their prints are worth 500 dollars then its going to be worth 500 dollars.  you don’t have to agree with it but hey no one is taking your hand and forcing you to buy it!  And better yet if you don’t like their pricing, shut your mouth and move on to find someone else that suits your price range.  Because in most peoples mind that are not in the position of the artist, think that is fully colored, detailed, and bged is worth 10 dollars better sleep with one eye opened.  Because I will personally come over there while you are asleep, open your mouth, stand over your head in a squatting position and projectile diarrhea shit into your fucking as mouth until you drown and possibly die.

I’m having an argument right now on twitter about this stupid fuckwad that bought an icon off me, and there is so much regret now just FUCK! He’s telling me art is overpriced and I want to hit him with a shovel. If you can’t “afford” to spend a little to have good art then find someone else.  I’m sick and tired in hearing this shit its just so insulting to all artist just stop.  Certain Youtubers think their hot shit but no ok go make your own art then! GO! GO SPEND 15 YEARS CRAFTING YOUR CRAFT!  AND HAVE PEOPLE TELL YOU YOU’RE ART IS OVERPRICED!


I’m at such a loss for words when you speak to me because I’m scared. It’s so out of the blue, and you’ve knocked on the door so many times before, what makes this time so different? Are you going to stay this time? I feel like you’re stuck in the doorframe. You want in, but you also want an easy escape. I said it once, and I’ll say it again: you either want me or you don’t. There’s no in between. You have to tell me.
—  erh

It’s safe to say that while Force Awakens has almost universal praise, there are fans who are not very happy with the different take on the new Darth Vader. Whether you love or hate Kylo Ren, you simply cannot deny him. The big bad fulfills the Shakespeare-esque family drama facet so prevalent in Star Wars. Instead of “I am your father,” it’s now more “I killed my father.” Some people are suspicious of his motivations, especially how different he appears compared to one of the most iconic villains of all-time; Vader Force-choked the crap out of a bunch of people, but that didn’t mean he had temper tantrums when things didn’t go his way (okay, he did, but Force-choking is still more badass than slicing the shit out of innocent machinery). Motivations of the troubled Dark Jedi are still unclear, but much is learned from the novel and script, making us go a little easier on our judgment of Ren. For example, did you know that Ben was actually taken to the dark side by Supreme Leader Snoke at a young age? Thus, he likely suffers from a form of PTSD. Or that Snoke manipulated him into killing Han by making him believe he could live up to the legacy of Vader while also possibly planning to sacrifice him to gain a stronger apprentice? Internal conflict is central to his character, a big part of what makes him unique. Gone are the days when bad guys are black and white. No longer is the hero the only one struggling with inner turmoil. The most beloved villains of cinema aren’t always purely evil. Whether you dig Ren is a matter of preference, though if it’s a conflicted villain JJ Abrams is gunning for, he surely hit the nail.

Kylo Ren, by Katie Granger and Ömer Tunç.

anonymous asked:

I have never watched Madoka so I was kinda interested to see what it is about with your liveblog (without having to watch it myself, obviously) but I have NO clue what's going on??? At all? I don't understand anything, the pictures are weird. I know many people like it but do you think it will make sense at one point? So that you look back and can say, oh yes, butterfly hammers, always significant in that context?

Each of the moustachioed cotton ball environments has been starkly different so far, so I think they’re all reeking with their own symbolic importance. I don’t doubt you could sit down and figure out some kind of meaning for each and every individual image within whatever context they appear (which I still don’t quite understand). It does, in fact, feel (from my glorious perspective of four whole episodes) like those are the parts the creators are infinitely more interested in, so I would lay cash money that every image does indeed mean something and was very specifically chosen.

Now whether any of it is as deep and clever as, I would also lay money, the creators believe it is, that I don’t know. Like I mentioned in my larger write-up on the day, there are some pretty intense vibes I’m getting about the creators being in love with their own brilliance in that freshman year art student way which I personally find a little off-putting. Which has no relevance to whether that meaning EXISTS, so much as it does whether I’d care enough to find it.

I think even without that, though, the important take-away is that those environments are unnatural and unsettling, and without question, those are ideas those sequences completely get across.


(Key word *opinion*)(everyone is entitled to one)

I’m not going to lie I was so excited to see Liam and Hayden be more intimate with each other on Teen Wolf last night. I am a huge Layden fan so I know that I might be bias but-HEAR ME OUT.
The scene to me looked like sex at first yes but I rewatched the scene a couple times and HONESTY I think the way it was filmed showed it as a very sensual make out. The way the scene is filmed is a way that allows the viewer to believe whatever they think it is. Yes- at first I thought they were having sex but as I looked back I think it was just a very sensual, romantic make out WHICH IS **OK**.
Victoria & Dylan are *ACTORS* it’s their *JOB* to act and give us viewers entertainment. So everyone freaking the fuck out over age difference is going way overboard and just enjoy the entertainment this show provides. I believe this scene was needed because it shows how much Liam cares for Hayden and how Hayden is trying to decide whose side to be on, she has been through so much and she’s so unsure and Liam is basically saying it’s ok. That’s my short rant but also STILES AND LYDIA WAS FUCKING GREAT. Ok goodbye my loves (:

anonymous asked:

Maya, I'm so tired. I feel so manipulated and used. Nothing seems real and yet I can't disengage. I will never understand the whys of this entire thing and will be even more confused should it come out that its all real. This is like a bad dream.

Yeah, you know those dreams where everything changes second by second, you find yourself somewhere and then you turn the corner and you ended up in a completely different place, and you just randomly go in circles for what looks like ages and all the while vicious velociraptors chase you?
Well, those dreams still make more sense than this.
Hug you tight tight xx

anonymous asked:

Hello! I'm thinking about creating a news blog about TMI/Shadowhunters/SC in general and I was thinking about using a name that has "nephilim" in it. I was just wondering if you guys would be okay with it, since the name I choose could be rather similar to your blog. If it isn't, I completely understand and I'll choose another name. Thank you very much and keep up the good work :)

Hi there! 

As the owner, I would be okay with that. There are tons of fanblogs out there for different fandoms, so similar names is bound to happen! :) If it was dailynephilim that might be kind of confusing but anything else with it would be totally fine! Even that if that were the case, just confusing like I said but totally fine! I appreciate you coming to ask. :) Good luck getting your blog up and going! When you make it, if you’d like to be family sites, feel free to shoot us a message! :)


anonymous asked:

Why do I feel like something bad is going to happen to Alec to make Jace realize what he has? Almost like in the movie and in the book that has him getting kidnapped or something. I just think that Jace could use a reminder of how much Alec means to him and how much he's worth, you know? Like some parabati he is..

yeah, we’re probably getting something like that and i kinda want it to happen because jace right now is mostly taking care of clary and is kinda pushing alec aside. but the lydia thing might also help

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anonymous asked:

can i ask for some advice? I really want to keep drawing and making art but some days I feel like I can't pick up a pencil or I'm in a creative slump. Do you have any advice to help me get back to drawing again?

You can always ask for advice, anon! :^0

Honestly, here’s the thing about slumps: there’s no set in stone way to get yourself out of them. Never let anyone tell you that you have to wait until you’re motivated because motivation is mythical bullshit–art is fun but art is also work.

What you need to do is, even when it’s hard and you hate everything that you’re drawing, keep making pictures. Don’t do full fledged illustrations that are uber detailed/shaded/ridiculous. Do sketches, gestures, little doodles of people around you or places. 

Do yourself a favor when you’re feeling not so great–grab your sketchbook and pencil and go outside to a different place to draw. Changing the basic environment always helps a person mentally and sometimes it’s as simple as that. When you’re in a slump just draw small things and things you love, even if it’s the same character 9000 times. Take the time to practice smaller scale stuff like expressions or hands or feet.

There’s all kinds of exercises we can do to just…destress our artsy fartsy brains because they can get kinda burned out just like everything else. Give yourself a break to do something nice and fun and then when you come back draw literally whatever comes to mind or the first thing your eyes lands on.

Before you know it you’ll be thinking of ideas again and it won’t be as hard! 

anonymous asked:

I'm new to the Steven Universe fandom... And I'm wanna draw some fanart buuuuut I'm kinda scared, because people seem to wig the fuck out about how some artist draw them 'Oh, you draw this character to skinny' 'this character looks bad, you art sucks! Waaaah Draw it them right!' I don't know I just kinda scared of drawing Steven Universe fanart, do I just go a head and do it or... Not?

I think you should definitely draw some fan art if that’s what would make you happy.

I understand that some people get upset is characters are drawn differently as this show represents a diverse cast that isn’t often represented on TV. So it is understandable that some people get upset that larger characters are drawn skinny but I personally don’t mind as the artist is showing their love for the show in their own way and I think that should be what counts. I realise some people take it as fat shaming but I don’t think that is the case in many occasions, so I would just try and draw whatever feels natural for you.

As for judging the quality of the art and saying something ‘sucks’, I think that is appalling. That artist is trying their best and this bulling will only deter them from doing something they love. I would like to think that as a group of people we could appreciate the effort that went into the art and the love behind it and be supportive of that. I hate that our fandom is now thought of so negatively and for a group of people who love a show that is so inclusive some of people don’t seem to understand that and can been mean. I hope this doesn’t happen to you but I wouldn’t let it deter you.

Sorry for the long message, I hope this helps encourage you. In short you should definitely draw any fan art you want!!!! I’d love to see it when you are done 😊 Have fun!

cosmicpizzabuffet asked:

What would be your advice for somebody trying to get better at art? Specifically sketch and line work. (I'll get to paint later)

Sadly, the same not-so-glamorous info you’d get elsewhere - practice! Though I think it’s really worth consuming a lot of art too - look at comics, manga, cartoons - everything you can! You’ll find styles you like and will try to emulate them, and/or pick bits and pieces out of different artists, and slowly, you’ll develop your own style!

For sketch - a sketch is just that - a sketch. It’s a rough idea down on paper. I’ve seen way too many people do the “hatching” thing where they try to get a perfect line - don’t do this!!! Sketches are MESSY. Go over lines a bunch! Draw light! Be fluid! Make mistakes because that’s what a rough sketch is for!

For linework, be patient, and I’d say my #1 piece of advice is to draw “through” shapes. It’s hard to describe, but say you’re inking a leg that’s behind the other leg. Don’t stop and start again - draw through the front leg and erase the line you wouldn’t see, that way your shape will be more complete!

Otherwise, practice, practice, practice! Good luck!