Today i decided to make some gifs from one of my favorite webcomics, “Go Get a Roomie!” (and also one of my favorite artists, to who i dedicate this) <3. If you don’t read it, you should go and take a look at it: Link Here.
 Maybe i’ll do a few more later.

 PS: Tumblr doesn’t let me upload the last gif in full-size, but you can check it right here.
 All credits to the creator of GGaR. I didn’t draw this images, just edited them into gifs.


hey do you wanna read a comic about a polyamorous hippie who has adventures (and sex (tons of sex wow)) with her dom/sub/trans/bi/pan friends and how she meets a lethargic taleteller and helps her out (and in doing so, helps herself)

of course you do

(if that’s not enough to convince you (or if it legit doesn’t matter), there’s also beautiful art and crazy amazing dreams and underlyingish themes of self-growth and learning to love yourself. and almost everyone is adorable)

i present: Go Get a Roomie!

What I love about Go Get a Roomie is that the artist can make things that have been fetishized and are often seen as extremely sexual - two women, one half naked, having a pillow fight for example - and make them simple, sweet and heartfelt. The whole webcomic can be a real eye opener.

But seriously, if you haven’t read Go Get a Roomie yet, go check it out.  Also, check out the artist’s tumblr