Imagine #27 - Daring [Ross]

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“(Y/N)! Pretty please,” Rydel practically begged over the phone. “Now that you moved here, we just have to have a sleepover!”

You let out a sigh, thinking about it. Having moved to Los Angeles a few weeks ago, you finally lived close to your long-time best friend. Rydel took that opportunity right away and invited you over for a sleepover along with her siblings and some other friends.

“Fine,” you eventually answered.

The sleepover was a couple days later. Everyone sat in a circle on the floor, you sitting between Ross and Rydel as you were playing a mixture of Spin the Bottle and Truth or Dare. The game had started out quite behaved but with the competitiveness of the Lynch brothers, they obviously had to one-up each other and it didn’t take long for the dares to get more and more intense.

Rocky spun the bottle and it stopped pointing at Ross. You quietly let out a sigh of relief. Knowing that Rocky’s dares were the worst and most extreme, you were glad it was Ross’ turn and of course he chose the dare.

“Ross, I dare you to kiss (Y/N),” Rocky challenged.  

Wait what?  You whipped your head towards Rocky and saw him already looking at you, a smug grin on his face. “And it has to be on the lips for 60 seconds or else you’ll serve me for a month,” he then elaborated his dare, putting up the stakes.

You shot him a glare, mentally making a note to get him back for that later. Ross shrugged and turned towards you. “May I?” he asked, his hand already going to the side of your face. You could merely nod your head before he had gently put his lips onto yours. Your eyes closed almost immediately, melting into the kiss and completely forgetting about all the people surrounding you. Ross slowly pulled away after what felt like forever but at the same time not long enough. When you opened your eyes again, he was already looking at you. For some reason, neither of you could tear their eyes from the other.

“Get a room already,” Rocky said with a smirk and chucked a pillow at the two of you. Snapping out of it, both of you blushed in embarrassment and scooted apart, not even daring to look at each other for the rest of the night. Something had definitely changed with that kiss and you couldn’t tell for sure if it was a good or a bad thing.

A few weeks went by and you tried to avoid Ross as best as you could. You were pretty successful with that but he had seemed to avoid you as well. It was actually pretty childish since you knew you might have an idea what was going on. So far, you had only talked about it with Rydel, saying you thought you might have feelings for Ross. She had a weird look on her face after you told her, almost as if she knew something you didn’t but you decided to not give it too much importance.

It was exactly one month since the sleepover and there was a knock on your door. You opened it and definitely did not expect that person to stand in front of you.

“Ross?” you asked. There was no denying that you were surprised to see him. “What are you doing here?”

“I- uh…” he stuttered, blushing slightly. “I wanted to know if you maybe wanted to go out? I mean, Rydel said you like me an-“

“She did WHAT?!” you cut him off, eyes wide. Rydel had promised not to tell anybody about this.

“Shh, (Y/N),” Ross tried to calm you down, putting his hands onto your shoulders. “She only told me because I told her that I really like you. And I was asking her if she thought it would be a good idea to ask you out or not. You know, because you’re best friends and I’m pretty sure you guys would talk about things like that…” he trailed off, looking you directly in the eye. “Could you maybe say something?” Ross chuckled nervously after a long moment of silence.

“Y- you like me too?” you stuttered, still in complete disbelief. This was too good to be true.

He nodded. “So, what do you say? Wanna go and drive to the beach or something?”

“I’d love to,” you smiled and quickly got ready.

“Hey, remember that one?” Ross asked, pointing to a big rock at the beach.

“How could I ever forget the rock you made me climb all the way up on our first date?” you asked, giving him a look. The date was just a couple months back but it was still fresh in your mind, making you smile whenever you thought about it. And even though you had gone on multiple dates after that, you still had not made it official yet.

“Let’s do it again,” Ross grinned and started pulling himself up. Rolling your eyes at him, you shook your head but followed suit.

“I love this place,” Ross said as the two of you were sitting on the very top and watched the waves of the ocean roll onto the shore while the sun started setting.

“Mhm,” you hummed in agreement, leaning against Ross’ side, his arm snaked around your waist.

“And, I mean, we did end up right here on our first date, so maybe this could be our very own special place? Where we can make many more special memories?”    

“Like what?” you asked quietly, turning your head to look at him.

“Like me asking you to be my girlfriend,” Ross answered with an indirect question and tucked a strand of hair behind your ear.

“I love the sound of that,” you smiled and leaned more into his touch as he was caressing your cheek with his thumb. Ross smiled and gently pulled your face closer to kiss your lips.

Just like months before at the sleepover, you melted into the kiss and forgot about everything around you. Your whole body was filled with the same feeling from back then, only stronger, and you have never been so thankful for a dare.  

Riker Imagine - Pregnant

For Alexa ;)

“Okay. Look Riker, I’ve been trying to tell you this for a while…” RING! RING! His phone started loudly ringing. Just another distraction.
“Hold on just one second.” He spoke. You dropped your hands to your side in defeat.
“Whatever.” You agreed. He stood up from the couch, and walked a little ways away into the next room. You rolled your eyes. You didn’t think you would ever get to tell him. You and Riker had been married for just about a year now, and you really wanted to start a family. You had been trying to get pregnant for months. About four months ago you, and he visited a doctor to talk about your fertility. But to your horrible dismay the doctor told you your fertility was extremely low and you had little to no chance of ever getting pregnant. You cried, and cried night after night.
“All my life I dreamed of having children, and starting my own family.” You would say. Sometimes you would even blame it on yourself saying it was all your fault and Riker deserved to have kids but you could never give them to him. Stuff like that. Seeing you sink into a low state of depression over the fact that your body was most likely barren made him even more upset. He would usually try to cheer you up by saying things like: “Babe I don’t care if we have a baby or not, it’s the baby making I like.” Even under all of his sly comments you could still tell he was upset. You both were. Then within the last month a miracle happened. You didn’t believe it at first. You thought it had to be psychological. The doctor told you couldn’t get pregnant. Except for when you got tested, you tested positive. You remember being so happy you couldn’t contain it. You sped from the hospital to go see Rydel and tell her the amazing news. You just couldn’t wait to tell Riker.
Four weeks you’ve been waiting to tell Riker, but it seemed he was always busy. You tried to plan a romantic diner alone for the two of you. You had everything all set and you waited…and waited…and waited. Riker claimed he would be home around seven. You waited until midnight then decided to just go to bed. He gave you another random meeting excuse in the morning like he always does. That’s what you get for planning a surprise.
Then you tried to tell him a week later. The band was playing at a fancy hotel a few hours away. The suite had a small hot tub right inside the room. After the show you lit a few candles, dimmed the lights. Then Riker texted you. ‘We’re partying in the lobby you should come down.’
This time there was no surprises. You didn’t plan anything, no romantic events. You had just sat him down in the living room, and tried to tell him. But that didn’t even work. It seemed like no matter what you did, you just couldn’t get him at the right moment. Riker finally walked back into the room.
“Sorry, that was Ry. He was wondering if I could come into sound check early.” He spoke. You sighed. Just great, you would never be able to tell him.
“Okay, I’ll see you later I guess.” You shrugged. At this moment you were getting fed up with all of his working. You absolutely loved him, and the band. Sometimes it just felt like you never got any alone time with him.
“Okay, see you later babe love you.” He reached down at pecked you on the lips, then headed for the door. “Wait, what did you need to tell me?” you shook your head.
“Nothing I’ll see you at the show.” You responded as Riker exited the house.
“You’ll get a chance to tell him don’t worry!” Rydel consoled you from backstage. You rolled your eyes.
“When? At the hospital? ‘Hey Riker could you swing by tonight, I’m having a kid.’” You joked. You and Rydel both laughed. “But I’m serious. Every single fricken time I try to sit him down and tell him something comes up.” One of the members of the stage crew walked up and handed Rydel a clipboard.
“Thanks” she replied as she skimmed over all of the fan questions on the sheet. She looked up from the clipboard. Her eyes widened and her jaw dropped. You could see the excitement rise in her eyes.
“What?” you asked. Rydel started to flail her arms around a little. Almost too excitedly.
“I have the PERFECT idea!”
“Okay Riker, your turn.” Rydel spoke handing him the clipboard. You crossed your fingers hoping he would choose your question you submitted. He was probably just going to pick one of the “Favorite movie” ones like he always did.
“If you could be one movie character who would you be?” Riker announced. You totally called it. Rydel looked over to where you were standing just left of the stage behind the curtain and shook her head. I guess you would just have to resort to plan B.
“Well I for one would be Captain Jack Sparrow.” You rolled your eyes. You couldn’t help but laugh. It was always Jack Sparrow, Jack Sparrow, and Jack Sparrow with him. Rydel snatched the clipboard out of his hand, to fulfill your little plan.
“Oh here’s one.” She looked over and winked at you. “I have something I really need to tell my husband, but he’s always busy with work. What should I do?” Rydel read. She looked over to Riker. “What do you think about this one?” Riker mused at the question on the paper. He had no idea that you were the one who wrote it.
“You know what I think you should just come right out and tell him. There’s no time like the present. What the heck if he’s here why you don’t come out and tell him right now.” That was your queue. You were hoping he would say something like that. You walked out onto the stage, right up to him. The crowd cheered a little. They always did when they saw you, it made you feel special.
“Hey Lex.” He grinned.
“Hi.” You smiled and sat on his lap on the stool he was sitting on.
“What’s up?” He asked. The crowd seemed to cheer with every word he said. You giggled a little.
“Well you just said if my husband is here I should just come right out and tell him.” You saw confusion appear on his face.
“Was that you who submitted that?” you nodded your head. He chuckled a little as well. “So what did you want to tell me?” You looked into his eyes. They were filled with curiosity just sitting there waiting for what you needed to tell him. You took a deep breath, you had been waiting a long time for this moment.
“Riker, I’m pregnant” Your heart raced as you waited for his reaction. You see his eyes bounce around. You stood up, and he got off the stool. He was looking into your eyes never loosing contact as he stood. He looked confused.
“What?” tears started to well up in your eyes, and you shook your head.
“We’re going to have a baby.” Riker within an instant, tightly wrapped his arms around you. The whole crowd cheered and screamed. Riker stepped back. A tear had fallen from his eye too, and he couldn’t stop grinning. Both of you knew what a struggle this had been over the past few months. Now you were finally going to have a baby. Riker picked up his microphone again and spoke into it.
“Guess I’m going to be a father.”

Ross imagine - he gets hurt playing hockey

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You watch eagerly as your boyfriend skates down the ice with the puck. Stormie’s chewing her nails nervously beside you, and Mark is watching from the other side of her. Rydel and Ellington are beside you, both pairs of eyes glued to Ross. There’s not much time left, and if Ross can make this goal, his team will win.

A player from the opposing team races beside him and tries to steal the puck away, but Ross manages to keep it. That is, until a second player goes up to him. This one comes from the front, skating towards Ross at full speed. Your eyes widen and your stomach twists.

Ross curses under his breath and tries to swerve around them both, but the stick of the player to his left gets caught under his skate. He falls to the ice with a thud. He catches himself with his hands, and the silence of the anxious crowd is interrupted by a pained groan. Your mouth parts and you try to go closer, but Rydel holds your arm.

“You can’t go out,” she tells you quickly.

“What if he’s hurt?”

Stormie shakes her head. “They’ll bring him back to the bench and check him out. Then, we can go see him.”

You nod slightly. The countdown has been paused as Ross’s teammates go to him. Riker is the first one there, then Rocky, and then Ryland and the rest.

“Shit bro,” you hear Rocky say. “You okay?”

You can’t hear Ross’s response, but you see his head shake and that causes your stomach to clench. What’s wrong with him? Did he hurt his knee? His arm? Wrist? Ankle?

Riker and Ryland help Ross stand, and Rocky skates over to where you and the others are standing. Since you’re all in the row closest to the ice, it’s easy for Rocky to talk to you.

“He says his wrist hurts,” he tells you all.

“It might be broken,” you fret. All you want to do is hug Ross and tell him he’ll be okay. You want to kiss whatever’s hurting and cuddle him until the pain goes away. You just want him to be okay.

“It’s probably a sprain,” Ellington comments.

Rocky shrugs slightly. “Y/N, you can probably come over to the bench if you want. Well, any of you for that matter.”

You cast a quick glance to Stormie who nods, and you quickly go down to the bench where Ross is. Stormie, Mark, Rydel, and Ellington all follow while Rocky skates over to it. A man with a first aid kit is checking out Ross’s wrist while asking him some questions. You all stay out of the way while that’s happening. You chew the skin off your bottom lip and play with the sleeves of your sweater.

“It’s a sprain,” the man says with a slight nod of the head. “We’ll wrap it up to keep it from getting worse.”

Ross nods glumly and allows the man to wrap his wrist up. His gloves are sitting next to him on the bench, and his stick is leaning against the wall of the rink. He’s taken his helmet off, revealing his messy, sweaty hair.

Once the man is finished, he packs up the first aid kit and gets out of the way. You’re the first to reach Ross – other than Riker and Ryland whom were already there.

“Are you okay? Does it hurt a lot?” You take a seat next to him and frown.

“I’m fine,” he assures you all. “It’s just sore right now. It won’t take long to heal, I just have to be careful not to use this hand too much for the next few days or so. Don’t worry, I’m okay.”

“Thank heavens,” Stormie says with a sigh of relief.

You can’t help yourself from hugging Ross’s neck, ignoring the sweat. He hugs you with the arm that isn’t injured, leaning his head against yours. “I’m fine,” he whispers, knowing all too well how worried you can get.

You shrug a shoulder. “I just hate knowing that you’re in pain. When we get back to your place, the first and only thing you and I are going to is cuddle, understand?”

Ross smiles and nods. “Okay, baby. Cuddling it is.”

Rocky Imagine (AU) College

“Well I think that…Rebeca are you listening?” I kept my gaze focused on him. His muscle tone arms that escaped out of the black t-shirt, the bit of scuff that rested beneath his chin, the brunette hair barely touching his shoulder covered up by a gray beanie. “Hey, are you listening?”

“Oh sorry, what?” I snapped out of my trance by the sound of Rydel’s voice. 

“I was trying to get your thoughts on this anatomy paper.”

“Oh yea, sounds great.” I mindlessly replied and shifted my gaze back over across the room where Rocky was sitting, staring down at his phone.

“I haven’t even said anything yet, what’s up with you lately, you’ve been really distracted.” She wasn’t wrong, lately all my thoughts were occupied by Rocky.  I tried to clear my mind, taking my eyes off of him, hoping she wouldn’t notice that I’d been staring at her brother.  

“Yea, sorry I was uh…thinking.” She rolled her eyes. A trait that always appeared when she seemed to be upset with me.

“You’re always ‘thinking’.” Rydel mumbled in a tone sounding rather annoyed, emphasizing the word thinking. I sat down in one of the small desks, which in my opinion is way too small for people of my age. “Uhh, look at him.”  She grumbled sending Rocky a glare, the exact opposite of the way I looked at him. I l slightly chuckled.

“Who your brother?” The crossing of her arms, rueful glare, and nodding head all implied she meant yes. “What’s wrong with him?” she shook her head again, and slammed the large red anatomy textbook on her desk.

“What’s not wrong with him?” She uttered. She fumbled a little, finally taking the seat next to mine. “Berkeley has always been my dream college, when I came here I was finally getting away from four brothers, having my own freedom, living my own life, then this. Five and a half hours away from L.A. and I still can’t get away from him. He could have picked any other college to go to, but no he had to pick Berkeley.”

“Oh, he can’t be that bad, you love your brother.” I suggested, trying to convince her that her brother going to the same school as us wasn’t the worst thing in the world, I by far didn’t think it was. She ran her fingers through her blonde hair, flipping around a few of the curls.

“Yes I love him…sometimes but, he’s my brother. I worked hard to get into this school. I care so much about my grades, we both worked our butts off just to get through freshman year. Rocky hasn’t worked a day in his life, he sailed his way through high school, and he still gets in? It’s just frustrating you know.”

 I nodded my head in agreement. I knew Rydel always loved her brother, but she had somewhat of a resentment towards him that he had gotten into the college of her dream through a hockey scholarship. Rydel and I were a year older than Rocky. We were sophomores, and he was a freshman. Rydel and I became roommates and best friends our first days at Berkeley. When Rocky started this year, we hit it off, there was a spark between us. Neither of us wanted Rydel to know about it for certain specific reasons, not many people really knew about us, none of his friends, and none of mine. My phone vibrated from inside my pocket. I took it out and saw a message from Rocky.

I know it’s hard not to stare, but your gonna give us away ;)”  The corners of my mouth formed into a large smile. I subtly looked back over to him to see a smirk on his face.

Well that’s the wrong form of your, its “you’re” and gonna isn’t a word.” I replied.

Of course, I had to date an English Freak.” I tried to contain it, but I let out a small giggle.

“What?” Rydel asked musing on my sudden laughter. I nervously shook my head and gave a simple reply.

“Oh, nothing.” Another eye roll was continued by Rydel taking out her large notebook. She must have noticed the professor enter the room.

“Hello class.” He begun with his day in, and day out monotone voice that I swear could put a five year old on a sugar high to sleep. “Today we will be studying the-” and began another lesson. All Professor Jenkins ever did was lecture. We took notes, we took mid-terms, and we took finals. That and a few surprise papers every now and then, about summed up the class. Taking notes was extremely vital, without notes we couldn’t study for the finals, we had barely made it through mid-terms as it is. But, for some reason lately I hadn’t been able to pay attention. I knew the reason: Rocky. He being placed in the same class was probably the worst, and best thing that could’ve happened. My mind wandered, as much as I tried to pay attention to the left common carotid artery in the cardiovascular system, my brain always left Anatomy and somehow landed on Rocky again. At the end of the hour and a half, I looked down at my notebook and saw all I had wrote was ANATOMY in big bold letters for the heading, but the rest of the page was empty. Rydel turned to me and saw my empty page also, and her eyes widened.

“What the-REBECA? Where are all your notes?” I nervously toyed with my hair.

“Uh…Well I was kind of taking mental notes.” I chuckled nervously.

“That is the most implausible thing I have ever heard! You’re usually the girl that aces all the tests and doesn’t need sleep because she’d rather be spending her time studying! What’s going on? There must be something up with you.” Rydel looked full blown discomposed. She could not believe the whole class block I hadn’t taken any notes, I was afraid she might catch on to the error of my ways.

“It’s just that I have a huge chemistry exam in an hour, and I’ve uh… I’ve just been worried! I wanted to just look over the notes, and you know how consumed I get with studying.” I spit out the lies hoping maybe she would buy some of them.

“Phew! I thought something was wrong! Yea, I get that. I know how you are when you’re sucked into a textbook.” I nervously giggled again.

“Well, I’ll see you tonight” Rydel spoke almost walking away.

“Bye, Delly!” I called back to her. Anatomy was the only class we had together so we walked in opposite directions. My phone vibrated from inside my pocket again. I pulled out to check the message; from Rocky again.

You’re coming over tonight right?” I pursed my lips. I had just had a close call with Rydel, what would I say when I left yet another night? I’m pretty sure I had worn out the Library excuse.

“Maybe, I’ll text you later.”  I responded.


“I don’t know” I tapped into my phone.

”Come on pleasssssssee” Rocky begged. My eyes searched the room, looking up from my dreadfully boring Anatomy text book. Rydel had her nose in her French Book, she was majoring in Biological science, and minoring in French. While I was Majoring in English.  We both were equally advanced in our college work. We weren’t the type of girls that went out and partied every day. Most nights we stayed home and studied, when we did go out, we went out together to the movies, or shopping. Our lives were pretty boring, but when you’re trying to succeed in college, it takes a lot. She knew how much grades meant to me, which is why, I assume, she was so worried about my change of habits.

“Wow it’s kind of stuffy in here.” I mumbled, hoping Rydel would give me some response. Nothing came from her except the sounds of rifling pages of a text book.

“Rydel, I think I’m going to get some air.” She peeked her head up from the book.


“I said I’m going to go to the library to work on my paper for a while. It’s a little stuffy in here.”  I hated lying to her but it became more of a constant, when I had to sneak out of the room to go meet Rocky. She shook her head and laughed a little.

“You and that library.” I heard as I walked to the door. “You’re studying right?” Rydel asked.

“Yea, what else what I be doing?’ wow, that didn’t sound suspicious at all.

“What are you going to study, you forgot all your books.” I suddenly realized I was empty handed. I didn’t think about grabbing books, when I was going to Rocky’s dorm.

“Oh Right.” I walked back and picked up the book then stepped out the door. I whipped out my phone and texted Rocky.

“On my way.”


I laid with my hand placed against his chest, on the futon in his dorm room. His arm extended beyond my neck holding my shoulder pulling me closer. My head rested on his upper chest right below the shoulder. There is an earbud hooked into each of our opposite ears.

 ”Oh, you need to hear my new favorite song!” I urgently pulled the plug from the headphone jack out of his phone and plugged it into mine. “Ok.” He laughed at the side of my excitement. Opening iTunes and playing the song I immediately began singing.

“Here’s to teenage memories!” I lightly hummed and Rocky’s head nodded up and down to the beat of the song. The chorus said finally arrived and I began obnoxiously singing.

“SO KISS ME KISS ME KISS ME!” I loudly screeched out of tune sending rocky into fits of laughter.

“You know you have an amazing voice, babe” He voiced sarcastically with a coy smile.  I took the headphones from my ear wrapped them around my phone and set it on the floor. I rolled over lying on top of him I set my forehead onto his our noses barely touching. My hands connected with his and he interlock their fingers we were so close I could feel the warm air of his breath on my neck the fragrant smell of his cologne flooded my senses he stretched up to peck my lips.  With our mouths only a few inches away again I brought up something we had been debating.

"When are we going to tell Rydel?” I could see his mood drop a little by the tone of his eyes. “I don’t know sneaking around with you it’s kind of hot.” He reached up to kiss me again but I pulled away as soon as his lips touched mine.

“I mean sneaking around is fun and everything, but Rydel is my best friend I just don’t want-” Rocky cut me off.

“We’ll know when the time is right.”

 I nodded my head in agreement.


I finally put my lips on his instead this time we didn’t break away. I moved my hands, and entangled in them in Rocky’s hair. With both of his hands he held onto me resting his hands slightly above my waist.  I sat up for a second peeling the pink striped sweater off of my body, leaving me in a thick strap black tank top. I returned to Rocky and deepened the kiss, inserting my tongue in his mouth. My hands ran up his back and I dug my fingernails into his skin. He moved his lips to my neck, starting at the shoulder and tracing all the way up my neck. His lips moved back down and stopped at the center of my neck; my sweet spot. He bit at the soft skin of my neck, making me send out a small audible moan. I could feel his mouth form into a smirk against my neck. He reconnected his lips to mine, leaving a large hickey rest in the center of my neck.


I slowly closed the door of our dorm, Rydel’s head snapped over to my direction. “Wow, you’re here!” She said sarcastically. I mindlessly walked over to our desk that sat in front of the room where she was sitting, forgetting about my neck.

“Why wouldn’t I be?” I enquired. She threw down her pencil, and looked up at me.

 “Look, it’s just that-” she stopped. Suddenly her eyes grew wide and her jaw dropped. Realization hit me and I sprung my hand up to cover my neck.

“REBECA! WHAT’S ON YOUR NECK?” she exclaimed.

“Nothing.” I shook my head nervously

“Yes there is! Do you have a hickey?” Her eyes displayed a mix of surprise and wonder. Her expression quickly evolved to confusion. “Oh my gosh! Do you have a new boyfriend?” She was almost gushing. Her mouth displayed a cheeky grin. My mouth dropped open and shut again trying to form some sort of explanation.

“S-sort of.” I stuttered. Her eyes lit up with glee.

“Who is it, why haven’t you told me?” I bit down on my lip, a nervous habit.

“You don’t know him.” An excuse that probably wouldn’t last for long.

“Well what’s his-” there was a knock on our door.

“Thank god.” I mumbled under my breath. Whoever was at the door had impeccable timing. I got up from my seat and walked over to the door. My stomach dropped when I saw who it was. “I take that back.” I again mumbled to myself. I gritted my teeth.

“What are you doing here?”

“I thought you might need this, you forgot your book in my-” I quickly made a gesture to remind him Rydel was in the room. His eyes widened. “In my c-classroom, yea you forgot this… in class… this morning.” He stuttered. Rydel got up off of her chair and stepped towards the door.

“Wait…you had your anatomy book when you left to go to the ‘library’ earlier.” The way she strung out the word Library made me believe she thought something was up. She looked curiously from my book, to Rocky, then to me.

“Oh…oh my gosh…oh” She jumped back, putting her hand over her mouth. “You- you and him- you both!” she rambled. I could tell she was becoming flustered.

“Look Delly, I can explain.” You tried to calm her down.

“Explain what? How you’re dating my little brother?” I could sense tension in her voice, she seemed to be growing frustrated. This was not how we’d planned on telling her. She began a small pace, just around the area she stood.  I couldn’t imagine what she would be thinking of me right now.

“Rydel” I tried to talk but she interjected.

“So let me get this straight, all that distractedness, all those library study times, all those late nights…wait, the other night you didn’t come home until four in the morning, you were with him weren’t you?” I pursed my lips.

“Yea.”  I confessed.

“What on earth were you…Wait, OH MY GOSH, the hickey, staying out all night, HAVE YOU BEEN SLEEPING TOGETHER? You shook your head.

“No.”  A smirk appeared on Rocky’s face.

“Not yet anyway.” I slapped him lightly on the stomach, and glared at him.

“Not the time.” He raised his hands up in defense. I spoke up again, trying to clear the air. “Look, I was just spending some time with him, when we both kind of fell asleep. That’s all that happened. Rydel rolled her eyes, and crossed her arms.

“I can’t believe you Beca! You could’ve dated anybody else but you had to pick my little brother.”  Not exactly the reaction I was hoping for.

“THAT’S IT!” Rocky finally stepped in, I was surprised. He was usually very passive in arguments. “Look, I get it, I get it that you’re ticked at me because I got a scholarship into the same college, I get it that after all these years the “little brother” is still here, but what you need to understand is that I’m not just your little brother anymore. I have a life too, I hoped you would’ve understood.” I spoke after him.

“Rydel you know I love you, but you have to realize, I love him too.” I wrapped my arm around his waist. Her expression softened.


“What?” I said shocked.

“Okay, look maybe I overreacted, I’m sorry.”  I was taken back a little, I expected her to be upset or even mad at me for a while.

“What really?” I asked completely shocked. She nodded her head.

“Yea, look I’m sorry you know I love both of you.” She shot a playful glare at Rocky. “Most of the time.”

“So you’re not upset that we’re dating?” Rydel half smiled.

“No, I mean you actually look pretty cute together.” I blushed a little. “But Rocky, if you hurt her I’ll have to beat you up.” she said winking at him. He shrugged.

“Wouldn’t be the first time.” I giggled a little. Rocky kissed me on the cheek making Rydel cringed.

“But not too much of that in front of me!” Rocky and I both chuckled a little.

“Ok, Delly.”

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Could you do a BSM and SSM for them getting protective over you. And bythe way I love your blog xx

Thank you! Here you go :) Hope you guys like it Xx I’m so sorry that this took so long for me to write, I just had a hard time thinking of 6 scenarios 

BSM = brother-sister moment, and SSM = sister-sister moment

BSM/SSM preference, they’re protective:

Riker; [Age 5] You cling to your brother’s hand as he brings you backstage to an interview. You look around and smile at the new surroundings. You’ve been cooped up in the tour bus for the past few days, so you’re very excited to get out. “Okay Y/N, sit here.” He lifts you up and gently places you onto a chair. You whine and hold onto his hand when he tries to walk away. “Y/N baby I have to have the interview. I’ll be back soon.” He kisses your head then walks over to the others. You hop off of the chair and start to explore. You wander around, passing many people in the hallway. After a few minutes, you hear your brother’s panicked voice. “Where’s Y/N?!” You giggle and rush over to him. “Here I am!” You exclaim, tugging on his pant leg. He looks down and scoops you into his arms immediately. “Y/N don’t run away like that! You scared us… We had to pause the interview because you weren’t in your chair,” he says sternly. You pout and wrap your small arms around his neck. “I sowry Riker,” you mumble. He sighs and kisses your head gently. “It’s alright sweetie, just don’t do it again, okay?” He places you back down on your chair and you nod. “I promise,” you say. He smiles softly and ruffles your hair before joining the others for the interview. 

Ross; [Age 10] “Look how high I can go!” You exclaim from the swing, pumping your legs harder to give yourself more altitude. Ross watches you from the bench. “Don’t go too high,” he tells you. “I’ll be fine,” you assure him. After a few minutes, Ross walks over. “Too high,” he says. You roll your eyes. Ross frowns. “Don’t roll your eyes at me,” he tells you sternly. “You’re being so dumb though. I’m not even that high up.” You glance at him. “I’m not being dumb, I just don’t want me little sister getting hurt,” he tells you in a soft tone. You sigh softly and let your feet drag on the gravel, slowing the swing down. Ross smiles slightly. “Thank you,” he says. You chew your lip and look at your big brother. “Can you push me?” You ask. He smiles widely and stands up from the bench. “Of course I can,” he replies as he walks over to the swing. He stands behind you and gently starts to push you. “Thanks Ross,” you say, turning your head to glance at him. He gives you a smile and nods. “Anytime Y/N, anytime.” 

Rocky; [Age 16] As you fix your hair in the bathroom mirror, you see Rocky appear in the doorway. “Hey,” you say. He nods and leans against the door frame. “What time is what’s-his-face picking you up?” Rocky asks, referring to your date. You roll your eyes. “His name is Trevor. And he’s coming at six-thirty. So I still have fifteen minutes,” you reply. “Right, Trevor, yeah. What’s he like? Is he good in school? Does he play sports? Video games? Drink alcohol? Do drugs? Go partying?” Rocky narrows his eyes slightly once he’s finished asking you a load of questions. You groan. “He’s fine in school, and he plays on some of the school’s sports teams. Yes, sometimes, no, sometimes,” you answer the questions truthfully. “Hn, I guess he sounds alright. Be careful though. Don’t do anything you’re not comfortable with, tell him when to stop, make sure he knows his boundaries, and have fun.” Rocky smiles softly. You turn around to face him and give him a small smile. “Thanks,” you say, pushing past him as you walk down to the front door. “And use protection!” 

Rydel; [Age 12] When you walk through the front door after school, your big sister bounds down the stairs. “Hey Y/N! How was school?” She asks in a chipper voice. You shrug and toss your bag onto the floor once your shoes are off. “Fine,” you reply. “Just fine?” She asks. You nod and make your way to the kitchen. “What’s wrong?” Rydel asks, following you into the kitchen. “Nothing,” you mumble, looking through the cupboards for a snack. “Y/N, c’mon, you can tell me,” she persists. You sigh and look at her. “The two biggest bullies are in my class, and they’ve been making fun of me all week,” you confess. Rydel frowns. “Oh, I’m sorry … C’mere.” She opens her arms. You go over and hug Rydel tightly. She rubs your back gently, mumbling some sweet things to you. “I’ll talk to your teachers, okay? And if the bullies still don’t stop picking on you, then I’ll talk to them myself. I hate seeing you upset, and I hate thinking that some idiots feel better about themselves when they put someone as amazing as you down,” she says. You look up at her. “Thanks Delly,” you say with a small smile. “No problem. Now come on, let’s make some popcorn then watch cartoons.” 

Ryland; [Age 7] You run around on the stage as your brother Ryland fiddles around with his DJ equipment. None of the fans are allowed in yet, so you get to hang out with Ryland for a while. “Be careful,” Ryland says without looking at you. You roll your eyes and hop up onto the platform where the drums are. “Uh huh,” you reply, walking around the edge of the platform. “I mean it, Y/N. The equipment on here is very delicate,” he says with a more serious tone than before. You hum in response and tip toe around the platform. Your foot slips, causing you to fall onto the stage with a thud. Ryland’s head whips around, ready to scold you. “Y/N what did you- oh shit,” he mumbles the last part, not wanting you to hear him swear. He rushes over to you. “Are you okay?” He asks immediately. You sit up and shrug. “I think so,” you answer. Ryland feels your ankles and wrists just to make sure. “My elbow feels funny,” you comment as he lifts your left arm. Ryland rolls your sleeve up and inspects it. “Must’ve bumped it when you fell.” He kisses the tip of your elbow gently. “Better?” He asks. You nod and smile slightly, wrapping your arms around his neck. He lifts you up, resting you on your hip. “How about we go back stage and hang out there instead, yeah? You can help me arrange everyone’s instruments and stuff,” he suggests. You smile widely and nod, always eager to help your big brother in any way. 

Ellington; [Age 18] “Okay Y/N, there’s quite a few fans out there, you sure you want to leave now?” Ellington asks worriedly. He and you had gone out for a sibling brunch, but when his fans found out where you two were, they went there as soon as they could. You nod and wave a hand. “It’ll be fine. Your fans are always so nice anyways,” you reply, walking to the door. He follows closely, wrapping his arm around your waist. “Ell, I’ll be fine, okay?” You smile softly. He nods, tightening his grip on you as he opens the door. Several fans scream and squeal as they all move towards you and Ellington. “Don’t push please,” Ell says, loudly enough so everyone can hear. You look around. smiling and waving at the lovely people around you. “Careful around Y/N! She isn’t used to this,” Ellington frets. You giggle as you look back at him. “I’m fine Ell, really,” you assure him, although he still looks worried. “Just don’t want you to get hurt or scared or anything. You’re my little sister, and I need to protect you,” he says. A few fans whom heard him awe. You grin. “I appreciate your concern, but I’m perfectly okay, honest. Now stop worrying and let’s greet some fans.”

KCA Aftermath (a Raura oneshot)

After the KCA ended, everyone was saying goodbye. Ross Lynch had a triumphant look on his face. He couldn’t stop smiling as everyone congratulate him along the way. The rest of R5 walked with him, Riker occasionally messed up his hair, looking really proud older brother. Ross Lynch shoved him away playfully in return everytime he does it.

But Ross was expecting a congratulation from a certain someone. His co-star, one of the person who had made his winning possible. But he couldn’t find her anywhere.

The last time he saw her was during the orange carpet interview, when he accidentally bumped into her and her sister. That time he was so glad to see her, he wanted to embrace her immediately, but then he saw the reporter, and the cameras, so he could only stop and said hi. He also had to leave immediately for his own interview.

After the interview, Ross saw her and her sister posing to take pictures together. He could vaguely hear compliments from people about her gorgeous wardrobe, a black crop top and a cute skirt. Simple yet elegant, young yet mature. He had to say, Laura took his breath away the moment he had his eyes on her. She looked stunning that day. Ross couldn’t stop himself from looking at her hip, her flawless hip that showed. It was the first time she ever showed it. He really wanted to compliment her, but she was so far from his reach, and he couldn’t just leave R5 and approach her on his own, it will definitely caught the public’s attention and he’s already having enough Raura rumors going on, so he didn’t.

Then there was the jjj photo booth. Of course R5 would take that booth together. A lot of random artists took the photo booth together. Everyone wanted him and Laura to do it together. But Ross just didn’t have the guts to ask her first. Yet Laura didn’t even seem to care about going to the booth with him, so he didn’t do it eventually.

That orange carpet moment was the only moment he could have interact with her that day. Inside the Kids Choice Awards itself, he couldn’t find her anywhere. He couldn’t see where she and her sister sat. There were just too many people there. He lost her track.

Then, the announcement for favorite TV actor came. There was a clip of each actors being nominated, including him. The clip showed the scene where Austin Moon, his character, performs Better Than This on the last episode of season 2, then switched to a clip where Austin was stating “I love my life”. Seeing his face on the screen on stage made him so nervous.

Then his name was called out as the winner. Riker and Rocky immediately stood up, giving him a standing ovation, pointing and shouting happily. Rydel and Ellington gave him a proud smile and clapped. Ryland gave him a high five. Ross’ face lit up with joy. The song Better Than This really does picture his current emotion at that moment. Austin Mahone gave him a handshake, before he proceeds to get up on stage.

Chris Rock continuously called out his name with a squeaky-fangirlish voice, which was hilarious. Ariana Grande, who won favorite TV actress, gave him a high five.

Ross was still astonished, he fell speechless for a few moments, accepting the blimp. He glanced at the direction where his whole family sat, and they were smiling proudly, Riker and Rocky still standing, shouting his name, and pointing at him. Ross tried to look around to find her, but there were so many people and lights and cameras, she was still nowhere to be seen.

Ariana was the one who recognized Ross’ silence that she had to give him a gesture to start giving his acceptance speech. Ross, who was caught of guard, received Ariana’s gesture and awkwardly made his way closer to the mike at the podium to give his little speech. He was so happy he couldn’t really get a grip of himself.

He wanted to thank so many people in his mind. But the words just doesn’t come out. He wanted to thank his family who has been very supportive to him. And he really wanted to thank all his co-star, the beautiful Laura Marano, the hilarious Calum Worthy, and the motherly Raini Rodriguez, who had been very supportive and nice to him, from whom he had learned so much acting lessons from.

“The Austin and Ally set is literally the best set anyone could ask for,” that was what finally came out of his mouth. He glanced around again, still hoping to see her in the crowd. But she wasn’t there.

“So thanks for Kevin and Heath for the gig,” he continued. “And thanks for the fans as well. I know who you are.”

As he got down the stage and went back to his family, they were all hugging him, congratulating him again and again. Ross remembered the moment when he won the best music video at the RDMA. She was sitting next to her dad, who was next to his mom, who was sitting next to him. He remembered how excited and happy she was when he came down the stage. He remembered how she was the person he hugged first after he received that award. But this time, she wasn’t there to congratulate him. He knew she was there somewhere, watching him. He just wished he could see her.

The rest of the show was a blur to him.

As the show finally closes, everyone was starting to leave. Yet there’s still no sign of her anywhere. His family was getting ready to get their car and leave too.

But Ross didn’t feel like leaving yet. Not before he actually meet her and received her congratulation. I mean, c'mon, she’s his co-star for the role he won that day. She should’ve been the first person to congratulate him. But until the end she wasn’t there.

Riker was the first one to realize his sudden change of attitude. He walked beside him and messed up his hair.

“Hey, enough already!” Ross chuckled, trying to hide his disappointment.

“Why do you keep looking back?” Rocky asked. “Who are you looking for?”

“I’m not looking for anyone,” Ross answered immediately. He smirked and smacked Rocky’s head playfully.

“Come on boys, let’s go,” Rydel ordered a few steps ahead of them.

Ross sighed. He shouldn’t be sad. He just won an award. And his family is with him. He could be seeing her any other time when the cast is having a reunion, she would definitely congratulate him there.

“Ross wait!” just as Ross was about to catch up with the rest of his family, he heard a girl calling his name from behind. A really familiar girl voice whom he knew from the past three years.

A smile immediately formed in his face. She’s here, he thought. He looked back, preparing himself to greet her. He was expecting her beautiful feature running towards him, preparing to give him a huge congratulation hug.  But instead…

A huge splash of green slime greeted his face hardly. He was shocked, taken by surprise. He had to close his eyes from getting green goo in it. He could hear his family was laughing out loud from behind.

As he rubbed some slime from his face, he opened his eyes.

Laura Marano was standing before him. A huge gun filled with green slime was in her hand. She was laughing really hard at the sight of Ross Lynch getting slimed.

Beside her was her sister, Vanessa Marano, also holding a slime gun.

“Congratulations on your 2nd KCA win Ross!” Laura managed to say in between her laughter. “I couldn’t think of a better way to say it.”

“She got me into this,” Vanessa who was also laughing lift both her arms in the air in retreat. The rest of R5, Ryland, Mark and Stormie joined the two sisters. They were also laughing.

“You guys were apart of this?” Ross responded, disbelieved. But he couldn’t help himself from smiling wide at the sight in front of him.

“We did say we really wanted you to get slimed!” Rydel commented. “Since they didn’t slime you, why don’t we slime you, hahaha.”

“It was her idea!” Riker pointed at Laura.

“That was very thoughtful of you, Laura,” Ross shook his head at her. She shrugged, still laughing her head off.

A second later, Ross was already making his way towards her, arms opened widely.


Laura was caught of guard, when Ross managed to grab her little body and pulled her in for a hug.

“I’ll that’s disgusting,” Vanessa commented. The others made disgusted comments too.

“Get away from me!” Laura tried pushing him away, but his grip was too strong for her. Ross managed to squish his little body between his arms and tighten his hug. Then, he purposely rubbed his hands all over the back of her crop top, and some part of her hair.

“Great, now I have green slime all over me!” Laura laughed in retreat. Finally she stopped resisting and hugged him back.

Ross break away from the hug to stare at Laura. Laura, still laughing glared at him back.

“Thank you,” Ross answered her congratulation. “And before I forgot, I’ve been meaning to say that you look beautiful today.”

Laura blushed wildly and smiled in return. “Thanks Ross. And I’m really proud of you.”

She gave him another hug and they hug for a few more second.

“Oh look, I spared another gun!” Vanessa took another gun from her other hand and tossed it to Riker. Laura’s eyes went wide as her sister did this, but before she could protest, a huge splash of green slime was already shot at both Ross and her. Laura’s beautiful gown got messed up. And green slime was all over her hair. As Ross and Laura’s hug break off, they immediately attack the other family members.

Laura still has her gun managed to shoot green slime at Ellington, which then tried to hug Rydel to give her the green slime as well. Ross, who had the most slime in his body, jumped towards Rocky’s back and spat his slime all over his back. Rocky had to try to get rid of him while piggy-backing him back and forth.

The rest of the night ended up being a slime war of the Lynches, two Maranos, and a Ratliff.

Ross imagine, he’s too shy to ask you out; 

[Requested on my wattpad] 

“Ross, it’s not that big of a deal, just ask her!” You hear Rydel’s voice come from Ross’s bedroom where her and Ross have been talking for the past ten minutes. You came over to spend some time with Rydel, but Ross stole her from you after only half an hour. You sigh and play with your fingers as you hear them arguing not so quietly. “I can’t! She’ll say no,” Ross hisses. You can practically hear Rydel’s eye roll as she responds, “Just go up to her and tell her what you told me. It’s not that hard Ross. You can do it.” You cock an eyebrow up in curiosity. He’s probably talking about Laura, or another pretty girl he knows. You laugh to yourself. He obviously isn’t talking about you. You two are friends, but you know he doesn’t like you that way. “Come on! Just go tell her,” Rydel urges. You can’t quite hear what Ross says next, but it sounds something like, “You do it.” With an exasperated sigh, Rydel exits Ross’s room. She re-enters her own room and looks at you. Ross shuffles after her, but stays in the hallway whilst fiddling with his sleeves nervously. You look at them both. “Ross wants me to tell you that he thinks you’re beautiful and really fun to be around.” Rydel glances back at Ross, who motions for her to continue. She sighs and looks back at you. “He also would like me to ask you if you’d go on a date with him this Friday.” You blink in disbelief, then look at Ross. “Is that true?” You ask, not sure if you fully believe Rydel or not. For all you know, this could be a prank. He nods quickly, then blushes. You smile widely. “Well, Rydel, please tell Ross that I think he’s adorable, sweet, and funny. And that I’d love to go on a date with him.” Rydel opens her mouth to repeat your words, but Ross waves his hand in the air and stops her. “Thanks Del … could we have a minute?” He asks sheepishly. Rydel smiles and nods, then leaves after winking at you. Your cheeks grow warm. “You know, you’re cute when you’re shy.” He chews his lip and grins at the ground. “Thanks … you’re cute all the time.” You giggle lightly and take his hands in yours so he stops playing with his sleeves. “Why were you so nervous to ask me out?” You ask. He shrugs. “I just really like you. And I didn’t want to face being rejected by you. I thought it would just be easier if Rydel did it, since you two are best friends,” he replies, glancing up at you. You grin and peck his cheek. “I’d never reject someone as amazing as you.”

This gave me so many feels I love this piece of mine ^.^

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Can you do a Riker imagine where you meet his family for the first time? Thanks xx

Sure! :)

Riker imagine, you meet his family:

“C’mon Y/N! They’re all backstage” Riker tells you, pulling you through the back doors of the arena. “What if they don’t like me?” You frown, holding his hand tighter. He smirks and shakes his head. “Babe, they’ll love you” He says before opening a door. He guides you through into a large dressing room where Stormie is working on Ross’ hair. “Guys, this is Y/N, Y/N this is Ross, Rocky, Rydel, Ratliff, Ryland, and my mom, Stormie” He introduces everyone with a smile on his face. You wave shyly as everyone looks over at you. “Nice to meet you, I don’t mean to be rude but I have to go make sure my equipment works, s’cuze me” Ryland says, walking out of the room. Stormie smiles at you and continues to work on Ross’ hair. “Wonderful yo finally meet you Y/N, Riker has told me so much about you” She comments. Rocky, Rydel and Ellington all say hello to you simultaneously.  Ross smirks and turns around to look at you. His jaw drops open and he stares for a few moments before saying, “Dude, your girlfriend is hot” You blush and awkwardly look at Riker who’s glaring at Ross. “Ross shut up! She’s my girlfriend” He spits out. Ross puts up his hands in surrender and looks away muttering something that sounded like “Just saying” Riker sighs and smiles at you, “See? They love you… Some more than others, but…” Everyone laughs at his comments which makes Ross blush. You go over to Rydel and start talking to her, feeling very welcome with Riker’s family. 

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Can I have a Riker imagine where he doesn't notice me so Rydel helps me out then he finally notices me and asks me out. My name is Taryn

Alright here you go :)

Riker imagine:

“Hey Riker, are you busy later?” You ask, smiling at him softly. He shakes his head, “No, not really” He replies, looking at his phone. “I was thinking of going to a movie later…” You start to say. He nods, “That’s cool, have fun” He says, completely oblivious. You frown and glance at Rydel, who gives you a sympathetic smile. “What movie are you going to see?” She asks you, a little loud so that Riker can hear. “I was thinking of seeing the new Spider-man movie” You tell her. She nods and nudges Riker’s side with her elbow. “Hey Rikes, didn’t you want to see that?” She inquires, smiling at him sweetly. He shrugs, “Yeah, I might go with the boys this weekend” He says, shrugging lightly. You look down at your lap and sigh quietly. “I think the boys are busy this weekend, you should see it with Taryn” Rydel urges. “No, they’re not busy. We already cleared our scheduals” He states simply. Rydel groans and rolls her eyes. “Seriously Riker? Just go on a movie date with Taryn!” She exclaims. Your cheeks heat up into a bright blush and you glare at her. “Del!” You groan, avoiding eye contact with Riker. Riker’s eyes widened and he stared at you. “Uh… I uh, have to go..” Rydel says quickly, rushing out of the room. “You want to go on a date with me…?” Riker asks after a few moments of silence. You blush harder and nod shyly. “Well… I’d love to accompany you to the movie tonight” He tells you, going over to you. You look up at him and smile. “You would??” You ask. He grins and nods. “Yeah, I’m sorry for being so oblivious… I just thought you wanted to go as friends.. And I want to be more than friends..” He smiles softly. You blush and smile. “I want to be more than friends too…” You bite your lip softly. Riker grins widely and winks. “Can’t wait for our date tonight”

  • The Gaslight Anthem-Sink or Swim
  • Go Rydell-The Golden Age
  • The Head and the Heart-The Head and the Heart
  • The Hold Steady-Teeth Dreams
  • Hop Along-Get Disowned
  • The Horrible Crowes-Elsie
  • Into It. Over It.-Proper
  • Iron Chic-The Constant One
  • Japandroids-Celebration Rock
  • Koji-Crooked in My Mind