“Vanessa Hudgens as Rizzo is so amused at how much of a bitch she herself is. For the first forty minutes of the show, she delivers every line with snark, condescension, and most importantly, real-life IDGAF that’s usually missing from Rizzo…even while she still pays attention to what’s going on at Rydell. It’s a balance that’s really hard to find – dare I say Hudgens manages it better than Stockard Channing did? I’m really sorry, but I think I do. She was note-perfect. She cracked her gum in perfect time. If you didn’t see the show and think people gave her great reviews because she had a personal tragedy, nothing could be further from the truth.”

  • The Gaslight Anthem-Sink or Swim
  • Go Rydell-The Golden Age
  • The Head and the Heart-The Head and the Heart
  • The Hold Steady-Teeth Dreams
  • Hop Along-Get Disowned
  • The Horrible Crowes-Elsie
  • Into It. Over It.-Proper
  • Iron Chic-The Constant One
  • Japandroids-Celebration Rock
  • Koji-Crooked in My Mind

Thanks so much to everyone who came out last night, Christina at The Florida Scene, Kevin at The Talent Farm and of course all the bands that played. It was amazing. We had a great time, hope you did too!

If you missed out, come party with us next Thursday, Cinco De Mayo for FREE! at The Monterey Club. We’ll be playing with some amazing friends of ours from Athens, GA!

You guys seriously rule.


Go Rydell covering Lifetime.

Holy shit.