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I feel like you avoid to reblog from smaller blogs or just blogs in general other than fy's and jjks. And the same can be said about your friend. It's almost like you're feeling 'too cool' for us? I know not all big blogs are like that, but yeah... Another thing what kind of bugs me is how you oftentimes complain about how bad your gifing is although they're fine. It makes me feel even worse about my gifs because they really suck. It's okay to be self-critical but your gifs are really good...

first of all sorry if this answer’s a mess, it’s legit almost 3AM and i’m typing this out on mobile bc i didn’t want to leave you hanging (must’ve been recent that you sent me this) but yeah no my friend and i, we’re far from being “too cool” for others LOL if you knew how much of losers we actually are you’d have a big laugh but yeah honestly as I said earlier in my previous reply, I’m oftentimes just posting my shit and tapping out right after (i know that’s the case for kim too) and I don’t follow loads of people in the first place either, lack of motivation to comb through my dashboard these days have turned my blog into this, if this bothers you then save yourself from this mess of a blog by unfollowing me, please, it’s more important to feel comfortable!!

as for saying my gifs aren’t good, I mean personally I feel like I still have loads to improve on, and I mean I’m not the biggest fan of praising myself especially for something like this but i guess they’re not complete shit, but then again I have room to tweak around colorings and all, but i guess thank you for thinking they’re good already? yeah anyway i’m sorry if you get the feeling i would think i’m better than others (which i’m definitely not) and again feel free to unfollow sobs

10 of the Hardest Moments Ambiverts Have In Their Lives

If you’re an ambivert, an individual who possess qualities of both introverts and extroverts, try to see if these points relate.

  1. When you go out you wish you were home, and when you stay home you wish you went out. When you are home alone, you get a bad case of FOMO (Fear of Missing Out). Conversely, when you are out you feel that you could be getting much more done (whatever that means) when you are home.
  2. You can never get everything done. You want to meet new people, go to new places and experience new things all while your inner introvert plans a full day of self-education and reflection. Unfortunately there aren’t 48 hours in a day so you tend to be anxious!

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The Psychology of Your Doodles

For any doodlers here.

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Triangles, squares , geometrical shapes: Geometrical shapes may indicate that the person has got a rational and logical way of thinking. This person may also be a good planner. Drawing a triangle sometimes signifies the internal desire of going up or advancing in your career or social life.

Arrows, ladders Arrows and ladders may indicate that the person is ambitious, obsessed about some goals and looking forward to some achievements.

Doodling Good Looking Faces: Good looking faces may indicate that the person is social, people loving and optimistic.

Doodling Funny faces: Funny faces may indicate that the person has a good sense of humor

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Letting go of someone who’s not good for you

1. Write down all the reasons why you think it’s bad for you to keep on being a part of this love relationship.

2. Call to mind the pain and the hurtful memories, and the times when you have wished that your heart was free again.

3. Identify and list all the different ways you’ve changed, and become less of your true self because of this relationship.

4. Remind yourself of all the things you’ve tried to make it work – and why it hasn’t really made a difference in the end.

5. Try to think about and celebrate the ways you’ll change if you choose to end things now, and can love somebody new.

6. Image being strong enough to make a lasting break, and doing what is best for you, and your future self.

7. Think of things you’ll do to fill the void it leaves behind – so you are not pulled back when you’re hit with loneliness.

Self love isn’t just about eating healthy food and taking bubble baths. Self love is refusing to regret the night you went out with your friends and only slept for 30 minutes. Self love is recognizing that sometimes you need to eat that cupcake. Self love is waking up at noon without feeling bad about missing the entire morning because lets be real, mornings are overrated anyway. It’s skipping the gym to watch Netflix and never feeling guilty about it. It’s drinking tequila at 2 am and having a dance party by yourself without worrying about the morning. Self love isn’t only about doing things your future self will appreciate you for. It’s about allowing yourself to make mistakes, to be lazy, to have fun and go crazy once in a while and never make yourself feel bad for something you had a great time doing

And speaking of the Winter Olympics, Debi Thomas killed it at the 1988 games, and all some folks could talk about was how unladylike it was to wear a unitard.  They banned them for years after this competition.  There was a lot of talk about how athletic her style was as opposed to artistic.  It all sounded very… coded.

I like to imagine that in the pose above, she’s saying “haters to the left,” then stepping off the ice to become an orthopedic surgeon.  Champion at life.


You can always start over. 

You can go back to school.

You can quit your job. 

You can change careers. 

You can leave a bad relationship. 

You can leave an okay relationship. 

You can write that novel.

You can write that song. 

You can learn a new language. 

You can learn to play the guitar. 

You can get fit. 

You can train for that half-marathon. 

You can make new friends.

You can start a business. 

You can learn to cook. 

You can kick your addiction. 

You can reconnect with old friends. 

You can change religions. 

You can move to a new city.

You can travel. 

You can treat your depression. 

You can lose weight. 

You can learn to sew. 

You could get up right now, pack a bag, and get on a bus to a whole new life if you wanted to. 

You are never as trapped as you think you are. Change can be difficult, scary, and time-consuming, but it’s always possible. Opportunities can take a long time to appear, but they always show up. Be patient. Work hard. Love yourself. You can do this.

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Paxman vs Brand - watch to the end, if you will.

it was like you tried to convince me that i was the problem. 
as though i was the sick one. 
as though i needed to change myself.
you made me feel as though i was always the problem.
you tried changing me.
my best qualities you made me hate.
you made me change. 
you never made me feel as though i was good enough. 
i felt like less of a human being every single night i’d go to bed wishing i could be a better me or maybe a me you’d actually like.
who was i kidding i was loosing myself in what you wanted me to be.
you manipulated me for your own self and i think ill spend another year trying to put back the pieces of me you broke and the parts of me you made me believe were bad.
you tried to make me so small because my confidence was so loud.
you tried to break me, belittle me because you felt that way about yourself. 
i tried to give you the world but even that you took for granted.
you knew me on a whole other level, a level no one else ever got to know.
i’m scared that no one else will ever get to know the me that you knew, because you belittled my mind and every time i tried to speak your hands would cover my mouth and every time i wanted to hug you i felt as though you were embarrassed of my touch but behind closed doors, it was all okay.
i think i was your drug, you used me to cure your depression, your stresses, your sadness, your loneliness, everything.
why couldn't you have smoked up a little bit more or got chocked on some pills instead of dragging me into your bad habits.
why did you have to manipulate my mind and take over my entire fucking soul.
i think i turn to writing because i lost my voice to speak because every time you’d close your ears to my problems or make me feel guilty for ever needing someone to talk to
or maybe it was after all the times i felt trapped, trapped with you.
you put it in my head that i could only ever be happy with you, so i kept taking you back.
i guess the worst kinds of relationship are the mentally abusive ones because i have no bruises on my body to show people so they understand a bit better and i have no one that can replay all the nights i’d fall asleep crying wondering what i did wrong or wondering why me again fucking again and again. 
i just have to remember how every time something went wrong, how it would be “my fault” and how i wish you would have saw that i was great to you and how fucking more i would have done for you.
i hope every night when you fall asleep it eats you alive and i hope one day you wake up and finally blame yourself for one thing, how losing me, how losing us; was all your fault.
—  for once please take the blame
(part of) brendon’s periscope (9/12)
  • “just biding my time. joe biden my time.”
  • “’i’m a singer but i have anxiety’ use your nervous energy to your advantage. that’s what i do.”
  • “have i ever cried on stage? yeah, of course. it may not a be a full out weeping session. sometimes it’s tender, it gets tender moments up there.”
  • “favorite tv show right now? rick and morty. it’s so funny.”
  • “‘you’re higher than my self esteem’ not yet.”
  • “‘do you get stressed while making music?’ sometimes yeah. but it’s good stress. it helps you push yourself to finish a song sometimes. if you’re getting the bad stress though, that’s when you stop.
  • “am i working on new music? yeah i’m always working on something new.”
  • “would i ever get my eyebrows filled in? why would i do that. filled in jesus christ. that would be stupid.”
  • why he took german in high school: “my brother went on a mission there for the church. i wanted to be able to speak that with him.”
  • *looks up german metal bands*
It is a bad idea to say “jealousy is bad, and only bad people are jealous! Therefore I’m not jealous.” Jealousy isn’t bad. The cause of your jealousy might very well be bad, but the jealousy itself is useful! It’s telling you that something is wrong. If you didn’t have any jealousy, you’d just run around with neglected relationship needs and no sense of self-worth for the rest of time.

It is also a bad idea to go “when you talk to men by yourself I feel jealous, so you can’t ever talk to men by yourself ever again.” You might not be dealing with the actual problem: maybe the actual problem is that your partner never talks to you about his feelings, which– notably– is not solved by telling him not to talk to other men. The actual issue goes unresolved. And sometimes you have to push through the pain of jealousy: maybe you’re afraid he’ll leave you if he finds someone else attractive. Fear doesn’t go away if you try to avoid it; it only grows. To defeat fear, you have to face it.
Go On With Your Bad Self

Haven’t you ever loved someone so much you just wanted them locked up in a cage?  Me neither.  That’s crazy.  You’re a creeper, nosier than an anteater with a vacuum cleaner. 

I made the last move and now it’s your move.  You’re worse than fried chicken.  I hate that I love you.  

You make me want to break into a bank and hold up the place and take all the money and frame you for the robbery because you bother me and everybody else. 


Thought I’d finally give that make-up thing a shot. Oh how I wish I wasn’t blind.

Lucy Liu to Direct Season 3 Episode of 'Graceland'
The 'Elementary' actress' episode will air in August.

So, so excited about this!! LL’s directing is truly excellent, great shot selection with a ton of visual interest in the frame (probably cause she’s an actual visual artist). Plus, Lord knows TV needs more women behind the scenes – in all capacities.

Graceland is a pretty cool, intense show too, with a couple bad-ass female characters. Now THAT’S what you do with a hiatus.