Go Goa Gone  - Slowly Slowly
  • Go Goa Gone - Slowly Slowly
  • Talia Bentson, Jigar Saraiya
  • Go Goa Gone

Endless list of Songs I love: Go Goa Gone - Slowly Slowly

Ladies and gentlemen, this is my jam! It’s such a inappropriate song, but I love it so damn much. It always gets me into a party mood. I always sing my heart out when this song plays and I’m glad nobody understands Hindi in this house, so they have no idea what I’m actually singing. I swear if you listen to this song once you’ll get addicted immediately. So press play and join the party!


Go Goa Gone - Theatrical Trailer


if you like stoner comedies, zombie comedies, and/or ridiculously attractive people, watch go goa gone

in addition to the movie itself being SUPER FUNNY idk it must be some sort of film regulation in india but every scene where they’re smoking joints this text appears in the bottom right corner: “cigarette smoking is injurious to health” and it was killin me