Telling specific stories about personal matters can start the debate that is needed today, and that connect you with realities that you had no idea were connected. Film is a tool of change… I’m connected with parts of the world, a few I wasn’t even aware of, and others I wasn’t paying attention to, wasn’t paying attention to a connection the films are reestablishing somehow. I think the most dangerous thing today is to feel alone, to feel that your issues don’t matter because there’s so much shit going on on the planet… If they don’t feel we’re here, if they don’t feel we care, if they don’t feel like we’re following their stories and there to support them and that the injustice they’re living today matters to us, if we don’t find a way for them to know this, that is what I fear. That will cause damage that will take so much to repair. All of these broken families and broken dreams. And I think film is exactly that. Film can take a very specific voice and put it in the minds of everyone. So being in this festival reminds me of that power. And I go, like, “Fuck yes, the cinema is needed more than ever!” (x)


Living in Mexico, I experience a great deal of huge contrasts and they make me wonder a lot of things, question those things, and make me want to be a part of the debate. [x]

Felicity is an angel, she’s a great actress, an adorable human being. Sometimes when things got tough, it was amazing to know that she was there to give you a hug and say “come on, we can do this”. We made a team, a family.


Star Wars: Rogue One Cast Play Never Have I Ever

(apologies if this has already been done but their facial expressions man the faces @missmonty)

Between Two Lungs by caramelle/caramelkru

Cassian doesn’t exactly mean to, but as he’s coming up from his bow, he sort of accidentally on purpose makes eye contact with the young Erso heiress.

Her glance merely passes over him, and her face remains perfectly and diplomatically blank.

And yet, somehow, he instantly feels like he’s already managed to offend her.

Amazing Regency/Pride & Prejudice AU one-shot! Read it on AO3.


“Julio and Tenoch told her many other stories. Each story reinforced their bond, creating an inseparable entity. The stories, although adorned by personal mythology, were true. But as truth is always partial, some facts were omitted. It was never mentioned how Julio lit matches to hide the smell in Tenoch’s house… Or that Tenoch used his foot to lift the toilet seat at Julio’s house. Those were details that one didn’t need to know about the other.”

Y Tu Mamá También (2001), dir Alfonso Cuaron | DoP Emmanuel Lubezki


diego luna appreciation week ➝ december 23 (diego as julio in elysium)

you used to be a legend, and now what? (aka. the pigtails of destiny)