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Lucille: Here you go, hot tea, because that’s what you are: a hottie.
Episode 2x05 “Sad Sack”

so, it’s a thing that Remus’ missions for the Order included (if it weren’t only limited to) mixing up with werewolf packs that were probably led by Greyback so as to try and recruit these half-breed for the Order, right? And if he actually wanted to gain their trust, it wouldn’t have been enough just to show up in the pack for a couple of days and be all so, would you like to join the resistance? this, then, would mean that Remus had to spend an awful lot of time there, with all these werewolves that lived in the wild, that killed people, that probably had been separated from their family soon after they were bitten… and not only that, but he’d have to fit in, right? try to act as similar as possible so that he could be accepted. so, what if Dumbledore sent him with the packs as soon as he finished seventh year? what if he had strict orders of not coming back until he had convinced a good amount of werewolves (bc let’s face it, Dumbledore is kinda extreme)? and he’d be only seventeen/eighteen; not easily influenced, but certainly still in an age during which environment plays quite an important role, so… what if it isn’t so easy to convince everyone? what if it takes a couple of years? and spending so much time away from his family, his friends, but so close to these other people… well, what if he picks up some habits? i mean, sharper animal instincts, more aggressive, reaction over thinking. what if it became more feral?

alternatively, imagine remus lupin going to Hogwarts one year only because somehow the fact that Dumbledore has a werewolf in the castle becomes public? what if he has to go back home and live somehow isolated? what if Lyall and Hope willingly give their son to one of these werewolf packs (not Greyback’s, obviously, bc of reasons, but a similar one) because they think maybe he’d be better off with them?  imagine remus lupin, after years of being with this pack, meeting in the woods with one of the few friends he managed to make at school??

Half the time I want to eat healthy, exercise, drink lots of tea and go to bed early.other times I binge on food, play too many video games and sleep till 1pm.

Story : The underground parking lot

Happened : May 25, 2015

I was with my friends Steph, Xana and my sister Lena. We decided to go drink some bubble tea around 22:00 so we parked the car in an underground parking because it’s so difficult to park a car in downtown Montreal.. – and that’s where the bubble tea lounge is situated; in the Chinatown.

We left the bubble tea lounge at 23:10 and walked to the parking, situated 40 seconds (walk) from the Chinatown. We arrived in front of the parking garage door and it did not open. We saw a placard that said “parking : opened from 6am to 11pm”. We panicked because our car was inside. We called the number of the parking company; no answer. My friend knocked on the garage door; nothing. I told her that my sister and I already parked in that underground parking twice and that there is a way inside the building next to it that leads into the parking. So I tried to open the building/shopping center door but they were locked. Steph saw a man inside so she knocked until he saw her, and he came at the doors. It was the janitor of the building. Still outside, with the doors locked, we explained our situation to him. He told us he has no right to enter the parking after 23:00. We explained it again and again, but he kept saying he couldn’t do anything: “I don’t have the keys… I only take care of this part of the building, not this here.. Sorry.” I told him I knew there was an elevator that lead to the parking, and that we all just wanted to go home.. He sighed and told us to wait at the doors.

Two minutes after, he was outside and told us that he would take us to the passage. He also said that the parking doors only opened from the inside after 23:00 and only once we pay the ticket we had. We thanked him and he asked for 5$.. “It’s so my friends that also work here and I can go drink a coffee after”. We just wanted to leave and go home, so we accepted the deal. It’s only 5$! He could’ve ignored us right from the beginning but he did not.
We followed him inside. The place was creepy as heck.. even when it’s the day, it’s a weird mall.. pretty empty.
Right before entering the elevator, he stopped and put his hands in front of him. “Give me the 5$, I’ll take you to the parking”. My friend didn’t have change so she gave him 10$. He was even more happy!

We got on the elevator, walked in a private parking lot that I had never been to before. He was talking to us saying that on the second parking lot (where we were parked), there were a lot of cameras and that after he opens us the door that leads there, we’d have to continue alone. Otherwise, the cameras would capture him walking in the parking and he would be fired right away. At least he was honest. I was still pretty scared because I did not recognize that place.. And even more scared when he opened the weird door because I had no idea it lead to the place where we were parked..

Anyways, he opened the door and we kept walking alone, but he stood next to the door until we paid our ticket, got in our car and left – I know because I turned around to see if he was still there before my sister left the underground parking.
All of us had that little heart attack when leaving because the parking gate barrier wasn’t lifting fast and it looked like it was going to fall on the car or scratch it.

We were so glad he helped us leave.. I don’t think we’ll ever go in the underground parking ever again after that..

Salwa Aleryani | Yemeni 

Sleeper | 2012

“The work Sleeper  references the recent increase in the number of roadblocks in Sana’a. Deployed with the intention of obstructing travel, in many cases the outcome is otherwise; people lounge, sit or lean against them completely at ease, sipping tea and going about their daily activities. Undeterred by their authority, and in the absence of public rest areas, not only are people still gathering where their presence is unwelcome but they are also transforming the antagonistic function of these barriers to a more comfortable one. A hybrid between a mattress and a roadblock, the work points to a possible dual outcome of this act of reclamation. Has the impact of roadblocks been softened or have our mattresses been hardened?”-Edge of Arabia

WIP shot of the First Floor cut-away of Nel’s Tea House.
Going to do another from the right side and a close up of the kitchen/work place, I think.

uk traditions - eurovision
  • having a wild party if the uk ever gets to the left side of the scoreboard
  • graham norton’s commentary
  • expecting ireland to give us points
  • repeating “it’s politically corrupt!” three times per minute
  • flying the flag
  • wondering why we spend so much money entering
  • choosing the perfect time to go and make tea
  • eurovision parties with your friends/family
  • getting nul points in 2003
  • new for this year: “if australia beat us”

Today is an important day for Irish LGBT people. While the campaign for marriage may not be everyone’s cup of tea, it going to a public vote throws LGBT people in the spotlight. Chances are, if you’re in Ireland now, you’ve experienced some hatred from the No campaign. For youth and closeted people, this can be very stressful. Campaigns like this can expose the hidden bigotries of families, friends, and the general public.

I, personally, am not in Ireland at the time of writing. However, I want to help put together a set of resources for the youth and LGBT people of Ireland without a public support group. I’m lucky, though, my old LGBT group has already compiled a list of the services in Ireland. It’s slightly outdated, however. I know of one LGBT group that is not included, but I will add that myself at the end of this post.

The following comes from the Dundalk Outcomers website, an LGBT group based in Louth. I have copied and pasted it wholesale and have not edited the information within in any way. The only changes I have made are bolding headings. Please check the source attached to this post for more information.



The LGBT Helpline
1890 929 539

Cork Lesbian Line
021 431 8318

Dublin Lesbian Line
01 872 9911

Gay Information Cork
021 427 1087

Gay Switchboard Ireland
01 872 1055

Limerick Gay & Lesbian Helpline
061 310 101

Outwest Helpline
094 937 2479

TENI Helpline (Transgender Support)
085 147 7166


Dundalk Outcomers
042 932 9816 www.outcomers.org

Gay Men’s Health Service
01 873 4952 gmhpoutreach@eircom.net

L.inC (Lesbians in Cork)
021 480 8600 www.linc.ie

The Other Place (Cork)
021 427 8470 www.theotherplacecork.com

Outhouse Community Centre Dublin
01 873 4932 www.outhouse.ie

Outwest Ireland
087 972 5586 www.outwestireland.ie

Rainbow Support Service Midwest
061 310 101 www.rainbowsupportservices.org

South Waterford
086 214 7633 www.southgroup.wetpaint.com

Transgender Equality Network Ireland (TENI)
085 147 7166 www.teni.ieLGBT Helplines

BeLonG To Youth Services
01 670 6223 info@belongto.org

For a full list of LGBT youth supports around the country please see www.belongto.org


LOOK (Parent Support)

087 253 7699 www.lovingouroutkids.org

Parent Support in Cork
021- 4304884 info@gayprojectcork.com


Best Colleges for LGBT Students: a list compiled by bestcolleges.com;

Gaire Directory: social forum with links, notices and discussion boards;

Gay Community News: website for Ireland’s longest running free LGBT magazine;

Gay Law News: info, news and resources concerning international law;

Gay Switchboard: information and online support;

Gay Times: website for LGBT magazine in UK;

GLEN (Gay and Lesbian Equality Network): info, equality and education resources;

L.inc (Lesbians in Cork): network and community resource centre;

Outhouse: network and community resource centre, Dublin;

Marriage Equality:  initiative working for civil marriage for gay and lesbian people.



National LGBT Helpline: nationwide telephone and online support;

Broken Rainbow: support for LGBT experiencing domestic violence (UK);

      Sosad Ireland: Suicide helpline   - http://www.sosadireland.ie/

Gay Switchboard: information and online support;


Lesbian Line Belfast: online support and policy service;

LGBT Helplines: information on where support is available around the country:



Gaire Directory: social forum with links, notices and discussion boards;

Gay Community News: website for Ireland’s longest running free LGBT magazine;

Gay Times: website for LGBT magazine in UK;

L.inc(Lesbians in Cork): network and community resource centre;

Outhouse: network and community resource centre, Dublin;

QueerID: social networking site;


The Belfast Butterfly Club: support network for Transgendered people and their families;


teni - Transgender Equality Network Ireland: support for Transgendered and Transsexual people in Ireland;


BeLonGTo (Dublin & National);


Cork Gay Community Development (link to Unite*, Cork);

shOUT (Galway);

South Group (Waterford and the South East);

Youth Work Ireland (national youth services support organisation, with links to services around Ireland);


Aids West: info and support on all aspects of HIV/AIDS as well as STI’s and sexual health ;


Alliance Sexual Health Centres: supporting sexual wellbeing and drug awareness;

Cork Gay Community Development (link to Southern Gay Men’s Health Project);

Dublin Aids Alliance: working to improve conditions for people living with, or affected by, HIV/AIDS;

Health Service Executive (HSE): statutory agency responsible for providing Health and Personal Social Services for everyone living in the Republic of Ireland;

Mental Health Awareness (HSE): highlighting mental health;

National Office for Suicide Prevention: supports and info around suicide and mental health;

For further information on clinics, health websites and health helplines, see our ‘Health & Support’ section.


Amnesty International: international human rights organisation;

Changing Attitude Ireland: a network of people, gay and straight, lay and ordained, working for the full inclusion of gay and lesbian people in the churches in Ireland;

Equality Authority: independent body for equality in Ireland;

Gay Law News: info, news and resources concerning international law;

GLEN (Gay and Lesbian Equality Network): info, equality and education resources;

Human Rights Campaign: working for LGBT equal rights;

ilga (International Lesbian Gay Organisation): working for human rights for LGBT at European level;

Irish Council for Civil Liberties: independent human rights watchdog for Ireland;

Lesbian Line Belfast: online support and policy service;

National Gay & Lesbian Task Force: “creating change”;

Stonewall: equality & justice service for LGB;


ShoutOut: challenging discrimination in schools, through working with students.



I would like to take this opportunity to add the one group, that I am aware of, that is missing.

OUT Meath - A nearly new group set up in Navan, Meath. Here is a link to their Facebook page. Their website seems to be down at the time of writing.

I hope this post can help some people out there who feel as if they are alone. I personally have interacted with a few of these groups and I can only say good things. They respect your right to privacy and will not out you. A lot of these environments are relaxed and are a good place to make friends.

Please, if you know of any other groups that I have missed, message me on here or my twitter [x] 

List of Happiness.
  • Read a book
  • Listen to music
  • Draw
  • Paint
  • Sculpt
  • Lay in the grass
  • Go for a walk
  • Buy some coffee
  • Or tea
  • Go for a bike ride
  • Explore
  • Make a to do list
  • Make a list of things you are grateful for
  • Start a new project
  • Re-decorate your house/room 
  • Dance
  • Forgive someone
  • Forgive yourself
  • Make peace with old problems
  • Laugh 
  • Contact an old friend
  • Write a letter
  • Visit family
  • Start a photo series
  • Buy some flowers
  • Plant some flowers
  • Start a garden 

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in case you guys haven’t noticed, torilla’s tumblr seem to have disappeared. does any of you have any direct contact with her? i’m attempting to wade through the puddle of chinese letters on weibo and i have no idea if my messages are going through or not.

i’m freaking out, big time. to speak truth, i do mind that all of the images are lost, but it’s more about the fact that torrilla has dedicated the past three (?) years running this blog. she’s spent a lot of time on this blog, and having it taken down is not fun.

tag along.