Go tea

Carmilla as Vines

Season 1: “And they were roommates” “oh my god they were roommates”

The Christmas Episode: “Merry crisis”

U By Kotex videos: The one where the girl goes TAMPONS and throws a box of tampons at that guy

Season 2: “Remember one time I liked you?” “No” “Good ‘cause it never happened” “Oh” “Aha”

Season 0: “Honestly I don’t remember I was probably fucked up yeah I was crazy back then”

Season 3: “Two bros chillin in the hot tub, five feet apart ‘cause they’re not gay”


Vegan breakfast is a beautiful thing. Before I went vegan I was the queen of breakfast… I was all about eggs and toast and going out to cafes for them. When I decided to go vegan I was wondering what I would even do for breakfast. And let me tell you, tofu scramble is amazing. I still am the queen of breakfasts and am saving money by not wanting to get breakfast all the time at restaurants. Go vegan! Instagram: vibing.vegan

Dear friends,

I hope you’re happy, I hope you’re well and cheerful and are getting all of the rest you need to allow you to push yourself forward into another day of positive possibilities.

Life is sometimes hard, is sometimes tiring, sometimes too hard to get a full grip on for how you want it to go.

But life is also kind, and warm, and thoughtful too.

So when the days where life feels unmanageable, try to remember what lies on the other side. The side beyond the exhaustion and stress and overwhelming responsibilities that can be too much.

Talk to your friends. Go out for tea or coffee or stay inside and do the same. Take a bath or a shower and a breather away from everyone out /there/ and take the time to treat yourself in a gentle way you deserve.

Every one of you deserves to be spoiled with softness and lightness and a lifting of weights you feel burdened by.

So be kind in life and be kind to others but never forget to be kind to yourself. 🌼

When you watch a series and suddenly two guys/girls do something gay and you’re like: oMG ARE THEY GAY? GIMME MY GAY TEA I’M GOING TO SHIP IT