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What is something bold youve done?

Oh boy… okay… well! I was dating a boy who was incredibly intelligent, and kind, and loving. Things were going great between us! We’d rant about how technology sort of ruined us, but it’s still cool, and we’d go out and get tea and he’d play guitar for me. He was an amazing guy yeah? 

Well… I forget how I found it, but I did -his tumblr-. Turns out he ran a blog that was essentially pro-white and pro-fascism. He also used the N slur quite often, and had a repeated theme of “the jews are behind all that is bad in the world”. I was mortified…

So! He accidentally stayed logged in on my macbook, so I went ahead and changed his password, and made it a two step authorization (linked only to my phone). Then I took the time to address each message he had received, and I apologized to those whom he had sent awful messages to. It was an awful experience but I did my best to rectify the situation. 

I suppose that was bold of me? I don’t know?

Getting on a jet plane...

It’s the day. I’ve made it through. All I have to do is get through eight hours of work and then I’m on holiday for over two weeks. WOOOOT!

I fly to England tonight. It’s gonna be great. I’ve got family visits lined up, lots of reading and writing time scheduled in, and plans to eat a lot of food.

I will be going to Nine Worlds next weekend, so hopefully I’ll be seeing a few of you there. Look for me talking on so many fanfic panels on Friday :-)

I’ve scheduled a visit to the Bodleian Library. Dad is going with me and we’re going ridiculously early in the morning, to be there for an extended tour that will take me through some of the cool working parts of the library as well as the pretty architecture. It’s partially research and partially my continuing love for beautiful libraries.

There is going to be tea. And cake. And cream teas. I’ll try to keep the queue here loaded up, but I can’t guarantee anything. If you want to follow my adventures, the best bet is it to follow my Twitter feed. I promise to do the daily t-shirt posts there through Nine Worlds..

Have fun while I’m gone and hopefully I’ll see a few of you at Nine Worlds. Don’t be afraid to say hi :-)

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Bubble tea & oolong tea!

Bubble Tea: fashion pet peeve

Umm… you know, I’m not sure if I really have one.  Although, I do feel like an outfit is incomplete without an over-sized pendant or a scarf.  I also hate sequins and sparkles.  And riding boots go with everything.

Oolong Tea: my first love

That would be the ever-so-lovely guy that I am currently dating.  He is a year younger than me, top of his class, obsessed with video games and soccer, extremely supportive of my dreams in the future, and he’s either going to end up at an Ivy League school or my university’s rival.  He loves to travel and he wants to go into Computer Science.  He is the reason I started playing The Witcher and I may have gotten him to agree to try out the Sims.  His first name also starts with a C. ♥♥

Thank you for asking simsplification! ♥♥

I saved up money and bought a vroom vroom!!

Ps. I just moved into my apartment in Irvine so if anyone wants to go get bubble tea just hmu here

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What if I fought Suga?

you: alright suga you n me let’s fuckin fight

suga: okay sure, do you want anything to drink first? I’ll go make some tea, here’s a blanket. have a seat, I’ll get some snacks. how was your day today?

you: [crying] 

I was kind of brainstorming a plot point for Charade yesterday and ended up sketching part of it out. It’s probably not coming up for a few chapters, since there are things that need to happen first, but I love how this came out.

What better way to rest an injured ankle than with a movie night? And Sherbert’s mooching popcorn off of Gordon. (Don’t worry too much about his ankle, he can find ways to make any minor injury seem like he just lost an arm.)

help me add to my let’s-stay-hydrated tumblr drinking game

so far i have:

take a sip for every iteration of the latest meme, two if it’s no longer in the standard format

take a sip when you see a post for the nth time because it’s going around a group of mutuals

take a sip for every blacklisted post, finish the drink if you click “show anyway”

take a large sip when one of your own posts shows up on your dash

I said I was going to, so here’s Gordon wearing Sixie’s “Two Doctors” outfit. (One of my personal faves for my personal favorite Doctor.) With bonus technicolor scream coat and a very embarrassed Penelope wearing Peri’s tastelessly awful outfit from the same episode. (I was very tempted to tap out and draw her in the much nicer Twin Dilemma outfit.)

If Kyoraku and Starrk were locked in a room...

As requested by anon. :)

Kyoraku: Well, if it isn’t my old pal!

Kyoraku: How have you been, man?

Starrk: …since you killed me, you mean?

Kyoraku: Ah. We’re, uh, making it awkward right away, are we?

Kyoraku: Not even going to have some tea first?

Starrk: Tea? Since when do you drink tea?

Kyoraku: I’ve always drank tea!

Starrk: I heard you just drink sake.

Kyoraku: You know I don’t like to put myself into categories. Tea, sake, whatever.

Kyoraku: But lately I’m into tea.

Starrk: That feels like a retcon.

Kyoraku: Well, Mr. Espada. You have been dead for a while. Maybe you don’t really know what I’m like.

Starrk: …

Starrk: Aizen always served tea.

Kyoraku: So…what? You think tea is evil?

Starrk: No, but I do tend to associate it with evil geniuses.

Starrk: So I guess I’m not surprised that you drink it.

Kyoraku: You’re too kind! I’m no genius!

Starrk: But you don’t debate the evil part?

Kyoraku: …

Kyoraku: Well, I am talking to a guy I stabbed in the back. After rising out of a shadow.

Kyoraku: I’d say you’re pretty familiar with my “dark side.”

Starrk: Was that…a pun?

Starrk: Did you just make a pun about killing me?

Starrk: While talking to me?

Kyoraku: I thought I might lighten the mood! It’s getting a little tense in here.

Starrk: You made a pun about killing me.

Starrk: You know, we both told each other that we didn’t want to fight.

Starrk: But I have a feeling I was the only one who really meant that.

Starrk: You like killing people, don’t you?

Kyoraku: I do what needs to be done, even if it’s evil. And evil used to combat evil isn’t evil.

Starrk: That’s a lot of “evil” in one sentence.

Kyoraku: Now you’re sounding like my subordinates.

Kyoraku: They were really upset that I let Aizen out of jail.

Starrk: I can’t say I blame them, given their perspective.

Starrk: I always liked Aizen well enough, myself.

Kyoraku: Really? I didn’t think any of you espada were truly loyal to him.

Starrk: Why would you say that? You think that because we are hollows, we can’t be loyal?

Kyoraku: I just figured he was a terrible boss.

Starrk: He promised me that he’d take me somewhere I’d have colleagues that I didn’t kill with my spiritual pressure.

Starrk: And he did.

Starrk: Thanks to him I didn’t wander alone in the desert forever.

Starrk: And in return, I was loyal.

Kyoraku: That’s very touching.

Starrk: Is that sarcasm?

Kyoraku: No! We’re getting to know each other.

Kyoraku: For all we talked, we didn’t get to know each other that well during our fight.

Starrk: I certainly don’t remember you having an eye patch.

Kyoraku: Oh that! New injury. Recent thing.

Starrk: I associate eye patches with Nnoitra.

Starrk: But I assume you don’t have a hole straight through your head.

Kyoraku: Not that I’m aware of!

Starrk: So I have to know. Did you decide to fight me because you could sense I was the strongest?

Starrk: Did you sense that we were somewhat alike?

Starrk: Or why?

Kyoraku: Well, to be honest……I thought you had a cool goatee.

Starrk: And this made you want to….murder me?

Kyoraku: I’m a complicated guy.