Go tea

this dude goes “do u mind if I smoke weed next to you on this bench?” I’m like sure whatever… he sTARTED SMOKING CRACK

If I wear joggers (let’s be honest they’re just slightly more socially acceptable sweatpants)  to class tomorrow does that give the impression I’m already ready for semester to be over? 

I want to be comfortable but I don’t want to look like I’ve given up, you feel me

  • Me:Okay brain, it's time to sit down and write this thing
  • Brain:But what if we didn't?
  • Me:What do you mean if we didn't? It has to be done! We have to make ourselves sit down and write this.
  • Brain:Or we could not do that.
  • Me:Listen, I'm going to make some tea and the two of us are going to sit here and bang this shit out.
  • Brain:tralalalalalalala...

(i did this for @dickwheelie a week or so ago, following the others i did, but i thought i’d finally post it. thanks bb! ♥ here’s a silly aesthetic prose poem for you.)

mchanzo as things: preparing tea and going through every motion slowly, mindfully, sleepy but present; the first snow of the season, just as it starts; a favorite dish at a favorite restaurant; aloe on a burn, the pricks of cold, the comforting smell and the knowledge that you’ve begun to heal; making a quiet joke, just to yourself, and seeing someone else turn to you with a smile on their face because they heard it too; a held breath; a neat stack of cigar boxes; long legs tangled together, toes poking whatever they can reach; a dry back porch off a little desert home; someone saying they missed you - and then hugging you hard enough that you really believe them

How to cram for the exam you didn’t study for

(Aka how I managed to get a 90% even though I studied only a day in advance because it was finals week and I forgot about the exam)

First of all: I don’t claim that this will work for everyone, or that it is the best way to do it. I’m basing this off my own experience. Also, don’t use this as your everyday study method because you will have a burnout way before Christmas comes around.

Alright so here we go:


  • I know you’re panicking. Calm down. You need to rationalize. Even if you fail, its not the end of the world. Panicking will not help. Take a deep breath, maybe drink some coffee or tea and go to your study space.


  • Make a list of what you have to learn. Don’t make it too detailed. Just write down the general subjects. Make sure to cut out what isn’t necessary because you honestly don’t want to study for 15 hours!


  • You know yourself best. If you learn by writing, then write like are if there were no tomorrow. If you learn by listening, then find an audio book of your textbook (you can record yourself reading it, if you can’t find the audio). If you learn by reading, then read your textbook and take notes on the side (don’t do passive reading, that won’t do anything)
  • Personally, I made very general summaries of my history textbook and I made a shitload of flashcards (I made like 200. I had taken too much coffee and I was extremely motivated, it’s probably not necessary to make that much). I know that everyone says not to make flashcards if you’re cramming but trust me, if that’s how you learn best, than it’s worth the time.


  • Now it’s time to get down to business. Turn your phone off. Close your social media on your laptop. You open your textbook and you work. You only take breaks every 50 minutes, for 10 minutes (or you take a 5 minute break every 25 minutes) and then you go back to studying. Preferably, walk or stretch during your pauses (also reassure your parents that you’re still there).  Also, make sure you know at least the basics of everything on the exam. Sometimes exams are separated into different sections and it’s not effective if you fail the subjects that have the most points

  • Remember to study in a smart way! Don’t focus on the details. It won’t make a difference if you know some history figure’s death date if you can’t explain who they are.


  • Don’t stay up all night! It’s better to take a few things off your study list than to be sleep deprived during an exam. Believe me, an exam is never fun after an all-nighter.

  • Don’t go into the exam saying things like ‘’I’m going to fail’’. Not only is this very unpleasant for your peers, but your mind won’t put in the amount of effort it should if you’re constantly focusing on the result and not on the actual exam.

  • Stay hydrated. I will never stress this enough, drink the water your body needs because it will affect you on a long-term basis if you don’t. Keep a snack next to you too because you also need food to stay energized!

i was playing animal crossing with @horrifichymns and this happened

,,except it was an axe

890. Sometimes, Ron and Hermione like to wear t-shirts that say "We punched Draco Malfoy in the face."
thoughts about the studyblr community

I started this blog because I wanted motivation. I wanted to grow up a little, keep my head up, prove people wrong, and most importantly, prove myself wrong. And discovering studyblrs was the perfect way to do that in my eyes. I love being a part of a community that is so inspiring. But over my short time of being here, I’ve seen some things that look quite the opposite of an encouraging environment.

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young team leaders go for some boba!

here have some 3rd year headcanons involving drinks
  • Mari’s a coffee person. She drinks coffee like it’s water, not just because she likes the taste but also because she needs the caffeine boost due to all her duties as a 3rd year, school director, school idol, Kanan’s stalker, and heiress to a multi billion dollar company
  • Kanan isn’t really a coffee person but people think that since she keeps stealing mouthfuls of coffee from Mari’s cup. The truth is that the coffee stealing is really Kanan’s attempt to make Mari drink less coffee 
  • Her excuse is that she likes how Mari makes her coffee and Mari doesn’t mind the coffee stealing anyway. Mari thinks it’s cute of Kanan to do so so she lets her
  • Only Dia knows the truth and tbh she’d join in the coffee stealing (because ohmygod Mari plea s e 6 or more cups a day is Not Healthy y r u like this???) if only she didn’t dislike the taste so much.
  • Dia and Kanan are tea people but Kanan has significantly lessened her tea intake due to the amount of caffeine she already gets from Mari’s coffee
  • Mari makes her coffee Strong but also with lots of sugar. Like she buys those expensive af coffee beans, brews them properly, then dumps several spoons worth of sugar at it
  • Dia took a sip once and was immediately Disgusted. Mari’s sad she didn’t manage to take a picture of Dia’s expression. It would have made such a great meme
  • Kanan just wants her taste buds back. But she also doesn’t want her gf to have a heartattack from all the coffee so here we are
So I'm sitting here going through the Jikook tag and...

Apparently taekook and jikook shippers were in some kind of feud like??????? I’m sorry I really don’t understand why people are saying Jimin “interrupted” a taekook moment like yall need to stop being so serious about this shipping thing. They’re all homies so just shut up omfg. Can’t we all just agree that all the members of Bangtan are adorbs?? xD

If you were Reiji's wife...

* you’d be taught by him how to make a tea
* he’d teach you a lot of other things 
* he’d help you at school if you attended it as well
* he’d make a lot of tea too
* you two would go out for tea quite often
* he’d be straight with calling it “a date”
* he’d always admire your composure while drinking the tea
* you’d also drink tea at home
* your children would hate tea because of how many times they’ve drunk it
* he’d add various funny things to your tea
* yes I mean aphrodisiacs
* you two would have a lot of fun afterwards
* he’d tease you a lot while you’re needy
* he’d also restrain you from the pleasure… sick bastard
* you’d act so unladylike… hmm, someone needs a punishment~? 
* you’d know all his toys since he’s using all of them on you
* you’d have names for his whips
* you’d always recognize which scar is made by which whip
* you’d love your punishments anyway
* he’d leave on you also burns from wax plays
* you’d realize he has much more kinks than you thought at first
* calling him “daddy” would make him flustered
* calling him “master” would turn him on in an instance
* your children would sometimes find his toys and play with them… like children would play, nothing bad okay?
* they’d get a punishment for this and you’d even see Reiji blushing as he’s taking the things away from them
* he’d always take the best care of you when you’re sick
* he’d care about you much more than he’s showing
* he’d make sure you’re eating and resting properly
* he’d often overwork himself though
* he’d sometimes fall asleep on his desk and you’d cover him with a blanket
* he’d think of you always when he wakes up
* he’d sometimes hug you when you’re sleeping, from behind
* he’d adore your touch
* you’d always pretend to be asleep to listen to his sweet whispers
* you’d have a lot of corsets
* he’d sometimes tie them on you so tightly that you can’t breathe
* he’d like it because he’s kinky
* you’d like it because you’re kinky too
* your children would attend the best school
* they’d always be the best because Reiji would help them always if they needed it
* their teachers would love them
* you’d teach them to be polite and helpful so they’d always help your neighbours
* so your neighbours would love them as well
* your neighbours would love you and Reiji too
* they’d rather go to Reiji than to a doctor since he knows it better
* Reiji would always help them, because you’d teach him to be nice
* you’d show him a lot of happy things
* you’d show him how to enjoy the life
* you’d loyally belong only to him
* he’d belong only to you as well
* you’d be the happiest family ever