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Two more Mass Effect Thunderbirds, just for fun.

Gordon Tracy is the SSV Thunderbird’s shuttle/Mako/Hammerhead pilot. He nearly lost the use of his legs when he crashed a prototype shuttle, and still has a bit of a limp to this day. However, when he does see combat, he makes up for his lower mobility with a mixture of biotic* and tech abilities, and keeps damage to himself at a minimum through the use of tech armor. (He’s Sentinel class, and I’m pretty pleased with how cute he looks in the Alliance military casuals, though  think I forgot to add camo to the pants.)

Lady Penelope Creighton-Ward may look like an elegant socialite, but she’s also secretly the most powerful information broker in the galaxy. With an army of agents at her side (none of whom have any idea who their mysterious boss truly is) alongside her trustworthy Krogan partner “Parker,” she is a formidable ally and a dangerous foe. (And oh my gosh can I not draw guns. Also, I stole some ideas from Liara’s Shadow Broker outfit, but imho Penny wears it far better. Though she’s less overtly armored than Liara, but she still wears body armor under her fancy clothing.)

*Biotic abilities, for those who don’t know, are basically telekinesis. The user was exposed to element zero in utero, and have a natural ability to create “mass effect fields” to manipulate gravity, though without the use of a surgically implanted biotic amp they have little control over their abilities.

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I like to go down on my girlfriend after her workout. I like her all sweaty and musky her aroma is sexy both her pussy and ass even though she calls me her little dirty girl when I do it. I know she loves it she bucks like a bronco and soaks my face she says her adrenalin is high and that`s why she is so horny but she has come to expect it, and I love doing it. The dirty girl


if anyone wants to know how the NPC affectionately nicknamed “garbage-chan” by one of the players is doing

she and her not-girlfriend were hugging. she started putting more weight on her and then let go.

not-girlfriend rolled a natural 1 to keep her balance and fell on the ground while the NPC just laughed her ass off.

what my players expected: yuri cliches with them falling on top of one another

what they got: “my character is a little shit.”

Why The Signs Are Good in a Relationship

Aries ; The overprotective boyfriend / the competative girlfriend. Will go out of their way to please you. Are the type to waste all of their money on a carnival game just to win you a teddy bear.

Taurus ; Would LOVE to snuggle with you. Sweet girlfriend / Flirty boyfriend. Are the type to give you the cherry ontop of their milkshake. And they LOVE cherries.

Gemini ; Mary-sue boyfriend / girlfriend.
(Mary-sue is the perfect person/figure) Will write you anonymous, cheesy love letters and stuff them into your bag. Probably would be there every step of whatever you’re going through.

Cancer ; Emotional girlfriend / boyfriend. Gets emotional over thinhgs, but in the end always appreciates that you stick by them. That gratitude makes you feel like a king/queen. Would go on long walks with you.

Leo ; Sassy girlfriend / Fiery boyfriend. Brings spice into your life like no one you’ve ever met? Would probably bake and have a food fight with you. Really charismatic!

Virgo ; The loyal boyfriend / the insecure girlfriend. They would stutter when they try to make a pick-up line and you find it adorable. Would help you clean the house and play Nerf Wars.

Libra ; The traveling girlfriend / boyfriend. Would call you in the middle of the night to come pick you up and go on a road trip. Loves adventures!

Scorpio ; The obnoxiously cute boyfriend / girlfriend. Like Aries, they would do anything for you. May be an asshole, but a cute asshole. Is flirty and loves you to death. Would go to the supermarket and get you a bouquet of roses with no occasion.

Sagittarius ; The know-it-all, fun-loving girlfriend / boyfriend. Would literally search up an argument you’re having on google just to prove you wrong, and you think thats cute. Would take you clubbing then watch netflix for a few hours.

Capricorn ; The dryly funny boyfriend / the sarcastic girlfriend. They would immediately pick up on when you’re sad and rush to Wal-Mart to buy Ben and Jerry’s for you. Then, have a long, deep talk.

Aquarius ; The boy/girl friend that is cute without even thinking they are. Will ask you the weirdest questions and burst out laughing at how stupid it sounded. Will play hide-n-seek with you and then cuddle.

Pisces ; The boy/girlfriend of your dreams. Their naïvity and innocence will make you adore them and their cute little manga eyes will make you adore them even more. Will try a bunch if pinterest DIY’s with you and laugh at the results.