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The Aquarius/Uranus form of rebellion can go much further than juvenile disruption, it can be the complete rejection of organised authority/belief systems/philosophies. Which can be liberating, but also restricting in itself should the automatic rejection turn into their own version of a personal law to follow.


It was another sleepless night without Daryl by your side. You hated it when he was away overnight, and with you all having to go further and further out to look for supplies, it was now a regular thing. You tossed and turned in bed until the sun started peaking through the blinds. Your eyes were bloodshot and you had dark circles around them, but you got up and dressed as normal, splashing cold water on your face to try and wake you up. Heading downstairs you finally heard what you’d been wanting to hear all night, Daryl’s motorbike. He enters the house, puts down his bag and looks up at your standing on the stairs.
“Did ya sleep?” He asks, knowing the answer already.
“A little,” you lie.
“Nah, I can see ya didn’t. Ya gotta stop worrying,” he sighs, walking towards you and wrapping his arms around your body.
“I can’t,” you say, voice breaking as tears threaten to spill over your cheeks.
“Hey, don’t cry, please. It’s okay. Come on, I could do with a nap,” he mumbles into your neck as he lifts your legs up and carries you back upstairs.
“Ya gotta relax (Y/N),” he says, taking his clothes off, “and I know what will relax ya.” Once fully undressed, he comes over to the bed where you’re sitting up watching his every move. He undoes your jeans as you lift your top off and he pulls them down your legs, along with your underwear.
“Daryl,” you breathe.
“Shh, lemme take care of ya,” he whispers, crawling between your legs. He dips his head down and his tongue dives into your folds. He’d never done this before, you’d given him oral sex, but he was shy and unsure of what to do when it came to returning the favour. As you push yourself into his face more, he suddenly lifts his head to look at you, making sure he’s doing it right. The look on your face says everything and he quickly gets back to what he was doing. Your hand strokes his hair and you grip it a little, pulling him into you deeper. He brings his tongue back, then flicks it upwards towards your clit. The first contact makes you buck your hips up into his nose and moan out loud. He continues to flick as his fingers explore inside of you. When he feels you clench around his digits he flicks faster with his tongue, sucking at it as well. He leans back as you release and watches your face, then he feels wet on his neck. You look down and see that you’ve squirted over him and quickly sit up.
“I’m so sorry, oh my god Daryl,” you gasp, putting your hands over your mouth and crossing your legs. He slides his fingers through the wetness on his neck and licks it off.
“Damn girl, did I make ya feel that good?” He asks, a little proud about what he achieved on his first time giving you oral. You nod, cheeks lighting up a bright crimson colour.
“I’ve never done that before,” you admit quietly.
“I’m the first that’s made ya come like that?”
“Shit, I’ll do that more often,” he smiles, leaning over you and kissing you. He slowly lays you back down on the bed and spreads your legs, then his mouth works its way down your body.
“Lets do that again,” he mumbles into your skin.


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clexa naked kissing in bed all cuddled up and not going any further bc they just wanna relax and talk

I’m a hoe for Clarke gushing about how /adorable/ she finds Lexa. Like cupping her cheeks and placing never ending kisses on her face and just adoring her cheeky smile and how she looks just like she used to as a baby. It makes Lexa feel so soft and warm and loved ugh

I’ve read all posts all the way down to the discussion of sexism in his songs. I have never been a 1D stan in a manner where I go further than just the music they make. Supported the Mind of Mine album, as well as Harry Styles eponymous album as the music in it are my cup of tea; I try to deviate myself away from the artist’s personality as long as they haven’t done anything vile to their fans and the society in general, or be a stuck-up fame prick I would just like to ask about which moment/song did Harry specifically made a sexist remark? Wasn’t he the one being vocal in beliefs, such as that post about women’s march? Also, if sex themes are the issue, wouldn’t it be fair to look at Liam’s pilot solo song that pointblank oversexed up, given the title Strip That Down? I mean this in a very inquisitive tone, as I am not getting the argument.

Shipwrecks and Sentiments - Homestuck Oneshot

Kanaya and Vriska shared a fair amount of sexual tension during college, but Vriska’s two-year disappearance stopped them from going further. By the time she returned, their lives had taken different paths - though they remained in contact. A year later, Kanaya gets a text from Vriska, who wants her help with something. Post-college human AU.



first time (drabble) || minhyuk

you finally tell your boyfriend that you’re ready for your first time.

group: monsta x
genre: fluff, implied smut
pairing: minhyuk x reader
word count: 516

“Baby, I need to tell you something,” you say as your arms are wrapped around your boyfriend’s waist. You two are cuddled up on your bed, gazing into each other’s dark brown eyes, tugging at your shirts trying to give a signal to the other saying that you want to go further with your actions.

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Quiet Me: B'Elanna calming Tom, for a nice role reversal (Or Janeway instead of B'Elanna, because I think they're the only two people besides Harry who could calm him)

Summary: B’Elanna calms Tom down after some troubling news. 

Notes: Post-Endgame, by about 13 years (so Miral is 13 and they are living on Earth). Definitely ended up more than a drabble. It kind of got away from me… 

The bored, uninterested voice of the officer clashed with the “high priority/immediate response required” label that had been applied to the communication when it came in. He sounded like he’d read the same script about a thousand times already that day. “Sir, I am calling to inform you that your daughter, Miral Torres Paris, has involved in a violent altercation–”

Tom cut him off before he could go further. Was she okay? Did she need medical treatment? What happened? But the other man just looked at him in mild confusion. “No, you don’t understand. We’ve got her in a holding cell, you can come and pick her up after you complete the required paperwork promising she’ll appear at her trial.”

Tom had been so surprised, it took a second before he responded. “Her what?!”

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it has been a very good but very tiring birthday, and i am (allegedly) a very old old man. so im gonna take my huge pile of loot to bed and cuddle all my new guns and knives. 


This answer is so much better than any tag line I could have ever come up with.